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Hermione smiled as she inhaled the tantalising scent of human skin, leather, smoke and fruit. The mass of writhing bodies upon the dancefloor, couples leaving with their partners, known and new, young and old, permanent and one-night-stands...all at one time during the night heading towards the back rooms of the club. Her club. Their club.

After the war, they have all struggled to come to terms with their lives, the seemingly endless loss, and most of all their future. Once you've lived every day as if it were your last, it was hard to return to something that only appeared to Hermione as a foreign concept these days. 'Normal'. Sometimes she wished the meaning of such a word was clear to her, other days she did not want to even hear it. But whether it was normal or not, this was her reality. Her life. One that she loved and never wanted to leave.

She had mourned her parents, who despite her best efforts died only a few days after the final battle. In a car accident, caused by a drunk driver. She had mourned the loss of her friends and loved ones. And so did Harry, the one person she always loved as only a best friend would, and could. First Ron abandoned them to ride out the tails of his fame as one of the Golden Trio, and once their plans and life choices became public knowledge, so did the rest of his family. It pained Hermione to know that if she met Molly on the street, the woman would most likely spit on her. But her pain was not her own, she felt it for Harry, who had believed the Weasley family as his surrogate one.

That's how it begun. In the months following the May final battle, Hermione the two of them mourned, they drank, they moved in together into Grimauld Place after the Order no longer needed it for headquarters. That is when the first accusations from Ron began, followed by Molly's not-so-subtle suggestions of how married life would suit Hermione, preferably with her son, and with a baby on the way soon.

Hermione snorted in a rather unlady-like manner and downed the rest of her whiskey, smiling at the beauty of what she now owned... She remembered the days as if it was yesterday, even though 5 whole years have passed. It started with a drink in the local pub, then a visit to the club, and soon she held the title of 'Magical Britain's Most Famous Bachelorette' for her excessive clubbing, always joined at the hip with her best friend. Harry could not seem to get enough. They survived, they could live, and so they did. All the things they missed out. Travelling, drinking, clubbing, their sex and love lives... they took the proverbial bull by the horns and went for it. A trip to Ibiza each year, a private stash of aged Whiskey at their home, those all came true.

But most importantly, they followed their desires. They enjoyed clubbing so much, they decided to buy one and make it to their preferred image. 'Leather' was the safest, cleanest and most accommodating environment for any Dom, Sub or Switch in the whole of London, if not in the whole of Britain. They had once stumbled upon a small club on a night out, and their world was opened up, for Harry on an imposing St. Andrew's cross. And for Hermione in the embrace of ropes. During the war, 'bondage' sounded like a curse to make them helpless. Now, it was the one thing that made them alive. And so Hermione, along with her best friend, decided to cater to the surprisingly large SM scene, transforming a fin de siecle slaughterhouse building into a state-of-art club with policies and private rooms for exploration. Their choices allienated them from the world and people they once knew, but the life they had now was their happiness.

"A frown. I don't like it. Did someone steal from the rack of fruit lube again?" Harry chuckled in her ear, making her jump.

"You of all people should know it's not a good idea to sneak up on me." she stuck her tongue out at the young man by her side.

Harry leaned against the railing of the private balcony to watch over the crowd with a smile. "Don't tell me you actually carry a wand on you. Where did you put it this time?" he inquired, his eyes searching for any holsters on her person. All he could see was a high waist pair of black leather shorts and a golden bustier top.

Hermione winked and waved her arm, the holster appearing on her thigh, along with her wand. "Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there." she tutted. "I like the shirt, by the way." she winked.

Secretly, she rejoiced at the confidence Harry had gained in the past years. He was still short for a man, but his lean seeker built was stunning in a barely buttoned white shirt, and his slim hips encased in black leather trousers were surely what turned all the heads in the club.

"If I wasn't as queer as they come, you would be my first choice." he smiled, still appreciative of her beauty. He remembered the days when they could barely find anything to hold on their wafish figures, a product of the many months on the run. But now he could honestly say his best friend was most radiant. Her curves filled out, and her hair ever so wild curled in heavy ringlets to the middle of her spine.

