Artemis gathered a pile of papers up into her arm and turn to look into the mirror. She had hunter green eyes and long dirty blonde/ light brown hair that came a little below her shoulders. She was wearing a hunter green tank top with a cuff on her right wrist and a ring. Artemis had to admit that her body was average and that was coming from living under a curse that made you immortal. The only way she could be killed was the use of wolfsbane. She made sure her jeans looked good before heading over to Angel's office. The man had a good heart and tried to help whenever he could. He had a hard past and Artemis did not judge him one bit. Artemis knocked on the door and heard a soft "Come in". She slowly opened the big wooden doors and walked in, while shutting the door behind her.

"What is going on, Renity?" Angel asked

"I have some paper for you to sign and to look at. I have looked at most of them myself." Artemis replied

"Thanks, Renity. How have you been?" Angel asked

"I still miss Spike a lot. I am lucky to have you as part of my family. If I didn't have you I would be all alone." Artemis answered

She walked over to Angel and set the papers down in front of him. He knew all about her past and her whole story. Artemis was born Serenity Leos. In the year 1853 on the east end of London and she left after her father arranged a marriage for her at the age of seventeen. She then traveled the world and changed her name Serria Nicolo. While she went to Romania, she meet a group of gypsies. They took her soul and made her a killing machine to kill a clan of witches. Artemis traveled back to England to kill the witches. She killed many innocent people and her stepmother, Cyrilla. She even killed the man she was supposed to get married to. A witch that survived the attack gave Artemis back her soul and cursed her. This made her immortal and see all the damage she had done. Artemis continued to travel until her father was about to die. She sneak in and was by his side for most nights. Artemis told him everything and how sorry she was. Artemis then took over her family things. She was a were coyote. They were known to be very rare do to their few numbers. When she go into her humanized coyote form out her eyes would turn pale green and she would gain pointy ears. Artemis would have claws and fangs as well. She could heal fast, had keen senses, and was super strong. She could even shift into a coyote as well, that had four legs. She took the name Artemis when she meet Buffy. Now, she was helping Angel protect the world and trying to move on with her life, all because Spike sacrificed himself. Artemis missed him dearly and wished he would come back but, that was never going to happen.

Angel patted Artemis' hand and smiled up at her. He had meet Artemis during the time he meet Buffy. He had felt so bad when he saw Artemis come to him. She looked like she had broken into a million pieces and gave up on life. He always looked at her as a little sister and she had seen him at his bad times as well, she had even saved his undead life and helped him. She even had helped him to have a relationship with Constantina and helped him through some of his past relationships. Angel knew that Artemis had lost some of herself when Spike had died. Constantina had told him once before that she had truly loved Spike, just like Angel had truly loved Constantina. He was glad to help out his friend when he could and look out for his little sister as he considered her. He could tell that she was missing Spike a lot. Angel had read that were coyotes have a life mate and when they find their mate they will wait for however long for them to fall in love with them. Once they mark their mate they are together forever and a were coyote would never find another mate.

"You are thinking about Spike again." Angel said

"Yes, it just does not feel right without him." Artemis replied

"I understand a little. I am wondering where Constantina is right now. I am longing to have her by my side." Angel replied

In many ways she was thinking about Spike. The way he used to make her laugh and how he would hold her in his arms. Spike realized that he loved in with Artemis when he got his soul. Artemis had been in love with him for a while. She knew that Spike had feelings for her when Angelus came back and told her. Spike had come and helped her after Angelus attacked her. Artemis remember when he was sacrificing himself; he told her that he loved her. Now, he was gone forever. She said good bye to Angel and decided to head home to her little house that was in the city. Angel had offered to keep her company and spend some time with her, but she turned him down and thanked him for his offer. She rode in silence in her dark green Camaro and thought about the times that she was made at Spike. She giggled a little at how stupid some of them were, but she always forgave him. Artemis always had a feeling that she knew that he was her life mate, but could never real admit to it until her inner coyote made her. Artemis got home just before dawn broke and showered before going to bed. She started to wish that Spike was right her next to her in his arms.

Artemis woke up around eight thirty at night. She had gotten used to sleeping during the daytime and living during night. She had started this routine when she started dating Spike. He was only hunting her in her dreams.

The Dream

Spike would be standing by a window looking into the night sky. His back would be turned towards her and she would slowly walk over to him and wrap her arms around him. He would sigh and put his hands over hers, gently rubbing his thumb over her hand. She would nuzzle his back and he would turn her around in his arms. She would be wearing a dark green silk dress and he would be wearing black dress pants. Artemis would nuzzle his neck and lick in. She would whimper under his touch and whine for him to continue. Spike would smirk at her and pull her into a kiss.

"My sexy huntress, you will forever be mine and no one else can have you. You must look at yourself as a beautiful and delegate creature of the night. We were made to be together. I will never truly leave you." Spike would say

Spike would then continue to undress her and him. He would make her moan his name as he made love to her. Artemis would enjoy every minute of it and would cry out in pure pleasure. It would end as Artemis would roll over looking for Spike after they made love.

Artemis would feel alone and broken when she would always wake up and run her figure over her lips wishing he could kiss her. She hated herself most of the time for being so weak and helpless, but this is what most people felt like when they lost their life mate and most of the times they did not find another mate. Artemis' father, Damien was lucky like that to find another mate. She knew that Spike was the only one for her and would never find another. Artemis ran her figures through her hair before getting up and getting dressed. She then made herself pancakes and bacon to eat before heading to the office to help Angel patrol around the town later on tonight. Artemis would have to look over some of the strange cases that police were having trouble figuring out beforehand. Artemis kept having Spike haunt her mind as she tried reading the reports. "Dam it! Why are always on my mind Spike." Artemis said as tears ran down her cheeks. She ran to the bathroom and washed her face off. She changed into her semi humanized coyote form. She snarled at herself and bared her fangs. She changed back and headed to her office to continue to on the paper work. She sighed and then felt something strange. It was like her inner coyote was pulling her towards something. Artemis followed her instincts and went into Angel's office. A box was sitting on his desk and she grabbed it into her hands. She used one of her claws to open up the box and flipped it over. The amulet that Spike used in battle fell out. Spike soon appeared in front of her and she covered her mouth with her hand. He was alive and standing right in front of her, but she could not be too sure of herself. He was standing right in front of her and all she wanted to do was reach out and touch him, she slowly walked towards him. Spike looked up at her and into her green eyes. How he had missed her and remembered telling her before he died that he loved her. Now she was standing in front of him, unsure if it was really him. How he had missed him and wanted to be in his arms. Spike closed the gap in between them. He reached out to wipe the tear away from Artemis' eye but, he passed right through her.

"My poor sexy huntress, what has happened to you while I have been gone?" Spike asked

"I thought I had lost you forever. There was never a minute that I was not thinking of you. I thought I would never get you back." Artemis explained

"You have gone through hell because of me since I have been gone. I wish I could hold you right now." Spike replied

"I have longed for that for a long time among many other things that I could do with you." Artemis said

Spike stood there and watched Artemis almost fall apart. He was a little upset with himself, but knew nothing else could have stop what had to be done. What was killing him was him not being able to hold her and comfort her. Artemis fell to the floor on her knees as she was crying. Artemis stayed there with Spike watching over her, wondering if he would ever be held in his arms again.