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Severus couldn't believe what he was witnessing. Harry Potter, the saviour of the Light, the thirteen-year-old son of sweet Lilly Evans, was currently attempting to seduce the Dark Lord. He would have considered it a laughable, desperate act of self-preservation had the boy not been doing such a remarkable job of it. Severus had to admit that he himself had been affected if only for a moment and he now felt utterly disgusted with himself for having been able to see the boy that way.

As he took in the reactions of the men around him, Severus' disgust only deepened. Couldn't they see that despite his misleading mature appearance and behaviour the boy was just that? A boy? And what was the imprudent fool even thinking? Was he trying to prove his damned point that Harry Potter wasn't a mere kid? Or was he only desperate to save his skin? Because there was no way in hell he was actually enjoying this! Was there?

Severus knew there were things worse than death - and in his opinion a horny Dark Lord was one of them. Couldn't Harry see what he was bringing upon himself intentionally piquing the wizard's interest like that? Apparently not. The boy seemed fully engrossed in the game he was playing with the man and if Severus were to rely on his judgement, Harry was currently loosing.

Where had the rational approach gone? When Severus had turned his world upside down deluging the boy with information about his childhood, Harry had apparently without greater effort kept a cool head and shown an admirable amount of insight as well as logical reasoning. There had been no danger for Harry in letting his reckless or arrogant tendencies show in Severus' presence, yet the boy had had to wait for his meeting with the Dark Lord to let his weaknesses shine through his previously perfect stoic mask. It had been so stupid of Severus to believe that the boy knew what he was doing!

And then the bloody wink came about! At that moment he wished nothing more than to stride across the room and give the foolish boy a nice cuff on the head so that he would come to see the light. Seriously, if Harry didn't pull himself together sometime very soon, he would be screwed - possibly in more than one sense of the word.

As much as he cared for Harry though, he couldn't but also consider the danger he himself was in due to the situation at hand. Now, he knew exactly why he had been summoned and the reason - as disappointing as it was - had been much more purposeful than his previous conclusion that he had been trusted. Yes, he knew the reason but still couldn't quite wrap his head around it.

This was all part of Harry's plan. Well, apparently not all the circumstances, but the meeting itself definitely was. Harry had actually used Lucius. Unbelievable! Yet it was evident. Lucius had met Harry and had clearly been intrigued by the boy but hadn't attributed any real importance to him. Carrying out the deal he had made with Harry, he had approached Severus. Meanwhile, the Dark Lord had somehow found out who the mysterious boy was and judging by the present state the blond was in, hadn't been too happy with him for having wasted the chance to capture Harry. And finally this morning when the Dark Lord had been about to unwittingly carry out Harry's plan, Lucius had chosen to mention Severus' involvement. It seemed Harry was the sole reason for him to be in this mess.

To say both he and probably also Lucius were in danger was an understatement. Should Harry give out even the slightest bit of concern about their wellbeing - in this case any indication of disapproval of them being tortured would suffice - they were in hell. Along with Harry. Well, the boy was currently making a great job of heading there anyway.

As perilous as the situation was, Severus also couldn't but find it fascinating. You didn't have two of the three most powerful wizards you'd ever met in the same room every day after all. To feel their magic interact was quite...overwhelming. Wild against dangerously calm, overpowering against subtle, both equally intoxicating, unpredictable and deadly. Severus couldn't see either of them ever submit - there would be constant tension, one never-ending chain of challenges. How in the world were these two supposed to cooperate?


Boring into the enchanting green eyes with his gaze Voldemort searched for a way to get past the surface thoughts, dig deeper and finally solve the puzzle that was Harry Potter. To his great displeasure he failed once again. If the boy outwardly acted just a tad more cautiously and his present thoughts weren't so blatantly oblivious to any form of danger the Dark Lord could pose, he would find it highly suspicious. As it was, the boy despite his brilliant brain seemed most ignorant, naïve and all in all harmless.

"What if I told you that I wished to join you?" Potter inquired bluntly.

"I would ask you what makes you think I would be interested," Voldemort replied studying the boy curiously. He had seen something of this sort coming - the boy had sought him out himself after all. And it was exactly what he had hoped for.

"Oh, please, don't be ridiculous," Potter drawled irritably. "I am supposed to be the one with the power to destroy you and I offer you alliance. I think that makes me pretty interesting," the boy stated confidently and Tom could see that Potter's thoughts at the moment were just as cocky as his words. Although to his annoyance Voldemort had to admit that the boy had a point - and knew about the prophecy.

