The Hero In Darkness Chapter 2

The Rain was on it's peak as it started to fall down like it was the last time it could rain in a long time, it was like the rain could feel the Sadness of what happened today but even though it rained today in a heavy way, two people were walking in the rain like there was none of it, like there wasn't any rain but sunshine that shined down on them .

Now the Two new Missing Nins were walking away without knowing where they will end up, hoping that they would find at least a Village that can appoint them where they are.

Or better said about Walking: Naruto was Dragging Sasuke as he leans on Naruto's Right Shoulder as Sasuke was the most injured and tired of the two.

It was ironic actually, before it was Sasuke who dragged Naruto as he was exhausted but now it is the opposite and even though they were missing nins now, they felt just like they were before : Teammates , no… they weren't the same : They were now Partners in crime so they were what you could call : A two men Team.

They moved like this for hours or better said : Naruto did as Sasuke just tries to stand up again and again but it had no use as Sasuke couldn't just walk straight anymore without walking which he did now.

"Hn." Said Sasuke in pain as he tries to stand up but again as usual he can't

*Sigh* " Sasuke, just stop with trying to walk on your own and let me carry you for a little while until we are in the next Village, you are clearly are hurting yourself every time you do." Said Naruto sighing AGAIN as Sasuke was just so stubborn as his Ego was.

"Hn." Responsed Sasuke in a way Naruto could decode as : Just let me do what I want.

"Don't 'Hn' me or I will go back to Konoha and you can just do whatever you wanted to do." Said Naruto joking yet annoyed

"Ok." Responsed Sasuke making Naruto flinch

"What , I think I didn't hear you clearly ." said Naruto surprised not believing his eyes

*Sigh* " I said : Ok, help me then." Said Sasuke scowling in a way making Naruto could just smirk and say.

"Ha so the Teme wants the Dobe to stay by his side, I never knew you cared about me so much." Said Naruto teasing making Sasuke just turn his head in shame and the Silence came.


Ok now the Silence began to uncomfort even Naruto who turned around and saw : A red headed Uchiha ?

"Hey what's wrong Teme do you have a fever ?"asked Naruto in a slightly worried voice

"No-I-I mean yes *cough,cough* Yes I do, I think It is from the rain where we fou-" but he had yet to finish his phrase as he felt guilty for what he had done to him.

And again silence came, making Naruto more and more irritated until he said :

"Sorry, Naruto." Said Sasuke while he looked again away like he didn't want to see his brother's eyes

Naruto himself sighed .

"Geeze you don't have to feel guilty Teme-wait a minute, you didn't call me Dobe since we fought together." Said Naruto widen his eyes at the realization.

And that made Sasuke flinch until he answered :

"It's because you don't act like one so that's why so quiet asking questions and focus on where we going….. Where are we actually going ?" Asked Sasuke making Naruto think also until he said bluntly

"No idea." Making Sasuke sweatdrop

"Ok we are back at the Dobe part but anyways we do need a resting spot so we have enough energy to rush to Orochimaru." Said Sasuke making Naruto raise an eyebrow .

"How do you know where Orochimaru is ?"asked Naruto making Sasuke think until he pointed at his neck

"Do you see this , it can give me direction towards other bearers of this mark like it can give me sense of direction towards them, this is the Curse Mark : The Gift Orochimaru gave me back in the Forest , remember ?"asked Sasuke

"Hmmm… oh you mean the time in the Chunin Exams as when I fought with a giant freaking Snake." Said Naruto with an 'oh I remember voice'

But that made Sasuke shocked : "Giant snake?" asked Sasuke surprised even more

"Yep, back then when you were with Orochimaru, I fought with his Giant Snake which probably is a summoning as he was kind of big like one of the Toads." Said Naruto making Sasuke confused until he remembered one thing that made grew his respect for Naruto

"The Giant Frog." Said Sasuke making Naruto nod as he continued

"Anyways, when I was fighting that big Snake I was practically eaten alive." Said Naruto making Sasuke widen his eyes

"You were and how did you get out, did you taste too much to Ramen that it made him barf ?"asked Sasuke like it was logical or better said mocking Naruto.

"Hum no Teme and who would barf from Ramen, it's practically something you can't barf from but just savor the taste hmm maybe that's why he tried to eat me." Said Naruto in his usual hyper voice making Sasuke sweatdrop

"Suuuure." Said Sasuke while rolling his eyes making Naruto childishly mad at him

"It sure is and of course nobody will bard from too much Ichi ….Raku..."

