Ever since that horrible final battle, Harry and Hermione had been spending a lot of time together. At first it was because they felt they could only share their grieve about Ron with each other. They felt the same, because they had had the same bond with him and that they missed him equally.

They had sat together at his funeral, holding each other, while letting their tears stream on their faces. The same had happened when the Ministry had award Ron a Order of Merlin First Class award posthumously. It had been a hard couple of weeks, that time following the demise of Voldemort.

The first month they had stayed at the Burrow, because they had no place else to go and because Molly had asked them to. And they really didn't have the strength to say no to her. They both slept on a cot in Ron's old room, separately at first. But they both ended up not getting any sleep that way. The only way they got some sleep was holding each other, comforting each other.

As soon as number 12 Grimmauld Place was renovated, they moved in there, wanting to give the Weasley family some space. They made plans to go to Australia, to find Hermione's parents.

So at the beginning of August, they left – traveling by muggle means – hoping to be back soon. It didn't take them long to find them and it was the first time in months that they felt as if there was a change they would be happy again.

Hermione asked Harry if she could stay at Grimmauld Place, she didn't feel like she could live with her parents for the moment, because however much they tried, they couldn't understand what she went through – and still was going through.

Now 3 years later, they can both say that they are happy again. And thinking of their best friend Ron doesn't make them said anymore. There are so much more happy memories than that last moment of despair when they saw the light of life leave his eyes. They also knew that Ron would want them to be happy.

So when Harry came home from work – he was now working at the International Relations department of the Ministry – he smiled when he heard a baby fussing and his wife cooing at it. Yes, he was totally happy with his little family. When he kissed little Ronnie on his head and Hermione on her cheek, he could swear he saw Ron wink at him in the portrait above the fireplace!