"And why would you choose my side over the Light where you have such a prominent position?" Tom investigated further.

"I have my reasons," Potter responded vaguely apparently deeming the amount of information sufficient - and it was since Voldemort could find what he needed in his head.

The boy was sure that he would make a name for himself without the Boy-Who-Lived status and considering his magical abilities Tom was inclined to agree. And while the Light represented only duties and restrictions to Potter, the Dark impersonated freedom in his eyes. Well, who am I to spoil such welcome illusions?

"How do you imagine the cooperation?" Tom asked seeming to benevolently disregard the dissatisfactory answer.

"What do you mean?" the boy inquired obviously confused.

"Your name has its weight on the political scene. Would you wish to keep our agreement a secret or would you make your loyalties known to the public?" questioned Voldemort. Now, it would show if the boy was merely inexperienced or outright stupid.

"I am aware of my advantageous position regarding the Light and since I don't expect your movement to become openly public anytime soon, it would be much more convenient if we kept my political affiliation undisclosed," responded Potter in a surprisingly business-like manner. Inexperienced it is, it seems.

"That would be sensible," Voldemort nodded. "Your conditions?" he asked simply, knowing this would be the crucial part of their discussion.

Another wave of alluring magic swept through the room and Tom had to fight down a shiver none of the Death Eaters managed to contain. And was that a whimper? It sounded awfully like Lucius. Contradicting his innocent expression Voldemort could feel Potter relishing being in control, bathing in the power he had - or rather supposed to have - over them all. There was nothing arousing about that notion – there really wasn't. Then why did it make his blood run to the most inconvenient of places?

Refusing to let the discomfort make him squirm in his seat Voldemort waited for Potter's answer choosing not to comment and only raise an eyebrow.

"Straight to the point then, Tom? I like that," the boy smirked teasingly and Voldemort couldn't quite decide whether to find his arrogant attitude infuriating, foolish or exciting.

"Firstly I get to choose a group of people who are not to be harmed in any way by you or your Death Eaters - directly or indirectly," Potter explained carefully holding eye-contact with Tom unwaveringly. The boy's intentions about the matter were very well-defined in his head though there was not even the slightest indication of whom he wanted to protect.

"And the group would include?" Voldemort inquired concealing his curiosity.

Leaning back in his armchair and crossing his legs Potter replied:

"Presently, I have six names in mind and I require another four empty places on the List that will be filled when I deem it necessary. I also wish for the people to be replaceable should my opinion of them change with time, should they die naturally or by another's hand. Before we get to names, I would like to know if there is anyone in particular whom you wouldn't want to see on the List," the boy finished looking at Tom expectantly.

Voldemort had to admit the wording was perfect, there were no loopholes, no inaccurate formulations - which was probably due to the fact that the boy had all this carefully planned. On the other hand he couldn't fathom why Potter was giving him a chance to prevent someone from making it on the List. Was it a gesture? Did he expect fair treatment in return? Well, he was stupid if he did. To his displeasure the Dark Lord couldn't find the answer in Potter's head either. At the moment it was perfectly and obnoxiously blank.

"I certainly wouldn't like to have you protect Dumbledore or Fudge. I would also be very displeased if you happened to choose any of my Death Eaters. I consider them mine to protect and reward as well as mine to punish. It wouldn't make a good example if some of them were to get away with everything now, would it?" Voldemort obliged the strange request somewhat snidely.

"That is understandable. What about an additional condition regarding any Death Eaters on the List? I say, neither permanent damage of body, mind or magic, nor death will be caused to the person I choose by your actions or on your order. How's that?" the boy offered.

"Acceptable," Tom nodded in agreement. So maybe the wording wasn't so flawless only because it had been carefully planned. Well, even an arrogant, naïve fool can have his moments.

"I have only two other conditions. The first is quite simple. I get political support when I call for it," Potter stated and not even waiting for Tom's reaction he continued: "The second is that I get all the information you get - should I require it - I can partake in any meetings I choose and if I have objections to the decisions being made you hear me out."

Three gasps ensued Potter's little speech the only Death Eater able to conceal his shock being Snape, who settled for a disbelieving look aimed at the boy. Considering Potter's arrogance such requests weren't much of a surprise, really. It was almost funny how daring the boy was. He should probably Crucio him - although that would most likely put Potter on guard and he couldn't have that, not quite yet.

