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Matchmaking Colors

''What do you think about this one?'' she asked while showing him an orange sleeveless T-shirt, black biker shorts, a green fancy bag, white gloves and matching sneakers.

''That's fine, but what about the bandana?'' he asked.

''They don't sell a matching bandana, that's the problem!'' she stated.

''What about this one? It's green and matches the fancy bag, besides green is an awesome color!'' He exclaimed.

''Why? Because it's Cacturne's color?'' she asked him.

''Yes! Exactly! Oh and it also matches grasshead's hair!'' Harley said, in fact it did, it had the same shade of green as a certain, how did he put it, ''grasshead's'' hair.

''Yeah, I'm sure she'll like our, welcome to Johto present!'' Solidad said happily, ''By the way, are you sure she's coming to Johto?'' she asked him a bit unsure.

''Of course Solidad! You know, I tricked them a few times but I'd never lie to you, you're like my best buddy!'' he exclaimed and she smiled.

''Well, her ship should be arriving soon, we might as well buy this and wrap it for her,'' Solidad said.

''Uhm, maybe you should wrap it alone, you know that I suck at wrapping presents,'' Harley suggested.

''Not at all, you love to wrap presents, I remember when you wrapped my birthday present like with 12 different wrapping papers because you had so much fun wrapping it,'' Solidad reminded him, confused by his sudden attitude change.

''Fine you got me, I have something to take care of, I actually wanted to take care of it before I ran into you and told you that May will be arriving her soon, but then you wanted to go buy her a present and I didn't want to disappoint you,'' Harley explained.

''That's sweet of you, well go then, we meet back at the port at 3pm?'' she asked.

''Sure thing, see you then!'' he replied running towards the Pokémon Center.

On the same time on a boat to Johto

There are many passengers aboard ehe ship to Johto, among them, we find a brunette wearing a red bandana. She had sapphire-blue eyes and was thinking of a certain grasshead.

Why everyone calls him grasshead you want to know? Easy, he has green hair that match his emerald-green eyes that have been haunting her thoughts a lot lately, how much she just wanted to look into those beautiful green eyes. She couldn't help herself, she fell for him. She realized that not so long ago, he told her he'll be in Johto, so that's where she would go.

''Attention please passengers, we'll be arriving in Johto in one hour,'' the captain said through the speakers.

''One hour to go,'' she murmured to herself.

Meanwhile with Harley

''DREEEEEEWWWWW!'' Harley yelled through the whole Pokémon Center, not seeming to mind that people were giving him weird or annoyed stares and glares, or maybe he simply didn't notice.

You want to know who Drew is? Well that's grasshead's real name, most people call him by his real name.

Only May and Harley call him grasshead at times, and well I do, but May mostly sticks to Mr. Rose while Harley sticks to May's boyfriend. There is also a girl named Brianna who calls him Mr. Drew, but that's beside the point, isn't it?

''DREEEWWWW WHERE ARE YOU!?'' Harley called out for him again, there where people knocking on Drew's door, claiming that there was a freak in the lobby who didn't seem to shut up anytime soon unless he would show up there, but either he wasn't in his room, or he simply ignored them.

It turned out to be the first one, as he walked through the doors of the Pokémon Center, but as soon as he saw Harley walking towards him, yelling his name, he truly regretted that action.

''Drew! There are you! I've been searching for you everywhere!'' Harley exclaimed.

''More like yelling for him everywhere,'' someone in the room whispered, but Harley either ignored it, or just didn't hear it.

''What do you want Harley?'' Drew asked, already annoyed.

''I was just going to tell you that your little girlfriend is on her way to Johto and should be arriving in less than an hour,'' Harley said, and Drew's heart started pounding fast.

He knew he was lying, she was in Sinnoh, with Ash..., but he couldn't help it.

''Why would she? She's in Sinnoh, with Ash...,'' he trailed off.

''That's what you think, but she's on her way here, to see you,'' Harley explained.

''No she isn't,'' Drew said harshly.

''She is, and let me give you some advice, people are attracted to people who are similar as themselves, if you want her to be attracted to you, you should...,'' Harley got cut out by Drew who said,

''Please, only May would believe that. And now leave me alone!''

