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N stood in front of White, nervous as he had just confessed his feelings to her. He really liked her, and was afraid of being rejected.

White stood there staring at him like he was the biggest idiot in the world. She sucked in a quick breath, then blew it back out, sighing. She was about to begin a long rant.

"YOU like me?" she asked, trying to clarify it.

"Yes. I do," said N, nodding a bit.

White facepalmed and started to pace back and forth, wondering how to say this without shattering all of N's hopes and dreams. There was no way around it. She was going to break his heart.

"Ok. We're enemies. And NOW after everything that's happened, you dare to ask me if I like you?"

Just as N was about to answer, she put her hand in his face, signalling for him to stop.

"You take my Pokemon, let me just lie there after a fall off a ferris wheel, and have troubled Black and I since we met, and you think I'd fall for you?"

N backed away, a bit shocked by White's attitude. "Well-"

She cut him off again. "Do you know how much physical and emotional pain you've put me through?! Do you?!"

White stepped closer to him, pointing an accusing finger in his direction.

"It's thanks to you that all this bad stuff has happened to me! I deserve an apology!"

"I-I'm sorry," N stuttered, completely confused at what was going on.

White tossed a pokeball up it the air. "Little Bubu! Use ember!"

The cute Tepig took a deep breath, then blew out several hot embers. N yelped as they scorched his face, turning it black and singing his hair.

Then, Black came around, laughing when he saw what white had done to N.

"He got what he deserved," laughed Black at they walked away.

"And you'll get what you deserve too," she said, blushing.

She threw herself upon him, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him. Black didn't even break away, he was enjoying this.

"I like you too, White," he said as they broke the kiss.

White smiled up at him and blushed. "You're a way better catch than N. You've always been their for me and tried to help me. Thank you, Black."

Black nodded over to her, beginning to blush himself. "I'd never abandon you."

And that was how ferriswheelshipping was demolished and replaced with agencyshipping.

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