Placebo – The Raven

"Open up your arms, let me slip inside." His chilling voice brought a cold feeling about in her chest. "Dive in," he murmured, "drown in me."

"No, why are you here?"

"Hinata Hyuuga, my princess," he cooed, reached out pale fingers. They grazed her jaw and she screamed, thrashing furiously.

"Hinata, wake up! Hinata, wake up!"

Her eyes refused to open, the fear about what she'd wake up to find becoming greater then her dream. "Go away, I don't want you here!"

Neji shook her hard until she looked up. Hinata heaved a sigh of relief when she saw her cousin. The man stroked her tear stained cheek, awkwardly, barely understanding how to comfort her, and his expression was downcast. "What are you seeing that is so frightening, Hinata-sama?"

She cringed at the honorific. "It's nothing, Nii-san. Please go, I want you to get some rest before tomorrow."

Neji shook his head. "Let me get you a cup of tea."

Hinata wanted to reflect on her dream but with Neji she was unable to. Faking a yawn, she nestled back into bed. "It's inappropriate for you to be in here at such late hours."

Her cousin stood tall, his full six foot three, and nodded. He believed her tiredness. "The clan could hear your screaming and asked me to come in here. I'll be leaving now."

Hinata didn't reply. He left the room silently, and she tossed to the side quickly. Gulping down fresh air, she ignored the tears stinging her eyes. It was the second week of her nightmares. The scary, often sinful, nightmares about him, the only living member of his clan. The infamous Sasuke Uchiha. Sweat drenched her lilac nightgown as she recalled her current dream. Hinata, come kiss me. You have the lips of an angel, you taste sweeter than honey. The feeling of his fingers on her made her gag. He was a killer, he was a cold-hearted murderer and he would never change.

Hinata couldn't fathom why the focus of her dreams was him. They had never talked much. As a child, she saw him often when watching Naruto, and she knew she related to him. When people discussed him during her adolescence, she felt a slight connection. His innocence was taken away, much as hers had. Her mother and uncle died, and she was prepped like a prized hog for her days as an heiress. She strived for perfection, and it was so out of reach from her. Sasuke had almost been perfect, but he lacked compassion, empathy, any feeling. The more Hinata thought about Sasuke, and herself, they grew farther from perfection and closer together. It made her ill.

Walking toward the window, the beautiful heiress stared at the moon.

Sasuke breathed in slowly, deeply filling his lungs with chilled air. His legs were crossed, and his hands rested gently upon his knees. Sasuke was mediating.

Had his old team seen this, they might have scoffed in amazement. Sasuke had grown to be snappy, impulsive, and killed more often than not. But it started eating away at his conscious. Yes, Sasuke was still a man to be feared. He had killed his sensei not ten minutes ago. It was too stressful on the raven's mind and therefore, he was sitting in a cold cell meditating. Orichimaru was dead and gone but Sasuke didn't have a chance.

His plan was to go back to the LeafVillage and make a woman his wife. He wanted to bring back his clan, and train them to be strong and against the Leaf's people and culture. If he was unable to bear children or meet a woman strong enough for him, he would kill himself.

Death was not something the Uchiha feared. His goals, all of his missions, were nearly accomplished. While inhaling, he scratched his chin. Black hairs tickled his fingers. Sakura would not suffice, simply because she would see through his plan. He also couldn't easily see himself having relations with her. Ino was out of the question, same as any civilian woman. He wanted a strong willed konoichi, and as any man admittedly wanted, he wanted a beautiful woman. If she cooked and held a good conversation with him, they were added bonuses.

Another breath escaped his pale pink lips. He was changing too much. Secretly he wanted a home to go to, a woman to kiss him, and normalcy. His hair was growing too long, his body was scarred with war wounds and tattoos. He pondered, for only a moment, about what his life would have been like if he stayed in Konoha and been normal. The thought angered him and his chest constricted. Calmly, he gained control of himself and focused.

The screaming and commotion was easily blocked away. Without the legendary Sannin, everything was chaos. Kabuto was in hysterical tears and the prisoners and patients were running wild, pillaging, stealing, and destroying everything Sasuke had called 'home' since he was a child.

His eyes fluttered open and he stood. He left the room, stepping calmly into the corridor. Pyromaniacs ran passed him, along with rapists and murderers. "Stop!" Sasuke shouted with his Sharingan flaring. "If you all don't leave now," he didn't have to finish the threat before people fearfully fled. Even the tallest, strongest man knew of Sasuke's reputation.

He grunted with satisfaction. Without checking for Kabuto or anyone else, Sasuke lit the place on fire without a shred of regret.

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