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Konohagakure – Hotel Burning Leaves

Mei slipped her arms around Kushina, completely embracing her as she deepened the kiss by slipping her tongue into the older woman's mouth. Kushina closed her eyes and hoped it would be over quick. As the mother tried to block out her feelings, she felt the younger woman's tongue gently lapping at her own. If anything, Mei was skilled with it.

Having a superbly attractive woman like this was giving her feelings that she did not want right now, another time and another place… and before Naruto and she would have enjoyed this immensely, now however it just didn't feel right even if her body was getting turned on. Mei grasped her behind, massaging Kushina's ass with her hands.

"Mmmm," Kushina moaned softly trying not to get carried away.

Mei noticed however and slowly and seductively slipped her tongue out of Kushina's mouth, never breaking contact, and licked the side of Kushina's face. Kushina shuddered in delight despite herself.

"Hmmmm, you can't hide it, I know you're getting turned on by this, nee-chan." She grinned.

As Mei backed away from Kushina letting the mother catch her breath. The Mizukage smiled and removed her blue dress; and quickly revealed the pair of short clothes underneath. The auburn head woman tripped off her tight short shirt then her pants dropped down, revealing her clean honey pot in all its glory.

"Kushina-nee… I'm waiting." Mei opened her legs wide with a smile as she sat down on the bed.

Kushina looked at the junction of Mei's legs before moving in and bringing her face right into Mei's pussy. Her nose resting on Mei's smooth mound as Kushina dug in slowly.

"Ohhhh Kami! Your tongue's good… Keep it up, Kushina-nee." Mei moaned as she leaned back on the pile of pillows.

As she got more and more comfortable, Mei could feel Kushina's skilled tongue enter. The smell, texture, and wetness slowly made Kushina lose her restrain. Closing her eyes Kushina gave in and for now, all she would think about would be Mei and the pleasure she was giving the auburn haired woman who she for cared as a sister. The younger woman relaxed on her back and stayed in the position as she enjoyed the feeling of being eaten out with all pleasure spots being stimulated.

It had only been a few days ago that she had finally escaped from her role as Kage for a short time and taken a few missions to maintain her skills. Quickly she picked up the mission as a representative between Kiri and Konoha as she wanted to visit her pseudo sister and her infamous prodigy nephew. And to be more honest, she'd wanted a chance to get laid there with some hot man, as the status of Mizukage had spoiled most of her chances of getting laid in Kiri. Not mention her SHARK made sure to scare off any man who dared to approach her.

Seriously she tried to understand why the hell in the first place she had installed her bodyguards all female. Perhaps she was on a high at the moment of winning the war and had become a bit of a feminist as people bestowed upon her the Mizukage's seat. Fortunately, the moment she had reached Kushina's clan house, she found the secret which her pseudo nephew contained in his pants and it changed her life more than she even knew herself.

Now, at this moment, Mei was being eaten out by an older woman, her pseudo sister precisely; she was really desperate for a god-damning fuck with orgasm after orgasm. Until she saw how Naruto had fucked his mother into pleasure heaven with raw stamina and strength despite being a boy to society... Then she was snapped out of her thoughts as Kushina's tongue was swirling inside faster and faster as Mei bucked her hips, her core clenching for release.

"Ahhhhh!" Mei moaned loudly.

Her juice gushed and went directly into Kushina's mouth as the mother quickly drank it up, exactly as if it was fine wine. Then Kushina stood up while Mei's liquid still trailed down her chin; Mei sat back as she came down from release and captured Kushina's lips in a kiss, making sure to lick her own juices off her.

"Mmmm, so good! Now, nee-chan…strip." Mei ordered her sister.

Kushina brought her hand to her clothes and stripped quickly while Mei was rubbing her labia as she took in the sight of the crimson haired mother stripping.

"You are so sexy, nee-chan. Still, the nightie and thong fit you more." Mei said, as if hinting at something.

Then she moved over and embraced the naked Kushina once again with a kiss on the lips. Kushina squirmed a little bit as she felt Mei's hands roam down her back. The Mizukage was greatly enjoying this and once again slipped the tongue out of her mouth before trailing it down Kushina's neck and down to her chest. Reaching to Kushina's DD sized boobs, Mei dipped her tongue in a little more as she licked Kushina's erect nipples. Then Mei captured Kushina's boobs as she began sucking and lapping like a hungry kitten.

"Mmm." Kushina moaned out as she noticed her nipples had hardened at the attention.

Mei moved in and gave Kushina's nipple a quick suck before moving on down the rest of her body with her tongue. Reaching under the swell of Kushina's breast and down her smooth stomach Mei briefly dipped her tongue into her navel before sliding down below, into Kushina's trimmed triangle of red hair.

