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Semi-private training at Konohagakure

Naruto Uzumaki stepped out of a building towards his clan's semi-private training area. Looking at the time, he was wondering when his mother would return from her mission, having found a note that morning about returning around lunch. It was now what could tentatively be called early evening and she hadn't returned. So instead of waiting around and worrying he decided to do something productive, and spend time training. He set up targets with practiced ease and stripped off his jacket, only to cock his head curiously as a slip of paper fell from his pocket.

Picking it up he realized it was the phone number and home address of the nurse he'd met that morning. That of course sent the whiskered shinobi's mind back to that morning.

Being a Jonin at the age of thirteen, Naruto had focused on nothing but training; jutsu, strategy, taijutsu and sealing, to name a few things he'd let all but run his life. All for the sake of his small family. Of course it cut him off from a lot of childish pursuits, but that he didn't mind. Complications came when situations cropped up that required knowledge he would have learned in the Academy, which he didn't attend.

Nonetheless, as a recently promoted Jonin he was given two weeks to rest as well as choose his division. In conjunction with this Naruto was given a health check-up. From these checks he'd discovered that his private area had grown well into and beyond adult territory, which meant he needed to be told about sex and other adult matters related to sex.

The female doctor was uncomfortable doing this and told Naruto to ask his parents or come back with an appointment for a male doctor to explain. This annoyed Naruto to no end, his parents separated when he was four years old and he'd been living with his mom ever since. He was considering asking his father, the current Hokage, about this, but before he could get a word in edge-wise Minato started to go on and on about what division Naruto should join. A pissed-off Naruto decided to just leave quietly while his father rambled on.

Next he went to the library, where the old librarian chased him out when he bluntly asked her where the sex section was. Shortly after that as he was wandering the streets the nurse who he'd seen during his health check-up called out for him, to talk. After some basic questions the nurse told him her address, phone number and name, agreeing to teach him everything he needed to know about sex at her house with a smile that resembled Jiraiya's a lot.

He wanted to get at least some information before he met with the nurse later than evening though, but his teammates gave him the same answer the doctor originally had – to go ask his parents – and his Jonin sensei would only say that sex was something two lovers did and it was a way to reproduce.

That was where Naruto called it quits for the most part. He'd gone home after that and grabbed a snack, waiting for his mother to get home to ask her. With a sigh, he got to training.

Not far away and approaching home fast, the jonin-level kunoichi Kushina Uzumaki blazed through the trees trying desperately to reach Konoha as quickly as possible. It hadn't been a difficult mission; a local group of men had set up shop in a small town and started drugging women and using them as playthings once they'd injected them with a powerful aphrodisiac.

Thankfully they hadn't been in business too long before a mission request was sent in to Konohagakure. Kushina was more than happy to wipe the scum off the face of the planet, and had readily accepted the mission. It went smoothly; they posed no real challenge for her so she conserved her chakra and settled for using her sword to cut them to pieces. She had set about freeing the girls when two missing-nin had jumped from the shadows. They were Chunin, and weak ones at that, but Kushina had let her guard down, grown complacent by the easy kills and seemingly empty building.

The Chunin were dead within seconds, but their opening move had actually been throwing syringes filled with the aphrodisiac at her. The unorthodox projectiles had mostly missed, but one had sunken into her thigh and injected the drug completely in her system. The girls were freed quickly and Kushina took off as fast as she could towards Konoha, where she knew they could remove the toxin from her system.

She was so close to the village now, but it was getting harder and harder to concentrate as her body burned for release. Her vision was blurry and her chakra control was slipping as she tried to concentrate. The moment she was in Konoha's range she tried to Shunshin to the house and call Naruto for help. Unfortunately, her bloodline mistook the drug for something beneficial and was actually accelerating it instead of slowing it down or even purging it, and she ended up teleporting to the training ground near her house.

She landed hard on the ground, her chakra control not enough to fully shop her momentum. It was getting worse now. Her body was on fire, desperate for release, her underwear already soaked through with her wetness. She darted a hand between her legs and tried to relieve some of her desire quickly as she crawled forward, trying to get back to her home. She moved slowly and soon entered a small clearing. She heard the sound of somebody training in her clan's training area and was worried that she might be spotted by the stranger who was using it.

