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Summary: Charles Swan and Susan Clearwater were murdered. Their killer, was Renee Dwyer, Bella Sawn, still reeling from the departure of the Cullens, and desperate to flee her psychopath mother, turns to her godfather, the one and only Tony Stark. Follow her as she Moves to New York, Falls in love, fights a war, and finds a true family.

It had been months since that dated day. The day her life had crashed down around her, just with one little sentence.

"We're leaving."

Months she spent, wallowing in her own misery, before she was snapped out of it by the worst thing that could ever happen, her father's death.

Bella stood, strait as a poker, an expression of utter despair on her face. But her eyes were dry, she had cried all of her tears long ago.

Charlie's coffin was simple, black wood. It did nothing to show what an amazing person her father was. Pain was what flowed through Bella's veins now, not the sweet smelling blood that Edward had craved more than anything else.

Edward. The thought of him still hurt, but the wound to her heart had scabbed over. Something about having your father murdered that gets you over your ex real quickly.

Renee stood beside her, fake tears falling. Bella knew her mother held no real pain over Charlie's death. It wasn't until too late that Charlie and Bella found out that Rene was a psychotic bitch. Not until Charlie had finally found love again.

Leah and Seth Clearwater stood on Bella's other side, alternating between looking sorrowfully at their mother's coffin, and glaring at Renee. They knew, just as Bella did, who was responsible for their parent's deaths.

The double funeral was over, and the sympathetic finally gone. Leah and Seth had gone back to the reservation, leaving Bella with Renee. Bella restrained herself from attacking her one time mother, who was going to get away with murder. If only she could find proof. But it was not meant to be. Like her and Edward.

Her mother was talking excitedly about them going back to Jacksonville. But there was no way she was going to live with this murderess. She already had made her plans. But, quite frankly, she was scared at what her mother would do to her if she defied her. So she quietly nodded along with her mo... With Renee. Not her mother, never her mother.

She had already written the letter which was to explain her flight and lay a false trail should she look.


The reason this letter is here is because I don't know how to say goodby to your face. I have to get away, and Jacksonville isn't far enough. America is too close to the Cullens. By the time you read this, I'll be on my way to England.
I love you, but I need time to be my own woman. So I guess this is goodbye for now.

Much love,

It was nearing midnight, she had to leave soon, she was ready, and the note was pinned to the fridge. She was just waiting for her ride, which eventually came. But instead of Jacob, who she had been expecting, it was Leah.

The she wolf stepped out of her car, and quietly lifted her small luggage into the trunk. Bella wanted to ask why it was her here instead, but Renee was a light sleeper, they needed to get going fast.

They were speeding away, on their way to La Push, where Bella was planning to spend the night, before flying to New York in the morning. She knew that she would be safe there. Her father's old friend had assured her of that. Charlie always told her to go to him if she was in trouble, so she did. He told her that it was no trouble, that he owed it to her father to take care of her.

When they arrived, it was at Sam and Emily's house. The lights were on, and she could see that the whole pack was there. She was immediately engulfed by the pack, drowning in the bear hugs administrated. Loud exclamations that she would be missed accompanying them. Eventually she was swept up in arms she recognized as Jacob's.

"Hey Bells, sorry I couldn't pick you up, but Emily's due any day now and Sam's been twitchy." He explained, gesturing to a heavily pregnant Emily. Bella smiled at Emily and nodded in greeting.

"It's fine Jake, really." She said.

"Yeah, but you got stuck with little miss sunshine over here." He responded, frowning teasingly at Leah, who socked his arm. Jacob pouted at her, and leant in for a kiss, which Leah happily responded to. Everyone just smiled at the recent imprintees, amused by their honeymoon phase.

Well, now that Bella is safely here, it's time for bed." Emily said sternly. The boys and Leah all whined and complained, but they obeyed. Sleeping bags were brought out, popcorn was made, and a movie popped in.

Everyone insisted that Bella take the couch, and even Sam looked tempted to join them when they were all settled, they were so cozy. Emily walked around to each member of the pack, kissing them in a motherly fashion. She eventually came over to Bella.

"Goodnight Bella, I'll miss you dearly." She said. Bella smiled softly at her.

"I'll miss you too Emily, goodnight." She said.

Bella's eyes focused on the movie, but she wasn't paying attention. She drifted off to sleep, her mind as close to a peaceful state as she can get now.

