Hello fellow story writers and readers. I've come here with a new story, or the first chapter at least. This is a romance story between Ash and his childhood friend Serena but I haven't got to that part yet. Hopefully by the end of the month, I can have the more of the story done and up. Until then, please enjoy this chapter. And please do not sue, I do not own Pokemon or any characters in this story.

The New Destination

"Well you are welcome to come along if you would like Ash," was all the Alexa said. Standing in the Ketchum residence, a spare guest room to be more specific, Alexa was eyeing the place for any belongings of hers that she may have missed. Not too far from her was Ash standing across the room with Pikachu on the floor listening to the conversion the two humans were having.

"I don't know, I mean I just got back from an adventure. Cilan and Iris left to explore Kanto and my mom is glad that I'm finally home for once." Looking down in slight depression, Ash may have only separated from Cilan and Iris only a week ago, but he already misses them very much.

With a grin on her face, "Aww come on Ash, because of you I had so many experiences in the short time that I've known you." It's true, in the short time Alexa had been traveling with Ash, there have been numerous encounters with Team Rocket, a shiny Druddigon, and Clair just to name a few. She also appreciated Delia's hospitality as well as all of Pallet town's small town charm.

Simply listening to Alexa was enough for the raven haired trainer to become excited all over again.

In that moment, Ash's face came right back to life. "You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention. So where do I sign up for a trip to the Kalos region."

The Kalos native was astounded by Ash's quick rebound. It's as if he was an actor of some sort.

The yellow rodent couldn't contain his joy either.

"Pi Pikachu." By this time Pikachu tackled Ash showing the same amount of excitement of another adventure.

"No wonder these two are best friends." Just looking at Ash and Pikachu, anyone, even Alexa, could tell how close these two really were.

" Hahaha, hey come on buddy, I know you are excited as much as me, but I have to ask my mom first." And with that bombshell, Ash stood up off the carpet, with Pikachu on his favorite vantage point of course, and both left Alexa's room.

"Wow Ash, you sure are one of a kind." With that thought, Alexa headed out of the room turning off the lights on her way out.

Meanwhile we find Delia sitting by the sewing machine, Mr. Mime by her side.

"After seeing Alexa's Pokémon, there is no doubt Ash would want to travel again. It has only been a week and already I'm going to see him leave so soon. I wish he could stay longer but I can't keep him from growing up."

Over the years, Delia has become quite skilled at making clothes. Her stitching pattern easily rivals the best sewing machines around and no one has an eye for making odd colors match like she does. One could even say Delia can give fashion designers a run for their money.

"There all done. Hopefully Ash likes it."

"Mime, Mr. Mime." Also agreeing with Delia, Mr. Mime helped put away all of Delia's supplies.

"Now all that's left is for Ash to tell me when he plans on leaving." The thought of having her only child go away on another long journey was enough to bring to mom to tears. Sensing the sorrow of Ash's mom, Mr. Mime could only stand by trying his best to comfort Delia.

"I'm sorry Mr. Mime, it's just that Ash has grown up so much that he isn't a baby anymore. Sure he has always been independent, but now he is becoming a young man. I couldn't be any happier." Sure enough, she slowly stopped crying.

Not too long after, Alexa comes down the stairs. Seeing Ash's mom, she decides to make small talk.

"Hey Ms. Ketchum."

"Please call me Delia."

"Oh sorry about that Delia, I just wanted to thank you for all your help. You and Ash have shown me Kanto is full of wonderful people" Alexa stated.

"No problem and thank you for making my Ash visit home before going off to see his Pokémon at Professor Oak's lab."

"How did you kn…"

"As Ash's mother, I know how reckless he can be. I also know how hard-headed and hungry he usually is." The brown-haired mother only chuckled at the memories of her own son and his habits. Unknowingly, Alexa had the same thoughts as Delia and also let out a slight chuckle. Making eye-contact with Delia, they both let out a laugh at Ash's expense.

"Haha, wow Delia, you know Ash to well."

"Apparently you do too."

With that realization, the two women could only keep laughing.

Meanwhile outside, it's a bright and sunny day. Just a few clouds here and there with a nice breeze to cool off Pallet Town as the day goes on. On the road, Pallet Town's Pokémon master in training, along with his trusty Pikachu, can be found walking from his house towards the world famous Oak Laboratory.

