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She watched him out of amusement from the other side of the room. He stood in front of the mirror, attempting to tie his tie for what had to be the millionth time. He would almost get it correct, but mess up at the very end. He would then pull it apart and try again, more frustrated every time.

Finally she took pity on him, and crossed the room to him. He had just pulled his tie apart and was preparing to try again.

"Need any help?" She asked.

He turned to face her, a short brunette pointing towards his tie. When he didn't answer right away she took the tie from him anyways and began to tie it for him.

"What's the occasion?" She asked.

"Engagement party for my mom's friend. So, I'm here renting a suit," he answered. "What about you?"

"Does a girl need an excuse to buy a new dress?" She asked.

"I guess not," he responded. "I'm Finn."

"Hello, Finn. It's nice to meet you," she held out her hand for him to shake, which he did. "I'm Rachel."

"Rachel, it's nice to meet you too," he said. "And thanks for the help with the tie. It's kind of embarrassing to ask for help with that."

Rachel held up both of her hands. "No judgement."

He smiled at the girl, "I don't suppose you'd like to go and get some coffee or something?"

"That sounds great, but unfortunately I already have plans for the afternoon," Rachel said. "But next time we run into each other we will be sure to make plans."

"How do we know that we will see each other again?" Finn asked.

"We don't," Rachel said simply. "If we are meant to see each other again, we will. Don't you believe in fate? Destiny?"

"I guess I've never given it much thought."

"Well it's never too late to give it a chance!" Rachel said excitedly.

"Hopefully I'll see you around."

"Yeah, hopefully." He watched as she skipped back over to her previous spot on the other side of the room. She was intriguing. And he couldn't help but want to know more.

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