But he never finished the sentence as his eyes suddenly began to grow dark and sadder and sadder : Like there was a rain could coming in the Blue clear sky.

And of course that didn't go unnoticed by his Raven headed companion, he immediately understood why he was suddenly turning sad but he knew he had nothing to say to him as he couldn't understand his bond with the people at the Ramen stand so he stayed silent also until Naruto began to Speak.

"Say Sasuke : Do you know what is on my mind right now ?"asked Naruto while he stood still while looking at the raining Sky with a sad smile .

Sasuke stayed quiet until he remembered one thing :


Naruto and Sasuke were fighting each other in the Valley, they were just done with Using their first Rasengan and Chidori and Naruto was lying in the Water while Sasuke standing on it a few meters of Naruto, as he was taking a moment to think about his strategy, as he realized he was in a tough situation.

'I can't use Chidori again it will be a waste because we cancel each other out the whole time and…. I only can use it just once as my limit is just two a day.'thought Sasuke as he saw Naruto standing up on the water while he was thinking.

'Sasuke, y-you really meant to…' thought the Orange wearing Blond while he stood up on the water watching Sasuke doing the same

Naruto was wet but it didn't matter as they were both still fighting and right now he was angered and so…. Sad at the same time while he saw his brother readying himself to attack.

'S-Sa-Sasuke.'thought Naruto while he gritted his teeth sadly

'I have to use one of my fastest jutsu to create an opening and then…..' thought Sasuke as his Curse Mark started to spread itself across his body

'I will hit him with Chidori.' As he readied himself as the Curse Mark was almost complete across his body

'S-Sasuke.'thought Naruto bitterly as he saw the strange tattoo coming across his body and face

And when the Curse Mark was done , he grinned in a cocky way and said.

"You know what they say , Don't you Naruto : When Two Strong Shinobis fight each other , they understand each other , without speaking, without words, it's like they can read each others mind, so Naruto what do I think ?" asked Sasuke before he prepared to fight again

"Phoenix Flower Jutsu." And so the Fight continues

Flashback ends

Sasuke stayed silent once again, even though he said those words until Naruto began to speak.

"Sasuke, do you know what did you see it while we were fighting… did you read my feelings ? "asked Naruto making it silent once again while the rain was continuing falling.

Sasuke was quiet and asking himself that question : 'Did I read his heart when we were fighting just like we said : Without words or without speaking , did I even truly understand what was going on in his heart , where my words empty ?'Thought Sasuke bitterly as he felt guilty again while clenching his teeth and hands well right as he was pretty weak on his left hand as he used the Chidori to it and the Rasengan made quiet a pact on his body including his left hand making It almost unusable to fight let stand move.

But his thoughts were broken by Naruto who chuckled and…. Started to laugh making the Uchiha widen his eyes in confusion and shock until Naruto started.

"H-Hahahaha, You must see your face back there : It was so funny as hell." Laughed Naruto wanting to clutch his stomach but can't as he still carried the confused Uchiha

"What ?"

As Naruto finished his laughter he starts to speak : " Sasuke, even though we are pretty strong it doesn't mean we are on a level where we can call each other world class, to understand one heart you have to come to a level of understanding and strength to do so maybe one day but not now but one day we will understand each other's heart by just fighting ." said Naruto making Sasuke gasp like a fish and say

"What happened to the Dobe ?"

"What's with you ?"asked Naruto confused while Sasuke just shook his head and said

"N-No it's just what you said was a lot like, like… a Hokage would say, wise words with a message behind it ." said Sasuke making Naruto look up in the sky thinking until he says

"I have no idea what you are talking about." Said Naruto plainly making Sasuke sweatdrop and say

"And we are back at the Dobe part, *Sigh* whatever where are we heading actually ?"asked Sasuke making Naruto confused and say

"I thought you knew the way ." said Naruto dumfoundly and Sasuke sigh

"Naruto, where we are heading is towards the Rice Country and-"

"No way, that's way too far to walk there in a day no in a week maybe a month if we are in this speed and we need a medic for your injuries !" yelled Naruto in a worried voice making Sasuke widen his eyes then smirk as he used his usable hand to smack him across his head.


"Ouch what was that for ?"said the hurt Uzumaki while rubbing his head although not for so long as Sakura could hit far harder than that or better said , it wasn't a serious punch more a playful one that brothers give each other.

"That's for being a Dobe ." said Sasuke plainly but then he murmered a little phrase that wasn't even audible for Naruto who was really close next to him but all what he saw was a red Uchiha so he was probably sick by the rain so he just shrugged it off and continued to walk straight ahead until he realized something.

