30 Worlds, Episode IV: "Waverly Place Pandemonium"

by William "Blissey" Raymer

Based on the Disney Channel television series Wizards of Waverly Place

Created by Todd J. Greenwald

Featuring special appearances from the characters

"Ralph," "Fix-It Felix, Jr.," "Sgt. Tamora Calhoun" and "Vanellope von Schweetz"

from the Walt Disney Pictures motion picture Wreck-It Ralph

Screenplay by Phil Johnston and Jennifer Lee

Story by Rich Moore, Phil Johnston and Jim Reardon

"Scarlet" character taken from the Sofia the First story "The Scarlet Warrior"

Written by jakevoronkov1

Historian's Note: This story takes place one year after the 2013 Disney Channel television special The "Wizards" Return: Alex vs. Alex.

In our last episode, the crew of the Enterprise arrived in the World of Shake It Up, where the Key was the friendship between three dancers on Shake It Up, Chicago, a popular teen-oriented dance TV show. The three friends—Raquel "Rocky" Blue, Cecelia "CeCe" Jones and Tinka Hessenheffer—had become strained following Rocky's not being re-cast on Shake It Up, Chicago following a fire that destroyed the show's set.

The fire was revealed to have been caused by Tinka's twin brother, Gunther, who had been forced to set the fire by the Army of Inter-Universal Chaos, who had kidnapped Tinka and Gunther's parents. During an A.I.C. attack on the Shake It Up, Chicago set, Rocky risked her life to ensure that the show's cast and staff were safe.

As a result, Rocky was given her old spot on the Shake It Up, Chicago cast back by the show's new producers. Rocky, CeCe and Tinka joined the crew of the Enterprise as their mission moved on to the World of Wizards of Waverly Place.

However, they were not the only new members of the crew from their visit to the World of Shake It Up: Sofia's childhood friend and mentor, Princess Scarlet of Cinnibar, joined the crew out of a sense of loyalty to both William and Sofia.

That is where this episode begins...


On the Bridge of the Enterprise, Princess Scarlet of Cinnibar watched as the waves of dimensional energy cleared on the viewscreen. "Princess Scarlet, we have reached the specified interphase coordinates," the voice of E.R.I.N., the Enterprise's artificial intelligence system said.

"Thanks, E.R.I.N.," Scarlet said. "Princess Scarlet to Sofia and William. We have arrived in the World of Wizards of Waverly Place."

"On my way, Scarlet," William Edwards said. "Same here, old friend," Princess Sofia of Enchancia said. Scarlet stood from the command chair and watched as the Earth of this world spun on the viewscreen. "E.R.I.N., please inform Phineas, Ferb, Isabella and Candace to report to the Bridge for briefing," she said.

"Acknowledged," E.R.I.N. said. The doors slid open, revealing William and Sofia. Moments later, Phineas Flynn, Ferb Fletcher, Phineas' sister Candace Flynn and Phineas' girlfriend, Isabella Garcia-Shapiro joined them.

"William, shouldn't we also have our newest crewmembers join us too?" Scarlet said. "Of course. Thank you for reminding me, Scarlet," William said. "E.R.I.N., if you would?" "Understood, William. Rocky, CeCe, Tinka, this is E.R.I.N. Please report to the Bridge for world mission briefing," E.R.I.N. said.

A few minutes later, Raquel "Rocky" Blue, Cecelia "CeCe" Jones and Tinka Hessenheffer stepped onto the Bridge. "Now that we're all here, we can begin," William said. "E.R.I.N., engage Briefing Mode." The blue hologram of E.R.I.N.'s humanoid simulation appeared on the Bridge as its lights dimmed.

"Everyone, our mission here in the World of Wizards of Waverly Place is not as simple as the missions in the first three worlds," E.R.I.N. began. "But we do know that the Key is this person."

A second projection formed next to E.R.I.N. "Meet Alex Russo. One year ago, she sacrificed her powers to stop an evil wizard and the evil half of her personality from taking over the world. However, her powers were restored by the Crystals of Justice, who said that her sacrifice was proof that she was mature enough to handle being the Russo Family Wizard, which she had just become three months before," E.R.I.N. said.

"Our mission, therefore, is to examine if that maturity has been maintained through the year since that incident," E.R.I.N. said. "We are then to report to the Crystals of Justice what we have discovered."

"Then, let's let them know that we're here," William said. "E.R.I.N., revert to Normal Mode. Scarlet, hail the Crystal Cave."

"Yes, William," Scarlet said as she moved back to the Tactical station. "Channel is open." "Crystals of Justice, this is the dimensional defense ship Enterprise, William Edwards commanding. Please respond," William said.

The forward view on the viewscreen switched to the interior of the Crystal Cave. "It's about time you got here," the red formation said. "I'm sorry, but we had a lot to handle in the last world we visited," William said.

"We understand," the green formation said. "We are prepared to examine Alex Russo's progress as you and my master, Yen Sid, requested," William said.

"Proceed, and good luck. We await your final report," the green formation said. "Thank you," William said. "Enterprise, out."

The viewscreen reverted to the forward view of Earth spinning in the silence of space. "Scarlet, Tinka, Sofia, with me. Phineas, you have the conn," William said. Phineas sat in the command chair as William, Tinka, Scarlet and Sofia left the Bridge.