Bella stood in the driveway, in front of Leah's car. Everyone was hugging her, again and again, telling her how much they would miss her. Emily embraced her, crying, while Sam kept a watchful eye on his wife. She promised to call often, and was hugged once more. Emily looked at her watch.

"You've got to get going, you'll be late!" She exclaimed, and promptly had Bella in the car, and watching her friends slowly grow into specs. Just before she lost sight of them, she saw a rippling, followed by several wolves howling in unison. Their goodbye.

The airport in Seattle was busy, but she managed to make her way through. She gave her name at the desk, and was hurried of in the right direction.

The private Jet was waiting, all ready to go, and in front of it, waiting for her, was the one and only Tony Stark, who had personally come to collect her.

"Well, if it isn't little Ellie, all grown up." Said Tony, wiping a fake tear from his eye. He had always called her Ellie, or Ella. Bella smiled at him.

"Well, if it isn't Uncle Tony, with more gray in his hair than when I last saw him. It's good to see you again old man." She teased. Tony smiled at her and pulled her in for a hug. He wasn't her real uncle, but he had had a big enough part in her life that she called him that.

"It's good to see you too Bells, now come on, lets stall the gooey lovey reunion for when we're in the air." He said, steering her onto the jet.

Bella sat back in her chair happy to be finally leaving the rainy town of Forks behind. Tony sat across from her, nursing a drink. He quickly finished it.

"I bet you feel like shit huh?" He asked abruptly, startling Bella. When what he asked sunk in she sighed.

"Yeah." She said. Tony poured himself another drink, but this time, he poured a second glass. At her look he said.

"Just take it miss goody goody, I won't tell anyone." He said with an eye roll. She took it, and took a small, tentative sip. She had never really had any alcohol before, and she found she kind of liked the burn it caused.

"So, you said you knew who it was, but don't have any proof?" Tony asked, referring to her father's murder. Bella nodded.

"It was Renee." She said bluntly. Tony swore loudly.

"Son of a bitch! I knew that woman was certifiable. I told Charlie that she was no good!" He continued under his breath for a few minutes, before he stopped.

"That's why you came to me." He said. She nodded. Tony leaned forward and took her hand.

"She's not gonna get her claws into you Ellie, I promise." He said firmly. Bella nodded once again. Tony smirked at her.

"So miss Broody, Dark and Beautiful, leaving any broken hearts in Forks?" He asked slyly. Bella snorted.

"Ask anyone in Forks Tony, I'm the one with the broken heart."

Tony, who had had his legs propped up in a table, lowered them at once.

"Did someone hurt you Bella? Does uncle Iron have to get his armor out and blast someone to a pulp?"

Bella wanted to laugh. "I've told you, no matter what you seem to think, that name does not sound tough at all. And no, you wouldn't be able to beat Edward up anyways." She said.

"Why, because he's a vampire?" Tony asked suddenly.

Bella stared at Tony for a full minute before she found her voice.

"What are you talking about?" She asked atoundedly.

"Edward Cullen, your ex boyfriend, is a Vampire." Tony said slowly. Bella gaped at him again.

"And for the record, I could totally kick his ass. The Armor has weapons specifically made to kill Vampires now." He said in a mock offended tone.

"So, how did all that happen?" He asked curiously. Bella told her story, still in shock that he knew. Tony watched her intently as she spoke, so she wasn't able to hide the pain clear on her face when she told Tony how Edward had broken up with her.

"That asshole!" Tony yelled when she was done. "That's it, I'm gonna track down that bastard and make him regret ever looking at you! No ones messes with my goddaughter!"

"Tony calm down! It's fine! You can't go after him yourself; his family wouldn't let you hurt him." Bella reasoned.

"It's not gonna be just me, I'm bringing the rest of the team with me on this one. Ooh Bruce, Thor and Capsicle are gonna have a field day with that little shit." Tony said delightedly.

"Why?" Bella asked, confused.

"Well, aside from the fact that any of the three of them can take on a Vampy any day, they all have issues with people being mistreated. Oh, that reminds me." He rose and walked over to some sort of projector. When it turned on, a holographic picture showed up.

"Since you're going to be living with the Avengers, you have to know who they are." He said with a grin.

"Wouldn't a file or something work?" Bella asked, sighing with a tired smile on her face at her godfather's antics.

"Yes, but this is more fun." Tony said.