"Modesty itself, I see," Voldemort mocked sneering at the boy. "You want political support? What would you want me to do? Declare you the Minister of Magic? And why would I share information with you? What would I gain? A little vulnerable sniveller with all my plans in his head for anyone to take a look at? Aren't you quite full of yourself?" he prodded.

"That sounds familiar... Aren't you quite full-," the boy repeated thoughtfully and then his eyes shone with realization. "Beware, Lucius, I think he's rubbing off on you," Potter uttered theatrically jabbing his finger in the blond's direction and Tom vaguely recalled the boy teasing the man with something along those lines in the memory of Tuesday morning. Potter took his time to enjoy Lucius' indignant glare and then turned to the Dark Lord with a not at all cute lost expression, "or is it the other way around?" he shook his head as if in attempt to clear it and continued: "Anyways... I didn't see the sniveller coming. I admit I find myself rather taken aback by the richness of your vocabulary, Tom. So apt..." the brat goaded and Voldemort had to stop his wand hand from twitching - to kill the boy was the last thing he needed right now. Patience.

Potter either didn't see or chose to ignore Tom's struggle with his murderous tendencies and went on in a more serious tone - much to the Dark Lord's relief:

"What I mean by political support is the possibility of drawing on your resources should I find myself in need of bribing, blackmailing or simply persuading someone stubborn. You want to know why you would share information with me? Because it would be highly convenient for you to have me on your side and I refuse to blindly follow someone else's lead. You asked for my conditions - this is one of them. Concerning your gain, I suppose I could answer some of your questions today and we could talk more on the subject later," had he imagined it or had the last remark truly been suggestive? "As for me being a sniveller and all that... I think I'd rather leave it without comment," he finished serenely and continued to look Tom straight in the eye. If challenges could become tangible, this one definitely would.

The brat was fucking confusing! In one moment he was all showing off and ignorant and in the next he said something disturbingly reasonable. And to top it all his mind proved he was just being honest all the time. Tom had a nasty feeling that he was missing something. It was difficult to focus on the important things when the boy interspersed the down-to-business talk with his mostly insignificant ramblings and Voldemort was starting to feel the pounding of a headache in his temples. He was getting tired of this very quickly.

"I think you seriously misjudged the situation, Potter. I don't need you. When you were gone I was perfectly satisfied with the state of affairs and I can make you gone again very easily," he hissed in a low dangerous voice and aimed his wand at the boy to emphasize his point.

"Oh, then I guess you either are an imprudent idiot or must have misunderstood my proposition. I was offering you an alliance - an alliance which I can just as well offer to Dumbledore or Fudge. I don't think either of them would turn the Harry Potter down, do you? If you refuse to accept my conditions, I will just take my leave," the boy stated dispassionately, stood up and turned to head for the door.

Before he could take the first step the Dark Lord shot to his feet and spat:

"What makes you think I will let you?"

"What makes you think I need your approval? If you so much as move your wand, I will Apparate out of this place and the next time you'll see me, I will stand by Dumbledore's side," the boy retorted icily turning to pierce Voldemort with an unnervingly calm gaze.

The air was thick with tension the mingled magic swirling violently all but shooting sparks. The Death Eaters' heads were snapping back and forth between the two powerful wizards as if they were watching a dramatic tennis match.

Suddenly, Tom relaxed his stiff posture and sat down gracefully in his black leather armchair.

"You are free to try," he said almost warmly with a nod and an encouraging wave of his hand though his wand was still trained at Potter.

"Oh, should I really? I've already dislodged the wards if that's what you're worried about," Potter informed offhandedly making no move to take his seat or leave. "I want an Unbreakable Vow including all my conditions. I will give you the Vow in return concerning my alliance with yourself - not the Dark. Should you choose not to comply, I will consider any and all agreement between us void," the boy uttered his expression emotionless, his voice firm and resolute.

Voldemort pinched the bridge of his nose with his fingers. He could see in his mind exactly how true Potter's words were and for the first time in his life he found himself cornered. He could take his chances and try to kill the boy but if something went wrong, the consequences would be disastrous. He could hardly afford any additional opposition for his plans to go smoothly and Potter represented very powerful and influential resistance.

Yes, he had taken the possibility of the reappearance of the Boy-Who-Lived into account. However, what he hadn't expected had been for him to have so much magical power and such a brilliant brain in his head. He couldn't let this uncontrollable force out of his reach - it was too risky. Which simply meant he didn't have any other choice than to accept the boy's offer. He only wished he had dismissed his Death Eaters - there was no need for them to witness...this. It seemed a few muggles wouldn't make it till the end of this fucking day.

