To all those who have read Hecates son, Spectres song and connection.

I wish to thank you for reading the rambling of a man so woefully innocent. I didn't expect my new work to take up the majority of my time, and with it, decrease the (already lacking) skill within my writing. But this does not come without a reward.

I am writing an original tale. A tale about a boy, like me, who lives with M.P.D, or Multiple Personality Disorder. This will be able to get me quite a bit of experience, so please understand why I choose this.

As a man about to enter the life of an author, I realise the many mistakes people have pointed out to me (and apparently started a war about whether hades or thanatos would be death) so I wish not to force this upon people. If you wish, I give full permission to take any ideas or writing from me, as long as you improve it. I still need something for the nights.

I honestly, truthfully don't know what to say. The guise of Dragon has given me a lot of painful slaps to the face. I now see how delusional I was to juggle so much. So, goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye.

Yours sincerely, for the last time.

DragonDodge881 out.