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Information to this fanfiction:

In this story Harry is a girl called Alexandra Potter. I am going to describe her life with Remus and Sirius in each chapter but it can be different from chapter to chapter whether she had been living with them all her life or just from the third year up.

Alex is average height and has burgundy hair. (Kind of a really beautiful shade of dark red) Besides she has bright hazel eyes. The girl is in my story rather cheeky when she's a teenager but also very emotional when it comes to her family. She's going to be clever and quick minded but she uses her intelligence more for pranks than really studying (You might have noticed that I want her to take more after her dad, but she is never going to be arrogant like James used to when he was young)

But at the time where she's younger especially in the chapters in which Sirius and Remus go and get her from the Dursley's she's going to be really shy and anxious and sensible.

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Not perfect but perfect

Alex had a huge headache, she was lying in her bed and hoped to get a little sleep. Maybe the headache would therefore vanish? She closed her eyes again and felt into an uneasy sleep when someone burst into her room, without knocking and came to her bed.

„Alex...Alex.", Sirius whispered. „Alex pup, wake up!"

The girls eyes opened and with half-closed eyes she looked at her godfather. He was looking really excited about something and bounced up and down on the chair next to her bed. „Siri?"

He grinned bright, "Come on, Sleep head! It's your birthday! Remus and I planned lots of stuff we could do today."

Alex head met her pillow again and she mumbled against it, "Alright, I'd be up in a minute."

Sirius face fell and he looked at her with big eyes, "No, pup, get up, now!"

While her head stung at her scare hurt even more than before, she felt really cold and pulled her blanket tight around her body. Sirius was still looking at her, this time he had a frown though, "Are you feeling alright, honey?"

Alex nodded in her pillow with closed eyes, "Fine."

Her godfather didn't give up and beamed again, "Good, so now you can get up and we made plans for today." Alex had a sudden idea and and stood up. Sirius grinned at her,thinking that he had managed to persuade her to wake up and left the room, expecting Alex to follow him. As soon as he was out of the room, Alex closed the door fast and clicked the lock. She grinned and heard Sirius groan frustrated. "That's not cool, Lexi, not cool"

At once Alex crashed again on her comfortable bed and clenched her blanket around her. Alex knew that Sirius was still on the other side of her door. He sighed dramatically and said with a very loud voice, to make sure she heard him, "Okay, Alex, alright, I guess you don't want to go out and play Quiddich, then visit Hogesmead and then Diagon Alley." Despite her aching head and freezing body Alex giggled and stormed out of the room as soon as she heard "Quiddich" and "Hogesmead" even though she felt as if she was going to vomit any second. Sirius had ran away and Alex went to the kitchen, just to see Remus looking concentrated over the newspaper. "Morning, Uncle Remus" Remus looked at her surprised, never h have seeing her so early awake but stood up and hugged her tight, "Happy Birthday, sweetheart." He kissed her forehead tenderly but frowned suddenly. "Alex you have fever, cub." The girl tried to free herself from his grip and said, "I'm fine, Remmy don't worry." He didn't let go and looked at her concerned, while he touched her forehead with the back of his hand. "Come on, sweetie, you need to go to bed."

Her godfather was suddenly at the door and frowned, "Moony, today's her birthday, we're going to celebrate like we planned, she is not going to bed. It took me long enough to bring her out of it."

Remus shot Sirius a glare and said, "She has temperature, idiot!" Immediately Sirius too was looking at her concerned, he went over to her and kissed her forehead too. Sirius sighed, "Alright pup, up you go in your bed!"

Alex had to admit that she didn't feel really good but never the less she wanted to celebrate her twelfth birthday with her uncle and godfather, playing Quiddich and other games, eating loads of cake and then maybe visit a magical town. At the end they always would just sit on the couch comfortably and look through pictures, while they drank "Uncle Sirius special hot-chocolate".

"No, please, I want to play with you!", Alex protested, "I'm not feeling ill! Please Siri?" She gave her godfather her best puppy dogs eyes and he looked and her sadly and then turned to Remus. "You know, Remus, if she is saying that-"

"SIRIUS!", Remus warned, "She is ill, we have to look after her, and it's really irresponsible not to worry and ignore her fever just because we want to have a good day and fun!"

Sirius glared suddenly at his best friend, "You mean I'm not a responsible godfather?" Alex couldn't do anything else then you look from her godfather to Remus, feeling really bad. She hadn't mean to make them fight over her. A sudden sharp pain shot through her scare and she clapped both her head on her head and screamed while she fell on her knees. The fight was forgotten at once and both Sirius and Remus was on either one side of her looking really worried. The pain in her scare vanished as fast as it had come but she was shaking furiously. Sirius clenched his arms around her and Alex head fell on his neck while he brought her to her bed. "It's alright, Prongslet, we're here", he whispered in her ear. She relaxed a little and curled up in his arms. Sirius laid her gently on the bed and she clinched her arms around her stuffed stag immediately . Remus tucked her carefully in and she felt the warmth of the blanket storming through her body but she still shook. Her uncle had also a small cup on his head and moved it to her lips, "That will help you, sweetheart, drink it up."

Alex smelled a disgusting scent and Remus chuckled a little, "Sorry, cub, I know it's awful but it will really help with the fever. When you wake up we'll celebrate your birthday I promise." Alex nodded, Remus had never broken his promise, never, she trusted him and brought the cup to her lips and drank everything up. Sirius caressed her red hair softly and asked, " Is it anywhere else hurting, pup?"

Alex eyes closed a little, "No Siri, I just have headache and I'm a little cold." Sirius kissed the top of her head before he pulled out his wand and pointed it at Alex. He mumbled something and a great wave of warmth surrounded Alex and she sighed happily. "Thanks, Uncle Remus, thanks Uncle Sirius"

Before the men left the room, the both kissed Alex head. "Oh and by the way pup.", Sirius smiled down at her, "Happy Birthday"

His goddaughter smiled a little before she whispered, "Thanks, Siri." Sirius and Remus went to the kitchen, the door of Alex' room stayed open though, in case she had a nightmare or needed something. Alex felt in a deep sleep and didn't even wake up all the times Sirius and Remus poked a head in her room to make sure she was alright, and she didn't even wake up all the times her family touched her forehead, to make sure the fever was going down.