"I accept your conditions," he finally said as coldly as he could though he could still feel the Cruciatus ready in the tip of his wand.

"Great," Potter grinned cheerfully. Surprisingly, there were no signs of mockery in his expression or his mind, only a strange kind of respect - which didn't make sense at all considering the circumstances. The boy truly was an enigma.

"Severus, would you be so kind?" Potter turned to the Potions Master with a pleasant smile. Snape curtly nodded and stood up from the sofa.

A piece of paper and a sealed envelope appeared in Potter's hand out of thin air. He proceeded to hand the envelope over to Severus and approach the Dark Lord with the paper.

"These are the conditions in writing. Once you read them over, you can give them to Severus and we will take the Vow. If you have any objections to the conditions, tell me. I wouldn't recommend trying to alter them behind my back, you would find it just as impossible as breaking the spell on Lucius' memory was. The List is in that envelope and I will let you see it as soon as we take the Vow," the boy explained calmly handing the paper to him and looking directly in his eyes. It was then that he felt Potter's flawless impenetrable mind shields fall back into place.


Sprawling out on the green leather armchair Harry felt quite satisfied with himself. He had just managed to pull off one of the most masterful and exacting acts he had ever come up with - and the result was definitely worth it. He was safe, the people he cared about were safe, and his future was for once in his life looking bright.

The only job left for him to do now, was to remedy the damage he had done by outsmarting the Dark Lord - at least to some extent. Somehow the idea of the man being put down because of him didn't make him as happy as he'd thought it would. Not that Tom had given him any proof of such feelings, no, the wizard was taking his defeat with all the dignity Harry would expect from a man followed by half of the Wizarding World. There were no sighs of bitterness, resignation or anger. Well, not visible ones. The man seemed to have simply accepted the situation as it was.

That had been what had finally made Harry believe that Tom was worth following - even if he himself had no intention of doing so. When cornered, the man hadn't acted impetuously, he had carefully weighed his options and made a rational, sensible decision. The little detail that he hadn't had all the information needed for that decision to possibly be the best course of action in given case, was one Harry wasn't about to reveal anytime soon.

There was no need for Tom to know that there was no way in hell he would willingly approach Dumbledore - not without reliable political backup at least. Too much blackmail material available. He was aware that he would have to deal with the Headmaster eventually since he intended to enrol at Hogwarts but he now had Tom's support - and therefore his freedom was as secure as it possibly could be.

Now that he thought about it, he supposed he could have contacted Fudge if Voldemort had turned out to be incurably stubborn, though it would have been the last standby solution. Both Severus and Lucius were of the opinion that the Minister had only so much authority as his title lent him and otherwise was nothing but a suggestible power hungry idiot. He knew it wouldn't be the best move to have his name associated with a man with that kind of reputation - and Fudge definitely wouldn't do him the favour of keeping his mouth shut, Harry was sure.

To be honest, Tom had been his one and only option and it had been most helpful of the man to tell him whom he'd regarded as his worthy opponents - that is whom he needed dead for the public to recognise him as the victor. Harry had half expected the Dark Lord to see through that particular trick. Well, he hadn't.

However, the rest of Harry's plan hadn't been so easy to carry out. The initial idea had come from a meditation technique he had practiced to gain better control over his magic. The technique had been extremely difficult to accomplish and it had taken him over three months to master it. He'd been seven at the time. The reward for his efforts had been the ability to divide his mind into two separate parts - one in charge of the other.

Until then he hadn't been able to make his magic do anything that he hadn't truly wanted to happen. Using the technique he had managed to create artificial desire in the forefront of his mind and have his magic react to it, while the better part of his brain stayed clear and independent of the false feeling. Over the years, he had found much more suitable ways of controlling his magic and couldn't even recall the last time he had practiced the technique.

Fortunately he hadn't forgotten how to divide his mind and it had come in handy today. Harry had been aware that the Dark Lord wouldn't fall for anything less than a perfect act. Therefore he'd had to live his role - with a part of his mind at least. It hadn't been exactly fair play since his little ploy had been kind of undetectable to Tom. Well, he wasn't about to be sorry about it anytime soon.

