Avalon journeys, Philippine Islands

Author's Note: Just a short little scene that popped into my head and had to be written. One-shot.

A mudslide had almost wiped out a village, but thanks to Elisa, Goliath, Angela, and Bronx, everyone had lived. And now it was time to clean up a bit. The grateful villagers had directed them to a clear stream with several small waterfalls that made ideal outdoor bathing facilities.

Elisa and Angela had separated from Goliath and Bronx to maintain their modesty, but Angela had finished washing much sooner than Elisa had. The New York detective simply had more clothing. "These shoes are going to take hours to dry," she grumbled, finally getting the last of the mud off and setting them on a flat rock next to her socks.

Angela finished donning her damp tunic and grinned at her. "You finish up. I'll find Father and Bronx and get a fire started," she said. Elisa nodded and ran her fingers through her hair to check for mud. Finding some still there, she waded under the small waterfall.

"Ahhh," she sighed, letting the water drench her. The weather on this island was thoroughly hot and muggy, and being under the cool, clear water was a relief. She ran her hands through her hair again, closed her eyes, and simply lost herself in the moment, relishing being clean. There weren't too many opportunities for a shower on their travels.

A rustling caught her attention even over the sound of the little waterfall, and she opened her eyes, expecting to see Angela again. Instead, it was Goliath. He looked as if he had just stepped out of the brush and been caught unawares by her presence. He was clearly surprised to see her – his eyes were wide, his mouth slightly open.

Elise froze in place with her hands still in her hair. She was quite naked, and Goliath was looking at her. The breath left her lungs in a whoosh…

…the look of shock on his face was replaced by something more primal and lusty, his eyes skimmed down from her face, his tongue slid out to wet his lips…

…Elise inhaled again, felt her chest heave, felt the blood rising in her cheeks, felt the peaks of her breasts tighten in anticipation of something that she was rather terrified to contemplate…

…and he stepped forward, just one step, his eyes slowly travelling from where her knees emerged from the water, up the lithe muscles of her thighs, the dark triangle between them, the flat muscles of her stomach and her tiny waist, the soft round breasts tipped with cinnamon nipples, to her face. His gaze lingered on her lips for a few seconds before finally meeting hers. "Elisa," he breathed, his voice barely loud enough for her to hear and full of yearning, a deep bass rumble that she could almost feel in her bones…

… and Elisa crossed her hands over her chest and sat down in the water, hiding her nakedness. She shivered, dropped her eyes from his.

Another rustle, and she flicked her eyes up to see him turn from her, his face grim. He caped his wings as he turned, but she caught a glimpse of the physical evidence for just how much the sight of her had affected him. As he had affected her. How could she not notice the breadth of this shoulders, the strength of his arms, the gentleness of his eyes? How could she not see the muscles of his wide chest and taut stomach, feel the power in his wings, hear the authority in his voice? This moment was only the latest peak in an ever-building crescendo of desire which she had denied night after night. A shuddering breath escaped her. She was too warm, even with the torrent of water falling over her shoulders and hair. But what he wanted from her… what she wanted to give him… impossible.

"I… apologize," Goliath rumbled. There was a long, awkward pause.

"Don't worry about it," Elise replied faintly.

"Have you seen Angela?" he asks, keeping his back firmly toward her.

"She went to find you and Bronx and build a fire." She watched his back, tried to imagine the expression on his face, and wanted to smooth the tension from his shoulders with her own hands. But she stayed where she was.

"I see," Goliath answered. "Bronx ran off. Perhaps they found one another. I will… go search for them."

He turned his head, just enough for her to see his cheekbones, before stopping himself and heading deeper into the forest.