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If you follow the second star on the right all the way until morning, you'll find yourself in a wondrous place. This place is known as Neverland. Neverland is home to many different creatures, but the most important are the fairies, who live in Pixie Hollow. They bring the changing of the seasons to the mainland. Without them, there'd be no summer, autumn, winter or spring. Fairies are born from a child's first laugh, which is carried to Pixie Hollow by a nearby flower. Upon arrival, they are then given a special, unique talent. Speaking of which, there's a laugh on its way right now!

All of the fairies in Pixie Hollow were gathered at the Pixie Dust Tree to watch the birth of the new fairy. As the Forget-Me-Not landed, Terrence, a dust fairy, flew over with a goblet filled with pixie dust. He then proceeded to dump the dust onto the Forget-Me-Not, and thus a sparrow-man was born. He was tanned with blonde hair and blue eyes. His tunic was the same blue as the Forget-Me-Not he arrived as. As he looked up curiously, all of the fairies around him started saying hello.

"H-Hello," he replied timidly.

Suddenly, several golden sparks appeared, merging into one with a brilliant flash, producing a majestic looking female in a gold dress with wings that looked as though they were made with pixie dust.

"Born of laughter, clothed in cheer, happiness has brought you here!" she said. "Welcome to Pixie Hollow! I am Queen Clarion. I trust you found your way alright?"

"I believe so."

"Well then, let's see about those wings, shall we?" She then flew around behind the sparrow-man and gasped. He had no wings at all!

"I-is something wrong?" he asked, as all the fairies in the trees started murmuring among themselves.

"I wouldn't say…wrong," Clarion began. "More like something that's never been seen before. You don't have any wings."

The sparrow-man sighed before saying, "Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure out how to get around somehow."

Clarion smiled when she heard his optimistic tone.

Suddenly, ten toadstools popped up out of the floor. Fairies from each talent brought a different item that corresponded with their talent. The fast-fliers brought a small cyclone, the storytellers a book, the water talents a dewdrop, and so on.

"What is this?" The sparrow-man asked.

"They will help you find your talent," Clarion replied.

The sparrow-man then walked into the middle of the ring, and all of the items started glowing. Then, they rose up and started circling around him as he just looked at them in wonder. After several revolutions, they returned to the toadstools they originated from, and sat there still glowing. All of the fairies were shocked into silence, even Queen Clarion.

As the silence began to grow uncomfortable, the sparrow man asked, "That wasn't supposed to happen, was it?"

Queen Clarion was the first to recover. "No no no, child. Don't say that. If anything, this is a miracle. You are a universal talent, you can basically do anything!" She then moved behind him, placing his hands on his shoulders. "Pixie Hollow, I'd like to welcome Neverland's first universal talent, Cristov!" All the gathered fairies cheered. "Now," Clarion whispered into his ear. "You can choose with which talents you'd like to stay."

Cristov was lost in thought about it, until a fairy braided orangeish hair wearing an orange dress walked up to him, extending her hand.

"My name is Fawn," she said excitedly. "I'm an animal talent."

"Cristov," he replied, smiling back. "Though, you probably know that already."

"Would you care to stay with us?" she asked politely.

"Well, I couldn't really decide, so why not?"

"Great! Follow me!" Fawn then proceeded to fly from the pixie tree towards the woods below. Cristov followed her to the edge, then looked down and realized there was no easy way down without flying. Fawn turned around, realizing her mistake. "I'm so sorry! I completely forgot you can't…"

"Don't worry about it," Cristov cut her off with a chuckle. "I'll figure something out." Looking at the tree around him, and then at the forest below him, he spotted a long branch that pointed more or less at the closest tree to the Pixie Dust tree. Moving to the base of the limb, he then sprinted towards the end, faster than anyone could imagine (to make up for his lack of flight, he's a fast-runner rather than a fast-flier), and then he leaped. All of the fairies gasped in horror. As he flew through the air, his hands grabbed on to a branch on the tree he was aiming for, swung around it until he lost some speed, he then let go, flying into a shoulder roll on the ground.

Fawn flew over to him with a shocked look on her face. "Are you alright?"

Cristov laughed with enthusiasm. "Of course I'm alright! That was awesome!"

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