Chapter 4 out of 5: Beg Me for It
Word Count: 1,422
Published: 11/6/2013

Prussia took the fingers into his mouth, licking them as lewdly as he could, threading his tongue through the pale fingers, occasionally flicking it over the pads. He was hoping the Canadian would take pity on him and stop the foreplay and just get to it. As his tongue slid around the fingers, he made sure not to swallow, not wanting to lose the saliva and have it take longer, or have the Canadian almost take him dry.

'Not that that would really be a bad thing,' he thought as he wiggled, trying to get whatever friction he could. He felt as though he was going to burst, the cock ring continuing to keep him from the climax he desperately desired.

He closed his eyes under the blindfold, there was no reason to keep them open. He tried to focus on the fingers in his mouth instead of the torturous feather light patterns traced along his cock and the occasional jerk by the Canadian's other hand, releasing the occasional whimper around the fingers when his weak spots got attacked by the skilled hand.

Canada knew he wasn't going to be able to restrain himself much longer as he drank in the site before him, the tousled white hair, sweat coated pale skin, handcuffs slightly biting into the other nation's wrists as they strained against the silver handcuffs, and the black blindfold that was slowly starting to slip down.

Prussia whined, he had accidentally swallowed when Canada jerked his cock hard, stripping Canada's fingers of the saliva he had worked so hard to apply, knowing he would have to start again. He whimpered as the Canadian removed the fingers before he could add more spit to them, wondering if the younger nation meant to take him with such little lubrication, if spit could be called that in the first place.

"I guess I have to do it myself," Matthew said, and the Prussian visibly relaxed. The albino mewed as the Canadian stopped all contact, torturing the nation below him. Prussia could only hear the lewd sounds that came from the Canadian's mouth as the man drenched his own fingers in saliva.

Prussia shook with anticipation when the sounds stopped, not knowing where the fingers were or even his lover's location.

The lilac eyed nation reached down and teased the Prussian's entrance with one of his fingers, making the other country squirm and try to thrust himself down.
"Please Mattie!"

Prussia gasped from pain and surprise when the Canadian roughly shoved the first finger in all the way, he had not expected his first plea to actually get him what he craved. He wasn't complaining, though it was uncomfortable, yet he couldn't help but revel in the slight stings of pain as the finger was roughly shoved in and out of his ass with no real rhythm.

Canada reached up and untied the blindfold with his spare hand, for even though when it was on it made the picture that much better, he wanted to see the lust and desperation in his partner's scarlet eyes. He paid no mind to where it landed as he threw it to the side.

Prussia's eyelids flickered open when he felt the blindfold removed, wincing slightly at the change in light, closing his eyes again. He slowly became accustomed to the finger thrusting and wiggling around inside of him, the uncomfortable feeling of being stretched was one he was use to.

The Canadian added a second finger before the Prussian was fully ready for it, becoming impatient. Je would have considered taking the other nation dry if he had not wanted to cause his lover too much pain. He smirked as lust-filled red eyes shot open and a moan slipped through pale lips.

The sharp sting of pain sent even more blood to the Prussians throbbing cock, and he would have sworn the cock ring got even smaller. He whined as he tried to thrust back down and get more of the Canadian's fingers inside him, but could not, limited by the handcuffs. He yanked at the handcuffs, trying to break them, even though he knew from experience he would be unable to.

"Stop," Canada told him halfheartedly, as he was getting harder by watching the Prussians struggles. He debated whether he should free the man, but chose to leave the handcuffs on.

Prussia gave the cuffs one last harsh tug, before giving in, accepting the fact that he wasn't going to get free by himself.

Canada chuckled as the albino continued to try to buck down even with the handcuffs. He licked his lips as the Prussians body greedily tried to suck his fingers farther in. Scissoring his two fingers, he made sure to fully prepare the other nation for the third finger, knowing the third tended to hurt the most.

As delicious as the Prussian looked with his hands cuffed to the bed post, Canada still chose to reach over and grab the key from the table next to the bed. He rotated himself sideways so that he could reach the cuffs as well as continue to finger the squirming man. He unlocked Prussia's hands, discarding the handcuffs in the same fashion as the blindfold.

Prussia was glad for his freedom, and immediately began to shove himself down onto the fingers inside of him, trying to pick up the pace. Shifting his hips to try to get the Canadian to hit his prostate, his hands tightly clenched the sheets, twisting the fabric in his hands.

He winced when Canada added a third finger despite the preparation, yet he reveled in the pain. He whined when Canada slowed to crawl, intentionally driving him insane with just three fingers. The albino continued to thrust down, trying to get the fingers farther inside, and take them faster to avoid having to deal with the slower pace. He was partly successful, and was still trying to angle his hips so that Canada would hit his prostate.

Prussia wanted the Canadian's cock, but the fingers at least were progress from all the teasing. His own cock continued to twitch as every touch caused him more delicious pain from the torturous ring that continued to prevent his release, not letting him drown in the pleasure that shook his entire body.

He stopped moving his fingers when he felt he once again found Prussia lost in thought, smirking as the albino continued to grind down onto his hand. The lewd display almost made the Canadian give in.

"Sometimes I'm not even sure you need me to be here," he whispered voice husky with lust. Pleasure-filled red eyes opened and the albino blushed, though he didn't stop. Smirking, he began to roughly thrust his fingers into the Prussian once more, continuing to pick up the pace, curling them slightly, contributing to the effort to find that one spot that would cause the other man to scream out in bliss.

"Please Mattie...,"the Prussian begged, wanting more, the fingers were no longer enough.

"Considering how obedient you've been, you can say whatever you'd like," the Canadian added, pretending to not have heard the other nation's plea. He said it knowing that most of what would be said from would be the other man begging for more.

"Pl-please," Gilbert moaned.

"Please stop? You want to stop?" Matthew asked, knowing what the Prussian really wanted, but he still pinned the Prussian's hips down and removed his fingers, stopping all movement. His self-control was about to disappear, but he wanted to hear those wanton moans for as long as possible before he switched them out for screams.

"Pl-please," the Prussian started, before turning his head to mumble into the mattress, "F-fuck me so hard that I c-can't walk tomorrow!"

The lilac-eyed man released the other albino's hips, only to moved up so that he was next to his lover's ear. "Must I remind you again to look at me when you beg?" he hissed, grabbing the pale chin, forcing the albino to look at him.

Prussia was about to respond when Canada started to grind against him, both of them releasing moans.

"What is it that you want?" Matthew asked, hand still gripping the albino's chin roughly, trying to keep himself from giving in before Gilbert would beg him for it as he continued to grind.

"Please fuck me into the mattress," he yelled, almost unable to say to Canada's eyes what he had been able to tell the mattress, and his face turned a deeper shade of red.

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