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Harry Potter Love Story

Chapter One: Open Arms Dedicated to: Reaper

Voldemort, though making his presence known to England and the World countless times over, was still believed to be dead by the Ministry. Harry had tried in vain to get the Minister to realize the truth about the situation but he was patted on the head and left alone. Harry felt like screaming to the world, ordering them to open their eyes and look around. The Death Marks . . . The murders of hundred of countless people . . . wasn't was an erratic terrorist trying to follow in Voldemort's shoes.

It was Christmas Holidays and Harry had been left all alone at the School. Nearly everyone, including Teachers, had left to spend this time with family. Harry with Hagrid, Dumbledore and Snape were the only occupants of the Castle. (I never thought I be saying this but . . . the Dursleys is better then this but . . .) thought Harry, as he sat in the Gryffindor Common room. He sighed and pulled his knees to his chest and hugged them tight. (Then they're gone . . . aren't them?)

The Dursleys had been murdered during the second week of school. Their bodies were found on the Quidditch Pitch by none other then Harry, himself. Harry's Aunt, Petunia, had died in her nephew's arms while he screamed for help. Harry still remembered her last words before her passing.

((You truly are Lily's Son . . . I'm sorry, Harry . . . I love you but . . . I'm sorry . . . Please forgive me?))

Harry touched his cheek, the last place where his aunt had placed a kindly touch then his forehead. She had lifted herself enough to place a kiss onto his forehead. She gave him a faint smile then passed on. He hugged her body close, sobbing all the while. His Aunt had been the only kind person in his life at the Dursleys. Now, she had been stolen from him just like his parents. (Why can't I accept the fact that She's gone?) Harry cried in his mind. (This is all my fault).

He buried his face in his knees and began to cry. Harry wanted the pain to stop . . . He wanted to stop caring . . . He wanted to give it all up . . . He just wanted to be normal. He looked up, his eyes full of pain, tears and grief. The Seventeen-year-old wanted someone to hold him. But then there was no one . . . Ron and Hermione had left to be with their families . . . Sirius was in hiding, unable to come to Hogwarts . . . Remus as on a mission for Dumbledore. For a strange reason, Harry felt abandoned. Just like all those years, he was tossed aside by Vernon and Dudley . . . but then he had Aunt Petunia to hug him and hold him tight when it was night. Harry climbed out of the chair and pulled a knife from his pocket. He poised it over his wrist.


Severus Snape wasn't happy, he was far from it . . . Voldemort hadn't called him for any Death Eater Meetings. And worst of it, Severus believed that Voldemort knew he was the Spy that had been leaking information. He sighed and leaned against the wall. This Year was really Hell . . . Especially with Harry. The poor child was still in shock of the death of his Aunt . . . But then . . . Who wouldn't been? After stumbling upon them the way he had. Snape's mind flew to that day.

[ September, 8th was unlike any other . . . It was a day of pain and sorrow. I had been making my patrols of the ground, with the threat of Voldemort rising each day, I nor any of the other teachers were taking any chances.

I was about to head back inside when I heard the screams. Screams to this day, I dare not forget . . . Screams of Anguish . . .Fear . . . Pain. I, immediately, ran toward the sounds. I stopped dead when I saw the mulitated bodies of Vernon and Dudley Dursley. I looked up and saw Harry, he held his aunt in his arms. Her lips were moving and I only caught a few of her words. " . . . I Love You . . . Please, Forgive me?"

Then she caressed Harry's cheek and kissed his forehead. His and my eyes widened in understanding. She was saying her last farewell. "Aunt Petunia? AUNT PETUNIA?!" Harry screamed. He clutched her tightly and buried his face in her matted Auburn hair. He screamed his grief and sorrow. The sky opened and rain fell down. He must have sensed my presense for he looked up at me. A pitiful sight . . . my heart melted . . . He knelt there in the pouring rain. His messy hair was plastered to his head, his Emerald green eyes dulled considerably by the pain he felt. He was satched to the skin.

I don't know why but after that, Harry, gently, rested his aunt to the ground and flew into my arms, crying himself hoarse. He and I slip to the ground, both of us there . . . in the rain. I swore then and there, that I would never let anyone harm come such a delicate creature again.]

