New story! Yay! As much as Naruto claims he's straight even without a gaydar anyone can tell he is as straight as a damn hula-hoop. Sasuke is gay, at least he doesn't deny it. He wants to meet a guy who will tolerate him; you can imagine the delight the young 21 year-old felt when he found just the right guy. The time has come for them to meet, you'll soon find out how it goes between them. Please remember this story is not supposed to make a lot of sense so if you don't understand everything feel free to ask me. (Sasuke has his hair in the same style as Itachi but his hair is more on the blue side. Naruto has his regular short blonde hair style but with dark orange tips, his eyes are blue and have tints of red.) Anyway enjoy :)

"Yes!" Naruto cheered at the thought of meeting up with Sasuke in the next few minutes.

"Shut the fuck up stop sounding like a little bitch over some gloomy asshole guy!" Inner-Naruto (Kyuubi/Kurama) roared within him.

"Alright geez, you don't have too ...*Knock knock*

"Oi Naruto!" A seductive voice that could only belong to a certain Uchiha, called for him, almost purring the "R" in his name.

"Heh, did you hear that? He's here!" Naruto winked to himself in the mirror and skipped happily to the door."HEL-LO there." Naruto greeted in an embarrassing deep voice (kinda like a bad impression of Itachi).

"Hey Blondie." Sasuke greeted indifferently.

"Oh so you have names for people now?" Naruto syllable clapping like an idiot. "Boo Boo you don't know who you talkin' to."

Sasuke couldn't help but just stare in confusion at this Japanese fool.

"Heh, heh just kidding, why don't you come in, I'll be done in a minute."Naruto said not really giving Sasuke a choice as he pulled him in. Sasuke hadn't actually paid attention to the size of the house but he knew that if he compared his own house to this...well let's just say his own house is much more superior. His eyes wondered around him looking at the blood orange walls, red silk curtains, and black stained wood floor that filled the very inside of Naruto's living room.

"Strange assortment of colors." Sasuke muttered under his breath.

"Huh?" Naruto asked trying to hear what Sasuke said.

"Hn." Sasuke replied with his infamous grunt as an answer. Naruto didn't pry due to the fact that he technically didn't care. Naruto sat Sasuke down and walked away still not realizing that when he walks his ass appears to swish from side to side slightly:

"DAT ASS!" Sasuke's mind couldn't contain his observation. (He ended up saying it out loud)By now his face was wearing a major blush. "I-I ...uh..." Sasuke nervously tried to come up with a cover up for his mini outburst but already knew he had no cover-up for such a comment.

"Dat ass? The hell are you talking about, you starin' at my lumps?"Naruto asked.

Sasuke quickly shook his head "No, of course not. Don't be such a dobe"

"Uh...uhm...okay?"Naruto replied very confused as he started to walk away." Weirdo" he muttered.


"Ow!"Sasuke exclaimed, rubbing his head to ease the pain, until he noticed his hand wasn't alone on his head."WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!" The other object felt quite furry. Sasuke attempted to pull it off but it wouldn't move in fact the thing was clinging to his head for dear life."Get the hell off me! NARUTO HELP ME!" Sasuke yelled.

"Walter!"Naruto called out an unfamiliar name."Get off his head!" Naruto demanded as he held out his hands to catch the thing now introduced as "Walter". Walter leaped off Sasuke's face (kicked him in the face, hard) and landed in Naruto's hands curling in a ball.

"A Lemur?!" Sasuke was so surprised until he soon realized that thing just messed up his hair he dashed for the mirror by the door."Goddammit I just permed my hair!" Sasuke was slightly angered, he felt something jump up on his shoulder and start petting him on the head with nice soft strokes."Dafuck!" Sasuke swung his hand towards his shoulder in which the lemur sat.

"Hi I'm Walter, you have soft hair not as soft as mine but it's nice." Walter said proudly still petting him.

"IT SPEAKS!"Sasuke would have fell on the ground if Naruto didn't break his fall, softly holding him in a catching embrace.

"Whoa there! Are you okay? Is he too much for you? I can send him upstairs." Naruto suggested as he held Sasuke against himself. Sasuke's heart was going a mile a minute (Naruto just doesn't know that Sasuke likes him). Sasuke nods fast and replies:

"We should get going, you all done?"

"I guess I'm done. Yeah, let's go." Naruto got up along with Sasuke. He then walked past Sasuke and put on his shoes. (Walter already retreated upstairs)

Sasuke eyes started to wander towards Naruto's ass again; he started to lick his lips as he fantasized about what naughty things he could do to it. In the middle of his mini-fantasy Naruto looked up at him, noticing him licking his lips:

"You need some chap-stick or something?" Naruto asked concerned

"What?" Sasuke didn't even notice Naruto looking right at him; he was too focused on Naruto's ass and singing "Baby Got Back"-in his head to notice.

"Do you need chap-stick?" Naruto asked again.

"Oh! No thank you. I'm fine." Sasuke politely refused

"Hmm your lips are looking a little crusty there, here use some anyway." Naruto pulled out his Burt's Bees and started applying it on Sasuke's lips

"! An indirect kiss!"Sasuke screamed in his mind.

