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Hermione was having a dream. A very very nice dream...

The soft leather of the cuffs caressed and chaffed her wrist pleasurably as she was stretched, her body taunt. Her toes struggled to get proper purchase on the floor due to her short build and the taunt restraints but she couldn't be happier if she tried. She did not fight the light pain in her shoulders, accepting it instead and letting it feed into the inferno in her lower belly, moistening her lips and thighs in anticipation.

"So beautiful.." A soft voice caressed the back of her neck and she tried not to lean back into the warmth that radiated from the man that had every of her fantasies played out in this room tailored to her pleasure.

She wished she could tell him how she needed him, how naked and beautiful she felt under his gaze. A nudity that went beyond skin. She knew all it took was one look into her eyes and he had her read like an open book. But she did not, could not. She was not granted permission to.

The heat disappeared and left her back oddly cold but tingling with anticipation. There were only two reasons for Severus to tie her up this way. One involved a whip, the other a fucking that would left her legs malfunctioning for the next few hours if she even thought about standing up. Best case scenario, it was the two combined, and Hermione could not wait to find out which one it would



The whip licked her thigh lightly, a gasp escaping her lips at the caress.


This time it landed with a bit more force across the other thigh, leaving behind a pretty red mark that made her sensitive skin tingle. They were just getting started and she was dripping with anticipation.


Another landing on her back, making her shudder deeply and emit a small moan somewhere between pleasure and pain. The pain was her pleasure, her pleasure pained her as it was left unsatisfied.













Fifteen stroked of the whip, fifteen long marks marring her pale skin, fifteen marks under which pain bloomed, spreading into her whole body. She sobbed with relief when no more landed, as some of strokes were delivered with considerate force. Severus was pushing her threshold and boundaries this night. He knew she rarely agreed to more than ten strokes of the whip. Cane she would accept until her skin was near cracking and she would not be able to sit without the aid of healing salves. But whip was different. Something about it reminded her of the war. Of Nagini's long poisonous tongue, of the accuracy and power of the unforgivables that hit you and left impact unlike anything else. Its coiling nature could be easily used to not only reduce her to a mass of blood, but strangle her just as easily...

She relished in giving her control over to Severus, she accepted him with open mind and heart, her body as his to own and cherish at moments like these. But when he whipped her, there was nothing like it. Too many times they have come the safe word with it. And if Severus landed one more this time, she would have given him just that word. But he stopped, right on time to see her tears, hear her sobs of relief, and the trust still firm and preserved in her eyes. The trust for him to know when to stop.

She felt warm hands caressing her back and suppressed her instinct to escape the painful touch, surrendering herself to the man. She saw him walking around and a soft kiss was bestowed on her lips as a reward for her patience. She reached down to caress her inner thigh, following the trial of her wetness until her touched her just where she needed him the most...

Hermione woke up with a gasp and looked around herself disoriented, before realising where she was. She was not even in the club, she was in her new flat in muggle London. And by the sounds coming from the bathroom, Severus was taking a shower.

She tried, she really did but her tears could not be stopped. The dream, it felt so real, it felt so good and suddenly the man's absence, even if momentary was too much after such intimacy. Hot tears made their way down her cheeks, as she sat there, flushed, sensitive and aroused by the heat in her lower belly. Why did it only have to be a dream? They have both been so tired last night and the day before had Hermione working long into the night over the club bureaucracy. They haven't been intimate in three days, not to mention truly intimate as only a sub could be with her Master, and here she was a crying mess.

Severus stepped out of the bathroom, immediately noticing the state of his lover and hurried to her side, pulling her into his arms. "Hermione, what is the matter?" he asked gently, caressing her head.

She leaned into him heavily and just sobbed softly until she had no tears. She still struggled with words and just leaned up, pressing their foreheads together. Severus felt a pressure on his mind and let her through, witnessing the memory of the dream silently.

They have been lovers for two months now and unlike Lucius, Severus considered Hermione worthy of calling him both a lover and Master without a collaring ceremony. They were monogamous when it came to pleasure and he spent much more time living in her flat than anywhere else. Their intimacy ran deep, perhaps due to the act that they have known each other for years even though not under the best of circumstances. But she had become a most precious companion and submissive to him. And her treated her as she deserved under such titles.