Severus snapped out of his trance by a scream. He headed toward the sound, joined by Dumbledore and Hagrid. They stopped dead at the motionless body of Harry laying in the corridor. His own crimson blood staining the white marble floor. Severus rushed forward and turned Harry over, his face a chalk white. He caught sight of the slit wrists, Dumbledore was already muttering the healing spell as Severus felt for a pulse and breathing. The pulse was erratic and the breathing was shallow.

"We must get him to the infirmary" said Dumbledore. Severus nodded and hoisted the boy into his arms, surprised at his weight. Then set out for the infirmary. He could feel Harry's magic fading fast.

"Albus, we're losing him!!" Severus exclaimed. Dumbledore placed his pointer and thumb together and whistled. Soon, Fawkes appeared. Dumbledore handed him a ring form his finger.

"Give this to everyone in the Order, Fawkes . . . Tell them we have an emergency" Dumbledore ordered. "Go . . . Now!!" The Phoenix disappeared in a blaze of fiery light. Severus took off on high speeds with Dumbledore and Hagrid right on his tail.

They burst in to the infirmary. Severus rested Harry on a bed, he grasped the boy's limp hand and tried pouring some of his own magical force into the weaken body. But for a strange reason, Harry seemed to be repelling the offered magic. "Albus!!" Severus cried. The Headmaster appeared at his side, his hand flew to Harry's throat. "Why isn't he accepting the magic?"

"I . . . do not know, Severus" said the aging wizard. Severus looked up . . . his midnight eyes pleading. "I'm sorry". Severus looked back, Harry . . . the angel that he had fallen for on that night . . . was dying.

"Damnit!!! POTTER!!!" Severus roared. He grabbed Harry's shoulders, "Don't You Fucking Think about Leaving!!!" Dumbledore looked highly surprised at Severus. He knew the Potion Master had a very tight control over his emotions but this was . . . . Well, he couldn't tell what this was at the moment. "Do you Hear Me, Potter!!! Because if you do, I'm Coming after you and dragging you back here!!!" He tightened his hold on Harry and began to feed the boy his magic.

Dumbledore watched as his potion master fought tooth and nail to save the Boy that Lived. The Door slammed opened, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Arthur Weasley, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and several other members of the Order appeared. "What's going . . . WHAT THE HELL?!" Sirius demanded. Severus had simply blocked the intruders from his mind and concentrated on Harry.

"Sirius, don't" Dumbledore ordered. "Severus is trying to save Harry . . . He's fading . . . Severus is trying to get him to take some of his magic!!" The once-accused murderer step away, his sky blue eyes forlorn and last. Remus supported his friend as Sirius' legs gave way. Dumbledore turned back and saw Severus was slipping to the floor. Both he and Arthur Weasley dashed forward and caught the Spy for the Light.

Severus' midnight eyes were closed. His own breath was shallow and raspy, but his hand clasp tightly to Harry's. His magical force still pouring into the teenager. "Get him to a bed" Dumbeldore ordered. He tried to pry their hands apart but was unsuccessfully. Then Dumbledore noticed it. Severus wasn't pouring his magic into Harry, both of them were melding their magic to each other. "Severus? Severus?!"

((Severus looked around, he had no idea where he was, one minute he was in the infirmary the next in this strange blackness. "Professor?" came a timid voice. Severus whirled around and found Harry standing behind him. "Where . . . are we?"

Severus couldn't answer. He reached out his hand, which Harry clasped. Suddenly there was an explosion of light. Severus pulled Harry to him and protected the teenager. Harry clung to his Potions Teacher. Then it stopped. The two looked up and gazed around, they were standing in a beautiful meadow. The sky above them was a crystal blue color. "Now where are we?" Harry inquired, he pressed closer to Severus. The Potions Master tightened his hold on Harry, he shrugged.

"Welcome, Young Ones" said melodious Voice. They turned and saw a strange woman, "I am Siobhan, Mistress of Elysium . . . This realm". She smiled kindly at Harry and Severus, "I do apologize if I startled you but it was the only way".

"Why are we here?" Severus inquired.

