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When Bella and Steve finally rejoined the gathering, their hands were firmly clasped, their mouths turned up into shy smiles, and eyes shining with pure happiness. They sat down together, Steve pulling Bella into his lap without hesitating. Bella smiled at him, love flickering bright in her eyes, like beautiful chocolate stars. She settled into him comfortably, resting her head on his shoulder, drawing one of his arms around her waist with a small sigh. Everyone was still in shock, everything happening so fast, and they stared at them, dumbfounded. Suddenly Thor let out a booming noise that sounded suspiciously like 'Huzzah!' and rushed forward, scooping Steve and Bella right into his arms for the bear hug of the universe.

"Sister Bella!" he yelled, squeezing them both tight. "It pleases me to no end that you and the good Captain have finally rectified the last arrangements for your courtship, you will be most happy as mates, and will have a strong family, I am sure!" Everyone else was quickly behind Thor, so the new couple didn't have the chance to blush over his proclamations. There were tons of congratulations, pats on the back, and declarations of approval, but there was only one that Bella needed to hear just then.

Tony Stark, the one and only genius billionaire playboy philanthropist; Bella's godfather, and the last remnant of her biological family strode up to her and pulled her into a close embrace, whispering into her ear.

"Steve's a good guy Ells, Charlie would be over the moon you found a guy like him." Tony squeezed her once, before pulling away, patting her back. "You two will be happy together, an idiot could see that." Bella smiled at her godfather, tears of happiness and love welling up in her eyes.

Natasha smiled at the pair, embraced them both, and promptly pulled everyone out of the happy daydream world, and back into reality.

"I'm happy for you both, really, but as much as I'd love for us to enjoy you two finally pulling your heads out of your asses after months of dancing around one another, we do have a crisis on our hands." Steve nodded, going back into Captain mode.

"Bella and I will be joining border patrol." Steve said. At Bella's look, he sighed before amending his statement.

"Bella and I will be patrolling the streets, and some of the wolves will be sent to help guard Angela, Emily and Isabelle." He turned to Bella. "I am going to be with you, that part is non-negotiable." He said firmly, Bella smiled him, holding his hand warmly.

"I'm not about to argue that." she said happily. She was relieved that Steve would be with her, that way they could watch one another's backs. Steve turned to Tony, a worried accent to his tone now.

"Do you think you'd be able to make Bella some armor in time for the battle?" he asked. Bella and Tony exchanged sly glances, everyone flinching at the sight. They knew by now that that particular look 99% of the time meant trouble.

"Oh, that's not an issue actually." Tony said conversationally. "You see, we already made Bella armor." Everyone stared at them.

"How did we not know about this?" Steve asked, surprised.

"I did." Bruce and Nat piped up at the same time. "Bella, Tony and I have been working on it while we're in the Workshop together, and Natasha has been helping Bella in deciding what kind of features she wants on her suit." Bruce explained to the confused group

"Is that why you booby trapped the vents into the Workshop?" Clint demanded.

"You need to keep you sticky paws out of my workshop anyways Hawkass." Tony snorted.

"Anyway!" Bruce cut in before an argument could start. "You want to see Bella's suit?" There was a chorus of 'yes', making them all chuckle at their excitement at seeing the latest Stark creation- this time made by two Starks. Tony smirked.

"Alrighty then." He said, ushering the large group onto the sizable balcony. "Wait out here while I go help Ellie suit up." He and Bella made their way down to the workshop, both grinning like fools, excited to show off their handiwork. JARVIS slid the compartment where Bella's suit was kept open for her, and she slipped her feet into their place, feeling the suit assemble all around her. She looked at Tony just before the helmet covered her face, and gave a supportive thumbs up as her head was covered, blocking out her normal sight, and replacing it with a graph of her surroundings, as well as complicated formulas that had been drilled into her head in the long hours of practice with Tony and JARVIS.

She was comfortable, the light weight of the armor and the steady thrum of the miniaturized Arc Reactor lying against her chest. She was still a little uncomfortable with the helmet, but there wasn't enough time to finish up the modifications that would allow JARVIS's sensors and the graph to be condensed into a simple piece that would fit over one eye, allowing her to actually see everything, without relying on the sensors completely.

"Alright Ellie." She heard Tony say into her communications link. "Let's go show 'em what you've got."

Everyone was waiting for Bella and Tony to come back and show them Bella's armor, anticipation thick in the room's atmosphere. Suddenly something shot out of the building, quick as a lightning flash, just a blue blur as it looped back around, whizzing toward them. A high energy song started to play over the speakers in the room, different than Tony's ACDC song that he always played when Iron Man was about to make an appearance, and Tony's voice sounded over the intercom.

