I'm re-writing some of the Wizards of Waverly place episodes. Ones I felt needed more. It's rated T because of language, blood, and violence. I thought the show would be better with a little more Drama.

A Mason/Alex based story.

Alex saves Mason. Alex and Mason's point of view.


I stared at the red wand and leather bound book in my lap. I've been studying as much magic as I could in my desperation to bring Mason, my werewolf turned wolf boyfriend back to me.

I've not left the layer since Mason had been turned into a wolf by Juliet. Of course I was angry with Juliet, Justin too. None of this would've happened if Justin and Juliet hadn't tried to fight with her Mason. But, Justin was suffering too. Not as much, because he knew Juliet was always looking out for him. I knew Mason would be too, but he's my soul-mate. My other half. Justin has a spell for Juliet, I haven't got one for Mason. Not yet.

It's been 7 weeks, since Mason was turned into a wolf. And a few days since Justin turned Juliet back to her younger self. I had locked the portal from incomers, only I could come in or out. I also had a silencing spell on the room. Justin and my dad have been attempting to get in, by banging and shouting.

"Mason."I whimpered brokenly, "Come back to me."I pleaded, sobbing heavily. I curled into the brown chair, and wrapped myself in the warm blanket. I clutched the book of wolves and my wand to my chest, and pointed my finger at the small portable televison in front of me, and used my hands to turn the TV on.

"This strange dog seems to be pictures. This family are happy to allow their animal to paint every minute of the day."The TV presenter started. I was about to change the channel, when I saw something that made my heart beat faster.

"Dough, this strange dog, paints more than a human."A grey/white dappled wolf stood next to the presenter.

"Mason?"I whispered. I knew that was Mason. I could feel it.

"What's stranger, this animal has been painting this girl. Only this girl."I gaped at the television and watched as it showed all the paintings. Paintings of me. I have no doubt this is Mason.

"Mason!"I need to get to Mason. I rushed around the layer, and flashed on the jumper I stole from Mason and put my wand in my boot. "I'm coming."I whispered as I walked out to the portal.


After about two days of searching the Transylvania woods, I had my last stop at a small caravan on the north side of the woods.

"Please be it."I murmured to myself as I took a deep breath. I howled as loud as I could. It was the 20th time at least, I'd howled since Mason had gone. I crossed my fingers. "Please."I pleaded.

I let a small whimper of relief when I hear a loud howl answer me from around the corner. I knocked on the caravan door, and my mouth popped open in shock as the door dropped to the floor.

"I'm so sorry."I exclaimed. The old lady in the corner looked at me.

"It's alright. Bill, here, was going to fix it."She grabbed the door and placed it behind a ridiculous looking chair, "When it's our turn for the town screw-driver, of course."She finished. I nodded, and walked inside.

The lady walked around the caravan, speaking to her assuming its her husband and son. I felt the need to go in a different direction. My muscles locked in protest, as I tried to stay were I was. I knew exactly where my body, heart and mind was directing me to go. To Mason.

"Um, I'm here about your wolf."I mentally kicked myself in the head. "Dog. Your dog."I corrected myself, almost sighing in relief as they didn't seem to notice the slip.

"Why?"The older man spoke for the first time. "We don't need you prissy city folk all up in our dough's face."I almost growled. His name it Mason, not Dough.

"No. No, I'm from the, um... Museum. Art Museum."I spat out the first excuse that came to mind.

"Oh really? Which one."The lady asked.

"The famous one."I realized that wasn't a good explanation. "Natural art Museum."I mentally high-fived myself.

"Tim, Go get Dough for the Museum folk."The woman exclaimed, pushing her son out the caravan. I wanted to bounce around the room, but thats a little..weird.

"here ya." Tim, the son said as he shoved the rope attached to Mason in my hands.

"Is it alright if I take.. Dough outside. To see him in better light, and get to know him?"I prayed they would let me, and by myself.

"Oh, of course."The exclaimed in unison. I held back the shiver as they grinned and showed of the yellow teeth.

"C'mon,"I whispered, and tugged the rope lightly. Mason was bouncing up and down, tail wagging and tongue flapping.

I dropped the lead as soon as we were outside. Mason immediatly ran to me, and knocked me over. He started licking my face, whimpering.

"Mason."I whispered lovingly. I took the heart necklace he gave me, and placed it on his neck. I watched it glow brighter than ever, and wrapped my arms around him in a tight hug. "I missed you." He gave a wolfy little howl.

"Miss, were going to play some country music, you wanna listen?"The Ma asked, coming outside with Tim, and Pa. I did eventually get their names.

"Sure."Nothing could make me happier. I was sitting there, with my Mason in my arms. It didn't matter if he was a wolf. I thought he looked adorable as a wolf.

They started playing some instruments, the only one I knew of, was a guitar. I petted Mason for a few seconds, with my eyes closed, before I felt arms wrap around me.

"Alex."Mason whimpered into my hair. I gasped, and pulled back and stared into Mason's brown eyes.

"Mason."I screamed, knocking him over as I jumped on him. I started to cry. "I missed you."we said in unison.

"Its okay, love."He murmured lovingly into my ear as he stroked my back.

"You were right, Ma."Tim exclaimed. Mason and I stood, and stared at the unusual country family. "She a wizard, like us."He cackled.

"Wizards?"I asked myself. The guitar, I guess its a mouth harp, and a wash board..turned into sticks. Country wands.

"You get to keep Mason, and we get your portal."Ma said, after she explained what happened to their portal.

"Deal."I said,automatically. I watched as they turned Mason back into a wolf, and dragged him over to the caravan.

"Mason."I whimpered, listening to him whine and growl. "Why?"I asked Ma.

"You get him, when we get the portal."I nodded, and flashed out.


As soon as I flashed into the lair, I conjured a purple door, with multiple locks. I used a transfer spell to swap the small purple door and the actual portal around. As soon as the country wizards walked into the 'lair' they'd be floating somewhere in the magical world, never stopping.

I took out my wand and flashed them into the lair. Mason was human again, and he ran to me, hugging me tightly. I'm never letting him go. I told myself.

"Lets get this show on the road."I nodded solemnly.

"Alex, are you sure you want to do this? I don't want you to regret this."I smiled lovingly at him.

"I will never regret doing everything in my power to get you back to me, my wolf."I kissed his hand when he placed it on my cheek soothingly.

I pulled Mason over to the purple door, and watched as the wizards walked in.

"I'll lock it."Mason shouted, slamming the door, locking every lock into place. I knew he'd catch on.

I did the back to normal spell, and smiled as the actual portal and door was placed back in its original place again.

"Mason."I sighed, turning around in his arms.

"I love you."He whispered, kissing my forehead.

"I love you, too."I replied, stretching my face up to his, kissing him tenderly.

"Alex,"Mason whispered urgently, stepping out of my hold and crouching on all fours. I watched him turn back into a wolf.

"No. Mason."I cried, sitting on the floor next to my wolf, and I buried my face into his fur and cried. Mason laid his head on my shoulder as I cried, almost like he tried to comfort me.

"I'll find a way. I have to."I kissed his fur, running my fingers through his fur.

Need a beta. Chapter one is not as good as I hoped, but oh well. Updating next week,