"To heal wounds that were left by Voldemort's doing" Siobhan answered. "You two are the only ones of under my guardianship that are hurting badly". "You, Harry, feel as though you've been abandon and have no one to turned to". "You, Severus, are haunted by the memories of your past and constantly in pain from it".

"How are we to heal when all around us is nothing but pain?" Harry countered. He pulled away from Severus and gazed at Siobhan. "How can I heal when all I do is cause Death and pain to others?"

"Harry" Siobhan sighed. "What happened wasn't your fault . . . It was Voldemort's . . . You were being what you were destined to be . . . a Couragous Warrior filled with love and caring". She touched his face. "But not all have died have them? Your friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, are still alive . . . Your godfather is alive . . . and so is the one you are destined for is still with you".

"The one, I'm destined for?"

"Yes, the one your soul has long since been with when you first walked in my realm" said Siobhan "And he's with you even now". Harry slowly turned and saw Severus gazing at him. "Yes, to heal, you need each other". Severus snapped his gaze at the woman, the Mistress of this realm. "Be happy, Severus . . . Harry . . . You deserve this". She gave Harry a little shove. The boy stumbled into Severus' arms. But looked at each other awkward and gazed at each other. A faint blush caressed Harry's cheeks.

"Thank you" Harry said, standing up. Severus, gently, brushed his hand against Harry's baby soft cheek. Slowly, Harry lifted his head, his mouth was captured in a tender, yet, passionate kiss. Harry melted, his arms wrapped around Severus' waist as Severus' right hand cupped his cheek and other hand rested on his neck. Siobhan smiled and vanished. They pulled back, a goldish orb appeared between them.

-Do not fear the orb . . . It'll only bring you closer . . . if you want it-.

Instantously, the two grasped each other hand then grasped the Orb. "I Love you".))

Harry bolted up gasping for breath, he rolled over coughing. Harry looked over and saw Severus, slowly, waking up. Their hands still clasp tightly in each others. "Hi" Harry murmured. Severus reached over and caressed his cheek.

"Hi yourself" Severus whispered. He smiled a bit, Harry gave him a weak smile in return. Severus released Harry's hand and sat up. He, immediately, laid back down as dizziness over came his senses. "Okay . . . I won't be doing that any time soon".

Harry, slowly, eased himself up. He rested against his pillows, so that he was laying down but yet sitting up. "Try this" Harry ventured. But the Potion Master, stubbornly, refused to move. "Suit yourself, Severus".

"HARRY!!!" choursed two voices. Harry barely had time to brace himself as Hermione and Ron embraced him into a hug. "Don't you ever scare us like that again!!" Hermione ordered. She gazed down at him. "Harry?"

"Can't . . . Breath" he whispered. Immediately, Ron and Hermione released him. Harry gasped several times until Sirius and Remus pulled him into another Bone-crushing hug. Harry felt like passing out again when Sirius and Remus released him. Harry slid down and took in several deep breaths. "Ever hear about warning somebody before you do that?"

"Take your own advice, Mate" Ron ordered. Harry gave him a glare, and once again attempted to sit up. When pain seared through his head, he cried out and cringed over, clasping his head. "Harry? HARRY?!"

Harry faded out of this world and into another.

(( Harry stood in the ruins of what use to be the Burrow . . . he gazed around, frantically. "Mrs. Weasley!! Ginny!! Fred!! George!!" Harry called. He dashed about looking for them. "Percy!! Bill!! Charlie!!!" He stopped dead. Seven Bodies littered the snow-covered ground. Harry, all but, collapsed to the ground. Tears welled up in his emerald green eyes. "No . . . It's not possible".

"NOOO!!!!!" he screamed. He buried his face in his hands and began to sob . . . He heard footsteps. He turned and saw several Aurors, Mad-eye Moody leading them.

"Gods . . .No!!" Moody stated. He walked over to the bodies. Harry watched him as he placed his cloak over the still form of Ginny Weasley. "Let's get 'em to Hogwarts".

Soon, Aurors were gathering the still bodies into their arms. Harry watched them leave, he covered his head and just wanted to die. "You did this, you know . . ." came a voice. Harry turned and found Voldemort standing behind him. "This is all your fault".


