The Secretly Dominant Canadian:
Published: October 7th, 2013
Disclaimer: I don't own Hetalia
Word Count: ~1018 (Not counting Author's notes)

Chapter 1 out of 2+:

Sure, outside the bedroom Canada was meek and quiet. Inside the bedroom he took control, and Prussia had no issue being on the receiving end of it. It only took him a few minutes to become putty into the secretly dominant man's hands. Not that he would ever admit that to anyone, and he almost always tried to put up a show as though he was trying to fight for dominance.

"Gil, today I don't want you to do anything, okay?" Matthew said, looking straight into the scarlet-eyes of the man he was pinning down to the bed.

"Okay Birdie," he answered, not quite sure where the other man was going, but liking it anyway.

Matthew put a finger over the pinned man's lips, "I mean anything, that includes talking. I want to hear the lovely sounds you make when you aren't talking, so no words. Unless you're screaming my name of course."

Gilbert nodded, eyes wide.

"Good," the Canadian said, claiming the other nations lips.

Prussia lost all will to try to dominate Matthew when the other growled into the kiss, forcing his tongue into the albino's mouth, exploring the wet cavern passionately and relentlessly. Moaning into the kiss, Gilbert almost lost it when Matthew started sucking on his tongue. The slight whimpering sound he made when Canada broke the kiss was unawesome enough for him to try to muffle any other sound his traitorous mouth made while Matthew started to assault his neck, biting, sucking, and licking.

Noticing the albino's attempts to keep silent, Matthew licked his way up Gilbert's ear, and said, with his voice slightly deeper from lust, "Gil, the next time you keep yourself from moaning for me you'll regret it, okay?"

That comment turned the albino on even more, and the pain of his jeans chafing against his arousal increased. Not just because of what the Canadian said, but that he knew Canada meant every word of it, even if it he still said it in his usual soft tone.

Prussia moaned as Matthew nipped at the shell of his ear as his knowing hands ghosted over the pale-skinned man's chest, his every touch causing him to tremble and almost beg for more, but he didn't want to find out what Canada had threatened. If he was lucky, Matthew would bring out The Box, if he was unlucky, Matthew would just stop, tie the Prussian to the bed and leave him there (it had happened before).

Going back to reclaim the moaning lips, he started the kiss as slowly an sweetly, licking and nibbling on the albino's bottom lip. Giving the order in the form of a question, knowing that Gilbert knew that one way or another Matthew was getting his tongue in the Prussian's mouth. However, Gilbert was going to go for one last defiance, taking what the Canadian had said literally, and chose to not open his mouth.

Noticing the mischief in Gilbert's eyes, Matthew growled again, not wanting to waste his time forcing his tongue into the Prussian's mouth again, and he wanted to show Gilbert that he was the one leading, and that the albino was the one expected follow. He pulled back from the kiss, eyes scolding the man below him, but since the man had not technically disobeyed, he couldn't punish him. Yet.

Gilbert's eyes widened when the Canadian pulled back, surprised, and slightly concerned for his own well-being. It was in this time of deep thought, filled with the fight or flight response, that he didn't realize his shirt was discarded, to somewhere in the room where it didn't interfere anymore, until he felt his nipple being tweaked, hard. Voicing a sound that was a combination of a moan and a gasp, his mouth opened, and Matthew took that as an invitation to invade.

He wasn't going to go sweet and gentle at all this time, he wanted his lover begging for more, and eventually begging for release.

He quickly tilted the ruby-eyed man's head so that he could deepen the kiss. Moan after moan spilled into the kiss as Gilbert's mouth was ravished by the lilac-eyed man's experienced tongue, exploring every crevice as if it had not mapped out the wet cavern several times before.

Breaking the kiss, Matthew gave the man panting underneath him a moment to refill his lungs before going back and basically fucking the albino's mouth with his tongue, showing no mercy and giving no chance for rebellion of any sort.

Releasing the Prussian from the kiss once more, the Canadian slowly trailed his tongue down the shivering man until he reached his collarbone. He started sucking and nippy the area, a twinkle of amusement shining in his otherwise lust-filled eyes when Gilbert leaned tilted his neck, giving the man's mouth a larger canvas to cover and fill with the marks, sucking and biting until he was sure each one was going to last for a long time.

He couldn't help but smile when he leaned back, Gilbert was a hot moaning mess and they'd barely even started. He'd have to get Gilbert to try to stop his moans again, or he'd never last. He never did unless The Box got involved, and the thought made him smirk at the possibilities.

He went back up once more to the man's swollen lips, meeting no resistance when he tried to enter the man's mouth once more, relishing in the taste, they'd had pancakes for breakfast and the lingering taste Matthew had not noticed before in his haste had him sucking on the man's tongue, then running it along the albino's upper palette, swallowing every moan that was given to him, and giving a few in return.

Stopping to take a breath, the seductive man leaned up and licked the shell of the quivering man's ear.

"Gilly, you don't want to finish before we even get started, do you?" Gilbert remained quiet, knowing he was not actually meant to speak. The skill of picking up those signs took some time, some pain, and a decent amount of abstinence until he figured it out.

"Let's get started, shall we?"

To be continued!

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