Naruto turned after hearing someone close by, more curious than actually feeling in danger. He quickly moved to assist her as he saw his mother stumble into the clearing, her long red hair a mess. As he approached he saw that she was paining heavily and sweating profusely. One of her hands was braced against a tree for support while the other was rubbing between her legs. In no time, Naruto was at her side, seeing if she was injured, feeling confident he could at least spot an injury, having worked in the field long enough.

"Hey kaa-chan, are you okay? Do you need some help?" He said, concerned.

Kushina looked up, her expression one of pure lust and passion, though Naruto didn't recognize it as such. Kushina's mind, already affected by the drug, plus with Naruto's strong wild and feral smell, couldn't think clearly and decided not to care about anything else right now and she threw herself at her son, hungry for release.

"Woah, what are you doing, Kaa-chan?!" Naruto yelled as his mother suddenly tackled him to the ground. With a burst of chakra both of them disappeared from the training ground, reappearing in the living room. He'd meant to stop in his mother's room, but with his mother in the state she was in it threw his jutsu off.

"Shh… please… I just need a little h-help, 'tebane." She gasped before wrapping her arms around him and kissing him full on the lips.

Naruto's eyes shot wide open at that but his instincts allowed his mother to slide her tongue into his mouth. Effectively unable to talk, Naruto lay there as his mother moved her warm tongue inside his mouth. Naruto relaxed only slightly and stopped moving around so much as he began to enjoy the taste and what his mother was doing to him.

Feeling her young partner start to relax Kushina slipped one of her hands down and grabbed the boy through his pants.

"What are you doing, Kaa-chan?!" Naruto asked again as Kushina pulled away for a bit. She looked dazed as she licked the small amount of saliva on her lips.

"Don't worry, baby… you'll enjoy this." She whispered as she reached over and pulled off his shirt.

Naruto, breathing hard, stared silently as Kushina reached to her own shirt and pulled it off, undoing the chain-mail shirt, revealing her bare chest to the boy. Naruto, completely awestruck by what he was seeing, didn't even notice that his mother had undone the front of his pants. Moving down she planted her breasts on the boy and once again brought her lips to his.

Amazed by the feeling of his mother's breasts rubbing on his chest, Naruto relaxed again as Kushina slipped her hand down his pants.

Her mind still not quite stable, Kushina none the less still realized that she had found something unexpected. She pulled back and despite Naruto's protests she slipped his pants down revealing her 'big' discovery. Kushina let out a moan as she laid eyes on her partner's penis. He was semi hard but already Kushina could tell he was so much bigger compared to the only man she'd laid with. Almost in a daze she reached out and used both her hands to touch him.

Naruto laid on the floor, flinching slightly as his mother touched him there, but it was pleasant and gave him feelings he had never experienced before. Soon he had grown to his full length in her hands and Kushina looked at him, amazed at what she had discovered. Her partner was enormous, matching even the fake dicks in the cheap magazines her friend Mikoto read all the time. Dreamily she stood up and removed the last of her clothing above Naruto, letting him see her in all her glory.

Naruto stayed there, his eyes glued to what he was seeing before they traveled up her body seeing her erect nipples down to a well-trimmed bush of crimson hair in the shape of arrow that she had down between her legs. Naruto was puzzled at his mother's actions but without anybody telling him and explaining anything about this to him, the son just decided to go with his instinct.

Kushina couldn't hold it in anymore and moved down and grabbed his half-hard cock and moved her mouth to the tip where she started licking him while one of her hands moved to her dripping core and began to slide two fingers in and out.

Naruto clutched at the carpet beneath him and leaned back on the big pillow behind him as he felt his mother take his dick into her mouth. It felt slippery, warm and so, so amazing. Taking him in fully, Kushina began to wrap her tongue around his length and suck in passionately while furiously working her hand down at her honey pot.

"Ahh…..ahh!" Naruto cried out at the new sensation.

