Part two of 'Alex saves Mason'
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I was currently curled around Mason on the floor of the lair. I never noticed how shiny the floor actually was.

"What to do, what to do."I moaned, rubbing Mason's ears. Mason suddenly perked up, jumping up from the floor, he ran to where I'd left my wand on the desk, and grabbed it. He ran towards me, and placed the wand in my open hand.

"I don't want to do Magic, Mase," I whispered sadly, still looking for Idea's in my head. Mason howled, almost desperatly, nudging my wand with his nose. "Is there something on here I can use?"I looked into my wolf's eyes, and opened the app's of my wand.

"C'mon, C'mon, C'mon!"I groaned as I slid through the apps. Ah! "An animal translator."I yelped excitedly. Mason howled loudly, I giggled at him, kissing his furry little ears.

"Say something, Mason."I told him, holding my wand to his mouth.

"I love you, Alex Russo." Even with a weird robotic voice Mason was still charming.

"I know. I love you, Mason."I anwsered. "Any idea's, love?" I prayed mentally one of us had some idea.

"I think that the instruments those wizards used played a part in changing me back."I threw the idea around in my head, and eventually grinned.

"Let's go." I was about to turn the translator of, when Mason said something else.

Mason howled, so I brought the wand back to his mouth, "Alex, love. Bring Max and Justin, even Juliet. We need all the help we can get."I growled lowly. Mason walked over to me, and nuzzled my stomach.

"Juliet did this to you. No."I ground out. Mason growled back.

Mason kept growling until I brought the wand back to his mouth. "Alex, I know. I know she's hurt you, but so have I. You've forgiven me, forgive her. I love you, but you need help."

I let a tear fall, before swiping it away. "Okay." I walked over to the lair door, and took of the spells. "Let's go, my love." Mason walked over to me, and stayed in front of me, a protective manner.

"Hey, Juliet."I whispered to the blonde vampire who was working in the kitchen of the sub-station.

"Alex?!"she whisper yelled, before looking down at Mason. I stepped in front of him, my muscles tensing as she eyed my love. "Mason?"She looked at me for confirmation. I nodded.

"We need help, J."I realised I would never fully trust Juliet around Mason again, but I forgave her.

"I'll help."She said strongly, smiling at me. I hugged her.

I realised I had no idea where everyone was. "J, were is everyone?"she smiled tightly.

"Jerry and Theresa are watching TV with Maxine, and Justin, Harper and Zeke are at some clogging thing.."I would have laughed, but Mason was the only one who could do that to me right now. "Oh, Justin also told Zeke about the whole, wizards thing. kind of had to since he came when he was trying to get into the lair."I nodded.

Mason whined. I sighed lightly, and used my hand to flash my three friends, and little brother/sister into the kitchen.

"What?"They all asked in unison, before they caught sight of me.

"Alex?"Justin yelled, and tried to run to me. I stepped backwards behind Mason, and whined. I didn't want to be reunited with my family, I wanted to be with Mason. But I needed to do this for Mason. I felt awkward around my siblings and friends, but I would have to suck it up. I did have an excuse though. The only human I've been in contact with for at least 2-3 months was Mason.

Mason growled loudly at Justin, and followed everyone's steps as they tried to reach us. "Mason, I'm okay, love."I whispered, bending down to his tense body. I scratched his ears, and rubbed his back soothingly, smiling again as he relaxed under my hands.

"Mason?"Harper, Max, Justin and Zeke all asked in unison.

I looked into Mason's eyes once more, before standing up to face my family. "Yes. I found Mason. I need your help, please?"I begged my friends, and siblings, taking time to stare them all in the eyes, hoping they'd see I was serious. "Please."I pleaded, my voice quivering.

"Alex, I'll help."Max, still in Maxine's body, spoke first, coming towards me slowly, and taking my hand.

Justin looked into my eyes. "Me too."He walked over slowly, hugging me tightly, taking my other hand.

"We'll help, Alex."Zeke and Harper said in unison, Harper taking Maxine's hand, Zeke taking hers. I let go of Justin for a second, and reached my hand out for Juliet.

"Come on then, J."I smiled lightly at her, feeling lighter than I had since Mason had been turned into a wolf. Juliet grabbed my hand after I made sure to tie Mason's rope around my waist.

I looked at everyone, and flashed us to were the country wizard's lived.

"OK, quick brief up. I saw Mason on TV, as a painting dog, painting pictures of me, so I searched the Transylvania woods, and found him with country wizards. They wanted the portal, so I tricked them, sending them floating into space. I can't turn Mason back until we play the country instruments. They should be in the caravan thingy."I nodded to them, and we searched the trailer.

"Mouth harp!"Harper shouted from outside the back of the trailer.

Mason nuzzled my shoulder as I bent down towards the bed, and whined, pointing his nose towards the bed. I pushed my hand under the bed, and grabbed something, "Guitar."I shouted.

The country wizard's scattered the instrument's around the caravan and outside the caravan.

"A wash board?"Juliet shouted from the other side of the caravan by the chairs. I looked at her, and we raised an eyebrow.

"A blowy thing."Max shouted from somewhere in front of the caravan. I snorted.

"um, Alex?"Zeke yelled from somewhere behind the caravan.

I stood up slowly, stroking Mason. "Yeah, Zeke?"

"I found a banjo."

"A banjo?"I asked in disbelief.

Zeke came around the corner and into the caravan, "Yep."Holding the instrument in his hand.

Mason yelped excitedly, dancing around. Making me move with him as his rope was tied around my waist.

"Is that all the instruments, boy?" Zeke asked. Mason growled slightly, before jumping up and licking my face.

"yeah, that's all of them."I shouted giggling. "Lets play them."

Justin to the guitar, Harper the mouth harp, Zeke the banjo, Max, the blowing thing, and Juliet a wash board.

To be honest, they sounded horrible, but I shut my eyes tightly, praying it would work.

"Alex?"Mason asked. I opened my eyes, and immediately hugged him. "I love you,"He murmured tenderly in my ear.

"I love you too, sweetie." I looked up, and brought my lips to his, kissing him softly, lovingly.

Mason helped me stand up, and took my hand tightly, locking our fingers together.

"Hello, everyone."I let Mason's British accent wash over me, relaxing me completely.

"Mason."Harper and Max yelled in unison, running to hug my boyfriend.

"Nice to see you again, dude."Zeke smiled, giving Mason a man hug.

"Mason, uh, listen. I'm so sorry, about everything. I just want you to know that. I think you're perfect for Alex, and I'm glad you're back."Justin stuttered. Mason looked him in the eyes, and grinned, pulling him into a man hug.

"I'm sorry."Juliet told Mason, hugging him. I couldn't help it, but my muscle's automatically tensed in protest. Mason feeling it, tried to calm me quickly, backing out of Juliet's hug, and lifting me into his arms spinning me around.

"I love you, my wolf."I whispered in his ear.

"Forever."He replied.

"Lets go home, mom and dad would love to see you,"Justin said. Everyone took hands, and I flashed us back.

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