It has been two thousand years since the war. I am hollow. I am empty. I do not feel anything. I don't know why I came back here to this beach after all those painful years. Back to Troy or at least the ruins of Troy. Memories came rushing back in of what happened on this beach in this very spot. I look out into the Aegean Ocean, but all I see is his blue eye the same unreal colour of ice cold blue. After the Trojan survivors fled Troy we all split apart, every man for them self. That was when I met Klaus. A cold heartless man that turned me into a vampire. I taught him how to love but the only problem was that he fell in love with me, he taught me how to be cruel, how not to have a care in the world about anything or anyone. After I rejected him we went on our separate paths. I indulged in only the best just like he had taught me to. Fancy hotels, best resorts, cruises, best wine and all the other luxuries. It never did really compare to true happiness but it would had to do. I kept myself occupied with as many projects as I could such as writing a book, building a dream house, many dream houses, I was even a CEO of a fashion industry. But most of all I would read books and after two thousand years I had read it all. All the years just floated by just like a leave in the early Autumn breeze. I don't really know what I am doing here, I guess my brain led me here hoping to find some closure.

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