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Spoiler for Season 2/ Volume 5 novel

Proceed at your own risk


By ZeroXSEED (maybe)

It's just another comedic hijink, right?

School event, can't be any different than normal.

It should be perfect, right?

Perfect plan designed by a perfect girl.

What could possibly go wrong?


No one knew how it's ended.

But everyone knew how it's started.

It's supposed to be a merry event.

Everyone compete for an important place.

To be his roommate, the one and only one.

And hopefully a place in his heart.

But of course, things didn't go that way.

Glamorous prince attire clad his body.

It's now nothing more than half burnt apparel, clad into his lifeless body.

Stench of blood filled the stage, riddled with wounds he fell down.




The man, the only one man in this world that can pull a miracle is dead.

And from there, there is only suffering.

"Between those bullets and stab wounds and nasty slashes, we can't really predict which is worse"

"What about the burns? Electrical injuries?"

"No, the cause of death is blood loss"

Bloodstained crown sat on top of the evidence table, alongside multitude of murder instrument involved in that tragedy.

If it has a life within it, it'll probably ask:

"Aren't I supposed to be a comedic instrument?"

No one can answer properly.

When Ichika said defusing a bomb just a Tuesday for him, Dan Gotanda is horrified.

Now, he painfully understood.

Even though he's a man, he cried.

Cried for his friend's suffering.

Cried regretfully because back then, he envied him greatly without knowing the bitter reality.

Your fate?

Behind the bar?


Firing squad?

Alcohol or Poison?

End of a rope?

Pointy end of a katana?

Whichever it is, there's only regret and suffering.

The end

Or is it?