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Humphrey's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. It was blaring as loud as it could making me jolt out of my bed.

"What the hell!" I yelled as I rolled out of bed with this unpleasant surprise. I unraveled myself from my sheets and stood up. As I did I could feel my body ache. I went over and turned the clock off. My ears were still ringing after it was shut down.

"Damn it John!" (John was a black wolf with red accents on his sides and head. And has red eyes.) I yelled when I saw that it was only 5:30. I went down the stairs to eat breakfast only to see John eating breakfast already. I was really angry now.

"What the fuck bro!" I yelled yelled as i came down the

"Calm your tits, we have school today." He repleied

"Shit!" I yelled

General POV

"Its gonna be our first day at our new school so I want it to go well. That means don't pick a fight with anybody." John said as he brought the spoon with cereal into his mouth.

"I won't TRY to get in a fight with anyone." They shared a short laugh and began to go to the downstairs part of their house. They lived alone after there parents were killed in a car crash when a freight truck pushed them into the woods. They sued the company for loss of life and made bank. The two brothers shared a large stash of cash that they kept in the houses safe. They only used it for very special occasions, because they got money from the government and had part time jobs. As they got downstairs Humphrey and John put some music on the stereo system and began to work out. They had a bench and some weights and a machine that had just about every single motion.( you know those weird ones.) They also had a pull up bar and a punching bag. This equipment was all in the basement, which had 2 rooms this one being the workout room. After an hour of a good work they got out protein shakes and went upstairs.

"Im gonna go take a shower" Humphrey said

"Don't use all the hot water. I got to take one too you know."John said back.

"What was that?" Humphrey said trying to annoy his brother

"You heard me!" John yelled annoyed

Humphrey then got in the shower and turned on the water. He thoroughly washes himself so he can get the bad smell of his body. He used shampoo and after that he was done. He then put on a tee-shirt that was all black and red and black camo pants. After John did the same in the other bathroom, he put on plain cargo pants and a blue shirt. After the clock showed that it is 8:00.

"We should head to school now." Humphrey said

"Do we walk or take the car?" John asked

"Car. We want to be classy on our first day, at our new school." He replied

"Im driving then." John stated

"Fine by me." Humphrey said as they got into the car and drove off to school. They drove a Nissan GTR that belonged to their dad before he died. Nothing to classy, but man can it go. On their way they played music and talked about how things were "gonna happen". They arrived at the school at 8:10 so they had 20 minutes until class started. They got out of their car and headed into the and John went to find their lockers when they ran into a black colored wolf with the orange eyes.

"Sorry about that. WAIT. I haven't seen you two before." The black wolf said.

"Yeah were new here." Humphrey said reaching out his hand-paw.

"I'm Sebastion." The black wolf said as he shook his hand,

"I'm Humphrey and this is John, my older brother." Humphrey said as John shook Sebastion's hand.

"Since we are new and you seem like a nice guy can you tell us everything we need to know so we don't end up at the bottom of a pile of people we pissed off, or accidentally running into the girls locker room."

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