First, he'd needed to pique Voldemort's interest enough for the man to find him more intriguing alive than dead so that they could talk without that elephant in the room - well, for a while. If Tom hadn't seen any possible way to control him, he would have been too much of a threat and - dead. If Tom hadn't seen a challenge in him, he would have become boring and - dead. To divert his attention it had been necessary for Harry to make Voldemort grow tired of the conversation and eventually, once they'd discussed all his conditions, make the final move. So, he'd needed perfect balance between seductive, funny, irritating, cocky and naïve - and that had been what Tom had got.

Harry had relished every moment of playing with Voldemort. Especially the seductive part had been great fun - though he had to admit he'd given as much as he'd got and Tom hadn't seemed to be even trying. It had also shown how protective Severus had become of him. The man had been so deliciously outraged at the reactions of the other wizards - and it had been justified, he supposed, he was thirteen after all - not that he looked remotely that age.

Harry was pulled out of his musings by Tom's disbelieving snort. The man was currently standing between the green sofa Harry had conjured and the window and it seemed he had just opened the List. The Death Eaters still sitting on the sofa didn't dare to turn around in their seats to get him into their field of vision and looked fairly uncomfortable with the Dark Lord behind their backs.

"Something the matter, Tom?" he asked carefully. The last thing he needed right now was Voldemort thinking he was mocking him.

"You put your own name on the List," he snarled incredulously as if it had been the last thing he had expected Harry to do.

"Well, yes, that was one of the main reasons for making the List in the first place," he explained eying the man suspiciously. What was Tom getting at?

"That's so..." he punched the paper with his fist angrily as he couldn't find the right word, "ungriffindorish," he spat finally.

"No idea what you're talking about but sure it is," Harry replied wondering whether his triumph had been too much for Tom to bear and had driven the man mad. That would be rather unfavourable.

Voldemort didn't seem to have heard him and pacing in front of the window he began shooting questions at Harry stabbing the innocent piece of paper with his finger now and then:

"Why do you want to protect Severus and Lucius? You don't even know their last names for Merlin's sake! And these other names...Sanderson sounds familiar but the rest? These are muggles! Why protect filthy worthless-"

"Jeez! Calm down, will you?" Harry almost yelled and Voldemort halted facing the wall and slowly turned to pierce Harry with a murderous glare which despite being indeed very intimidating nearly made him laugh. "There is over one billion people on this planet and six names on that List. That still leaves more men than you can possibly ever manage to torture and kill and...whatever you like to do with them - not that I approve of it," he stated matter-of-factly swinging his legs over one of the armrests to make himself more comfortable.

For a moment Tom looked ready to give up the billion just to get his hands on Harry. Then he flicked his wand at Severus' back casting the red curse again which had the unsuspecting wizard falling on the floor and thrashing in agony - silently at first but after a few seconds the pain broke his control and Severus started to scream.

Harry hated it. Despite the fact that he had known the man for less than a day he was quite fond of him and to see him suffer like this made his blood run cold. Yet there was nothing he could do.

"Tell me, what is the point in protecting him in a way that allows me to do this? What kind of twisted logic is that?" Voldemort asked mockingly once he'd finished torturing Severus.

You speak of twisted," Harry remarked chuckling sardonically at the irony. "They are yours to punish - you said it yourself. As much as I owe one to Lucius and as much as I've come to like Severus, it doesn't change anything about the fact that they both chose to follow you, to serve be yours to punish. It is not my place to interfere. I merely want to ensure they stay alive and whole. The rest is in your hands, Tom," he said in a carefully dispassionate tone though his eyes were probably giving out exactly how happy he was with the Dark Lord.

Voldemort slowly folded the List, inserted it back into the envelope, crossed the room to put it on the black coffee table and then Harry suddenly found himself staring up into deep crimson eyes filled with curiosity and respect and lust and a few other emotions he didn't quite recognise.

"You know what I would love to do?" Tom asked in a smooth low voice that sent a pleasant shiver down Harry's spine as he shook his head in response. "I would love to take a look inside your head," he said tapping Harry on the forehead with his long slender index finger before he let his knuckles rest against his temple and continued:"to find out how your mind works, how you think, because you confuse me," he finished softly caressing Harry's cheek.

Ignoring the warm tingling in his stomach Harry sniggered and gently pushed the hand aside.

"No, dissection's not happening. Not today, Tom," he said teasingly sitting up to a more socially acceptable position so that he could face the man standing beside the armchair. As he watched a smirk play across Tom's features he had to wonder if the man had ulterior motives even to this seemingly innocent gesture.

