Hey guys, just in response to a review, Im trying my best not make this predictable, but at the same time to make sense. I understand that alot of people have great love for the characters of FSOG, so I will do my best in maintaining there persona. But know that there is a different side to everyone and not every story happens with a happy ever after.

However, this is my story and I will write it the way I want and nothing negitive will be spoken about. I do take on ideas, but at the end of it, it is my story.



As I raced up the stairs and locked the door, all I could think about was Taylor. I didnt know what was going to happen to happen to him, and with the look on Christians face I could tell he was scared. There was blood on the floor and all over Christians hands, and with me never fending well with blood, I felt sick. And the thought that someone had been in my home and doing this to someone that was apart of my family, made my stomach turn more. I hated that someone had come into my place of warmth, and caused all this termoil. This was supposed to be the place where I felt safe and like I could be myself, but now it was alien to me. As soon as I saw Christians face and all that blood, I knew things would never be the same. I felt like the breath had been punched out of me and there was no way that I could catch it again. But I needed to do what Christian had asked me; I needed to call from help. Taylor's life depended on me not letting my emotions getting in the way. I couldnt fail him now, not after how well he has treated me; even from the start. After calling for help, I was put on hold and told to wait until help arrived. I knew they wouldnt be long and as I heard the distant ringing, I hoped that Taylor would be ok. Pacing the room, our room, who would have thought that now this place was tainted. Before, it would be the place I felt most loved, a place most myself and now it felt different. Like at any moment some stranger would jump out of the shadows and hurt me and the ones I loved. Its was like a darkness had engulfed every corner, and was stealing my happiness.

While I was pacing, the hair on the back of my neck stood up. It was like that feeling of someone watching your back and even though your eyes couldnt see, your body sensed an intruder. Then suddenly heard the line go dead, like someone had dis-connected. As I turned around, I saw someone standing there, in the doorway to the bathroom. She. The intruder was a woman, and than everything clicked, the note, Taylor, everything. She wasnt here to tell him of her love. She was here to get rid of the competion. I was the competion and in her mind, I must be the only thing standing in between her and her happy life with Christian. If things were different, I could be her. If Christian had swept me aside, I could see myself turning to a version of her. Im sure there where many woman out there wondering aimlessly because they wanted Christians heart. But I had been lucky, he had decided that he wanted me in his life and began to understand his love for me too. But it so easily could have been me, and that thought made me more concerned. Looking at her, it was like I was looking into a mirror. I had to admit she was beautiful, more beautiful than I ever was. And it made me wonder why he had choosen me. She had long brown hair that flowed past her shoulders, pale skin and was obviously thinner than I was. She had a bigger bust, and wore nothing but black; tight figure hugging tights and singlet. She wore a necklace with a ring attacted through it.

"Who are you?"

"Who am I? Honey, please stop talking if your going to ask such dumb questions."

Its hard to believe that she was ever a sub. There was something about her that just screamed dominance. She could walk into a room and own it, easily. I still hadnt gained that confidence even though Christian was helping with that. He had been wanting me to see myself the way he saw me, and I was loving the attention. But with her standing there all beautiful and assertive, I could see that I had a long way to go. There she stood, smiling at me. It was a sinister smile, the one that made me feel like something bad was coming and there was nothing I could do about it. I knew there would be no reasoning with her, she wasnt here to talk. She was here for him, and I knew that no matter what I said or how much I begged, she would not leave until she got what she came for.


"Wow, your not as dumb as I thought. Here I was thinking that you had no idea who I was, but obviously Christian has told you about our plans."

"No he hasnt told me anything. In fact the first time I heard of you was just tonight."