Drew was annoyed, because he knew Harley was trying to trick him, to get his hopes up, just to crash them back down.

He had no idea why Solidad is friends with that mischievous guy.

At 3 pm, Harley went to the port, where Solidad was waiting for him.

''Harley over here,'' she called out waving.

He made his way over to her and saw the nicely wrapped present.

''You did a good job!'' he complimented her, she thanked him and smiled.

The ship arrived soon after and Solidad and Harley saw May getting of the ship.

''May over here!'' Solidad called out and waved.

May's eyes light up and she ran towards them, but as she arrived she was disappointed Drew was nowhere near but she greeted them happily.

''May that's for you!'' Solidad handed her over the present.

''Welcome to Johto!'' Harley added.

''Thanks guys!'' May replied.

''The Pokémon Center is over there, we should get back now,'' Solidad said, and the three of them went back.

For those who had hoped that Drew would secretly come to see if Harley might have said the truth, you thought wrong.

Drew didn't trust Harley after what he did to May. Drew didn't trust Harley, not at all. That's why he considered everything he'd say as a lie. That's why he didn't show up.

The next morning May woke up early, she put on her new clothes and smiled. She didn't think anyone else noticed, but her bandana's shade of green was the same shade as her rival's hair.

She went out of her room, towards Nurse Joy, to pick up her Pokémon. She had left them there overnight.

''Good morning Nurse Joy, can I pick up my Pokémon?'' May greeted her, and asked afterwards.

''Of course May, here they are!'' she said handing them over to the coordinator.

''Thanks!'' May said running out of the Pokémon Center, straight into a certain grasshead.

At first he didn't recognize her. She had different clothes on and since she was sitting on the floor, he wasn't able to see her face. But as soon as she looked up at him, apologizing, he saw that it was unmistakably her. And his heart started beating fast again, but he managed to keep his cool.

''Still as clumsy as ever,'' he commented.

''Hello to you to Drew,'' May replied annoyed, sure, she hadn't expected a 'Welcome-To-Johto-Party' but a hello would've been nice.

Drew helped her up again and noticed her bandana. For some reason memories of his conversation with Harley ''Let me give you some advice, people are attracted to people who are similar as themselves, if you want her to be attracted to you, you should...,'' Harley got cut out by Drew who said, ''Please, only May would believe that.''

Only May would believe that.

Did May believe that? Was that the reason why she changed her bandana? He felt a spark of hope burning in his heart. He knew she would be there, she might have talked to him. They might have talked about him. All those thoughts were running through his head.

His train of thoughts was eventually interrupted by May's sweet voice, ''Uhmm Drew, could you let go of my hand?'' she asked awkwardly while blushing.

''No,'' Drew replied simply.

''Why not?'' she asked him, in response he just crashed his lips against hers.

Although a bold move like that isn't like him, he needed answers. He couldn't wait any longer, now that he started hoping she might feel the same.

He got his answers, soon she started to kiss him back, that kiss lasted until they had to pull away due to the lack of air.

''I was wondering if you'd like to travel with me, as my girlfriend,'' he asked her straight-out.

''The reason I came to Johto was that I want to develop my own battling style,'' she started and he felt disappointed, she parted ways with her friends to develop her own battling style, why would she travel with him now? Futhermore it might be strange to travel with her rival, but then again, was he just a rival? It's strange to still refer to her as just a rival, to say the least they are friends at this point, and after the kiss, he...

Once again, his train of thoughts was interrupted as May started speaking again, ''But I can just as develop my own battling style while travelling with others, I think to be honest the main reason I came here to Johto was because I wanted to see you again,'' she confessed.

Drew's heart started beating faster and faster, he smiled and asked the girl, ''So will you be my girlfriend and travel with me?''

''Yes and yes!'' she exclaimed happily.

''You know, you did a good job too,'' Solidad said, as she and Harley watched the couple.

''What do you mean?'' he asked her.

''I know you aren't innocent about what happened with them,'' she replied.

''Maybe I gave them a little push, but how do you know about it?'' he asked her in she giggled.

''Well, a friend told me that yesterday there was a purple-haired guy who was dressed as a Cacturne yelling for some Drew-guy. I just assumed the rest,'' she told him smiling.

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