'Wait I have a feeling I know this place… isn't this….but maybe mhh this will be hard to explain but I if it works then we can rest and have his injuries healed by a week just like, yeah that's a plan.'thought Naruto until he started to talk

"Hey Teme I know a place where we can go, we can rest there I think." Said Naruto making Sasuke hesitate but nod.

"Ok but where are we going then ?"asked Sasuke raising an eyebrow till Naruto could just smirk and say :

"You will see and I think it's going to be nice also if we go there." Said Naruto while he smiled making Sasuke even more confused

"You will see , just wait for the surprise." Said Naruto smiling at Sasuke in a manner that only he would ever do to the people he truly loved and wanted to protect , so that meant those people are the people he cared about.

Sasuke just nodded as he knew he could trust Naruto with his life and if Naruto trusts these people then so does he, so he just lets Naruto take the lead or better said : He let's Naruto drag him further, while he tries to recover a little by little.

"And we really need to take a look at your cold, it becomes worse and worse, your face like a tomato no even more than that." Said Naruto while pointing at the started Uchiha while he rubbed his face with his usable hand and was becoming more and more confused : He didn't feel like he had a cold but yet his face was becoming red and redder .

'What's wrong with my face, I become red and redder…. Is it from the Curse Mark combined with the Sharingan ?' thought the Uchiha worried that it might affect his body for a little while but he does know he had this feeling before when he awoke next to Naruto when he got the Curse Mark from Orochimaru, he felt simply incredible and powerful yet.. weak and vulnerable at the same time.

But now he just shrugged off that thought and continued to walk or better said dragged by Naruto, to the place he says is safe.

His original plan was to hide in a cave and rest there actually but with Naruto on board he couldn't do that anymore as Naruto can't hide his chakra from everyone so they were far more in danger but..

'I don't regret what I did back there and besides : having a close companion and friend at your side is also better than being a loner like I used to be.'thought Sasuke while looking at his right seeing Naruto concentrated on the road as he tries to remember where he must go.

Sasuke just started to stare and stare at his right while trying to activate his Sharingan as he needed an object or something to focus on and try to figure out what was wrong with his body and saw that there was nothing wrong with his Sharingan so he was relieved so he tries to deactivate them but….

'W-what why can't I deactivate the Sharingan, what's wrong with it, they worked fine just a second ago but… how, why , does it have to do with The Cursemark again ?'thought Sasuke worried

"Hey Teme, what's wrong , you kind of are staring at me for a few minutes already, so what's up?"asked Naruto startling Sasuke who just realized he wasn't realizing he was still looking at Naruto

"N-Nothing I just tried to check if there was something wrong with my eyes." Said Sasuke making Naruto raise an eyebrow

"Strange, I see nothing wrong at it, they are just so Onyx Black as they can be ." said Naruto making Sasuke widen his eyes as he realized it was true, they returned to his normal eyes

"J-Just forget it Dobe." Said Sasuke at Naruto while he raises an eyebrow again at him very confused but just shrugged it off and continued to walk further and further not noticing the scared look in his eyes as it seems he might have problem with his Sharingan further and further yet relieved there was nothing wrong with them now.

Three hours later

After the two walked with a strange silence as Sasuke was thinking the whole time worried about his Clan's power while Naruto was worried if the people would really care about them unlike the Villagers and Kakashi's father.

And so the two arrived at the place Naruto leaded them to and the only thing that Sasuke could say was :

"Brings back memories, huh ?" asked Sasuke happy as he knew this place very well as it has many memories in them as for him it was : He gained his Sharingan..

While Naruto it was another memory : For the First time he felt really a part of a heartwarming family and he gained his Nindo from here.

"Yes it does, yes it does Teme, yes it does ." said Naruto smiling at a door that was recognizable

The house itself they were across was deep in the woods in an ideal place, the house itself was humble yet was of very good quality so it was a normal house unlike last time and you could smell the tasteful food cooking in the Kitchen.

Yep this place has changed but not in a bad way .

It was the place they rested for the first time outside of Konoha : Tazuna's family house.

While Sasuke was noticing it was a lot more modern than last time, you could still see the style from the previous house in it and it made him smirk while Naruto did the same for the same reason.

"Let's knock on the door, shall we ?" asked Sasuke who only got a nod of Naruto

"Let's do this."

And so the two knocked on the door only waiting for a response but after waiting for a quarter , it made Naruto impatient and so he opens the door that was surprisingly open and all they saw was …

Ok let's end here, a little cliffy :P

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