His mother moved her head up and down on his hardening cock; doing things to him he had never felt before in his life. It was an incredible feeling, Naruto thought as he opened his eyes and looked down at Kushina's face as her ruby red lips slid once again down his shaft, shiny with her saliva. Naruto feltas if something was building up slowly inside.

Kushina felt the boy's cock twitching in her mouth and knew something extra was needed. Seeking the wonderful gift that she so desperately needed, Kushina moved her head forward and started to take him in all the way down to her throat as Naruto let out a deep groan of pleasure. That encouraged her to swallow down more and more till her nose rested on his stomach.

As the red headed mother swallowed this hardened snake completely, her throat started to vibrate with random highs and lows around the shaft and created a vacuum suction at the tip of Naruto's dick. He threw back his head, feeling so good and heavenly. Then he felt something wet caressing his balls as he opened his eyes to look down and found his mother's tongue slithering in and out between her overly stretched lips and licking his balls.

The young man couldn't stop himself as his hand suddenly shot out to grip his mother's head as his body started thrusting his pelvis in and out trying to seek a release to the pleasure with speed as his mother was moaning in her throat while her son's dick fucked her throat. Kushina wrapped her tongue around and stroked the meat in her mouth to obtain the juice she wanted.

"Something is coming out, Kaa-chan!" Naruto moaned and warned his mother. The young man was experiencing new-found pleasure as his dick released a strange liquid.

Naruto announced and finally blew. Kushina received a huge blast of cum shooting straight down her throat and at that moment, in her mind, she was fucking happy! As a fountain of cum shot down her throat, Kushina focused on guzzling down gallon after gallon of cum as her hands held tight onto his hips to force her body to stay in position.

Naruto moaned and his breath become raspy as he finished. Finally done Kushina slowly extracted the limp dick and with her tongue wiped clean his juice, just for the taste. Naruto meanwhile was enjoying the aftermath and the delicate ministrations of his mother. Feeling her move away from him Naruto looked up and saw Kushina's eyes looking at him lustfully and lovingly.

"So salty…so tasty…It is good, isn't it?" she said smiling lusty.

"That was amazing, kaa-chan… but what was that?" Naruto asked.

"You are so kinky to call me that, stud." Kushina moved closer to him. "We both can play that game. I think it turned me on even more, sochi-kun."

"That is sex, baby." She replied. Naruto nodded, admiring his mother's nude body.

"Oh!" Kushina's foggy mind briefly attempted to understand the reply but her lust was burning like a fire on dry wood.

Quickly Kushina stood up and helped Naruto stand up as well. She looked around and found the big couch which definitely fit the bill nicely.

"Well then, sochi-stud. I hoped you enjoyed that but I think it's my turn now, dattebane!" she said as she bent down and captured his lips in another kiss.

Turning back and landing on the couch, Kushina quickly parted her legs and allowed Naruto to see her fully exposed treasure area.

"See how wet I am, honey?" Kushina moaned as she slapped her pussy.

Her hands had spread her legs further apart and displayed what a state of arousal her pussy was in, with those two pink labia looking almost like they were breathing. It enchanted her partner, who was eyeing her with surprise and amazement as the juice dripped out.

"Please… don't make wait any longer, honey. Use your tongue and lick me." Kushina bucked her hips toward him as an invitation.

Naruto nodded and moved in between her legs ready to pleasure Kushina, as good as she had made him feel earlier. Naruto moved his head in and instantly smelt her burning core. It was intoxicating and oh so welcoming to his senses. Naruto opened his mouth and ran the tip of his tongue up the length of her slit. Tasting Kushina for the first time Naruto truly believed that he had found the one thing in the world that tasted better than ramen. Wanting more Naruto moved in and began to explore Kushina in earnest with his mouth.

"Ohhh… yes, that feels so good, 'tebane. Don't stop baby… keep making me feel good!" Kushina moaned and shivered as Naruto began to explore every nook and cranny of her pussy with his tongue.

Kushina moved her hands to her breasts and began to rub her hard nipples trying to maximize the pleasure she was receiving. Naruto continued on eagerly, seeking to make Kushina as happy as she had made him. Naruto soon found something atop her opening and licked there, and suddenly Kushina made her pleasure obvious.

