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This is basically Frodo's thoughts while sailing.

As the white birds flew past our ship I thought of my adventure with the Nine Walkers.

When I was little, Uncle Bilbo used to tell me of his travels with the Dwarves. I relished those nights; sitting by the fire listening to his vivid descriptions of the fight with trolls, wondering if I would ever have an adventure of my own. Now I have, and it's not so great after all. The fierce fights and suspenseful moments aren't as exciting as you might think. Rather, they scar you; turning you into a person you'd rather not be.

When I look back, I wish Bilbo had never given me the Ring. That way, I could remain in the Shire, peaceful and safe. Maybe I could have let Aragorn or Legolas take the Ring to Mordor. What if they would have destroyed it faster? Maybe more lives would have been saved, more children would have their parents, more widows would have their husbands, and more people wouldn't have the scars they have today.

Sam tells me it is useless to think like this, and he's right. I did the best I could, I fought the fight, I ran the race, and I won.

Ah! Faithful Sam. As we left the dock, he looked me straight in the eye and said, "Mister Frodo. We didn't do all that bad did we?" and I can't help but agree.

My shoulder twitches painfully, Lord Elrond did the best he could and I am grateful to him, but he said it will never heal until we reach Valinor, the blessed realm that I have been so graciously allowed to live in. It will be strange, living among thousands of Elves with only Bilbo to remind me of home, but their will be many wonders to see and many heroes to meet.

The birds turn gracefully, reminding me of the gulls near Gondor that entranced Legolas so. Their white wings shine in the sun and their enchanting calls echo around the ship.

As the white birds fly, my soul soars.