AN: HI! This only my second story but I've put a lot more thought into this one where the other story I had was more me having ideas and putting them on paper-online. This is a crossover between One Piece and Harry Potter. It takes place before the time skip in One Piece because I haven't watched that far and I don't know enough about it. I nearly have all of my chapter written out, and need to write it out on the computer after that. This is just a small bit that I decided would make a good prologue.

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Zoro was pissed. He had just gotten up in the middle of the night to go toilet while on their ship, the Going Mary. He'd come to the end of a corridor he'd never seen before and discovered a door. Now, while the fact that he found a door was amazing, given how good Zoro was at getting lost, the door didn't actually lead to a toilet. It lead to, well, a room. Now, while the room was amazing and all (NOT), Zoro wanted the toilet. NOT a room in which a randomo, who Zoro had never seen on the Going Mary before, was offering him a random potion. Funnily enough, the potion was green.

"Take my potion." (AN: do it with a Gollum voice for added effects) The randomo hadn't stopped bothering Zoroyet. He stretched an arm toward Zoro, potion in hand. Err, well, not that Zoro could see a hand. The strangers whole body was hidden beneath a very long and loose black robe.

Zoro muttered something under his breath that will not be repeated. Though, it was about Sanji so you can pretty much just guess what Zoro said.

He turned to leave the room. Wait. Where was the door?

Zoro turned back around. Ah ha! It was behind the stranger.

He stalked up to the stranger and went to shove right past him. This didn't work. The stranger grabbed Zoro with a surprising amount of strength and blocked his nose using only one hand. The other, of course, was still holding the potion.

Zoro, unable to do anything, opened his mouth to take a quick breath. Unluckily for him, that was what the stranger was waiting for. He quickly shoved the potion down Zoros throat.

Zoro couldn't do anything but swallow the vile tasting liquid so he could get some air into his system.

The second all the liquid was gone from the glass vial the stranger chucked it behind him. It shattered against the wall.

Zoro slumped, unconscious.

The stranger seemed to be in a hurry now. He turned to the door, opened it and shoved Zoro through.

"Well," said the stranger. "That takes care of that." (AN: this doesn't work with Gollums voice, don't try it)

A sudden thought hit the stranger. He had forgotten to confiscate Zoros swords. Whoops. That's not exactly a good thing, the stranger thought, infact, it's more of a bad thing. Ooopsys.

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