"Ooh, temper . . . temper" Voldemort chided. He gave Harry an amused look. He reached forward and grasped the boy's arms and pulled him forward and gave him a firm, and utterly revolting, kiss. (This is Harry's opinion and my own . . . YUCKY!!)

He threw Harry to the ground when he pulled away. "I'll be there to claim you . . . Until them". Voldemort disappeared into a shroud of Fog. Harry bent over and spat up the vile taste in his mouth. He wanted out . . . He wanted out, NOW!!!!))

Harry bolted up. Concern faces protuded into his line of vision, but the only two he could make out clearly was Arthur and Ron Weasley, Harry felt tears well up into his eyes. "Harry, child, what did you see?" Dumbledore asked.

"I don't wanna talk about it" Harry answered. "Too painful". He wrapped his arms around himself. When Sirius made to question why, Harry clamped his hands over his ears and clenched his eyes shut. "NO!!! I DON'T WANNA REMEMBER!!! I DON'T!!!"

Dumbledore shared a look with nearly everyone on the Council. "Alright then . . . We'll leave you be, Harry" said Dumbledore. He ushered everyone out except for Severus, who was watching the whole event from his bed.

"You alright, Harry?" He ventured, softly. His midnight eyes gazed concernly on the one that held his heart. Harry shook his head and rolled over, a signal that he didn't want to discuss it any further. Severus sighed and rested back, he gaze over now and then at Harry.


Dumbledore faced the council. "Something occured" Sirius said. "But why doesn't he want to talk about it?" The ex-convict looked slightly hurt about the fact that his beloved Godson didn't want to confide in him. Remus patted Sirius' hand and wrapped it in his own.

"It was must have been devastating for him" said McGonagall. "That's the only explanation for his behavior after his vision". The Head of the Gryffindor House looked concerned for her student. Most of the Council was in deep thought when Moody entered the Council chambers. "Alastor, is something the matter?"

"Arthur, I got some rather unpleasant news for you . . . It's about Molly and the Kids" Moody said, softly. All the color left Arthur's face. (I'm gonna leave it there . . . I'm evil ^-^)


Severus awoke to the sounds of whimpering. He looked over at Harry, who had his eyes clenched and was trying hard not to cry. Slowly, Severus got up and walked over. He rested his hand on the Seventh Year's shoulder. Harry's eyes snapped open and he gazed up at his teacher. Severus sat down on the bed as Harry sat up. "You wanna talk?" Severus inquired. "I know it hurts but it might help ease some of the pain".

"The Weasleys . . . It . . . Oh, Gods". Harry threw himself into Severus' arms and began crying. "It's all my fault . . . I should have never befriended Ron on the First day of Hogwarts". Severus ran a hand through Harry's silky jet black hair. He, slowly, rocked back and forth, in attempts to calm the grief-stricken teen.

"Harry . . . Harry, look at me" Severus said. He grasped Harry's chin, delicately, and lifted the youthful face to look at him. "Whatever happened . . . I'm sure Ron and his father would never hold you at fault". "It wasn't your fault for what happened . . . And it would have been pretty lonely if you never have befriended Ron, like you did". Harry nodded, silver tears still slidding out of his eyes. Severus brushed them away. "You have a huge heart, Harry . . . And Voldemort wants to take advantage of that . . . Try to bury the pain and move on . . . I know it hurts, but you need to be strong . . . Or you'll fall under Voldemort's power".

"I think I all ready did" Harry whispered. "He wants me . . . wants to claim me as his own". He gazed downwards, "What am I gonna do, Pro . . ."

"Sev . . . Call me Sev".

Harry looked up and gave his a soft smile. "Sev . . . I like that . . . it's nice" Harry murmured. Severus smiled and leaned in and, gently, kissed Harry. The younger man kissed back willingly, their tongues entwined in a dance. Harry rested back, drawning Severus onto him. They pulled back. "Love me?"

"In the Hospital Wing?"

"No . . . Your Quarters". Severus smiled and kissed him again. They both climbed out and pulled on their robes and, stealthfully, left the Hospital Wing. Hands clasp and fingers entwined.


"Headmaster!!!" McGonagall exclaimed as she burst into Dumbledore's office. "Severus and Mister Potter and missing . . . They're no where to be found on the Hospital Wing". Dumbledore raised a hand and pulled the long cord next to his desk. Dobby and Winky appeared.