"Ohhh yesss! Right there, dettanbe! Keep doing that, baby! Don't stop!" She screamed.

Encouraged by her moaning, Naruto concentrated there as she seemed to get even wetter than before. Kushina wrapped her legs around Naruto and trapped his head between her thighs trying to bring him even closer to her. Naruto began to speed up and wrapped his arms around her hips as she began to tremble.

"Yes! Yes! Oh! OH! YESSSS!" Kushina cried in rapture at the moment her clitoris was sucked by Naruto.

As the crimson haired mother finally reached her peak and exploded with a torrent of her honey fluids gushing out of her pot, Naruto barely had any warning as she pushed her pussy forward and squirted her liquids in his mouth and all over his face. Quickly his instinct took over as her son thirstily drank his mother's delicious juice.

"Oh Kami….I'm cumming….Drink it. Suck it, love!" Kushina wailed out and spasmed. "Slurp all your kaa-chan's dirty juice, sochi-chan."

Slowly Kushina finally went limp and her legs dropped off Naruto's shoulders. She lay on the couch, breathing heavily to regain her breath after her amazing orgasm. Her fire of lust had calmed down for a moment. However, her pussy screamed for more and quickly, the fire in her lonely body was bursting like a raging blaze.

After he finished drinking all her juice and was released from the grip of Kushina's thighs, Naruto stepped back and admired the beautiful goddess that was his mother. Kushina opened her eyes and looked at Naruto. She found his cock already hard rock again and smirked at this. After so long, she had found someone with good stamina, who was up for a few rounds. Kushina sat up and wrapped her arms around Naruto. Moving in she captured his lips, exploring his oral cavity and tasting her juice inside. Naruto closed his eyes and stayed there enjoying the kiss with Kushina.

Pulling away she moved Naruto into her lap, once again capturing his lips and beginning another hot tongue war. While both Kushina's hands trailed down his body and grabbed Naruto's cock, he moaned in his throat as the goddess in the form of Kushina invaded his mouth as she was stroking him with her soft tight palms.

"Uuhmmm." His moans escaped as her finger brushed at his tip.

Kushina could feel the twitch as her hands rubbed Naruto's dick, knowing he was close. She quickly sped up and was soon rewarded.

"Oh, Kushina-kaa-chan!" Naruto exclaimed.

Then he shot out his load on her belly. Kushina had breathed in and her belly consequently bent down as Naruto's cum filled it to form a puddle. Without hesitation, she scooped up his cum and drank it up quickly. A few minutes after Naruto had finished as Kushina also scooped up the last big amount in her hands and licked them slowly. Coming down from pleasure, he eyed his mother's action of licking her fingers clean of semen while her face displayed the pleasure she was feeling. Kushina dragged her tongue and licked clean those strains of cum as Naruto felt his dick harden at the sight again. Having finished with her work, Kushina smiled at Naruto whose face was flushed and excited.

"Mmm I love your salty cum, handsome. Now I think it's time for the main course, dattebane." Kushina said then moved him off her and pushed him onto the couch where she had been sitting.

"Main course? I thought that is all sex about, kaa-chan." Naruto asked with question mark.

Kushina giggled at his question and the kinky game. Then she arranged Naruto's body into a better position to fuck her as she crawled up on top of him.

"Of course not babe. Let me teach you! Things only get better from here on out, 'tebane." Kushina announced with confidence as she felt so proud to pop the young stud's cherry.

"It's time for my pussy play with this unequaled erection," She said lustfully.

Kushina put her hands on Naruto's shoulders as she was rubbing her folds on top of his penis to line up. Then she sat down heavily with her son's full length sheathed completely in one quick motion.

"Ahhhh! Ku-Kushina-kaa-chan!" Naruto moaned as his dick lodged inside of the beautiful crimson goddess on top of him.

"Ooooohhhhh." Kushina shivered as her hands gripped Naruto's shoulders hard enough to leave marks.

