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Epilogue: Christmas

Dedicated to Reaper

Severus Snape sat before the flickering fire of the staffroom. Christmas Day was just around the corner and Severus was in a near panic. This was the fourth year that Severus and his spouse, Harry Potter-Snape, would be spening together and Severus wanted everything to be perfect. But each year it got hard to find a gift for Harry, But Severus was determined to get that perfect gift for his spouse.

"Something the matter, Severus?" came a voice. Startled, Severus had jumped out of his seat and whirled around to find Remus Lupin-Black and James Potter. The two had Remus two sons, Orion and Artemis, with them. "You okay, Severus?"

"Yes . . . Maybe . . . No . . . Oh, I don't know" Severus replied, sitting down, again. He sighed and raked his hands through his hair. "I haven't gotten Harry a gift yet . . . I have no bloody clue what to get him!!" James and Remus sat down opposite him.

"Oh, you're screwed" Remus muttered.

"Majorly" James added. Orion and Artemis sat on the floor, sucking their thumbs and watching their Daddy and Uncles converse.

"Tell me about it" Severus replied. "Any ideas on what to get him?"

"Uh . . . How about a bowl of strawberries and whipped cream?" James suggested. "I hear that's always fun". Remus shook his head as did Severus.

"As fun as it sounds . . . I, highly, doubt that would be appropiate" Severus answered. He turned and looked at The twins. "I think Harry really wants are children . . . But we haven't much luck over the four years we've been married".

"How about Diamonds? Or Sapphires?" Remus suggested. "I hear Emeralds are nice".

"Wouldn't work . . . Harry doesn't like jewelry" Severus replied. "He only wears the Wedding band, His engagement ring and that White Gold anniversary ring I gave him". Remus' shoulders' slumped. "Sorta takes after Lily in that aspect".

"You got that right" James muttered.

"Okay . . . How about something Fluffy" Remus said. "You know . . . Like an animal".

"Remus, Harry's Harry" James said. "He'll love anything, takes after his mother".

"James has a point, Remus" Severus said. He sighed again and put his head in his hands. "I'm doomed . . . Doomed, I tell you",

"Why not ask Lily or Sirius?" Remus inquired.

"Lily is helping Hermione and Ginny pick out Baby clothes" James replied. "Little Ron Junior is due by the end of December and Little Deidre is due by earlier January". Severus sighed, once again.

"And Sirius?" Remus inquried.

"Off with Ron and Draco, helping decorate the Nurseries in Weasley Manor and Malfoy Manor" James answered. "Why not ask Harry, what he wants?"

"He currently doing something down in our apartments" said Severus "With Dobby and Winky . . . That's why I'm here".

"Are you sure that's wise?" Remus inquired. "I mean, Dobby and Winky get fairly excited when Harry calls them on for anything".

"Well, Harry insisted" Severus said. "Apparently, this has to due with all our gifts".

"I wonder what he got us?" James inquired.

"I dunno . . . But something tells me that I do not want to find out ahead of time" said Severus. "Harry threatened to put in the doghouse for a month if I went snooping".

"Okay, that's enough to kept my nose where it belongs".

"Mine too".

* "Dobby!! Do be careful!!" Harry Potter-Snape pleaded. "It took weeks to get those cradles". Harry let out a breath as the house elf, carefully, placed the two antique cradles down right where Harry wanted them. "Sev and the others are going to be so surprised".

"Won't Professor Snape be upset, Harry Potter-Snape, Sir?" Dobby inquired. He looked up at the Wizard. "Harry Potter-Snape is keeping a great secret from Harry Potter-Snape's Mate".

"No, Dobby" Harry answered. "He won't be upset . . . He'll be more happy because we've been trying so long to have offsprings". He rested a hand over his flat something. Dobby and Winky gave their human friend a curious look.

"Why is Harry Potter-Snape keep puttin' on tummy?" inquired Winky. "Harry Potter-Snape isn't very big not like Hermione Granger-Wheezy and Ginny Wheezy-Malfoy?" Harry smiled and waved his hand. The concealment charm dropped and Harry slipped his hand under a large swollen stomach.