"Hush, calm your tears. Are you crying because the dream brought up too many memories?" he asked gently, but she shook her head, wiping her wet tears.

"Why are you crying then? Speak to me.." he coaxed, rubbing her back and damp locks soothingly.

Hermione gathered herself and accepted the glass of water pressed to her lips to take a sip, soothing her parched throat. " was so good...too good, because it was just a dream. And you stopped, I knew you would you always do.." she whispered, now that the man was firmly by her side the words spilled from her lips. "And I missed you, your touch and your mind...I miss being one.." she added. Making love was one thing, being one in with the man in her submission was another and she always made sure to express what her body and mind craved.

Severus listened and nodded. "Do not worry, I promise that tonight, I will take you to the club and we can play as we did in the dream. Will that be satisfactory enough?" he asked.

Hermione nodded. "Of course. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to force your hand, that is your decision-"

"No, none of that. I respect what your mind needs, and I shall make it come true for you. Perhaps it is time to push you whether you are prepared for it or not. But you need to share such fears and wishes with me before it gets this far." he said, not wishing to see such distress in her again.

Hermione nodded. "Thank you." she sighed, feeling much more at peace now that she knew what to await. "How much time do we have?"

"An hour. The coffee is brewing and the bathroom is yours for you to freshen up. I would tend to your mind now but we cannot be late for the ceremony. I will not invoke the combined wrath of the Chosen One and Lucius." he chuckled.

Hermione nodded and rubber her thighs together, quickly realised her other need and looking down. Her grey cotton panties were soaked, a large dark stain revealing just how aroused she was by the wonderful dream. Severus followed her gaze and raised a brow.

"Well there might be no time for handcuffs, but I can hardly refuse a lady in need..." he winked and Hermione found herself pressed back in to the mattress as Severus dived between her thighs with his talented tongue...


Harry was fidgeting slightly, making Hermione chuckle. "Calm down, it will be perfect, I promise." she smiled.

The ceremony would being in only a few moments and it was a private affair with just the four of them. Lucius downright refused anyone else witnessing their intimate vows, only allowing Severus and herself in on Harry's request. They have planned carefully and Harry had a say in a few things but mostly Lucius kept the second part of their ceremony under wraps.

"What if he collars me and then I disappoint him? What if he will expect something new, something we haven't tried yet as a proof of my vows? What if I can't do it Hermione and he will take the collar away?" Harry was stressing, scratching his forearm nervously.

They were both naked as was established, for several reasons. Hermione liked to think it was mostly for Harry not to singled out, to provide a bit of comfort that he was not the only naked one. But they were both so used to nudity that was hardly the real reason. What was surely the purpose was the established dominance. The submissives nude and open to their Masters' gaze, while the men remained fully clothed. Severus wore his best black robe, and Lucius would most likely done heavy velvet with many buttons, if she correctly assumed his sadistic mind.

But nonetheless, she knew all would go to plan. So she stepped close and hugged the young man, not minding their nudity. "Calm down Harry, Lucius would never do that. He adores you, respects you, and would never do something to humiliate you unless he had your express permission to do so. He knows the rules and your boundaries. And that is why we are here as well. Severus is here for both of you as his witness. To make sure he is a fit Master for you, that he never harms you in a way you do not wish him to. And I am here for you, to tell me anything you wish to or need to, and to raise my own concerns. Trust me, he hurts you, I will kick his ass, Master or no Master." she promised, finally managing to get a chuckle out of her best friend.

She let him go and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Now, let me take a look." she said and stepped back.

Harry's skin was glistening slightly with the scented oils she helped him bathe in, his hair was perfectly behaving and silky, and he wore nothing but the first collar Lucius gave him. It would be removed and replaced during the ceremony by the new one that Severus had in his possession as a witness to Lucius.

Hermione herself shared his nudity, but no collar graced her neck that day. Only a torque bracelet on her wrist each, a a sign of her submission and Severus' ownership, as the man had wished. "Now, take a deep breath and let's go." she said and took his hand.

Harry calmed down and begun their descend on the grand marble staircase. The stone was cold beneath their feet but they paid no mind as they drew closer to the small private sitting room where the ceremony was to take place. Everything was cleared out of it, leaving only them and the words that would be spoken today. The doors opened for them and they both lowered their gazes on instinct, hands clasped tightly as they stepped in as one, taking the 14 steps necessary to get into the center of the room. Finally they raised their heads to see the two older men awaiting them silently, both clothed as Hermione knew they would be.