"How comforting." she replied with a sarcastic little smile. "Anyone to your liking tonight?" she asked as they both scanned the crowd. They were known in the community as the owners of the club, word definitely traveled fast, and could take their pick on a nightly basis. But they had one rule that both held high in regard. 'No matter who you end up with tonight, be safe in all ways.'

"Not yet, but I'm sure there will be someone for you. Are you in the mood to hold the whip, or feel the ropes yourself tonight?" he asked with a wink. While he himself had his preferences clear, Hermione with her well-rounded character soon found out she never lasted long in one position. She enjoyed both dominating an obedient pet, and submitting to the skilled hands and paddle of a Master.

"It can go either way, depending on who charms me. You would have it much easier if you played by my book, you know. This way you just ended up being a bossy bottom." she teased. While Harry had to lead most of his life, when it came to his true desires, he preferred to submit himself to the pain and pleasure. He was however known for a particular spark that not every Master could appreciate, and he had long learnt to distinguish a Master who likes his submissives completely pliant, and those who knew how to enjoy his quirks.

Harry slapped her ass cheekily. "I've learnt from the best, the queen of all bosses." chuckling at her mock-scandalised gasp.

They accepted a shot each from the waiter and looked into the crowd. "It is a great turn out tonight. We should do these dancing nights more often." he suggested before suddenly tensing.

Hermione immediately looked at him in concern and placed a hand upon his forearm to soothe him. "What's wrong?" she asked gently.

Harry nodded his head towards the entrance. "I can't believe it..."

Hermione followed his gaze to the two figures just handing their cloaks over the counter. One of them turned his head sideways and she gasped in surprise, her nails digging into Harry's skin. "Is that really..."


"Don't tell me you have forgotten the great joys of such an outing, old friend. I remember you clearly, back in the 80s when the Dark Lord was temporarily gone and we went to that small corner club. What was her name again?" Lucius drawled while he adjusted his belt in front of the mirror.

"How should I know? You honestly expect me to remember a chit from almost 20 years ago?" Severus asked, completely bored as he crossed his legs comfortably, leaning back in the armchair and sipping on the after dinner coffee. "She was quite courageous, I have to credit her for that. Not many were willing to try the first of the many swing designs." he added as an afterthought.

Lucius chuckled, looking at the dark man in the mirror. "I was hoping we could perhaps attempt to..recapture the old days, and the pleasures that come from such an outing." he said suggestively.

Severus' eyebrow almost met his hairline as he looked at the blond, noticing how he roamed with his gaze over the vast shirt selection. "What exactly are you implying?" he inquired monotonously.

"Come now, we are both still young. I am divorced, you never married, and we are both free to enjoy life to the fullest. I want to explore what London has to offer." he smirked and with a flick of his wrist a flier came sailing towards his old friend.

Severus picked it up and Lucius awaited his response as the dark onyx gaze swept over the page. "You have got to be kidding me. 'Leather'? How original." he drawled with an eyeroll, putting the leaflet down.

Lucius shrugged elegantly. "It's the new rage. Of course, as a connoisseur I wish to get a taste of the place. And you will come with me." he stated simply.

Severus chuckled humorlessly. "Oh I can just see a line forming, all the young people wanting to be dominated by the ex-Death Eaters." he drawled acerbically but was only met with laughter.

"Call them dunderheads but many are young, inexperienced and foolish enough to wish for the undertone of a different danger. We both know how to keep control and behave ourselves, but they don't know that about us. The only ones who could judge our code of conduct and experience would be our old playmates, and a lot of them have moved away from the London scene."

Severus scoffed. "Yes, because not everyone enjoys their slaves barely of age as you do, Luc."