"Ooooh!" Kushina let out as she shuddered feeling Mei's tongue right above her pussy.

Kushina had to lean back against the wall as Mei continued her odd journey down her body. Teasingly Mei avoided Kushina's moist pussy and slid her tongue around the edges of Kushina's pussy licking in between her pussy and thighs. Wrapping her arms around Kushina's left leg Mei continued her journey down Kushina's body and moved down her thigh and lower leg. Reaching to Kushina's foot, Mei removed those sandals and using both her hands to hold them and licked the underside of Kushina's foot sending shudders up the mother's spine.

Suddenly Mei enveloped Kushina's big toe in her mouth and sucked on it. Kushina suddenly felt odd feelings swell up at her lower region. Never before had she ever give any thought to that particular part of her body in any sexual context before but right now as she felt another woman suck on her toes Kushina's mind began to really enjoy this feeling. But as quick as it came, it was over and Mei let her foot go and moved back up her body.

"Time for the main event, Kushina-nee." Mei grinned and plunged her face into Kushina's dripping pussy.

"OOOHHHH!" Kushina cried out in pleasure.

As Mei assaulted her core with an almost animal-like frenzy while occasionally slapping Kushina's pucker with her tongue.

"It's …GOOD!" Kushina yelled as Mei added a few fingers into her core. Mei had targeted up and assaulted the crimson mother's clit while fingering, non-stop, her pussy.

"Mmm…Mmm…" Kushina moaned as she tried to not cry out too loudly.

Mei however gave a wicked smirk and moved her hand away from Kushina's pussy and quickly slammed her wet middle finger deep into Kushina's anus.

"OHHH! Kami!" Kushina yelled. "YES!"

The mother wailed as the pleasure suddenly grew too great to hold back. Mei happily swirled her tongue inside as Kushina's wall started to clench as the young Mizukage pumped in and out Kushina's ass slowly adding another finger into the woman's hot and tight rectum.

It had been too much for Kushina, the extra stimulation at having her ass penetrated and fucked by finger, had sent her over the edge. Gripping Mei's head with her hands, the mother held on as an orgasm tore through her leaving her weak in the knees.

"Cummmmiiiiiiing!" The mother roared out in new pleasure as her juice was lapped up in a lewd slurping voice from the auburn woman.

As Kushina released her tight grip, Mei extracted herself as she moved and lay beside her. Panting hard, Kushina turned aside as she watched Mei lick those fingers that had been in her ass. Kushina nearly got herself wet herself again just watching that.

"You're such a naughty mother, aren't you? You're a perverted sister who enjoyed the sight of her pseudo young sister licking those dirty fingers which invaded your ass." Mei whispered out sexually as she put all those fingers in her mouth while Kushina blushed as red as her hair.

The young woman smiled and leaned forward and kissed her French style, which Kushina returned eagerly. Then Mei twisted herself to the sixty-nine position and licked at Kushina's pussy as the mother also did the same. In an almost cheesy old movie scene, there was soft and classical music filling the air as someone outside had turned the music too loud but nonetheless, it had set the mood

With a sort of mutual understanding both woman slowed down. Lying side by side with their equally DD boobs pressed to each other stomachs, both women gently lapped at each other's pussies. The music continued on almost as if it was the soundtrack to their love making, and as the music continued on so too did they.

Kushina was sitting on the edge of the bed, fully dressed as Mei hugged her from behind gently kissing her neck. They had finished up moments ago after bringing each other to orgasm. It was now that the guilt of enjoying the sex so much had finally gotten to the mother.

"Mei-chan … I love Naruto-kun… I can't do this with you." She said trying to gently move Mei's hand away from her.

"But you liked this as well right, nee-chan?" Mei asked as she sucked on Kushina's collar bone softly to leave a mark.

"… I did… but I… but I just can't." She said, as a tear rolled down her cheek because she did not want to hurt her pseudo sister. Mei noticed this and knew she had better move a little faster.

"Just tell me one thing honestly, nee chan…" Mei asked and whispered into her ear. "If you could have both of us… would you?" Kushina stopped her gentle struggling.

"What?" She replied in a small voice as her inner conflict had stopped.

Mei tightened her grip around the mother and continued to convince her.

"Think about it Kushina-chan… do you think Naruto would mind all that much? I mean he is a man after all, and two women are one of their biggest fantasies. And can you honestly tell me it doesn't turn you on? His large cock pounding away at your ass while I eat you out… doesn't that send chills down your spine just thinking about it?" She said.

Kushina's eyes were wide as she listened to Mei's offer.

