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Scared of loosing his family

„James take care of you. You too Padfoot. Please do! ", Lily begged for the third time. James looked at her and took her face in his hands, looking deep into her eyes. He loved it when their eyes met.

„I will honey, don't worry", her husband said and and kissed her softly on her pink lips while he caressed her cheek lovingly. James and Sirius were heading for some work for the order of the phoenix. Dumbledore had got on some information where the new headquarters for the Death Eater could possibly be and they would spy in their region. It was a dangerous job but James did anything to make the world for his beautiful wife and the most beautiful baby, his sweet daughter Alex, safer.

„When you two could stop kissing and being the biggest softies in the entire world, then we could go now!",Sirius teased his best friends.

„Shut it Pads!", James countered jokingly.

Sirius saw that Lily was still holding James hand tightly and that she was looking at them worriedly and anxiously. Sirius gave her a convincing look and added, "Lils, don't worry, we'll be just fine. Can we go now, Prongs?"

"Wait, I'll just say goodbye to my sweetheart Alex", James explained to his friend and quickly went to his daughter. The toddler was cuddling with Remus and playing with his cheeks happily and giggling loudly but as soon as she saw her father coming towards her, she holds her tinny little arms above her head, so he could take her. He hold her tight and protective when he swung her in the air, causing her to giggle even more in joy.

„Hey sweetheart. You should sleep a little bit, you look tired. What do you think baby girl?"

She just grabbed his cheeks and giggled again when she tried to take off his glasses.

He beamed at her,"Daddy won't be here for some hours so be good for mummy and Moony okay?" He kissed and hugged her and she hugged him back.

„But make it hell for Snievellus here.", he laughed.

„JAMES POTTER!", Lily yelled at her husband when she heard him.

„Alright, alright, I was just joking honey." She shoot him a sternly glare, though.

Alex wrapped her arms around James neck again and opened her mouth.

„Daah", she „said".

„DAH, dah gi", she giggled excited. James' face lit up in excitement. She was going to call him 'Daddy' he just knew. Her first word ever! He tried to encourage her.

„Come on sweetheart. Da-ddy. You can do it. Or just dad. DAD. DAD"

Sirius seeing what his best friend was trying to do joined him fast and tried to corrupt his little goddaughter. Remus and Lily were just looking at them amused.

„No Pup say: SI-RI-US! Come on. Or PADFOOT. PAD-FO-OT. It easy Jame just try. PAD-FO-OT", interrupted Sirius James.

„Daddy. . DA-DDY!", James again tried to explain it to his daughter, this time louder as if she was deaf and needed someone to tell her louder what to say and she would.

„James, she is still young! Children normally speak when their older.", Remus rolled his eyes as he saw the confused glance on the toddler's beautiful face and laughed.

„Okay we should go now, we'll try when we come back", James finally said and Lily took their daughter from his arms. Lily hugged Sirius and James with Alex still in her arms.

„Take care, both of you idiots", she repeated with a sigh again.

„Bye Lills, Alex and Moony, mate", Sirius laughed and kissed Alex on her forehead and gave Lily a kiss on her cheek.

„Bye honey." James said again to his wife and kissed both of his favourite women on their foreheads. „Bye Moony", James shouted before they both disappeared.

„Lily, calm down. Nothing happened to James and Sirius. There'll be here -

„They should have been here 5 hours ago, Albus! Something happened, I can feel it.", Lily shouted desperately and rubbed her green eyes.

The order bar Sirius and James were at the headquarters, sitting around a table and pretending not to be worried about the friends so Lily wouldn't be too scared. Lily was the only one standing, walking around the kitchen, and running her finger through her red hair. Remus looked rather pale and didn't say anything.

„Come on, James, please. Where are you?", she whispered, her eyes filling with tears again.

She sat down, hold her head in her hands.

Suddenly everyone's head turned to the door when they heard a baby crying.

„Alex", Lily said and mentally cursed herself for forgetting to check on her daughter. Before she could reach the door and go to Alex room, Remus hold her back.

„It's okay, if you want to I'll go and check on Alex, Lily.", he offered gently. She nodded silently and hugged him.

Remus went fastly into Alexandra's baby room and smiled a little at her.