Lucius turned around to face his friend and tutted. "Always such a pessimist my friend. I am sure we shall meet some of our..generation. What would a club be without seasoned Masters?" he quirked a brow and after a moment shook his head. "And what you are wearing will not do. Now, you can either cooperate, change and accompany me tonight, or I will immobilize you and, after selecting something of my choice for you to wear, float you into the club midair, on your back like a good little sub."

Severus scowled darkly. "Sometimes I wonder whether hexing you into oblivion would not make my life much easier." he grumbled, taking out his wand to change his traditional attire.

Lucius only chuckled. "Easier, yes. Entertaining, hardly." he replied and finally settled on a black silk shirt to contrast his colouring. There was only one thing he had forgotten to mention to his friend, and was glad for it. If Severus knew who owned the place, he would never have agreed to come...


Harry motioned for the bouncer by their door and instructed him to bring the two gentlemen up to join them. Hermione looked Harry questioningly. "You're not considering one of them I hope." she said sharply.

Harry watched the two men at the edge of the crowd and a lazy smile stretched across his lips. "One of them. I've always preferred blonds personally."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "First your obsession with Draco in sixth year, and now you want to play with Lucius? Honestly Harry. You've already had two shots, and the unresolved tension from the war is still no doubt there. Playing does not mix well with drinking AND a Master you can hardly trust." she reasoned, but saw it was to no avail. Once Harry set his eyes on someone he liked, he was unstoppable.

"Relax Hermione. Was not Snape the only professor you have ever had a crush on?" he teased, taking her mind off himself and Lucius for the moment.

Hermione blushed but raised her chin defiantly. "Maybe, but he would hardly want to have anything to do with an ex-student. Not to mention I can't imagine him letting me tie him up."

"Then don't. Haven't you ever wondered how far the skills in his fingers reach, other than brewing potions?" Harry winked cheekily.

Hermione observed the men who were just joined by their security, taking in Severus' features. There was something about him that made her want to relinquish control. She could remember the days when his voice would make her shudder with pleasure, especially when he drawled the intelligent insults at a none-the-wiser student. Could she revisit her past and seek her pleasure from an ex-professor?

"Fine, I admit there is a certain appeal. But we haven't seen them in years, and I doubt they will be happy to see us." she said after a moment of consideration.

Harry chuckled and took a sip from his glass, not willing to disclose just yet how often he actually saw one of the men. "How about a game of cat and mouse?" he suggested, watching the sensual smile that spread across Hermione's lips.

"You're on. Malfoy is yours, I am surely still only a mudblood to him. And Snape is mine. Whoever gets to entice them into some fun wins. What are your terms?" she asked, turning to face her best friend.

Harry looked at the regal blond that was making his way through the crowd and felt his body beginning to respond to the strong set of his shoulders. Perhaps it wasn't fair to make such a bet with his friend, as he would personally have no trouble enticing Lucius, but he would play for now. "If I win, I get to choose the next destination for our summer holiday. I am tired of Ibiza, and knowing your choice, we would end up somewhere in Europe."

Hermione huffed slightly. "What's wrong with Europe?"

"Nothing, but I want to see the States. I want to see West Hollywood, New York and San Francisco. So if I win, I get to choose where we go. Take it or leave it."

She rolled her eyes at his reasoning, but contemplated her options. "If I win, you will agree to move out of that hovel and get a studio in London that we can remodel to our taste. I know we don't spend much time outside of the club, but I refuse to call Grimauld Place a home."

Harry grinned. "Fuck it, done." he said and shook her hand in agreement.

"Wait, what if we both score tonight?" Hermione asked, trying to avoid a hole in their deal. If the men didn't want to play, the bet would be invalidated, but something told her that perhaps they could both have their pleasure tonight.

Harry shrugged nonchalantly, while he knew very well that would most likely be the case. "We'll make it a foursome."

Hermione raised a brow at his logic, but did not see a reason not to agree. They were hardly shy with each other and have shared play partners in the past. "Fine. But if Lucius so much as looks at me wrong, game's off."