"Ladies, Gentlemen… Loki. Prepare to wet yourselves in awe, for you are about to behold the embodiment of all that is awesome and badass, the amazing, the incredible… Comet! Or Iron Star, we haven't decided yet, and Ellie refuses to be Iron Girl."

"Well, it's just not practical, is it?" Bella's voice sounded, as she navigated her suit back towards the landing pad. "I won't exactly be eighteen forever, and imagine the embarrassment of being called Iron Girl as a full adult! It would be like Robin being the Boy Wonder, what happens if one of them actually manages to grow up?"

"You get a new name, like how Robin became Nightwing."

"Tony, we both know that Nightwing sucks, he's just a cheap Batman knock off."

"Nightwing is cool!"

"No, he's not!"

"Now now." Clint said in a mocking tone. "You're both pretty; now get your nerdy arguments off the com link." Suddenly Bella landed, allowing them all a good view of the suit. And wow, he thought the Iron Man suit looked like the embodiment of modern technology.

The metal of the suit was dark blue all over, thinner and sleeker than Tony's armor, the practical side of his brain telling him that it was meant for more maneuverability, the a way that made it look like the strips of metal, settled into overlapping v's, shone with colors that ranged from navy blue to almost black, but all he could think of was how graceful it looked in her. An Arc Reactor glowed electric blue in the chestplate, and delicate lines, almost like veins, swirled out from that centerpiece, and into the rest of the armor, curving around her, and spiraling down her arms and legs. The helmet, so like Tony's, retracted, showing Bella's face, flushed with delight, brown eyes sparkling with delight.

"Flying is awesome." She declared at once. "So, what do ya think?"

"That is so cool Bells!" Jacob declared at once. "What kind of gadgets do you have?"

"Basic repulsor systems, retractable Vampire grade knives, and the armor itself has a little…kick of it's own." Bella replied, eyes twinkling mischievously.

"Like what?" Clint asked eagerly. Bella smiled wickedly, and held out a hand.

"Why down you see for yourself?" she asked, the innocent expression betrayed by that sparkle in her eyes that promised mischief.

"I wouldn't." Bruce warned, before Natasha cut him off.

"Oh, just do it Clint, I have."

"Yeah, but you're a robot." Clint muttered, before stepping forward and grabbing Bella's metal clad hand. The blue of the Arc Reactor glowed brighter, and then suddenly Clint was on the ground, a startled yelp erupting from him.

"Oh, don't be such a baby Clint." Bella laughed. "That was the lowest setting!" Clint swore, got up, and rounded on Tony, who had just walked in.

"You made her into a walking Taser?" He exclaimed. "Do you want her to take over the world?"

"It was my idea actually." Natasha cut in. "I was looking over the profiles we have for the Denali Vampires, and one of them has a power very similar to that, I thought it would be useful, and seeing as Bella is quite talented with the more electric inclined weaponry, I thought it would be a perfect match. "

"Though, in true Stark form." Bruce added bemusedly. "They just had to improve on the idea."

"What now?" Clint asked, groaning and rubbing his hand. Bella grinned, and focused on Clint. Suddenly he yelped again, rubbing his arm.

"Geez girl." He exclaimed. "Can you shock people with your brain now?"

"Advanced nano technology." Tony said proudly. "She doesn't even have to be in physical contact to shock, though it is much easier, as well as more potent, she just has to be in close proximity, though it's difficult to direct them, it's most likely that she would shock anyone in her immediate vicinity."

"Nat is closer and she wasn't shocked!" Clint protested.

"Actually I was." She said. "I'm just not an infant." Everyone had to suppress a laugh at the pout on Clint's face, as he crossed his arms and growled under his breath.

"Did you think these were just for show?" Bella asked skeptically, gesturing to the veins of blue energy on her suit. "They channel the energy more efficiently, so I can produce my shocks.

"It definitely looks cool though." Ali… Elisabeth piped up, going up to Bella and circling her. "Much more feminine, and much more you than Tony's style." Bella looked at her Vampire friend in surprise.

"What, no comments about my horrid fashion sense?" she asked. Elisabeth crossed her arms, pouting.

"I can grow as a person you know." She protested. Bella laughed, and circled an arm around the pixie girl's waist.

"Sorry Lizzie." She apologized. The girl pouted a moment longer, before smiling back at Bella brightly.

