30 Worlds, Episode IV: "Waverly Place Pandemonium"


Before we begin this chapter, I have something to get off my chest.

jakevoronkov1 really blindsided me with his metamorphosis of The Scarlet Warrior into what we now know as The Scarlet Saga. However, he and I have been collaborating together so much on the 30 Worlds series so far that, in a way, I should have seen it coming.

Good luck, and I'm looking forward to working with you more in your new endeavor.

-William Raymer

William, Sofia, Scarlet and Tinka resolved from the Enterprise transporter in an alley next to the Astaire Building, an apartment building where Alex Russo and her best (and mortal) friend Harper Finkle lived.

"The good thing about our mission in this world is that we don't have a cover identity beyond our being sent here by the Crystals of Justice," William said to Sofia as the four walked out of the alley. "Indeed, William," Sofia said. "When we were in the World of Shake It Up, it was quite difficult at times to maintain our cover."

William put on his sunglasses and tapped a control. On the display, a list of the Astaire Building's tenants appeared, zooming in on the entry for Alex and Harper. "Alex and her roommate live in Apartment 53-E, on the fifth floor," William said as he removed his sunglasses.

"Let's go then," Tinka said. William nodded in silent agreement then led them into the building.

In their apartment, Alex Russo was cooking lunch for her and Harper. "Sure smells good...whatever it is that you're making," Harper said. "It's a dish Mason taught me," Alex said. "Hopefully, you'll like it. I sure do."

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Alex said. "We've been sent by the Crystals of Justice. Please let us enter," the voice on the other side called out. Alex shared a look of concern with Harper. "Just a moment," Alex said.

"What's going on?" Harper asked. "I don't know," Alex said as she moved to the door. "I haven't done anything irresponsible recently."

Alex opened the door, revealing William, Sofia, Scarlet and Tinka. "Alex, my name is William Edwards. These are Princesses Sofia and Scarlet, along with Tinka Hessenheffer. May we come in?" William asked. "Sure," Alex said.

As William, Sofia, Scarlet and Tinka walked, Alex cautiously asked, "So, you were sent by the Crystals?"

"Don't worry, Alex," William said. "We're actually here for another reason—the Crystals are just a cover story."

"What do you mean?" Alex asked. Tinka spoke at a gesture from William. "William has been traveling to various worlds to find the one person or group of people that, when combined with the Keys from the other worlds, will save the multiverse," she said.

"A group calling themselves the Army of Inter-Universal Chaos is attempting to take over the multiverse, and we've been actively trying to stop them," Scarlet said. "Alex, you are the Key from this world."

"How do you know that I am?" Alex said. "Why not my brother?" "Justin has had an impact on this world, to be sure," Sofia said. "However, it is you and you alone that possesses the qualities of the Key."

"I see," Alex said. "Sorry, Harper, but it seems that I must handle this alone." "I understand," Harper said. "Do what you need to do." The two friends hugged before Alex joined William, Sofia, Scarlet and Tinka.

William raised his communicator to his lips. "William to Enterprise. CeCe, five to beam up." Harper watched as her best friend dissolved in the Enterprise transporter. "Be safe," she whispered.


Note: Yeah, I know this chapter is short, but this is another of those transitional chapters going from arc to arc. The real meat and potatoes of this story begins next time.