Harry nodded and finished his drink. "Don't worry, I would never hazard with your life. You do that to yourself often enough, you minx." he teased just as the doors opened and their guests stepped onto the private balcony.

Lucius held in a chuckle at Severus' astonishment once he noticed who had summoned them. Neither of them have been to the club before, and while Severus had not seen either of his ex-students, Lucius smiled at young man across from him, knowing Harry did not expect him to show up here, so publically.

"Ah, look what the leash dragged in. Welcome to Leather, Lord Malfoy, Snape." Harry greeted them officially, motioning for the bartender to bring them drinks from their private bar.

While Severus momentarily remained in stunned silence, Lucius stepped forward and accepted the drink. "Thank you, Mr. Potter. Miss Granger." he acknowledged them both. "I hear your establishment is quite popular in selected circles." he complimented, while taking them both in.

He did not pay much attention to the Granger girl, well..woman now. She was pretty, but her beauty held no interest to him. His gaze focused on the Potter heir, his sharpened jaw and large green eyes, no longer hidden behind hideous frames. Most of his smooth young chest was on display for the world to see, and the slight perspiration from the warm setting clung to lightly tanned skin. Slim hips and long legs that Lucius imagined being wrapped around his waist tonight...

"We begun with simply catering to our own tastes, but the sortiment of our services quickly expanded with the advertising strategy we have selected. A man of your business background should understand our delight at the success." Hermione replied courteously, seeing there was no threat for the moment. Lucius appeared to be on his best behaviour. Her gaze shifted to the potions master who has remained silent so far.

She never thought the day would come when she saw the man out of his black teaching robes which earned him the bat reputation, but there was definitely something to say for dark blue. The shirt was well-tailored, fitting his lean but surprisingly strong built, the black slacks not surprising but elegant enough to make her appreciative of his looks. "By your astonishment, I presume you were not informed about us. Am I correct Professor?" she asked politely.

Severus managed to gather himself and cleared his throat before accepting the glass from the waiter and nodding. "It was a..spur of the moment decision on Lucius' part, to visit your establishment, Miss Granger. I have to say it is extraordinary." he complimented cordially, while looking at the woman that he once considered a bucktooth know-it-all.

The little defiant girl was gone and in her place stood a woman to rival all known depictions of Greek Goddesses. Her shapely thighs, full hips and rounded breasts were all on display in one way or another in that minimalistic attire, and Severus could not help himself but appreciate her beauty fully. He stepped closer and looked over the railing upon the dancefloor. "I have read that your establishments holds two separate areas."

Hermione smiled and nodded. "This is the main hall where we do either dancing nights, various artistic performances or presentations. If you look through there, you shall find an arched doorway. It leads to the private rooms, all fully equiped, including a small private bathroom for comfort. We have security in place of course to protect all participants, and a no sleeping policy. If a submissive needs extensive downtime after a session, we approve the requests of course." she explained. "Would you like a tour?" she suggested.

Severus looked at his friend who seemed to be engaged with the Potter brat, so he nodded his consent. "Very well, Miss Granger. Perhaps you can explain how you came to own a club, especially one so specifically oriented." he offered her his arm and she accepted as he led her away from the balcony to the lower floor.

Harry leaned his lower back against the railing as they shared a silent moment with Lucius over their drinks, before he could not hold himself from asking the blond. "So, what brings Lord Malfoy into my club?" he asked.

Lucius stepped closer and smiled. "Lord Malfoy remained at home, with his responsibilities and business, while I have decided to enjoy myself and rediscover the joys of this scene." he replied perfectly comfortably.

Harry's lips curled into a slight smirk. "Well if I am not speaking to Lord Malofy, who is the man that stands before me?" he asked. Before he knew what was happening, a strong arm shot around his waist and pressed their bodies close until he was engulfed in the spicy scent of Lucius' cologne.

"You may call me 'Sir' tonight, little one." the blond purred into Harry's ear, making him whimper in pleasure.