Harry suppressed a shudder at the intense look in Lucius' eyes but did not lower his gaze again. He was not submitting just yet, but showing he was stepping into the room proudly and with clear head. Severus stood a little to the side with a dark green pillow that held the new collar. It was a real beauty, with softest leather even made, black and elegant, simple in it's design but luxurious. And in the center were two stones surrounding Lucius' carved into a stripe of shiny silver. A ruby for the lion, and an emerald for his Master.

"Who brings Harry James Potter into this bond as a witness?" Severus asked, beginning the ceremony.

"I do." Hermione stated clearly. "I, Hermione Jean Granger, stand witness today for this man, to oversee his well-being in bond, and to ensure his well-being under the care of Lucius Abraxas Malfoy." she said and squeezed Harry's hand.

Severus nodded. "Harry James Potter, do you enter into this bond with clear mind, an honest heart and pride at being owned by one Lucius Abraxas Malfoy?" he asked the young man.

"I do, so mote it be." Harry answered clearly and kneeled down while Hermione went to take her own place to kneel by Severus' feet.

Severus turned toward his friend. "Do you, Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, wish to bind Harry James Potter into your ownership at this ceremony, under the terms agreed in his contract?" he asked.

Lucius nodded solemnly. "I do wish so and promise to honour the contract agreed on, so mote it be."

Severus nodded. "I stand witness to your promise and shall guide hand in time when action does not match your vows. I stand witness to your bond for both of you, for your well being and safety in this bond. Now, speak the vows that shall bind you from this day until otherwise agreed." he said and took a small step back.

Lucius looked down at the young man and gently lifted his chin, wishing to look into the beautiful emerald eyes when he spoke, as was his right as the Dominant in the relationship. "I bind you, Harry James Potter, to myself in this relationship, until the time we agree otherwise. I promise I will own you with firm hand and kind heart. I promise you my protection when you have the need for it, and my care each time you offer me your gift of submission. I mark you as mine this day, with this collar should you accept it." he finished and took off Harry's old collar, handing it to Hermione, who held it before it would be forever discarded.

Lucius picked up the new collar and waited for Harry to speak his own vows. Harry was trying to blink back the tears of happiness at the devotion he saw in the man's eyes. Something he did not dare even consider the first time they had gotten together. Now, he was being offered care, protection, and dare he even say love in ways that may not be conventional. And he wished to embrace it with his whole being.

"I offer you, Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, my submission. In heart, in mind and in body for all times when you wish to accept it. I promise not surrender of myself, but submission in all ways other than that. I wish to accept your chosen mark of ownership, your care and your protection, as there is nothing else in this world I wish for me. I promise to listen to guiding words, accept guiding hand and thus relinquish control over self to you in times of my submission." he spoke clearly even when a small tear escaped and rolled down his cheek. His eyes were bright with joy however, and the moment the new collar was placed on his throat was so joyful he was glad to be kneeling already.

Hermione stood by Severus' side and both chanted together. "We stand witness to your bond this day, and bless this union for all of times. So mote it be."

A joyful sob escaped Harry's lips and he was gathered in Lucius' arms the next moment. Lucius was his official Master. H would be owned and cared for by the man who promised him pain, pleasure, and peace of mind in his submission, while listening to his own heart and wishes as well. He could not remember ever being this happy. He could not remember thinking life could be like this.

Severus smiled at Hermione who shivered slightly by his side. He unclasped his cloak and settled it around her shoulders to keep her warm, now that the ceremony was over. He chuckled were she was suddenly embraced again by the other Gryffindor and shook Lucius' hand with a nod. He was happy for his friend, but took his role as a witness seriously. No matter how good Lucius was for Lily's son, and how skilled he was as a master, he would be watched like a hawk, and they both knew it.

Hermione pressed a kiss to Harry's cheek. "Go, be with your Master. Finally, you can be complete.." she whispered into his ear, sharing in his joy.

It was time. They had their new beginning, their new lives, their new happiness, and offered two men who had seen too much of the war a most precious gift. Their submission...


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