"Are you ready Pikachu? It is another adventure of a life time and it is you and me against the world." Ash just couldn't contain his excitement.

"Pi Pika Pikachu." The rodent also shared his trainer's excitement by curling his hands into a fist throwing it in the air.

"YEA PIKACHU, now that's the spirit."


Their excitement however was short lived since Ash was busy expressing himself, the trainer didn't notice the fence approaching him.


Not noticing the 'Caution Electric Fence' sign, Ash was getting a healthy dosage of electricity. Pikachu, being an electric type, felt only a tickling sensation.

"Pika Pika!" The mouse was on the ground rolling around laughing, watching his trainer becoming tonight's dinner.


After having its laughter attack, Pikachu stood up and climbed onto the fence. He even jumped up and down touching all the wires and mocking his trainer at the same time.

"Oh yea, well you can forget about you bottle of ketchup tonight."

"Pika Pika Pikachu."

"Damn it I hate it when you can do that."

Professor Oak heard a commotion outside and went to check it out only to find Ash being shocked by the fence again.

"You would think after the third time he would learn." Putting that thought aside, mainly to prevent an outburst, the Pokémon Professor approached Ash from a safe distance from the fence.

"Oh hey Ashy my boy, how can I help you today."

"I just came here to say goodbye to all my Pokémon once again."

"I'll take it that you and Pikachu will be traveling again."

"Yes indeed."

"Can I ask where if it isn't too much of a problem?"

"The Kalos Region."

With the mention of Kalos Region, Professor Oak's face became expressionless. It was almost as if he didn't know how to react.

Putting on a fake smile and his signature cheerful voice,"Why you picked a fine place to travel to my boy. There are plenty of Pokémon native to Kalos that can't be found anywhere else in this world."

"Hhhmmm, Professor Oak did get a weird look on his face. Probably he was thinking about the fence." This thought brought Ash to ask Professor Oak a question.

"Why did you even add an electric fence?"

"Oh, that my boy is for protection."

"But my Pokémon are more than capable of protecting themselves and the ranch."

"Well it's more for protecting the outside world. You see many people wander around and when they see many rare Pokémon here, they try to catch them."

"But I still don't understand how it protects anything."

"In order for them to not get attacked by the many Tauros running around, I made it very painful for them to make contact with the fence."

Sweat-dropping at the thought, Ash knew how effective the fence really is. After being shocked three times by it, there is no way anyone would want to go near it. Shifting his train of thought, Ash began to speak. "Since Alexa is leaving tomorrow, my mom is planning on making a dinner for her and asked me to invite you."

"Why I would gladly accept the invite. Thanks and let me know if I can help in any way."

"My mom said just be there around six o'clock." With that said, Ash and Pikachu turned back in the direction of the house.

"Well buddy, the only person that I have to tell is my mom. I hope she won't take it to hard."

"Pik Pikachu." As soon as Pikachu stopped talked he quickly jumped off of Ash's shoulders and began his run back to the house.

"HEY, YOU NEVER SAID LETS RACE." Not too long after, the Kanto teen began running back, in full sprint after Pikachu, back to his house.

Time went on as the sky had an orange glow meaning the sun will be setting soon. Inside the Ketchum household, Delia was preparing the food along with Mr. Mime and Alexa. No matter how much Delia didn't want help, Alexa insisted. Delia was about done cooking while Alexa set the table up.

Elsewhere in the house, Ash and Pikachu are thinking back on their old adventures, old friends, and what the future could hold. Breaking the raven-haired teen's silence, the doorbell rang.

"Ash please check the door for me," exclaimed Delia.

"I'm on it."

Quickly standing up from the bed, Ash ran out of the room. Making his way down stairs, Ash opened the door and found Professor Oak standing.

"Evening Ash, I hope that I am not too early."

Coming from behind, Delia responded "No you made it just in time."

Not knowing his mom was behind him startled Ash.

"Mom, why did you have to scare me like that?"

"The food is ready." Knowing those words will make him forget anything, the brunette sent Ash to wash his hands.

As fast as he left he came back.

"I'm ready to eat."

"Old habits never change."

With the table all set up, thanks to Alexa, everyone took their seats. Professor Oak was sitting across Ash while Delia and Alexa were across from each other.

"Wow Delia you sure went all-out with the cooking."