'The two of them… at once?' Kushina thought as images of what a scene like that could look like flashed in her head. Mei looked at Kushina face and noticed the sadness dissipate and be replaced by an ecstasy in those emerald eyes.

'I have you now…' She thought, as she knew Kushina had reached a decision.

Konohagakure – At the Academy

Naruto had reached the Academy just before his guide, Iruka, a chunin shinobi decided to turn back in.

"Sorry, Iruka-san. I got caught up in something along the road." Naruto called out to the older chuunin who had a scar running across his face.

"Don't worry!" Iruka waved his hands. "Actually you still have time, today two teachers had gotten missions at the last minute. So we lack a supervisor for the students as today we'd planned on teaching Taijutsu."

"Alright! So what can I help you with?"

"Here. This is the sheet which the teacher usually uses to plan out for teaching; you can borrow mine and help me to supervise those brats." Iruka handed out the scroll to Naruto. "Anything you need, you can ask me. I'll be at the room beside the training ground."

"Thanks a lot." Naruto accepted the scroll and went to find his class.

Of course, those eight years old brats thought they could annoy their thirteen year old substitute teacher. That was quickly settled, after Naruto blasted them with killing intent and shattered the teacher's table with a knock on it. Quicker than any of the teachers had done, those brats started to listen to Naruto like docile puppies.

Taking them out on the training field, Naruto decided to put in some small changes at the script as he demonstrated skills for those students who were then asked to do exactly like he had. Using his favourite Kage Bunshin no jutsu, a few more Naruto appeared at the training ground and helped the class. Then he separated the class in teams of five and pitted each group against his clones as he turned to ask Iruka who was free at the moment.

Suddenly he stopped mid-conversation as he realized both of his clones in the training with students had hit each other and dispelled. Unconsciously Naruto rubbed both of his cheeks as suddenly a weird idea popped into his brain. Dismissing the concern from Iruka, he summoned few more clones to handle the class as he dashed to the teachers' restroom.

As he reached inside, Naruto summoned a clone then sent it into the small room while he waited patiently. Feeling the slap of memories rush into his head from the clone, Naruto groaned out as his perverted idea was confirmed.

Then the rest of the day, Naruto stuck around with Iruka who introduced him to all the work which the teachers in Academy did regularly. He found it quite relaxing and the payment was not so bad after all, a month pays equal to two B rank missions and you could take on missions regularly as the time for which he appeared in class was from 8 am to 2 pm.

After leaving the Academy at 3pm, Naruto decided to visit a few more departments and check out if they were still asking for people as it was already past lunch time thus he did not want to disturb his mother's working time.

As the clock ticked to 5pm, Naruto excused himself from the Decoding Department as he headed back home for rest. He still had quite a lot of time left to decide plus he would most likely join the Academy since the Hokage was quite insistent on it, even asking another department's head to convince Naruto for the same.

Konoha- Uzumaki Clan House

When Naruto reached his house, he found Kushina and another woman were preparing a huge feast. As he looked at and analysed the woman beside his mother, the young man couldn't help but admire the long auburn hair which accentuated those curves on the woman's body and the same time he could feel the power radiating out of her.

"Hey, Naruto-kun. Let's me introduce you to a lady who I sort of adopted as a younger sister." Kushina turned and found her son was staring at them. "This is Mei Terumi. You may know her as the Godaime Mizukage."

Mei waved at Naruto as she folded her hands below her breasts and pushed them up. "Hey young Jonin, you can call me Mei-chan. If you call me obaa-san, I will wipe the floor with you."

"Haha." Naruto let out a small chuckle as his childish side rose up. "Nice to meet you, Mei-Obaa-chan."

With that Naruto moved up and shook her hands, while a tick appeared on her forehead. He ignored that and acted very innocent as Mei was holding on his hand. However, as a Mizukage, she could always turn the tables, with that thought, the auburn woman leaned and kissed the handsome young man on the lips. That had turned Naruto's face so red that he seemed about to explode from blood rushing to his face while Kushina giggled on the side.

Faster than a lightning strike, Naruto retreated and dashed to his room for a cold shower. Leaving behind his mother, who slapped the back of her pseudo younger sister's head as both of them laughed at the poor young man.

After that, the dinner was quite fun as Naruto enjoyed the meal while Kushina and Mei retold a tale of how two women came to know each other and became sisters to each other. As the meal had come to an end, Kushina had invited Mei to stay back for a night. Followed by Naruto who stayed back for cleaning up and enjoying a movie with them until the gossip moved to sensitive subjects; then Naruto quickly fled to his room.