"See you're lucky I just took it out the package so I didn't even use it yet. Here you can have it, I have another one." Naruto smiled all innocent-like as he passed Sasuke said chap-stick.

"My heart...just died." Sasuke cried in his mind, as he sighed out loud.

"What's wrong?" Naruto tilted his head in confusion (God he's so cute).

"Oh nothing." Sasuke said blandly as he grabbed Naruto by the wrists and led him to his midnight black Hummer.

"You little fag why would you apply chap-stick on this prick? He has two arms and hands if he wanted to apply chap-stick he would have said yes to your first offer, why the fuck do you even care about his lips anyway? You better not be turning gay on me, I refuse to have a gay split personality!"Kyuubi yelled.

"Aren't you gay yourself?" Naruto asked his inner-self

"I AM BI! THERE'S A DIFFERENCE YOU DICK!" Inner-Naruto tried to explain

"Calling me a 'Dick' since we both know you love them is basically like you saying you love me too. Well anyway I'm absolutely not gay so you can forget about thinking I am. "Naruto replied. (Ooh can't you just feel the denial in the air?)

"Yeah right, well let's hope you stick to that. And no I don't love you." Kyuubi replied slyly

"Whatever." Naruto replied

(Meanwhile in the truck)

"*huff*...It's hot today" Naruto stated fanning himself to show it.

"I'm open the window for you." Sasuke said as he was about to press the button to do just that. Naruto's hand darted out fast to stop Sasuke from doing so. "The wind will bother my eyes, do you mind putting the AC on?" Naruto asked.

"Sorry but for some reason the AC has been acting up, what if I open up the sun-roof? If that doesn't work you'll just have to strip I guess *chuckles*" Sasuke answers jokingly.

"Hmm…I guess that's the only option then." Naruto started unbuttoning his shirt revealing his exquisite toned abs. Naruto started flapping his shirt in hopes to cool down giving Sasuke even more eye-candy. By now Sasuke's eyes were almost bulging out of his head and swerved the car a little trying to regain his focus.

"Are you okay? Do you need me to drive or something?"Naruto asked innocently tilting his head cutely again.

"Why the hell would he be okay? My body is sexy as fuck. You're such a fuckin' tease I hope you realize that."Kyuubi answered. Naruto had no choice but to ignore him.

"Oh...what? Me? N-no I-I'm good, ha…ha."Sasuke laughed nervously not noticing a tan hand moving towards his head. The hand made contact and started to feel his hair softly, startling Sasuke enough to make him jump:

"Hehe, Walter was right you do have nice hair." Naruto complimented as he ruffled Sasuke's hair, Sasuke started blushing:

"I'm...uh...dr-driving c-can you...please stop..."Sasuke stuttered, he didn't really want Naruto to stop but he had to resist the urge to pull over and ravish him.

"Oh...sorry." Naruto pouted as he withdrew his hand sad that he had let go of such soft hair."Wait? Where are we?"Naruto asked confused as to why he was at a 'museum'.

"My house." Sasuke answers in a suggestive tone and a wink.

"*gulp* Uhm...oh…Okay."Naruto was little intimidated on how big Sasuke's house was and how many cars there were. If Naruto remembered correctly Sasuke said he lived alone, why in the hell would you need six cars, expensive ones at that? And why so many damn rooms?!

"Well don't just stand there come in."Sasuke told him as he pulled him by his wrist, mimicking the hospitality shown to him by Naruto.

Chapter 2

"Here, come, sit, I'll go get us some snacks and drinks."Sasuke tried his best to be a good host. Sasuke set off to the kitchen. Naruto starts fidgeting on the couch wondering if he really should have come to a "semi-stranger's" home so soon. At this exact moment Naruto's inner-self is flipping out on him;

"I told your dumbass not to come but did you want to listen? NO! There is no use having second thoughts now, you can't be a bitch about everything you do! I will fuck up his and your day if you don't follow my directions!

"And what would those directions be?"

"You and I are going to switch and ..." before Kyuubi could finish Naruto was already saying:

"NO, NO, NO! LIKE HELL I'M GOING TO LET YOU TRICK ME INTO LETTING YOU OUT AGAIN! You must really be a crazy ass mother fucker if you think I'm going to fall for that.


In the past Kyuubi and Naruto would alternate with who could have control of the body, and of course Kyuubi was a bit of man-hoe with it. Almost every time he had control he would wait just until it was just about to be Naruto's turn he would have sex (with a man) and have Naruto deal with the pain in his ass the morning after. Naruto never caught on to Kyuubi's run-on prank and until the one day he decided to stay awake in his mind long enough to see Kyuubi's night affairs. As soon as Naruto got his control back he cut off Kyuubi's ability to have control of the body (or so he thinks). Kyuubi is very sexually frustrated these days.

Explanation End

"IT WAS WORTH A TRY, ASS-HOLE!" Kyuubi yelled back. "Bitch-ass" He muttered under his breath.