Her smile faltered a little and a sneer took is place. She walked over to me, and even though I felt as though I should be cowering in the corner, I wouldnt give her the satisfaction. I wouldnt let her know that I was so scared, that the thought of her being here made my skin crawl. I stood there with more confidence than I had, as she approached. And within a second I felt pain running through my cheek. She had slapped me with the back of something hard and metalic. The pain was so intense, that it blurred my vision and I stumbled back until I hit the base of the bed. The second hit, hurt more than the first and I could feel my skin burning and swelling. I could feel my eye ballooning and it wouldnt be long before I couldnt see out of my left eye at all. Then with great force she pushed me on to the bed, and sat on my chest. At first I started to fight her off, kicking an thrashing. But when she raised the gun to my head, I went deadly silent. Funny I should die in a place where love and laughter grew. Looking into her eyes, I could see there was nothing there. There was no soul lingering there or an emotion that would stop her from continueing. Even though she weighed little, the pressure of her on my chest, made it hard to breath.

"Listen here. You may not know, but it doesnt make it not true. He is mine and your just in the way. Christian feels the same, but he is too much of a good person to let you know. What he sees in you I will never know."

She was pushing the gun to my forehead so hard, and I knew that with any slight movement, I would be done. And I would have done nothing with my life. I wouldnt have spent my life with Christian making memories, I wouldnt have travelled the world and been to places I had only imagined exsisted, and I wouldnt have had a family that I always wanted. I would just be gone, and there would be nothing left behind but student loans and a name. It wasnt fair, I had so much more living to do and it seemed that I wouldnt be able to live it. But more than that, I wanted to be able to see Christian again. I didnt want to die, with the last thing we talked about was him sleeping with someone else. I couldnt leave this world without telling him that I loved him and that no matter what we went through or how much the world put obsticles in our path, that it would be just us two. And that I loved him, with all his flaws. If I lived through this, I would try. I would forget the reason I left, I would forget his past and all that came with it because there would nothing more important than us.

"Listen here you bitch, he doesnt love you. And the fact that he is here with you only tells me and everyone else that he is just pitying you. Your nothing compared to the women he has had and your nothing compared to me. Oh, the fun we had when we fucked, over and over. He couldnt get enough of me, and he never will. You need to stop thinking that anything will change and that he will change. He may be a little saint now, but believe me he was nothing but the devil when he was mine. I will let you live, but believe me when I say, you need to clear off. You think I dont know everything about him and what his next move will be. I know everything about him, and you will never be enough. If you dont leave, and leave soon, I will come back and break your pretty face."

Suddenly there was banging on the door and it sounded like it was about to break open.


"Such a good actor he is. There is no where you can go that I wont find you. He doesnt want you. Such a good liar he is, you think he cant lie to you? If your here, the next time I check on you, your dead. And we'll fuck on grave."

And with that she was retreating. Standing at bed, she signaled me to sit up, and took a cable tie out of her pocket quickly. Tightening the tie around my wrists, I felt my hands lockedd together. Just as the door sounded like it was about to break, she took my face in her hands, and looked into my eyes. Her eyes were like mine and mine were like hers. In then her lips where on mine. Her breath on mine, and tounge invading my mouth.

"Remember what I said, I will always be able to find you."

And then she was gone; disappearing into the bathroom again. And I was left there speachless. I could hear Christian on the other side of the door, banging and screaming for me to open the door, but I couldnt move. My head was throbbing and I could hardly see anything that wasnt a couple inches away from my face. I could hear ringing in my head, and somewhere in the back of my mind, my brain was trying to figure out what the hell that was. She kissed me, but for what reason. Then like a ton of bricks, I felt it. It was like she violated me, like she took something away from me, and yet she didnt even really try to. It was like she took away a peice of me and I hated that she had it. I could still feel her lips on mine and still smell her around me and when the door finally slam open and he was here. I could feel he was furious. But that didnt matter, my head still was spinning.


Then he was there looking at me and I couldnt look at him even if I could. My left eye was so swollen that I couldnt even see anymore. He was touching my face and for the first time that I returned that I didnt want him to touch me. It wasnt because I didnt want him next to, because I knew that more than anything I wanted him to wrap his arms around me and never let me go, but more than that I was scared; scared that she was watching me and knowing all. That somewhere out there, there was some truth to what she was saying to me.

"Oh baby. Your face... what... happened..."

"Isnt it obvious, she hit me, twice. I think it was with a gun. Its not as bad as it looks."