At night

Naruto's mind slowly faded in and out of sleep as if his body found the lack of warmth beside him to be disturbing. However, as a well trained shinobi, the young man started to breathe to calm his nerves. Until he found the area at the end of the bed bending down as if someone had climbed on top of it.

"Quiet, Naru-koi." The low voice of his mother calmed him before he sprung out to defend himself. "Relax and enjoy it."

Naruto of course didn't open his eyes as he followed Kushina's orders. Then slowly his limp dick head was licked as his foreskin was pulled back by her tongue as the meat was sucked in. But that was not the end, as Naruto felt his ball sack was captured as well.

"Aaaaa." Naruto let out a small moan as his dick was slowly hardening inside his mother's hot wet cavity and extending slowly down into her throat. At the same time, his ball sack was scraped occasionally with her teeth and massaged by her tongue.

"Oooooohhhhhhh. I'm cumming soon." The young man couldn't hold his release any more as his ball sack was vibrating inside her mouth while his dick was pressed tightly by her warm throat.

Suddenly her tongue slid out and thrust at Naruto's pucker. That was the critical hit as the young man's toes curled as ropes after ropes of his seed flew straight into his mother's stomach. As his release died down, his ball sack was released from her mouth, and then his dick.

Before he opened his eyes and turned on the lights, his head was trapped between his mother's crotch and her wet pussy let out such an exotic smell to his nose and her juice was dripping down on his lips.

Naruto opened his mouth as his hand moved to push his mother's hip down. Quickly, the son's tongue started to lick his mother's pot as the woman displayed her pleasure by twisting her body while cleaning his dick with her mouth. After some short strokes around Kushina's labia, Naruto turned to long ones as his tongue swept all the way to her clitoris and passed that point.

But there was no hair above it, and in suspicion, the young man removed his hand from the woman's hips as he grabbed her boobs as a moan filled the room. Then suddenly, Naruto bent his body down as the woman's hip was clamped and her body was thrown out as he sprang up and prepared to engage any situation.

Just then, a light was turned on, as Naruto found Kushina was rubbing her pussy through her blue thong at the edge of his bed while the woman who just landed gracefully beside her was none other than Mei who wore only a black garter belt and stocking.

"I would love to hear an explanation now." Naruto groaned out as he jumped out of his bed with the quilt to cover himself.

"Well, somebody was looking for a threesome this morning," Kushina stopped pleasuring herself and moved to his side as she explained to him. "And Mei convinced me with a very persuasive and lengthy discussion about joining us for the time she is here."

"Joining us?" The young man's eyes bulged at his mother's explanation.

"That's right, stud." Mei moved to his other side. "Now, less questions, more enjoyment."

Before Naruto could react, Mei had dragged him to the bed as she pinned his hands down. As the auburn haired woman bent down to lick Naruto's body, she was hit on the head by Kushina.

"What did I tell you?" The redhead mother asked, irritated, as Mei stopped.

"Alright, alright." Mei pouted, like a kid denied a cookie.

With that, Mei moved to the side as Kushina captured her son's lips as Naruto's eyes went wide. But he was pinned down by Mei, the young man just accepted his mother's plans by relaxing his body as the auburn woman leaned down and kissed him in French style again.

"Mmmm." Naruto moaned softly in his throat.

Kushina was also working on his body as the quilt was removed and exposed his half-hard dick. Then her hands trailed down and encircled his cock with her soft hands and gently pumped him as his tongue was battling with her sister's. Mei's tongue entwined with Naruto's as the Kage enjoyed discovering his oral cavity. As Mei stopped the kiss for some air, she glanced down as she caught a good view of his equipment.

"I knew it was huge when you lodged it into my mouth, Naru-kun. But to see it under the light, oh my, Kushina-nee wasn't kidding when she said how magnificent your dick is." Mei moaned with her hand unconsciously rubbing her wet hole.

Then Mei quickly took the rest of Naruto's cock into her cool smooth hand making Naruto shiver. The young man could only relax on his pillow as she started to lick his body with her tongue as Kushina's bosom was dangling above his face. The son wasted no time to capture one of those pink nipples into his mouth as he sucked greedily. As Mei's hand rubbed his dick, with her delicate fingers rubbing on the tip while his mother's hand massaged his thigh and his ball sack, Naruto's body shivered as his buttons were being pressed by two women.

"Doesn't it feel good, Naru-koi?" Kushina whispered into his ear then captured his lips with her own.

Naruto could only nod his head in agreement as Kushina moved up and positioned her dripping core on his face as her son lapped at it hungrily. As she sat on her son's face with her body in position to capture his dick any time, the red haired mother took notice as Mei had pumped Naruto's junior back to its full size. Tapping at the auburn woman who was having too much fun, Kushina stared into her eyes, communicating through telepathy.