The cherry haired mother's body was trembling with pleasure. The big fat cock which Kushina had rammed into her pussy canal, it had spread even more of her first three inches and then claimed the seven inches of pseudo-virgin deeper inside before hit straight at her sensitive cervix. Her pussy immediately coiled around Naruto's shaft tightly as if it was memorizing every single vein and the bulbous head was milking his seed.

"Cumming again, 'tebane." Kushina moaned out as her juice gushed out and wet their crotches.

As she came down enough to control her body, Kushina started to wildly ride Naruto's dick with his hands around her hips. She wanted her burning empty core to have the wonderful feeling of hot cum filled into her stomach. Her pussy was so eager to have his potent cum as its wall fit snugly around the hard meat.

"Yes…Yes….I've never felt this before, dattebane…Oh Kami…My womb being ravished by your young cock…Ooohh… My cervix, my pussy's G-spot being fucked… So good...Thrust your hips faster and harder, baby!" Kushina wailed as her body was quivering in pleasure.

"It is so squishy and…hot, kaa-chan." Naruto replied as his hips got in rhythm with her jump. "You are so tight."

"Baby! Lick them! Suck them. Play with them, sochi-kun!" Kushina yelled out.

As she looked down at her partner with a lustful expression as he paid a compliment to her pussy. She found her 'twin girls' alone, and quickly Kushina grinded them at his face. Naruto was more than willing to do comply. He groped one of her breasts and squeezed it as his mouth opened as big as possible to capture another one and sucked it like a hungry baby.

"OH! KAMI…!YES!" Kushina screamed with pleasure as her chest was being taken care of.

Naruto had taken his mother's breath in his mouth and began to gently suck as his tongue lapped at her erect nipple. Kushina had been sweating earlier which had left a salty taste on her body but Naruto just loved it. He happily sucked, licked; bit Kushina's breast and nipples while the other got attention by his hand and vice-versa. They had continued like that for close to thirty minutes, Naruto giving his mother breast attention as Kushina happily bounced up and down on top of her son.

Pretty soon Naruto felt himself ready to burst again. By now, Kushina had lost all awareness around her, all her attention was on the wonderful feeling that her son's big cock was giving her between her legs. Her head jerked back with mouth open and her drool coming out of her mouth as she felt the twitch from Naruto's dick.


She thrust up and down on him faster and quicker, their bodies making lecherous noises as their flesh slapped together, wet from their sexual fluids. Naruto had finally reached his peak.

"KAA-CHAN! I'm coming!" Naruto yelled and finally came straight into her soaking wet pussy.

Kushina felt her son hot cum first shot spayed clumsily hit her cervix which was finally pushed to the edge. She slammed down a final time and burst, her orgasm hitting her mind full on as she came hard. She jerked her head back and let out a scream of pure ecstasy. Inside her body, Naruto's cock's head docked straight into his mother's cervix mouth and spewed waves after waves of cum into her womb. It exploded like a display of fire fireworks and sending Kushina's orgasm to a new level.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kushina screamed in new found pleasure.

Her eyes rolled back as her empty womb was filling up with the hot thick potent cum of the young man. Now she could only display her satisfaction with the spasms of her hips. It seemed as though she had finally gotten more than what she had so desperately wanted in her whole life at that one very moment in time. Her juice gushed out so strongly that it sprayed all over Naruto's abdomen and some even flew up to his chest.

Slowly Kushina's orgasm finally tapering off, she fell forward on to Naruto and held him close. Naruto stayed there holding onto his mother. Kushina made one final movement and moved to drop herself and Naruto, leaving them lying on the couch side by side with Naruto's dick still lodged deep into her clenched love canal.

As they were on the couch, Kushina just wrapped her limp legs around him and held him close as she finally felt heavenly relief. Naruto, exhausted from the ordeal and completely spent, followed after Kushina as soon as he dragged a small quilt nearby to cover them before fell asleep there in the living room.

However, high up on a tree overlooking the living room, sat a person whose face was covered by the shadow of a leaf. However the body and clothes were dead giveaway as to the gender, it was woman, long auburn hair and long blue dress sat on a smooth branch of a tree. The figure let out some rapid breaths as she looked at the scene.

