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Briseis POV

We were almost there, I was told. I still didn't know where we were going because Achilles still wouldn't tell me. We were in his private jet flying to god knows where and I was as happy as I'd ever been.

"so its some place warm" I carried on. Achilles just gave a bored, "mhh hmm" and kissed me before I had the chance to ask anymore questions. I couldn't really see much out the window apart from white clouds and glimpses of the ocean. I looked back at Achilles and thought back to the two thousand years I spent without, they ware so empty. I was afraid to lose him again but then I thought to myself, don't think about what might go wrong. Think about what could go right.

Our hands were intertwined together, Achilles was rubbing my side and nibbling on my ear. I started to giggle and he asked, "so what name do you go by nowadays?" I had changed my name a few times through out the years but I never really thought about it. "when people ask my name I normally just say Brie instead of Briseis" I thought about it and added, "sometimes Bela, with one 'l' because it means 'Jasmine' in Hindi, my favorite flower and sent"

"I do recall your hair smelling like Jasmine some time ago" Achilles said pleasantly.

" some times go by Alaric, it means 'all powerful' in German, sometimes even Archie, it means 'bold daring prince' in German."

I couldn't help but laughing, Achilles or should I say Archie, just raised an eyebrow and looked away.

Achilles said, "I was once looking through a book of names and found Bryssa, it means beloved. It made me think of you." I felt this warm feeling creep down head to tow when he said that.

"Alright, we are just about to land" Achilles told me as I started squealing like a little girl.

Achilles POV

We just landed on my private Island when Brie ran out of the jet at full speed. I followed her outside with our suit cases. I compelled some rich people it sign over thereIsland to me just because they already had three and I was bored.

When I stepped out she was no where in sight but I saw little foot prints in the sand leading down to the beach house, well it was more of a mansion but you get the idea.

I stepped in though the front door knowing that Brie had already been in here because the front door was fully open. But by the time I got there she was already out the back looking at the lagoon pools outside the house. "get your togs on" I yelled across the massive house. She started taking off her clothes and jumped in to the water, "or don't, its fine by me" I laughed and at vampire speed zoomed into the pool, my clothes still in the air when I connected to the water.

Briseis POV

The greatest ting you will learn, is to love.

It was beautiful, the view, the climate, everything was perfect. It wasn't about the luxurious Island, it was about who was with me. I thought back to Klaus, he had everything and we traveled the world (doing bad things to good people) the sight was great but with him I was so hollow, nothing could ever make up for the emptiness in my life, apart from Achilles. I was reborn, a new person and even though I am technically dead, I have never felt more alive.

Achilles was looking my up and down as I swam, I gave him a curious look and he just smirked and said, "you have not aged a day" I swam over to Achilles, he wrapped both hands around me in an iron tight grip and…you get the picture…

When we were done I went up to have a shower as Achilles cooked some dinner. I couldn't help but think that life is so perfect at the moment that something bad will happen soon, just because of experience.

I was right.

When I got out of the shower, on my bath rode lay a not with a black rose. This scared me to death because I left Klaus a black rose when I went my separate way, well actually when I ran away from him. I knew he would be furious because he had no tolerance for those who displeased him. None at all, he just killed them on the spot. But at that time of his life he was very busy and needed to sort some stuff out with his vampire kingdom in New Orleans so I figured he would forget about me by the time he was done. Apparently not.

I picked up the note with shacking fingers, it read, "hello my love, did you really think you could get away from me? So this is the great Achilles and the only man you were capable of loving. Careful sweetheart, you put him in a lot of danger by loving him almost as much as I love you"

Klaus had been here. He hadn't forgotten about me. And if I know him, which I do, I know he is not just going to let me walk into the sunset with the love of my life. He is going to rip every shred of happiness away from me.

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