"AAAAaaaaahhhhh." Naruto stopped at licking his mother's juices as his little friend was wrapped up by two women's tongues all the way.

However, his moan was largely muffled by Kushina's ass as she pressed down on his face. Her lower half was in scorching heat as her honey pot used Naruto's tongue as if it was a pole, shaking, rotating around while its G-spot was being attacked. Kushina's butt cheeks were opened wide as her pucker received hot breaths directed at it since his nose was directly at the entrance.

As if his muffed moans of pleasure gave them more energy, Kushina's tongue wrapped around the shaft to pump up and down with the head being sucked as Mei attacked Naruto's ball sack and his pucker and vice-versa. The young man's body shivered as his dick was completely bathed in their saliva. Naruto worked fast and hard with his tongue like a snake, thrust in and out of Kushina's core randomly and licked at her pucker as his hands gripped firmly her aggressive shaking ass.

Then Naruto felt his dick twitch more as his ball sack geared up for another release, the young man drilled his tongue inside Kushina as deep as possible as he activate the chakra to vibrate. Quickly, Kushina clenched her core as her inner signal for release started immediately.

"Cuuuummming!'' Naruto yelled out together with Kushina.

Mei already had Naruto's ball sack in her mouth and quickly as the woman started to massage the ball with her saliva and it actually doubled the amount. While Kushina gulped his entire entire dick straight down to her throat as the crimson mother could feel rays after rays of her son's sweet salty cum shoot down her thirsty throat. As her stomach was filling up with the gooey cum, Kushina's pussy squirted out great quantities of female juice down Naruto's mouth as he gulped every drip of it with lecherous sounds.

Slowly Kushina removed her mouth from his base as Mei's tongue leapt around the base in hopes of tasting the sweet cum again. But all the auburn woman received was some blob of cum from the head, looking up, she found Kushina with mouth full of cum as she enjoyed it slowly. Quickly Kushina's mouth was attacked, and that turned to a battle as Mei wanted to have some more of Naruto's juice while her older sister did not want to share.

"You are so greedy, Nee-chan." Mei pouted and licked off some cum stains down her mouth.

"You had his entire first load, Mei-chan." Kushina stuck out her tongue as she removed her buttocks from Naruto's face.

Quickly, both women lay beside him for a rest. However Mei captured the young man's arm in between her boobs as she guided his hand into her honey pot as Naruto quickly started to play with it. Of course, Kushina had wormed her hand under his neck and pressed his face into her bosom with his other hand fingering Kushina's treasure parts as she rubbed his firm abs.

'Whoa.' Naruto thought with his hands providing the service. 'When I was with Kaa-chan it was amazing. But now that I'm with her and the Mizukage, the feeling is sure … whoa.'

"So Naruto-kun, who would you love to ride first?" Mei spoke and worked to leave a mark on his collar bone as her hand played with his nipple.

"Of course, you would ride your Kaa-koi, dattebane!" Kushina replied as her hand gripped on his junk. With her soft hands, she played with her son's soft meat up and down, left and right with randomly tight grips and strokes.

"Oh." Naruto moaned as his little boy started to harden under the harsh treatment of his mother. "I got an idea."

That of course interested both women as they quickly sat up and looked at him. At that sign, his childish side got a devilish idea and decided to punish both of them for ganging up on him.

In few minutes, both women were in position, under Naruto's instruction. Kushina closed her eyes as she stood with her knees far apart as her private part dripped down juice on the bed and of course, Mei was in the same situation but instead, waiting for something with her hands under her bosom.

Naruto smiled at the position of both women as his clone appeared from the ground as he quickly shared the idea with them through the mental link that had been set up. After a quick deciding by rock-paper-scissors, he and another clone got Kushina while another two got Mei. The young man had divided his chakra equally to his clones as he did not want them to disappear midway due to the firm grips of the women.

"I wonder what your surprise is, sochi-koi?" Kushina moaned out lewdly as she felt Naruto forcing her firm ass apart as his dick rubbed between her outer folds and poked at her pucker. "Come on baby! Just fuck your slutty Okaa-chan, 'tebane."

"What are waiting for, Naruto-kun? Are you afraid of me?" Mei whispered lustfully with her pussy being slapped from below by his dick and her upper half was pressed forward. The Mizukage was wondering how Naruto could be at both places, unless…

"Alright, Kaa-chan, Oba-chan." Naruto announced loudly as Mei and Kushina opened their eyes. "Enjoy it."

Before both of them fully registered the situation, their holes were filled.

"AAAAAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhh." Kushina roared at the immense pleasure of both of her holes being lodged completely.

Her eyes opened wide and showed that her eye balls had rolled back into her head. Kushina's mind was shocked into new pleasure as her head fell back and rested on Naruto's shoulder.

"CCCCUUUMMMIIIIINNGGGG!" The crimson headed mother screamed at top of her lungs, gasping for air.

For all her pervious experience laying with Minato, Kushina had not released from penetration until now. In her pussy, the mother could feel her son's dick had not only filled complete her canal and bumped at her cervix, but his bulbous head had entered completely and was captured by her throbbing womb. That was of course because another Naruto's dick had lodged inside her as fully as it pushed the back of her womb for penetration.

Kushina grinded her core down Naruto's dicks as if the mother wanted to push his dick deeper. Her hips spasmed violently as both of her holes released juice. Kushina's honey pot spurted another fountain of juice down to Naruto's crotch, and her son could feel her labia clamp tight around his cock's base. Her pussy's wall massaged his entire shaft with vigour and hotness, making milk with a great suction at the cock head as Kushina's womb hungrily wanted for his hot seed to fill it full again. While the mother's anal canal joined the game with its pucker squeezed firmly at the end as the tight wall pressed around the stick like a snake ready to kill its prey and added in the hot air down to the tip of Naruto's cock.

"OOOOOhh." Mei also moaned out with her mouth widen open and it was quickly turned to. "Mmuummmm."

Naruto had jammed his meat into her mouth as the clone from behind held her head in position. Mei was receiving the same orgasms which Kushina had got during the first fuck with Naruto. Her pseudo virgin pathway to her cervix was reshaped together with the rest of her, as her cervix was being hit against in one moment. Instantly, Mei's pussy wall held tight to Naruto's pole as it gushed out a little more juice to ease the friction. Her wall was so hot, it was as if Naruto could feel his dick melting inside as he spasmed furiously around for the hot cum to fill in with her cervix teasing the tip.

As Mei wailed out at the pleasure with her mouth, Naruto shoved his dick into it as she was gagging for it. Deciding to stop for a moment, Naruto let Mei catch a few breaths before he started to push the rest into her warm oral cavity slowly. As her throat was being filled with Naruto's meat, Mei's moans had turned into vibrations as she added hot saliva and slimy tongue around the shaft. The auburn woman now had rested her nose on Naruto's stomach as her face demonstrated the pleasure with rolled back eyes together with some tears as her tongue was wrapping his ball sack.

"OH KAMMIII!" Both the Naruto who had sandwiched Kushina, groaned out in pleasure. "SO FUCKING SQUISHY!"

Their dicks were milking inside Kushina like never before. Their boiling balls sacks were going crazy for to produce juice but her juice them showered down to cooling. Both Naruto were so very grateful as they turned and quickly attacked Kushina's body. One attacked both of her mounds and sucked on those perky pink nipples while another filled the mother's mouth with a tongue as a hand stimulated her clitoris.

"FUUUUCKKKK YEAHHHHHH..." Those two who had impaled Mei above and below cursed out in heavenly feeling.

Of course, for the two Naruto who were lodging into Mei, they were enjoying at the feeling of hotness, wetness and tightness around their shafts. Then suddenly the one in Mei's throat was pushed away. Naruto was puzzled, but Mei drew her finger up to her lips in the universal sign of patience, so the clone decided to take time and admire her body more. Mei rested back on the clone behind her as her body was going down after a good orgasm as the clone in front of her bent down and stared at her honey pot.

"Interesting." The clone whispered out as he rubbed her clitoris and wiped up her juice to look and taste.

"You like it!" Mei smirked at the young man.

"Maybe," The clone replied with a smile and another wipe of her juice.

Naruto found it was so different from Kushina's gooey watery juice, Mei's juice was very concentrated and sticky like those fatty food he ate. And both women had a different taste, his mother was like sweet miso soup, while Mei owned a salty juice like barbeque fish, of which Naruto loved both. Moving his eyes up, Naruto spotted part of her nipple erected out of her well rounded bouncy boobs and it enchanted the young man, making him play with them.

"Ohhh…Yessss… Play with them, Naruto-kun, play with my shy nipples." Mei giggled. "And maybe they need to be pushed out at the same time you pulled them out, Naru-chan."

Kushina had got her control back as she looked down at her bulging stomach. The mother twisted her legs and gripped the hips of the Naruto who was in front of her as she relaxed her back on the clone behind to ease the grip of her canal around their dicks for movement. Kushina loved to have both of her holes being filled with her son's dicks. Then the mother signalled for both Naruto to start to pump in and out of her.