Alex was in her bed sitting and waiting for her mother to get her. She had been sleeping the last hours, but had suddenly wake up. She saw Remus above her and stopped crying.

„Hey sweetheart, why you're crying, cub?", he took her in his arms and looked her in the eyes. Green ones met amber eyes. She cuddled in his shoulder and he kissed the top of her head.

„You know, you still should be sleeping Alex."

„Dahhi", she said loudly in her baby language.

„Hey, did you just shout at me, young lady?", he chuckled.

Alex had her head still on Remus shoulder and she pointed to the door. „Dah"

„You sure you don't want to sleep anymore, cub?"

Again she pointed at the door.

„Okay then. I think you will cheer up your mummy a bit, what do you think. Until your daddy arrives with Padfoot." She suddenly held her head up and saw again in his eyes. „Dah"

„Don't worry, Alex, they will come. They have to, sweetie. They just have to come back"

Remus returned to the kitchen with Alex in his arms and the order members beamed at her. „Look who's wide awake", he announced.

Lily smiled at them weakly ,"Thanks Remus" and took her daughter.

„Hello honey. Did you sleep well?", Lily kissed her daughter. Alex cuddled into her mother's arms sleepily and scanned the room with her big hazel eyes for someone.

"She's searching James and Sirius", Lily thought sadly and pressed her tears back. She just had to be strong and optimistic.

It wasn't long after Alex was resting in her mother's arms when James and Sirius apparated with a loud plopp into the room.

"JAMES!", Lily screamed but suddenly froze when she saw the scene in front of her. Quickly she sa sitting Alex in her highchair she ran to the two man. Sirius was dragging James and laid him on the floor, both were panting hardly. The members of the order had all went for help.

"Oh no, oh no", Lily paled instantly when she noticed the blood on James' chest. She felt on her knees over him and caressed his cheek. "James."

He was panting hardly and lily turned to look at Sirius with tears streaming down her face.

"Sirius what happened?"

Sirius couldn't take his eyes from his friends and explained with a trembling voice, "W-We...we w-were discovered and-and the-they attacked u-us. Im sorry , Lily, I'm sorry! I couldn't do anything,"

"Guys I'm not dying", whispered a voice with a small chuckle. Lily turned again to her husband.

"Jamsie", she whispered and the woman couldn't stop the tears.

"Lily, Lilyflower it is just a cut...a small cut I'm okay. Everything will be okay. Don't cry, love.", James assured her and grimaced. She bent down and kissed him softly.

"Hold on, Dumbledore and McGonagall are bringing a healer."

James's smiled at her and looked at Remus paled face, "Moony, I'm alright. You need much more to fight a Potter!"

Remus chuckled at his friend but stayed by his side as did Sirius. A silence spread the room, one could only hear Remus swallowing, Lily crying ever so silently and running her hand through her husband's hair and suddenly to all their surprise -


The three marauder's and Lily turned to look at Alex astonished (James just moved his head though)

Alex looked at them with bog innocent eyes.

"Did she..?", Sirius gasped.

"She did!", Remus laughed.

"Daaddy!", she clapped her hands when she saw Remus looking at her proudly. Lily went and took her little girl in her arms to her father.

"Say hi to daddy again my smart girl!", she asked kissing her temple.

"Daddy", Alex smiled down at her father and looked at him sadly. Why was he laying like this? And slightly grimacing?

"Hi, my beautiful, beautiful princess. Daddy loves you so much, Prongslet!", James said grinning at his daughter.

"Mummy too", Lily kissed the toddler's cheek.

"Padfoot and Moony too", Sirius and Remus both kissed her and smiled at her.

Then James moved his head to Sirius. "Told you that her first words will be 'daddy' Padfoot. Looks like you owe me some galleons!"

Sirius snorted but gave Alex a big kiss. She had said her first words.

The small moment was interrupted by a healer, Dumbledore and McGonagall. The healer confirmed James' statement that his wound was just a cut, deep but nothing a few spells couldn't heal.

But what was more important and made his heart swell was the fact that he was back with his family and best mates. The great james Potter had been scared for the first time in life that much. Scared that he would loose his family. His wife, daughter and best friends. His family.