Two holograms, side by side appeared. Tony and Iron Man.

"This is Tony Stark, the coolest, smartest, and most attractive member of the team." Tony said, imitating a school teacher like voice.

"I know who you are Tony." Bella laughed.

"No interrupting Miss Swan. Now, the superhero alter ego of the amazing Tony Stark is The Super Awesome Invincible Iron Man." He said, causing Bella to laugh and shake her head at his antics. Next showed a picture of an intimidating looking woman in her twenties, with short curly red hair.

"This is Natasha Romanov, the scary assassin. Don't get on her bad side, because she can and will make your life hell. Her code name is Black Widow." Next up were pictures of a guy about Tony's age, and beside him, the Hulk, who had a bus lifted over his head.

"This is Bruce Banner, the second smartest member of the team, with the biggest anger management issues you'll ever see. His super hero name is the Hulk, but I call him Brucie Bear, because he doesn't mind when I cuddle with him." Bella laughed again, how could she forget her godfather's cuddle addiction?

He had spent hours watching Disney movies with her when she was little, Bella curled up in his side. He blamed her of being the cause of his addiction; that he had gotten too used to it when she stayed with him one summer.

She remembered fondly how he had bought out Disneyland for an entire day for her birthday, and let her drag him anywhere she wanted. And how he always cheered with her whenever the end of one of the movies came, and true love won out. Tony was the best godfather that anyone could ever ask for.

"This is Thor, like from the Norse myths, he's literally that Thor, from Asgard." A big, blonde man in old style battle armor and carrying a giant hammer was shown next. And then a guy with a bow showed up.

"This is my buddy Clint Barton, codename Hawkeye. He's a deadeye with a bow and arrow, and one fun guy to have around." Up came another side by side photo, a handsome blonde guy that looked to be in his early twenties, in a simple t-shirt and jeans. Next to that was a hologram of the same man, in blue spandex, with a large white star on his chest. He carried a large round shield, again with a star on the center. He looked like a walking American flag.

"And this is our fearless leader, Captain America, who goes by Steve Rogers." It was strange, Tony talked about the other members of the team by their first names, and then their code names, but he referred to Steve Rogers as Captain America, like that was his name.

They talked about little things for a few hours, before Bella remembered something.

"How do you know about vampires?" She asked. Tony frowned.

"Well, there was a mission, you know, the usual, destroy planet Earth, yadda yadda yadda, except we were loosing, badly. The Volturi approached us then, and offered their help, because they didn't want to get blown to bits either. They didn't tell us that they were Vampires though, and we all just assumed they were mutants, you know, like the one's in Xavier's school? So, we all teamed up and saved the day, all that good stuff, and then they just crawled back into their holes, while we went for shwarma." He frowned then.

"The Volturi had been acting strange the entire time, like they had wanted to rip out our throats, so, when I got back to the tower, I decided it was time to pay a visit to my old friend, the SHEILD computer systems, see if I could dig up some information on them. Turns out, SHEILD had known about Vampires for years, and they had been helping them stay off the radar. But, in true SHEILD fashion, I also found plans for weapons that could take them out." Tony smiled evilly then.

"I improved the plans a bit, and made some weapons for the team, you know, just in case." He winked, and then continued.

"There have been a couple of... Disagreements between the team and the Volturi now and then, but we're on ok terms with them now. But that doesn't mean that they intend to keep it that way. The Volturi rubbed all of us the wrong way, they reminded me a bit of Loki actually. So we always keep an eye on them, in case they decide that they've had enough of trying to get along with us." He finished his explanation, but there was something she still didn't quite get.

"How did you know about Edward?" She asked.

"The Cullen's work with SHEILD from time to time, their leader, the doctor trying to create a blood supplement, since the animal diet wasn't really catching on. They had a file on each of them, and a list of the places they lived. It wasn't hard to guess who your boyfriend was when I heard the name." He shrugged. Bella nodded, in deep thought, while she would love to see the Cullen's again, she didn't think she could take another rejection from people that she had considered family.

They went back to talking about this and that then, but eventually, Bella settled down to take a nap, she hadn't gotten much sleep last night.

Hours later she was woken by Tony.

"Come on Ellie, wake up, we're here." He said, shaking her. She sat up and rubbed her eyes. She looked out the window, she could see Stark tower from here. Her new home.

"Welcome back to New York Ellie."