"Concealment Charms are very clever if you been wanting to hid things" Harry said. "Now if only I could stop vomiting in the morning . . . Sev's starting to get suspicious".

"In the Words of Sirius Black . . . Oh, Bloody Hell" Dobby and Winky said. Harry broke into gales of laughter.


Severus entered his apartment and found Harry, humming his favorite Lullabye, standing over the oven. Severus wrapped his arms around his Spouse's waist. "Harry, Dearest, what would you like for Christmas?" Severus inquired. He kissed his spouse's head.

"Uh, besides you . . . a Bed . . . and a bowl of strawberries and whip cream?" Harry countered. Severus chuckled and nodded. "Children?"

Severus sighed. "Besides children, Love?"

"How about the newest edition out on Defense against the Dark Arts?" Harry answered. "And Not the one I wrote . . . The other one . . . It'll be a great help to my classes and I might learn something new".

"You want a Book?"

"You wanted a book".

"That is not funny" Severus growled. "You're turning into a real bookworm".

"Ah, Poor Baby" Harry giggled. He turned and kissed his spouse's nose. He wrapped his arms around Severus' neck, entwining his fingers in the silky black locks. "Don't worry about it, Love . . . I got a Chirstmas Present that will do us both, 'Kay?"

"This has something to do with why you kicked me out of the apartments today, doesn't it?" Severus stated. Harry shrugged and turned back to stove. "Okay then . . . What are we having for supper?" He knew how much his spouse hated to be waited on, so when the two were married . . . Harry had a kitchen installed into the Dungeon apartments.

"Your favorite" Harry said, pulling out the pot. "Chinese Food". Severus gave his spouse a mock glare. He knew Harry was talking about Oriental food, considering that was what he was. Severus Snape was half- Japanese, Half-British. "Anyway, would you place this on the table? It's the Noodles". Severus obeyed, he just turned back when he saw Harry cringe over.

"Harry?!" Severus said, rushing to his spouse's side. "What's wrong?"

"It's nothing, I must have had something that didn't agree with me" said Harry. "Why don't you place the rest of the food on the table and I'll just go to the washroom". With that Harry left, feeling his spouse's stare following.

The moment Harry entered the bathroom, he threw up. Screw the fact that his lunch never agreed with him, it was everything he had eaten. He rested a trembling hand on his stomach, could this be a side effect of being pregnant? He splashed his face with cold water and gurgled some mouthwash. Another a Vomit attack. (Maybe I should see Poppy?)thought Harry. The Head Nurse of Hogwarts Hospital Wing was his Confident through out his ordeal.

"Severus, Honey?" Harry called. He walked out and found his husband nowhere to be found. "Now, where could he have gotten to?" Harry spotted the note on the table and picked it up.

'Harry, Sorry about this, Love. Minister Weasley contacted me a few minutes ago, I had to to the Ministry to discuss a few things. I'll be back later tonight. Go see Poppy about your illness . . . And I mean it!!


Harry rested the letter down, at least that answered his question his Husband. Harry sighed and dropped the concealment charm. Another sharp pain, then wetness. Harry's eyes widened. (Oh, Light's Soul, Not now!!)


Ronald Weasley rubbed his temples as he listened to everyone bickered back and forth. he knew this meeting was a failure even before it started but his wife insisted. (Leave it to Hermione to be come the Vice-Minister of Magic) thought Ron. He looked up and watched three very hormornal pregnant people shout at Severus. Percy, Hermione and Ginny were a force to be reckoned with when they joined together to yell at someone.

"I'm already in deep enough without you three yelling at me!!" Severus roared back. Draco and Oliver leaped forward and dragged their spouses and their sister-in-law away from Severus.

"ENOUGH!!!" Ron shouted. Everyone turned to look at the Young Minister. "We are here to act like adults, Hermione, Ginny and Percy excluded for they are Pregnant, not juveniles!!" He gave everyone the all familiar glare of Molly Weasley. "NOW SIT DOWN!!!"

Everyone sat. Being in Office and with all his politicial enemies, had made Ron shed his boyish attitude and take a man's outlook. "Severus, do you have any clue, any at all, on what to get Harry?"