A few hours later Kushina Uzumaki felt the sudden cool breeze of the wind against her feet. Still groggy she could barely remember where she was or how she got there. Spending a few more minutes there her senses began to slowly trickle back to her. A move of her hand told her she was on the couch in the living room facing her feet toward the wide open door. And then another breeze caused the quilt to fly up a little bit and it quickly alerted her that she was naked under the quilt.

'Wait… naked?' Kushina thought then quickly tried to get out of her heavy drowsiness. She moved her legs and arms and all of a sudden was hit by all sorts of stimuli. First, she was being hugged by somebody as the hot breath was tickling her breasts. Then, the feeling of nude skin beside skin indicated that whoever was with her was also naked, as the last feeling hit her. The movement of her legs also moved, something still lodged into her body down there and to her horror realized that she had just bedded some unknown person. Kushina put her hand out as she wanted to check who the person was slowly rather just jump out of the situation immediately.

'…what the… hell?!' she thought in morbid fascination as she spotted a mop of blond hair between her naked breasts from her barely speared finger. Shocked into silence and not even able to try to move she continued to stare down at the person beside her. Kushina looked and finally the words came to her mind. 'I had sex with my sochi, not my fucking ex-husband or even the Yamanaka clan member.' She thought as her body paralyzed with new information. Breathing quickly she slowly started to remember.

'That's right… I was injected with something during the mission… I was on my back!' She remembered. 'But then how did we…' She tried to remember then slowly it started coming back to her. The run through the forest trying to get to the hospital before she got any worse, the slip up that sent her to the training ground rather than home. Then, finding her son there training as he had spotted her and dashed to help her. After that, Kushina started getting the rest of the afternoon.

The feel of her son's lips, the flavor of his mouth, the taste of his seed, the feeling of his cock pounding away the lust in her, the satisfied, filled womb. Kushina laid back and simply remembered what it had been like. It had been a very long time, more precisely, thirteen years since her pussy got some stretching.

So today she had just had sex with her son who was practically a Jonin and considered an adult in the village. She could honestly tell herself that it was the best sex she might ever have in her life. As her right hand massaged her head for the memories buried under the fire of lust, suddenly she found something on her finger scratching her forehead.

Raising her hand up, Kushina gaped at the orange ring around her ring finger. That was impossible, she thought as the secret of the Uzumaki clan came back to her mind. Those who had found their true half, they would attain the rings in their respective finger after their bedding. The ring also had a special feature where if the lover channelled their chakra into it, their name would appear in their partner's rings as well, proving they were truly soulmates. And to identify the true half, they must feel a strong pull towards that person.

For Kushina, there was a pull during the time Minato rescued and complimented her red hair, thus she thought they were meant to be, as during her time as kunoichi, there was no pull toward any man other than Minato. That was the reason she settled with him. However, after they slept with each other, Kushina looked and tried all the ways to check if any ring had appeared. Until now it had not; then Kushina grabbed her son's left hand quickly, she could see on his ring finger, there was a red ring on it. With a touch of her chakra on it, her name appeared in green color. And just like that, Kushina was showered in happiness as finally after so many years and at the age of thirty-three, she had found her true love.

With that happy thought, she put his hand back to her hips and gently stroked Naruto's hair. She was enjoying the feel of his breath between her bosom and the cozy filled-up feeling as his limp penis was held tight by her pussy's wall. Kushina closed her eyes and thought of what she should do. On one hand what had happened was completely forbidden and unacceptable, it had happened out of drugs and not of her own free will… on the other hand she realized that today she had just had awesome orgasms, popped her son's cherry and had some of the best sex in the world together with her son, her true soul mate.

Kushina looked down at her young son full of love. 'Well… no one has to know but us, right?' She thought. 'I must be going crazy… but...' She blushed as she remembered something that she had discovered. 'For such a young boy, my son sure is… really well developed.' She thought blushing horribly at what she had decided to do.

"Well, better explain and set up a plan then." She mused out loud and then gently got up taking Naruto off of her but still holding onto him. She was unprepared however for the sudden wave of pleasure as her son's sperm just developed a life of its own and sloshed around in her womb and created a pleasurable and dizzy feeling in her head.