It has been two weeks since he had submitted to this man and while Harry enjoyed his free lifestyle, he found himself coming back to Lucius in for the past 6 months. There was something so magnetic about him, he could not help himself. "Why did you come here tonight?" he asked softly.

Lucius smirked. "I take it by your reaction that Miss Granger is unaware of our arrangement?" he asked, pressing the smaller man back against the railing, his large palm seeking a leather clad cheek to squeeze it tightly.

Harry gasped, his arm reaching to hold onto the man's biceps instinctively. "Not yet... I was planning to tell her soon maybe..if our arrangement held firmly."

Lucius hummed, his nose skimming over the young man's throat to breath in his tantalising scent. "I have decided perhaps it was time I joined you in your play ground."

"And Snape?" Harry asked shakily, his skin always much sensitive in the man's embrace.

"Severus could use a little distraction himself. Perhaps Miss Granger could give him a reason to come back to your establishment?" Lucius breathed against a beautifully shaped collarbone,, licking over it sensually.

Harry rubbed his aroused body against the man, showing him just how much he was affected by his touches. "She does...still own her Hogwarts uniform.." he breathed a little unsteadily when Lucius' hand slipped into his trousers to caress the skin his pert ass.

Lucius chuckled. "Knowing Severus he will be delighted... Now, enough of this pointless chatter. You will show me a room where I can have you to my pleasure." he said and stepped back, only to retrieve a shrunk box from his pocket, handing it over to the young man.

Harry opened it and the box returned to its previous size, along with the soft lamb leather collar inside it. The collar that Lucius got for him a few months ago for use during their sessions. He put it on, instantly relishing the restriction, and bowed his head to his part-time Master. Lucius pulled him close to his side and pressed a kiss to his cherry lips. "Lead the way before I add ten more strokes of the paddle for each of your cheeks." he instructed sensually, chuckling softly as Harry grabbed his hand and lead him down the stairs to his private play studio.


Hermione unlocked the door on her private room and held it open for Severus to walk in first before following him inside. "This is my private play room. While I don't shy from using the other ones on occasions, I only take experienced players here, as all that caters to my own desires is here." she explained.

Severus looked around the spacious room while he sipped on the last of his whiskey. Plush armchair, bed, a good quality swing, a metal frame for suspension, and a whole wall lined with ropes of different colours and thickness, whips, paddles, canes, toys... "You have quite the collection." Severus remarked, noticing a small clothing rail that held several outfits, one of them surprisingly her school uniform.

Hermione smiled. "We invested a lot into this business, but all of it was returned in a matter of months. We have been in quite some profit in the past 3 years, and so Harry and I have decided to invest in ourselves." she explained.

Severus placed his glass down and stepped closer to the swing, running and appreciative hand over the firm leather. "Is there a reason why you have showed me your private rooms, Miss Granger?" he asked, his piercing gaze focusing on her yet again.

Hermione hid her shudder well, but perhaps not well enough for the man's skills. He was both an ex-spy, and apparently a seasoned Master. She could feel his power when standing near his person, one she always have but never could explain in her youth as this lifestyle was foreign to her then. Now however, he could detect his nature much better. "You asked for a tour, and this was the last room to show you." she answered evenly.

Severus noticed her response to both his person, and his tone, finding it surprisingly pleasing to see such a strong-headed witch affected by his presence. Perhaps he could explore that with this young woman, just once. "Tell me Miss Granger, how long have you fantasized about being taken like a naughty little one of your professors?" he asked softly, yet clearly as he took measured steps towards her.

Hermione watched his approach, his elegant movements reminding her of a panther stalking his prey. "How did you come to such a conclusion, sir?" she asked, realising only too late the double manner in her words. She was so used to calling him 'Professor' or 'Sir', that now outside of Hogwarts she struggled as to what she should call him. It was only too easy returning to the old ways, and by the glint in the man's eyes, his thoughts mirrored her own.

"Do not take me for a fool, Miss Granger. Tell me, which professor did your pretty little head create fantasies about?" he asked, circling her still form until he was facing her once more.