His face has furious and tearing at the same time. After cutting the cable, I could see the police officers walking out of the bathroom with a look of deflection. I knew they wouldnt find her, she wouldnt be there and she would win. She would always know where I was and I would never have a moment when she wouldnt be walking with me. And even more than that, I didnt want what she said to be true. The way he looked at me, told me that he loved me, but I couldnt help but think about more I didnt know. There had been plenty of times when he was away on buisness, but I always trusted him.

"Baby, look at me."

"Im fine Christian."

"Baby, I promise you. I will find her and she will pay. Please baby, look at me."

"Christian, I just want to go to my apartment and sleep."

"Ana, you will be staying with me ok."

"Please, just let me go."

Standing up I swayed a little bit I walked out of the room and didnt look back. Before I was out of earshot I heard Christian and a police officer talking.

"Sir, there was a video."

"Give it here. No matter what you find her, or its your job. And you dont say a thing to her. She has been through enough. You dont speak to her unless Im there. Im in control. She needs me."

And I was too sleepy to care. After going to the second bathroom, cleaned up as much as I could and called a cab. I left a note on the that infamous table. The irony was not lost to me.

Hey Christian.

I know you said to stay with you but I just couldnt. And your busy with the search, so I didnt want to get in the way. I called a cab, and I will go straight to my apartment, and Ethan will be there, so I wont be alone. I havent had a chance to call Elliot or Kate so I dont know where they are, so if you could call them and tell them whats going on would be great. Also, I wanted to see your mum tomorrow about my eye, so if you could orginise that would be good.

Please dont worry, I just needed some space to sleep peacfully. I love you, but we need to talk, about everything. And I want to see that video.

Yours Ana.

On the cab ride, all I could think about was Taylor. I knew I was being selfish not sticking around to find out what happened with him, but I couldnt stand it there. And even though everything was "over" it wasnt over for me. It was still playing out in my head over and over again. He had slept with her, he had admitted that. But was there more? She must believe it or she wouldnt have done what she did. If there was more, I dont think that I could last. I had left once and it nearly killed me, and if there was more than he was saying I dont think I would survive. I was begining to trust him again, and I didnt want to loose that; much less lose that to her. And in the back of my mine, I knew it was me who had everything to lose. I had my life and my heart on the line, and it felt like everyone around was gambling with my stakes not their own.

Arriving outside of my apartment, I couldnt help but look over my shoulder. It was like I could not help but think she was there watching me, making sure that her threat was felt. I was feeling it, and with every second outside I felt like she was walking closer smiling the way she did just before. With shaky hands I opened the door and shut it, before sinking against the wood. I immediately felt better.

"You know, I know this is your apartment, but you cant just come here when your drunk Steele."

Looking up I saw Ethan in nothing more than his boxer shorts. If he was anyone else, I would have thought he was hot, but he was my best friends brother there was a little bit of the eww factor. When he saw my face, I saw the shock there. He than sunk to the floor with me and wrapped me in his arms. He must have thought something happened to me; well something did happen to me. He picked me up and brought me to the bathroom.

"Ana, what happened? Did he do this?"

Of course thats what he thought had happened. It was normal conclusion for anyone to come to. When a girl comes to her estranged home early in the morning, looking like she was smacked up by some guy the night before, the best friends brother usually jumps to the one conclussion. But the way he was looking at me, I knew he cared. We had known each other nearly our whole lives and there where many things we could say to each other without having to say anything. I got both a best friend and a brother.

"No, his ex-girlfriend did. Its such a long story. Do you mind if I hang out here today?"

"Well I just checked my planner and it looks like I dont have to work, so we are gonna hang out like old times. Did you want me to call Kate?"

"No. I just wanna hang with you."

"Good. Go for a shower and I will cook us something to eat. I hear that stupid TV show you like has a marathon on right now, so we can watch that while you tell me what happened to you."

It was that easy and if I had a normal life it would be this easy all the time had I not fallen in love with the most wanted man in the world.

"And Ana, you need me Im here. And I have no problem with smacking a bitch."