"Aaahhh." Moaning out loud for the last time, Kushina felt quite empty inside her love canal as her son's dick slid out.

Once she put him beside her, Kushina looked down at his dick as it was coated with her juice. Unable to resist that ten inches limp dick, the mother bent down and quickly cleaned Naruto's tool. As she was cleaning this godly stick, her hand unconsciously traveled down to her pot and there was nothing there but her juice.

'Good Kami!' Kushina thought as she felt her cervix closed tightly as her womb contained all Naruto's cum; along with her pussy also closed to prevent any cum to escape the baby chamber. "His sperm is hunting an egg so energetically inside my womb, as if it is trying to impregnate his own mother!"

Quickly finishing the job and looking at the wall, Kushina grinned at herself for being lucky as the calendar pointed out that today was the start of her safe times. Even though her body wanted a child, but her mind reminded her about her son still being young, despite his position, plus they still had so many thing to handle at the moment before they announced their relationship.

Naruto finally awoke and opened his eyes seeing Kushina who looked at him passionately. As he became fully awake, he moved away slightly from his mother as if unsure if he had only just had an amazing dream or not.

'No time like the present.' Kushina thought to herself and leaned in and kissed her son gently on the lips. Naruto's eyes widened a bit before he closed his too and kissed back. Slowly she pulled apart as she looked at her son blushing as he recalled the past activities.

"Um... w... why did you… um why did we do that, kaa-chan?" Naruto asked confused and unsure as to why it had all happened. "Is that sex?"

"I… wasn't myself entirely today sochi-koi… but what happened… I'm glad we did it, 'tebane." She told him smiling gently. Naruto looked away nervously as his mother had subtly confirmed his query.

"I'm glad too." Naruto replied. Kushina smiled and then looked down, realizing their state of dress as the quilt had fallen off the moment she extracted her son.

"Come on, Naruto. We should get cleaned up and dressed before anything else. Let's go up to my room for a bath!" Kushina told her son as she took her jacket and moved forward with a sway of her hips as she could felt her son's eyes glued on it.

"Of course, kaa-chan." Naruto said and he followed her, hot on ther trail.

After both mother and son had soaked themselves under the shower head, they slowly dipped themselves under the warm water inside the bathtub. As they were enjoying the warm sensation in the bath, Kushina went over and wrapped her arms around Naruto.

"So can you explain kaa-chan?" Naruto asked as he leaned back her warm embrace.

"Well…" She said moving him closer to her body. "We can continue doing this time to time but we must stay a secret." Kushina announced while Naruto looked back at her.

"Why?" Naruto was completely clueless about the situation.

"Mom knows best, sochi." Kushina decided to tease her son with the infamous sentence, which ticked off Naruto immediately.

Naruto only groaned in defeat. Perhaps after a bath, a meal, he could ask her more. Looking at her son who raised the white flag, Kushina giggled and kissed his head.

Unknown to both of them, the same woman with the auburn hair had moved outside the window and now spied on the couple as they stepped out of the bathroom. "It's fortunate that I came by myself. Who knew nee-chan can be like a slut when she got hooked by that piece of meat? Who would have guessed the person who'd put the horn on Minato would be none other his own son?" The peeping tom mused as she dashed back into her newly rented apartment to change her clothes as her black panties were soaked through and through with her juice. Then she could come back for a passionate night to be watched.

Kushina finished adjusting her red hair and looked up; the sun was already setting and casting an orange evening glow across the sky. She turned to Naruto who had already finished getting dressed.

"Alright Naruto-soichi, I am looking forward to the house date later okay?" She said. Naruto nodded smiling.

"Of course, Kaa-chan." He said smiling. Kushina smiled and waved before disappearing into the trees; off to report to her ex-husband Hokage and make a convincing lie with a glowing satisfied face to cover the fact that little Naruto was now banging his mother. May be she should just stay in the toilet and make a Kage bushin with no smell of sex and a normal face to go into the room and report.

Naruto looked at the sky and took off towards the village as well, heading in the direction of the food district to get his mother and himself their favorite food, as well as other dishes for their night together. Smiling Naruto dashed through the trees, the smile never leaving his face.

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