"Is there something Headmaster Dumbledore wanted, Headmaster Dumbledore?" asked Dobby.

"I need you to Find Professor Snape and Mr. Potter . . . Dobby, Winky" Dumbledore ordered. "And when you do send on of you back and inform me and Professor McGonagall of their whereabouts?"

"Yes sir, Headmaster Dumbledore, sir" Dobby and Winky said in unison. They disappeared with a pop. McGonagall and Dumbledore exchanged looks.


Harry was awakened by a poking sensation. He rolled over, opening his eyes slowly. He cried out and jumped back, knocking himself and his lover out of bed. "Is Harry Potter and Professor Snape alright, Sirs?" asked Dobby as he scurried over. "Dobby apologizes for startling you . . . Headmaster Dumbledore wished to know where you were, so Dobby was sent to find you with Winky".

"Remind me to send a nice Howler to that old Coot upstairs" Severus grumbled under his breath. He snatched a blanket and wrapped it around their nude forms. "Tell him we're fine, Dobby . . . Harry and I just got tired of the Hospital Wing and left".

"Yes sir, Professor Snape, Sir" said Dobby. "Should Dobby also tell him about you're being mated, sir?"

"WHAT?!" Harry yelped.

"Do it and you'll be force-feed poison . . . understood!!" Severus growled. Dobby nodded and disappeared. Harry buried his burning face in Severus' chest. He gazed at Harry. "Everything alright?"

"Yeah . . . I just can't believe Dobby said we're mated . . . It's just embarressing" Harry replied. Both stood and crawled back into bed. "Could have been worse, I suppose . . . Could Have been Sirius that walked in on us".

Severus made a face. Harry laughed and kissed Severus' nose, the Potions Master rolled over on top of his young lover and they began replay of their previous activities.


"They were tired of the Hospital wing?!" exclaimed McGonagall. "They've only been in there a few hours!!"

"Dobby is not knowing" Dobby replied. "All Professor Snape said was to tell Headmaster Dumbledore was that Professor Snape and Harry Potter were fine and that Professor Snape and Harry Potter were tired of the Hospital wing". McGonagall stormed out of the office and headed to her own.

"Where are they now, Dobby?" Dumbledore inquired. This sent the House- elf into fits of giggles, he leaned over and whispered in the Headmaster's ear. "I Beg your pardon? What do you mean?"

"Harry Potter is no longer Harry Potter" Dobby said, slyly. "Harry Potter is now Harry Potter-Snape . . . He and Professor Snape have mated . . . But don't tell Professor Snape . . . he wants to feed Dobby poison if it was discovered".

"Yes . . . Yes, this shouldn't get out" Dumbledore murmured. "This is between you and me, Dobby and no one else".

"Yes, sir . . . Headmaster Dumbledore, Sir!"


Harry groaned in his sleep and rolled over into Severus' arms. His mind fogged covered in horrid dreams.

(( Harry struggled against Voldemort as the Dark Lord threw him on to the bed and climbed on top of him. "You should stop struggling, it will only make things more difficult for you" Voldemort murmured. His tongue ran the length of Harry's chin, causing the Young Gryffindor to shudder and struggle harder. Harry was backhanded . . . He gazed up at Voldemort, his emerald eyes darkened with fury.

"This is only a prelude to what is in store for you".))

Harry bolted up, gasping. He touched his chin and found nothing. He touched his cheek, only to find it to painful to touch. He slid from the bed and headed into the bathroom, he gazed at his reflection. A red mark stood out against his skin. Harry whirled around, his hand resting lightly on his cheek. He wanted to cry. He walked out and pulled on his robes and grabbed a parchment and hastily wrote a note.

'Dearest Sev, Forgive me for leaving without waking you but . . . I need to do something before we can fully be together. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not leaving you . . . I'm creating a better future for us. And the only way that can happen is with Voldemort's dowfall. Forgive me, Please. My Love for you is eternal . . . If we cannot be together in this life then I will be yours until we can. I love you, Forever. Love, Harry'.

Harry folded it and wrote Severus' name on it and rested it on the dresser then left. His mind fixated on one thing and that was the downfall of Voldemort.


"He's coming".

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