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General POV

Humphrey and John walked down the hallway to there first class of the day. Humphrey held his side as he walked, because he still felt the blow to his side. He and John were slowly making there way through the english hall, on there way to the History. Then the second bell rang indicating that they were late.

"Shit! Mrs. Stewart is gonna mark us late." John said

"Sorry. Its not my fault." Humphrey replied. They then saw a wolf wandering around looking at his schedule like it was written in code. He obviously didn't know where his classes were.

"Hey. You lost? Humphrey asked the wandering wolf. Humphrey noticed he had grey fur, much like his own. He had vivid green eyes and was built about the same as him. He was wearing grey shorts and a grey shirt with a green stripe down the middle.

"Yeah, Im looking for History with Mrs Stewart. Would you possibly know where that is? The wolf asked

"Yes, in fact we were just on our way. By the way my name is John and this is my brother Humphrey." John said as they both extended a paw and shook hands.

"I'm Carson, nice to meet you." Carson said as the three of them shook paws.

"Follow us." Humphrey said and they were soon in class

"Why are you late boys?' Mrs Stewart asked as the boys walked to the open seats in the back.

"We had to show Carson where to go." Humphrey said as he took his seat. The rest of the class went by pretty fast. Humphrey and John and Carson were taking notes the whole class and were begging it to be over. But he and John would always look up to look at Kate and Lilly. Near the end of class, Kate and Lilly fell asleep. Humphrey and John smiled at how cute they thought they looked as they slept. They wished that they could look at that image forever. But soon the bell rang and they went to their looker to get their things for math. When they got there they saw Sebastion talking to Katelyn. Katelyn was looking at Sebastion with a smile. You could tell that she was either really into what Sebastion was saying, or really into him.

"Hey Sebastion," Humphrey said trying to get his attention as he walked towards him

"I got to go now." Katelyn said in a hushed tone as she walked away to her locker. Sebastion turned to the boys looking at them with a 'come on look'

"Thanks a lot you guys. You had to scare her away." Sebastion said frustrated with Humphrey and John because they scared away his "girlfriend". But not really because they couldn't even kiss without everyone getting upset, so they decided to keep it a secret.

"Ah ha. I knew there was something going on with you and her." Humphrey said as his suspicions were now real.

"Yeah ok your right, but shut up about. You can't tell anyone. I mean anyone! ok boneheads." Sebastion said in a hushed, but serious tone.

"Your secret is safe with us" Humphrey said as he and John simultaneously zipped there lips and threw away the key. This made Sebastion laugh for a few seconds, because it seemed like they had practiced before. They noticed that Carson's locker was right across from theirs, and since he was new and they were new, John decided to be out reaching

"Hey Carson. Would you guys want to come with us to lunch today?" John asked their new classmate put away his stuff into his locker and got out other books.

"Uhhh…sure. But is it ok if I catch a ride with one of you? I don't have a car yet." Carson said looking down, a little embarrassed that he didn't have a car.

"We both have some room. When lunch period starts meet us in the front parking lot." Humphrey said as he and John got their books for math.

"Ok see you then." Carson said as the four boys split up to go to their different classes. John and Humphrey went to math. As the boys walked to math, still a bit slow, they found where the the library is and where the computer room was. They walked into math and sat at the back again. And got ready for a boring class. As class started and the bell rung they discovered that their teacher was kinda off in the head. After 15 minutes of creepy stories about his kids, he got on to the lesson and assigned class work to see who was the smartest in his class.

5 minutes later

"Aaaaaaaand done." Humphrey said as finished his work. "John you almost done?"

"Let me…..then I…..Yeah I'm done." John replied as he did the last steps to his problem. The teacher looked up and saw that they were finished and told them they had the rest of the class off. Humphrey and John just sat there looking up every now and then at Kate and Lilly. They,like everyone else, were having trouble on their problems.

"Ugh. This is so annoying. You know this Lilly" Kate asked her sister who had a concentration face on. This made John start to giggle at how cute-funny she looked.

"No" Lilly replied to her sister, "but I think they do." Lilly said looking over at the brothers.

"OK lets ask, but don't get flirty Lilly." Kate said with a serious face

"Flirty! Kate don't take me as some slut that will cheat on my boyfriend just becuase I talk to other guys!" Lilly said angrily

"Hey bro, what you think their talking about." John asked,

"I don't know, but its funny to watch them yell at each other." Humphrey said as he smiled watching them

"Lets just ask." Kate finally decided. "Hey Humphrey" Kate said looking back at him and John."Could you guys help us with these problems." The brothers were glad to help with anything they needed

"Sure. What are you having trouble with Kate? Humphrey asked eager to help

"Numbers 20 through 25. We get close but we always mess up on one step, and we can't figure out what it is."

"Ok…..lets see here…." Meanwhile

"Hey John. Could you help me on number 30. I dont know where to start." Lilly said as she walked over to where she was crouching next to him.

"Ok…well you start with the variable and then move over to the…(A bunch of boring stuff) and then all you have to do is subtract." John said as he explained how to do the problem to Lilly. "Now you try the next one." Lilly started to work on the next problem as Humphrey was helping Kate.

"You messed up when you were dividing. See right there." Humphrey said as he pointed out Kate's mistake.

"Oh. How did I mess that up?" Kate said semi angry at herself and a little embarrassed

"Just a simple division error. But besides that your perfect." Humphrey said not realizing what he said. Kate giggled a little right as the bell rang and then said

"Thanks for the help Humphrey." In a semi playful tone as she walked away swaying her hips. She saw Humphrey wide eyed as the took a quick glance back. She giggled and then thought 'He is a good looking nerd'

"Thanks John for all the help. I really appreciate it." Lilly said thankful for the help

"No need to thank me. I wanted to help." John replied to Lilly. Lilly then noticed how the red streaks on the side of his face perfectly complimented his black fur. And his red eyes, that weren't as vicious as they first appeared were warm and welcoming. She was staring at him for a few seconds until she realized what she was doing and said

"I got to go." and with that Lilly hurried out of the room.

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