"He wants a Book".

Ron gave his wife a look but turned back to the group. "Anyway, on to our other crisis, Severus tells me that Harry has been . . . ." Ron started. Suddenly, Professor Sinistra appeared.

"Begging your pardon, Minister Weasley" she apologized. "But Madam Pomfrey requests you all be in the Hospital Wing". The gathering froze. "It is Professor Potter-Snape".


When The Weasleys (including their families), Severus, Remus, Sirius and Albus entered the Hospital Wing, they found all the Staff running this way and that. Cursing and swearing could be heard. "I'M GONNA MURDER THAT SON OF A BITCH!!!"

Poppy appeared. "It's about Bloody time", she grabbed Severus' arm and hauled him along. "As the Husband of the patient, you, with Lily and James, are the only ones allowed in". Lily and James quickly followed Poppy toward a curtained off area. Severus was about to question what was agoing on but they had entered and found Harry laying there in complete, and utter, labor.

"HARRY?!" Lily and Severus cried. They were at his side in an instant and grasping his hands. Harry looked up at Severus, his green eyes glaring at him.


"Sounds like Lily".


"Yup, Lily". Harry crushed his mother and husband's hand as another contraction hit. Poppy entered and shoved James away, she hurried over and opened Harry's legs. She looked up at Harry and noded.

"Okay, Those Babies want out" Poppy said. "Time to Push!!" She got Harry to draw his legs up and ordered him to push. Harry clamp down and pushed as hard as he could. He was also squeezing Severus' and Lily's hand hard. "HARDER!! PUSH HARDER!!!"

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU THINK I'M DOING!!!" Harry screamed. "OH, BLOODY HELL!!!! SEVERUS, NEVER AGAIN!!!" He pushed again, ever squeezing his mother and Severus' hand. Suddenly a baby's wail went up.


"ONE!!" James, Severus and Lily roared.

"Oh, yes . . . You're have twins!!"

There was three dead thuds. "OH, PERFECT!!! THEY GET OUT OF THIS!!! BUT THEY'RE NOT THE ONES IN LABOR!!!" Poppy rolled her eyes and waved her wand. In an instant, Lily and Severus were holding his hand and James was holding one of the newborns.

"Okay, Number Two is on his Way!!!"


A Three Weeks . . . .

Severus woke to the sound of crying. Christmas had come and gone as well as Harry's secret pregnant. Hermione had delivered her son, Ronald Arthur Weasley Jr., safely and Ginny had just given birth to her daughter, Deidre Hannah Malfoy, just last night. Severus made to get up but Harry had already beaten him to it. "Stay in bed, Love" said Harry. With that Harry disappeared. But Severus didn't, he got up and walked over to the nursery. Harry had their two, Elias James and Eli Aramis, in his arms. He was quietly singing his favorite Lullabye.

" Hush now, my baby

Be still love, don't cry

Sleep like you're rocked by the steam

Sleep and remember

My lullabye

And I'll be with you when you dream

Drift on a river

That flows through my arms

Drift as I'm singing to you

I see you smiling

So peaceful and calm

And holding you, I'm smiling too

Here in my arms

Safe from all harm holding you, I'm smiling too".

Here Harry began to hum some of the music. Then he began to sing.

" Hush now, my baby

Be still, Love, don't cry

Sleep like you're rocked by the stream

Sleep and remember this river lullabye

And I'll be with you when you dream

I'll be with you when you dream

Sleep and Remember this river lullabye

And I'll be with you when you dream

I'll be with you when you dream

I'll be with you when you dream*"

Severus watched, amazed, as the twins had dozed off to sleep. Then, who wouldn't be comforted by a soulful and comforting voice like Harry's? Then Harry looked up and smiled, Severus smiled back and walked over. Severus leaned in and kissed his son's heads. He, carefully, lifted Elias into his arms. He looked back at Harry and mouthed 'I love you'.

'I love you, too'. The two shared a lasting kiss.

The End ____________________________________________________________________________ _


* -- Song is from Prince of Egypt Soundtrack called River Lullabye by Amy Grant. It's my favorite song, I even sing it to the Kids that I babysit sometimes.