"It's the least I can do," Delia stated. "By the way, thanks for helping set the table up. That was a load off my shoulders."

While all the "Thank you's" were being said, Ash was busy drooling over the food. As always, what appeared enough food to feed the world would all soon become Ash's dinner.

"Well that was great Delia, as always I enjoyed your cooking."

"Oh yes thank you, this can even compete with Cilan's cooking, right Ash."

"Can't talk, must eat." The words were barely audible as Ash was too busy stuffing his mouth. Pikachu was obviously following his trainer's example.

"Delia, once again thanks for everything. I will always remember your kindness as well as Professor Oak's. Also Ash, without you, I couldn't have had any great adventures."

"Now now, it's not like we will never see you again," Delia cheerfully stated.

With the realization of Alexa leaving soon, Ash knew he had to make his intentions clear.

"Mom, I have something to say." Looking down, Ash knew this would probably hurt his mom, especially since this is last minute. "I want to travel again but this time in the Kalos region."

Delia's face suddenly became a pitch black as she looked down in sadness. Slowly making getting up from her chair, she walked away slowly.

"Man I sure screwed that up. I should've said something earlier." Shame; it was the emotion Ash could only feel. Professor Oak and Alexa could also see his disappointment.

Once again, Delia re-enters the kitchen with her face still down. Within a split second, her cheerful smile suddenly re-emerges.

"Ash dear, if you must go I made new clothes for you." Without a moment to spare, she pulls out a shirt made special for Ash.

"Thanks mom, you are the greatest mom I've ever had."

Playfully Delia responds, "Honey I am your only mom."

Catching his mistake, everyone laughs including Ash himself.

With the revelations of Ash's new goal and his mother's response, one can only think life is great. Outside the average sized-house however are three people stalking its inhabitants from the rooftop. These three are the best known of their kind. They are none other than Team Rocket.

"Hmm the Kalos Region, very interesting."

With passion Jessie responds, "Well if the twrep goes that only leaves us with one option."

"We follow da twoip and snatch dat Pikachu," Meowth said while jumping in joy.


After its long absence, Jessie's cyan Pokémon has finally rejoined the group. Recalling her Pokémon, Jessie, James, and Meowth stealthily make their way from the roof top onto the waiting Meowth balloon. Detaching the balloon from the house, they disappear into the horizon.

As they disappear the blue-haired man asks, "How is it possible that nobody noticed us."

"When it comes to being da master of disguise, I ain't no amateur." Meowth stated proudly.

"Please, because of you the boss almost had us fired." Angrily Jessie begins to fight the cat.

"Hey, if it wasn't for my quick tinking, you would've been begging for food right about now."

Adding his two cents James said," Don't we always beg or steal for our food."

"Butt out blue-head." Out of frustration, Jessie pushes James aside a little too hard. James trips and lands right on the controls of the balloon. The impact was enough to start sparks and blow up the balloon.

"One day. Can we have one day when we don't blast off." Tearfully, Jessie clenches her hands in frustration.

"Oh well, back to square one I guess." Defeated, James just extends his arms and legs out as if he was flying.

"Aww, who cares, Kalos Region here we come."


In unison the three yell out their catch phrase, "Team Rockets blasting off again."

As the night drags on, various nocturnal Pokémon, such as Hoothoot and Noctowl can be heard throughout the landscape. Once again in the Ketchum residence, everyone is asleep. Everyone except two.

"Pikachu," called out the rodent to his trainer worriedly. He was woken up by the turning of Ash.

"Hey buddy, I can't believe tomorrow is the big day." Looking up at the ceiling Ash begins to formulate plans for their new adventure.

"Pika pika." Curling up into a ball, Pikachu makes his way underneath the blankets and onto Ash's stomach. In a high-pitched voice Pikachu yawns, "Chaa."

"Sorry about that buddy, you should get some rest." Staying still for Pikachu's sake, Ash began to recall Professor Oak's silence.

"Why would he make that strange face and then pretend nothing happened. I have a feeling that he may be hidding something. If he is, it is probably for the best." With these last thoughts, the trainer finally fell asleep.

After realizing that putting up part of chapter one was a dumb idea, I decided to put up the whole chapter instead. Once again, I apologize for the lack of characters from the X and Y series. Other than that, thanks for reading and hopefully by the end of October I should have much more done.