After regaining her sense, the auburn hair Mizukage whispered an idea to the clone from behind as her nipples were fully erected as it was sucked, twisted, played with and poked by the one in front. With the mental link, all the Naruto blushed at her offer but they quickly followed it as they were new to it.

The clone in front of Mei, turned his body upside down as he faced her filled pot and erected clitoris while his dick was captured by Mei's mouth. Channelling some chakra into the legs for her position, Mei gripped Naruto's legs while he did the same to her hips as his tongue started to stimulate her clit. Linked together, the clone at the back of Mei started to drill in and out slowly to prevent hitting his bro with the tool. The auburn women started to moan as she started to suck on Naruto's meat as another meat was shaping her pussy into his size.

"Come on sochi….Fuck me…Fuck me hard and fast, Naruto-kun.." Kushina groaned out.

Already with a firm grip on the mother's body, Naruto started thrusting into her pussy while his clone drew out and vice-versa. They had worked up a good rhythm and it was the first time and both of them carried Kushina's full weight.

"No!" Kushina yelled. "Damn it! FUCK ME, DATTEBANE."

Deciding to do it herself, the crimson haired mother started shaking her hips around as she could feel their dicks wriggling inside and hitting her G-spot. Quickly, both Naruto picked up speed as their meats went in and out, grinding their crotches into Kushina. With their increasing speed, both meats jammed inside her together and those deep hard penetrations kept Kushina wailing out with pleasure.

Both young men felt Kushina's wall contracting around the cocks with hotness and wetness as well as tightness to milk their cocks. As they kept slamming in and out of Kushina, they felt some twitches inside the sack as the seed was gathering for release. Quickly, the speed was pushed up even more as now mother and son's sweat had mixed in together. Kushina had known that her body had piled up waves after waves of pleasure in order to relive the biggest orgasm with her son.

"YES…yes….Oh KAMI." Kushina screeched, her voice reaching a volume Naruto had almost never heard before.


The mother's vocalization was constant with a mixture of moaning, screaming and filthy talk with her fingernails dug deep into her son's shoulder. All Naruto got a boost up of energy with Kushina's talk.

"SUCK MY NIPPLES, SOCHI. AAAAHHH…NARUTOOOOOOOOO!" Kushina begged as quickly her boobs were pushed together and both erect nipples were touching each other. "EAT THEM BABY!"

Naruto obliged her and sucked those together as their hips constantly pounded into her pussy and core, deeper, faster and harder. Without restraint, by now, Kushina constantly received the same pleasure of having both dicks jammed inside together. The only thing she could do was moan out as for every breath she took, the pleasures of penetration knocked it right out of her lungs. Her eyes rolled back inside, her tongue hung limply outside of her mouth with trails of saliva running out from both corners.

Opposite, Mei's hips were pushing back and font. Her clitoris was licked, sucked, pinched, bit and stretched out by Naruto as the one behind kept fucking with reckless and solid hits deep into her velvety cervix. The supple Mizukage at the same time returned the favour by sucking the tasty meat like a delicious lollipop. Using her sticky warm saliva, tight mouth and throat with her tongue wrapped around the shaft, Mei utilized the trick of poking at the dick head with tip of her tongue. While her pussy's hot sticky wall spasmed around his shaft and clenched tightly for every time he thrust inside her body, occasionally Mei's breathing cervix randomly captured his dick head.

"AAAAAhhhhh." All Naruto wailed out as they were on the edge. "I am cuuuummmiiing soon."

With that announcement, both Naruto drilled into Kushina as fast as possible and those serving Mei, they also worked more furiously than before. Unknown to Naruto, above his dick base there was a swell forming except the one who was being sucked by Mei. Those hot swells had prevented Naruto's drawing out more than he wanted as it rubbed the G spots in those walls along with big snake veins around his dicks as Kushina and Mei received new pleasure added into their bodies.


Kushina's body worked more furiously as she was on the edge of release along with Mei who agreed with her by sucking Naruto's dick as deep and fast as possible with her hips trembling to milk the young man.

Those dirty talks were the trigger for Naruto. Quickly the one who was being sucked by Mei released the hold on the auburn woman's hips as he put his hands down the bed to hold his form. While the rest moved out to the tip and slammed deep into those canals as the seed travelled from the ball sack to the tip in matter of seconds with a roar of release.


Immediately, Kushina's womb captured the twitching cock head as waves after waves of hot cum splashed into the mother's empty womb and stained it with white seeds. And the hungry womb was satisfied at the treat so much that it quickly expanded to hold as much cum inside as if it wanted to get pregnant from that warm gooey delicious salty cum.