She shuddered subconsciously under the intensity of his gaze, but remained silent, refusing to answer his question. Severus noticed her behaviour and smirked slightly. Those who attempted to top from the bottom often turned out to be more comfortable switching their roles. But there was no way this little girl would over power him if they were to play, especially after seeing the uniform she kept here.

" remain silent. Then let me answer you a different question." he begun circling her again, taking his time to appreciate her appearance and her subconscious stillness. "Did you bring me here to play, Miss Granger?"

His voice so close to her ear, his warm breath caressing her was almost too much. Hermione decided not to fight her instinct anymore, and finally submitted to the man's wishes. "Yes, sir."

Severus hummed, knowing he was in for a long night if she agreed to his wishes. "How do you prefer your submission, Miss Granger?" he asked, standing in front of her once more.

Hermione lowered her gaze, but her chin remained raised proudly. "With my pleasure, sir." she answered softly.

Severus' smirk stretched even further at her admission. He was in for a long night indeed, and he would make her fantasies come true, along with satisfying his own needs. "Your safe word?" he inquired next.

Hermione's gaze flickered to his for a moment before lowering again. "With a Master I do not know yet, I prefer to use the colour system, sir." she explained.

Severus nodded. "Very well. Answer me now then, what is your safe word?"

"Red, sir." she answered automatically.

"Good. remember it, but I promise you it will not be necessary tonight, Miss Granger." he whispered to her ear before stepping away and walking to the wall, deciding what to use first on this naughty school girl. "You will strip and put on your uniform, Miss Granger. And do not keep me waiting."


"Fuck..." Harry whimpered, the way Lucius was possessing him inside and out was making his knees quake. His back was whipped, his cheeks red from the wooden paddle and the man was taking him like a demon, touching him so intimately he wanted to cry with joy.

"Do not cum yet little one...don't you dare..." Lucius growled into his ars, his hands tightening on the young man's hips. He was quite the vision, perspiration glistening upon his smooth reddened skin, the firm leather cuffs hanging from the ceiling stretching him high and taunt.

Harry's whimpers and moans of pleasure were gaining in pitch. He was so close, so ready to let go. "Please may I come, sir? Please?" he started begging, hoping Lucius would relent.

But the man was a sadistic bastard and wound a hand in his dark locks, tugging on them to turn his head to the side. "Not yet...And...if you do...there will be consequences.." he growled, angling his hips until Harry was positively writhing in his restraints, knowing he had hit the most sensitive bundle of nerves.

The brunet was struggling, torn between his need and Lucius' command. "Oh fuck, Lucius! Please let me cum..LET...ME CUM...PLEEAASE!" he screamed as Lucius hit his prostate upon every single hammering thrust.

Feeling himself close to release, Lucius grabbed a hold of the boy's hips tighter and speed up his thrusts. "Come for me...on my cock alone...NOW!" he all but roared as he exploded inside the tight heat of the brunet's channel.

Harry screamed as he was filled with the hot seed, the sensation finally sending him over the edge as he was blinded by pleasure comparable to nothing of this world. He came to a few minutes later, lying comfortably on the silk sheets, Lucius massaging his sore shoulders gently.

"Welcome back." the blond nipped at his ear before pressing a glass of water to his lips, to refresh the young man.

Harry drank thirstily before stretching a little and flopping back to the man's arms. " fuck like a God." he chuckled.

"I've been told as such on several occasions. How is your back? Does it need healing?" he asked, knowing his hand was a bit heavy with the whip this eve.

Harry but shook his head. "Leave it, I enjoy the sting. Hermione will tend to it later to prevent infection." he promised.

Lucius remained quiet a moment, carding his fingers through the damp dark locks of his Sub. "You know, I could be the one taking care of it." he said softly.

Harry turned around in his embrace, hissing slightly as one of his reddened cheeks brushed against the coarse hair on Lucius's thigh. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, my little incubus, that I could collar you permanently. And give you the right and honour of calling me 'Master'." he explained.