"Apology accepted." She giggled, before giving Bella a kiss on the cheek, and hugging her fiercely, Bella's brunette head resting tenderly on the top of Elisabeth's, Bella's dark chocolate tresses matching Alice's perfectly.

"Ok, break up the mushy love fest!" Tony called, walking over to them. "We've got to plan our defense, Ellie needs to train in the suit, and we only have so long to get ready to save New York…again."

(Bella POV)

"I'm sorry I yelled at you." Bella whispered to Steve as they sat, once more curled up on the couch in Bella's room, except now everything had changed between them, the air was warm between them, no awkwardness whatsoever. Bella was curled into Steve's lap, her head resting softly on his shoulder, enjoying the comforting presence of his solid warmth. Bella was free to kiss him all she liked now, and she was gladly abusing this power just a moment ago, Steve's hand still tangled in Bella's chocolaty curls. Steve chuckled, pressing his lips tenderly to her forehead.

"I'm not." He said softly. "You needed to get that out. Not to mention we would still be avoiding one another. Bella huffed.

"We wouldn't be for that much longer, I was going to go to our stupid family and tell them I was done with their plans." I was going to tell you soon, probably after this whole issue with Renee and Victoria was taken care of." Steve looked at her quizzically.

"What plans? What did our family do now?" he asked, his mouth setting into a firm line. Bella bit her lip.

"Oops, I forgot to tell you about the Conspiracy." Bella said, before quickly filling him in. Steve's mouth got firmer and firmer with every sentence, by the time she was done, his eyes were flashing dangerously. Bella shrunk in on herself, and tried to remove herself from his lap, but his arms locked around her like iron bars, not letting her retreat.

"I'm sorry Steve." She whispered. He looked down to her, meeting her eyes, his own blue ones softening at once.

"I'm not mad at you Bella, I'm mad at them." He said, his voice darkening with the last word. Bella's eyes furrowed.

"But… I was the one that did it, I agreed to do it." she said confusedly, looking down ashamedly. Steve placed a hand under her chin, bringing her eyes up to meet his again.

"They coerced you into it Bella. You were in a weak place, and they took advantage of that. I'm placing blame where it's due, granted, you were the one that went through with it, but you aren't the root of the problem, our lives are our own business, and it wasn't their place to manipulate it. Trying to push us together was one thing, but actively messing with our lives is wrong." He gently kissed the tip of Bella's nose, pulling out a small smile from her.

"So you're not mad at me?" she asked, relieved. Steve smiled at her.

"Nope, but our family better watch out next training session, because they're going to be running themselves silly." Bella giggled.

"Don't be too hard on them." Steve joined in with a small chuckle.

"I won't, but I'm definitely going to be having words with them." Bella settled back into Steve's chest.

"So, did anything else interesting happen to you while we were ignoring one another?" Steve asked, running his fingers through Bella's hair again.

"Well, I found out that Edward is Loki's son, and he used to be engaged to Elisabeth."


"Yeah, I know."

Bella was breathing hard, looking desperately around for the familiar red, white and blue clad man. She finally spotted him, about two blocks away. The past few days had been hard, full of training, and calling in favors, and more training, in her own case, and she was thankful, all that drilling had saved her life more than once today.

"Steve!" She called. Before she could make it to him, her way was cut off by two snarling Newborns. They were easy to disarm, and she swiped their heads off with her knives without even blinking, they would be burned later. Suddenly she and Steve were back to back, taking down Vampires left and right. A vampire collided with her, knocking her away from Steve. She grappled with the Newborn, trying to get back to Steve. When she looked up, she saw Renee on top of the coffee shop across from her, grinning wickedly at her. This was it, she braced herself, ready to fight her mother. Renee didn't jump on her, instead, crimson eyes gleaming, she turned towards Steve, who was currently taking on two Newborns at once.

"NO!" she screamed. Steve abruptly turned to her, panic in his eyes.

Renee pounced.


"Bella? BELLA!" Bella bolted upright, drenched in sweat, and trembling like a dog on his last day at the pound. Steve was there, a look of concern on his handsome face. All of the Avengers were there actually, all in their pj's. It was just a nightmare, it wasn't real. She let out a sob, burying herself into Steve's chest.

"Steve, thank god! Oh Steve!" She clung to him desperately, afraid that he would disappear if she let go, that Renee would get him. Steve held her softly, murmuring in her ear and gently rocking her. She let out a shaky hiccup, and Steve just held her tighter.

"Let's go guys." She heard Tony saying quietly to the rest of her family. "I think Capsicle's got this one well in hand."