Of course along with the womb, Kushina's intestines also sucked it up like a black hole as those fountains of cum shot deep into her body as if in a competition with the womb. At the moment her cervix closed tightly and yet her son's cock was still in the trance of release. Those naughty canals with its infinite wisdom closed tightly the entrance around Naruto's base.

Unfortunately, that section had swelled up rapidly from the beginning of the release to force the cum to stay inside Kushina's saturated pussy. As those two hit, his swell hot ball rubbed and triggered those G spots around Kushina's entrances and push the red hair mother to new level of pleasure.


Kushina moaned out half way as her mind exploded into stars and spots of white so heavily that it rebooted itself. Her body quickly took action and gushed out not only the female juice but Kushina's body also expelled out the hot pee upon Naruto's body. Her legs wrapped tight around Naruto's hip, as he tightened his hands around her body while her hips were bearing down into them. Her hands waved up and hugged his head into the valley of softness as she leaned back her head into clone-Naruto's shoulder and French-style kissed the young man who gripped her hips.


Mei groaned with her throat at the same time, she had received the cum her body desperately need. For a moment, she blinked as the heated liquid shot deep into her womb and rubbed every inch of her womb as it splattered around. At the same time the same liquid went straight down to her belly. Then it hit her like a hammer from both sides and released Mei's orgasm. Her eyes were half lidded, her hips pressed down hard on Naruto's crotch as the Mizukage unconsciously pushed Naruto's hips in until his balls rested on her nose. Her stomach was convulsing with pleasure as it received ropes after ropes of hot cum from both up and down as it forced the invader out.

During the release into Mei, the clone in her mouth could not hold itself anymore as the moment the biggest load released down, he grabbed his brother's leg and merged in. The auburn woman had nothing to hold her upper body and fell face down on to the bed after she had gulped down enough cum to fill her stomach.

And now, Mei was lying with her face on the side as her well-endowed boobs pressed down on the bed with her butt uplifted and exposing out her anal. A position that was well engraved in the mind of any kunoichi since some of the seduction missions required them to have babies afterward. This position would guarantee more success to get pregnant as those seeds would be sucked deep inside the womb with the help of gravity.

Back to Naruto, he had held onto her hips the moment he released and with Mei in this new position he took notice of something round and black sticking out of her pucker. Intriguing, as the young man thought that was her hair poking at his abs, Naruto grabbed the pin and pulled it out forcefully. Quickly, he realized that was an anal bead but it was too late for him to understand, Mei's pussy gripped more tight and milking crazy around his stick as her pucker also displayed a series of violet short spasms. Unfortunately, that action had broken the best of Mei's orgasm record as all her hidden G-spots at the drenched entrance were stimulated, being rubbed like insane around Naruto's hot swell.


Mei was screaming at the top of her lungs as her cervix opened its mouth to welcome more seed in. The young man with extra energy could only howl out in pleasure as fountain after fountain of cum drained out of his body. His released his flood into the auburn woman's canal and it coated around the delicate cervix after her expanded womb gave up as it filled around and widened the passage, rubbing Mei's sensitive spots viciously as the entrance was locked tightly.


Mei had experienced big extra orgasms as her mind completely went into the oblivion of pleasure and cut her moan half way. The auburn woman's eyes opened wide and displayed the whiteness as they rolled back into her skull. Her tongue dropped out from her tired mouth because of too much licking, wrapping, sucking and screaming with a fine puddle of saliva forming quickly around. Her hips could only spasm randomly as her lower abdomen swelled up in the shape of a lollipop.

And for Naruto, his body had cramped after such giant release in the span of three minutes as he fell forward on top of Mei's body as their bodies lied flat on the bed. At this action, Mei's body had shaken a few times before she lied there, completely exhausted in the pleasure at the feeling of cum sloshing around. Both of them were basking in the afterglow and dropped into a deep sleep without a thought about their crotches, which were still connected with each other.

Kushina, after the long release, her body still in the sandwich of her sons, fell down to the bed, laying side by side and breathing heavily and Kushina's stomach had swelled up like it was almost four months pregnant. They were lounging in post pleasure and did not even notice their crotches, still connected to each other as both sons hugged the mother and the three of them fell into dreamless sleep.

Kyuubi smirked at one of the advantages of his idea; quickly his chakra started to fan out and pass through his host's crotch into the two women. Yes, patience and time was all he needed at the moment; the revenge would soon be enjoyed.

Next morning, Naruto groaned as his clone merged back into himself. Waking up he found both women had left the bed. Understanding the situation, the young man quickly went to the bedroom and started his work.





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