Harry contemplated his offer a moment longer, his fingers playing with the metal ring in his collar. "I prefer my submission with my pleasure, but I cannot promise you such in everyday life." he answered carefully.

Lucius nodded. "I would not ask such of you. Why would I wish for your complete submission when I enjoy the untamed side of you?" he chuckled.

Harry smiled and rewarded the man for his thoughtfulness with a deep kiss, before settling back into his arms. "Alright, let's do it. But I want a luxurious collaring ceremony." he pouted.

"Done." Lucius chuckled and held the boy closer in their rest.


Hermione was in heaven. Bent over the desk, her shirt torn, pressed skirt raised to her waist and cheeks so warm she wondered how many more paddles she could endure before it drove her mad. They have been at it for a few hours now with small breaks, and she could still feel the ropes from the last part of their session. hopefully they would leave marks around her wrists, something she could admire over breakfast in a few hours.

She was brought out of her thoughts at the sensation of two long fingers sliding inside her wetness, making her gasp in the sudden pleasure. Not once did the man take his own pleasure from her tonight. He teased, touched, licked, paddled, he rocked her world three times to the point where she thought her legs would completely give out on her if she tried to stand. But he held back, and for that she admired him. He was proving to be quite the master of Dominance.

"You are so wet I can see you dripping down your thighs..." he whispered into her ear, the soothing baritone making her core twitch with anticipation.

Entirely too soon however he pulled out and she felt a light breeze caress her intimately, before the leather kissed her little button of pleasure and she had to grit her teeth to not beg for more. She rarely begged, even under the hands of the most skilled, but he was driving her crazy with both need and sensory overload.

"You have been such a naughty girl, Miss Granger. You understand this detention is entirely necessary." he continued speaking, making her shudder in delight.

"Yes, sir. I'm so sorry sir." she answered shakily, only to gasp as he pinched her clit once more.

"I bet you are, Miss Granger. But how do we make sure you do your homework next time?"

He was entirely too close. She could feel the caress of his shirt on her back, the sound of a lowering zipper bringing her out of her haze. He was giving in, she found finally get to feel her professor punishing her the way she had always fantasized. He was so near, she could feel the velvety head pressing against her dripping core, not an inch separating them. Anticipation filled the air before he finally pressed inside, inch by torturous inch, filling her to the brim. Her eyes rolled back into her skull before she gave herself over to the pleasure.


The crowed was gathered once more on the dance floor, their clubbing night an obvious success even when repeated. Hermione leaned against the railing and observed quietly, glass in hand and one man in particular on her mind. everything appeared the same, but she knew she was changed by last night. She could barely sit down, and her wrist rope burns were displayed proudly for the world to see. Judging by the state of her best friend, Harry himself had a great time last night.

"What are you doing here all by your lonesome?" speak of the devil and he appeared by her side.

She raised a brow at the bottle of water in his hand but did not comment. "Waiting."

"What for?" Harry asked, looking over the crowd.

Hermione smiled and pointed her finger at the entrance. Two men entered, handing their cloaks over the counter and immediately turning to look at the balcony. Hermione smiled at the dark man, calling him forth with her smile, Lucius hot on the man's heals to get to his own pet.

Harry chuckled by her side. "I take it your night went well?"

"I take it you will soon explain to me how long you have actually been shacking up with Lucius." she countered with a teasing smile.

Harry scratched the back of his head, one of his nervous gestures. "Yeah, about that..."

Hermione just chuckled. "Save it for brunch tomorrow. Coffee and croissants. Deal?" she suggested, as they haven't really gotten to see each other the whole day after their spectacular night. Harry nodded his consent happily, pressing a kiss to her cheek.

They were just joined by the man when Hermione turned to her best friend with a devious grin. "Speaking of deals, how about that foursome?" she asked.


AN: Hope you all enjoyed. This story is of course not for everyone, so I hope it at least reached those who are familiar with the lifestyle. Much love! xx