"Geez, would you stop yelling at me already?"

Kyuubi stuck his middle finger up at Naruto."I'll stop yelling at you when you stop yelling at me and being a little bitch about everything! Your new name is gonna be 'Bitch-ass Naru' *chuckles*"

"Aww please stop yelling at me Kyuubi nii-san I only wanted to answer your question."Naruto teased Kyuubi with his 'oh so innocent' little brother voice, Kyuubi hated it with a passion so by now he is practically exploding with aggravation.

"USE THAT VOICE AGAIN AND I WILL TAKE OVER FOR THREE MONTHS!" Kyuubi screamed. He was ready to strangle the hell out of him.

"You couldn't do it anyway! But I'm sorry, I really was just kidding." Naruto replied frightened as he imagined what would happen to his body in three months if Kyuubi ever came out again, Naruto shivered.

"Are you cold?" Sasuke asks setting a serving platter containing a fruit bowl, tea and water on the coffee table.

"Eek! Huh...wha?" Naruto was so deep in thought he didn't even hear Sasuke come back.

"Are you cold?" Sasuke repeated his question bluntly.

"I'm pretty hot actually." Naruto chuckled as he flapped his shirt proving how hot he was.

"Damn right you are." Sasuke mumbled as he licked his lips.

"What?" Naruto asked cupping his hand over his ear in an attempt to hear well. "I can't hear you if you mumble all the time, also are you thirsty or do you need chap-stick again, I gave you mine already where did you put it?" Naruto asked wondering why Sasuke kept licking his lips around him (Naruto is so oblivious).

"Uh...*clears throat* I am fine the chap-stick is right here."Sasuke answers pulling the chap-stick out of his pocket waving it around loosely. "Sorry my snacks suck, this is all I have...the fridge doesn't get refilled until tomorrow." Sasuke's voice traveled off to a different tone that Naruto couldn't understand;

"MUMBLER!" Naruto interrupted, startling Sasuke mid-sentence. He was also a little peeved after realizing how rich Sasuke is.

"I have a question ..." Naruto nervously stated as he waited for a reply.

"And I'll have an answer." Sasuke answered with a smirk as he sat down on the couch accompanying his tan-skinned friend (more of an acquaintance but they'll get closer by the end of the day)

"You are always licking your lips at me and well...I wanted to know...if you're..." Naruto averted his eyes from Sasuke, too nervous to look him in the eyes and sort of mumbled his words.

"Now who's the mumbler?" Sasuke asked mockingly. Liking where this conversation is going, hoping Naruto understands his feelings, he scooches closer to Naruto.

"Well I wanted to know if you're...dehydrated often." Naruto asked squirming at his strange question and noticing how close they are now. Sasuke scoffed at the cute question, he was indeed 'dehydrated', dehydrated for that booty, and he couldn't wait to monopolize this innocent sexy assed boy.

"Well if you want to call it that, then yeah I guess I am." he shot a genuine 'I'm better than you but its okay because I love you' Uchiha smile at Naruto.

"Stop smiling at me like that, you look like your plotting something." Naruto frowned. Sasuke ignored majority of what Naruto said, he thought Naruto's frown was just so cute he just wanted to hug him. Then suddenly his arms just started moving on their own but he stopped them before they got to Naruto who didn't notice at all (he was looking at his own lap). Sasuke started panicking as his arms stayed awkwardly above Naruto:

'Oh no I'm losing my self-control' He thought as he brought his arms down and rubbed his hands shakily. Sasuke soon got the confidence to speak again:"So what would you rather me do?" Sasuke asked in an accidental seductive tone (only Sasuke can pull off a seductive voice on accident).Naruto started to sniff the air and realized he loved Sasuke's minty scent:

"...What is this feeling?*looks down at crotch*...*eyes widen at the bulge starting to grow in pants*. NO! NO! NO! *breaths out* I am not gay. I am not gay. I'm just... excited to eat? Yeah that's it! I have finally allowed food to excite me."Naruto tried to convince himself that the bulge in his pants was not a reaction to the raven sitting next to him. Sasuke took advantage of Naruto's confusion and gave him a hug. (Hehe I know you must hate me but I couldn't let Naruto find out just yet I will save the kisses for later ^_^ sorry);

"I know my voice is really hot but its okay, I understand you're just confused, I can help you with your... problem *knowingly glances down at Naruto's pants* I'll be gentle if you'll only let me." Sasuke said with a wink and a smirk, his tone of voice was becoming a dark seductive purr as his sentence ended.

"Wait...did he just refer to his own voice as hot?! Oh hell no my voice is so much hotter let's see how he takes this!" Naruto thought. Without noticing Sasuke's embrace around him, Naruto decided to play along;

"Well, I appreciate your offer to help, when do we start?" Naruto asked in an even more seductive voice than Sasuke's trying to challenge him, he also started to rub his hand slowly on Sasuke's lap thinking that Sasuke would find it funny and pull away (Bad idea).Right now Naruto doesn't realize what he just asked for. Sasuke is so ready to ravish him.

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