"Does it bother you?" Harry asked vaguely. Voldemort raised an eyebrow at him, summoned his black leather armchair and placed it a few feet away from Harry's so that they wouldn't have to speak across the whole room once both seated.

"You mean the fact that I will have to discuss my plans with a cheeky teenage brat from now on? Yes, it bothers me. Although taking who you are and how reasonable you sound from time to time into consideration...I don't know if that actually makes me feel better or worse about the issue," Tom said and Harry suspected that the man was for once honest.

"You know, right now you sound reasonable too, though I have no idea if that's a compliment or an insult to you, Tom," Harry chuckled and marvelled at how normal and still so unearthly charming the Dark Lord could be. He had to admit that even if he did his best in analysing his character, the man was simply unpredictable. And to Harry, that was the most appealing thing about him.

"Don't you want to dismiss them?" Harry inquired tilting his head in the Death Eaters' direction. He seriously doubted this was the side of Tom they usually dealt with.

Voldemort narrowed his eyes at him and then said with an unreadable expression:

"I don't think you are quite finished with them and if you are, then you are a fool."

"Well, I think you are just curious about how it works and want to see me do it. Otherwise you would make sure they keep their mouths shut yourself since they're yours and it is in your own interest," Harry replied highly amused and also impressed that Tom had managed to work out even that part of his puzzle.

"So, what if I am?" the Dark Lord challenged with a smirk.

The four men sitting on the green sofa were watching the interaction with somewhat desperate expressions trying in vain to make sense of what was undoubtedly a discussion about their fate.

Sighing, Harry agreed:

"Alright, but if you touch anything I swear I'll break your wand," he threatened in all seriousness and Tom seemed to know it was not empty talk. Then his eyes widened and he gave Harry an almost grateful look - probably at the realization how Harry could have dealt with the situation merely ten minutes ago when he'd had him at wand point. Well, damn. That had been one of his emergency plans, though now he had Tom's Vow, so hopefully he wouldn't need it. Still, he shouldn't have let himself get so easily distracted.

He closed his eyes in concentration and slowly made his Office materialize around them.

"Incredible," Tom breathed as he looked around the spacious room in awe.

"Thanks," Harry said absently and proceeded to walk to the third row of shelves and disappear inside.

"Don't," he stopped Tom who was on his way to the shadowed side of the room. He could quite vividly imagine the look on the Dark Lord's face when the invisible force made him halt and smirked.

"How did you do that?" Voldemort inquired curiously once he'd found Harry between the bookshelves.

"Theoretically, you are inside my mind, which means my rules," he grinned innocently at the man.

"So, this isn't real?" the Dark Lord asked reaching out and stopping his fingers inches from the black wood.

"I give you my permission to touch that shelf," Harry chuckled and Tom glared at him but let his pale slender fingers slide across the wood to make sure it was indeed corporeal. "This room is a mere figment of my imagination. However, that doesn't mean the things in it aren't real. They only cease to exist outside my head when I desire it," he explained as he found what he'd been searching for and beckoned Voldemort out of the row.

"How is it that the Death Eaters aren't here?" Tom questioned away his curiosity about the Office seemingly undying as he studied the untidy state of the desk which appeared very much out of place in the otherwise neat room.

"I don't want them here," Harry answered simply. "They are in your room, they can hear every word we say, they can see us moving around - if we haven't walked into one of the neighbouring rooms yet that is."

"Did you write the conditions at this desk? In your head? While talking to me?" Voldemort asked incredulously.

"Yes, in fact I did," he responded smacking Tom's hand away from his beige fountain pen and letting the Office disappear.

To say the Death Eaters were looking confused was an understatement though Harry didn't pay their dumbstruck expressions any mind as he approached them holding out a thin book for them to touch. Lucius was the first one to infer what he wanted them to do and once they saw it hadn't killed the blond, they all successively put their fingers on the grey cover, cautiously as if expecting it to burn them, and shuddered as the magic took effect.

Harry then walked up to Tom who had settled himself in his black leather armchair once again and was apparently deep in thought. Clearing his throat to pull him out of his musings Harry held out the book for him to take. After a second of hesitation Tom accepted it and closed his eyes at the feeling of Harry's magic enveloping him.

"You can talk about anything that you have seen and heard since my arrival until about an hour from now only between yourselves and there is no possible way of extracting the information out of your minds without my approval," Harry explained sinking into his armchair. He could use a cup of coffee. Black and strong. And a cigarette would be nice too.


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