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Zoro awoke with a jolt.

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There was the door leading back into the crowded hall and an impatient Snape and goblin looking pointedly at him.

He once again smoothly hopped out of the cart and walked out the open door back into the crowded hall, ignoring the glares boring holes in his back. Why should he care if he can do something that Snape couldn't. It wouldn't take Snape much practise to be able to do something similar; maybe a couple of months. Yup, that sounded about right.

On his way out, Zoro noticed the boy with glasses from before, accompanied by a really, really (no, really) tall guy with a beard. He was wearing a large brown overcoat too, just adding to the 'I'm a giant' look. Not that the man could actually be a giant. Giants were huge. Hello, talking from personal experience here. Though, this world was slightly different. Maybe he was what counted for a giant this world. Nah.

Outside, Zoro looked around, with no clue where to go now. Snape came out and stood beside him. Actually, make that slightly in front of him. Zoro got the impression Snape didn't like him very much. At all.

"We'll get your wand last." A wand? Really? Zoro needed a stick? For what? ... Oh, yeah. Magic... Stick it is. But still, in this world, people relied on sticks. Seriously. What happens when their wands break? Unless they know self defense, they are going to be as helpless as newborn babies. It's stupid, really. "We'll go to the Apothecary first."

Zoro shrugged. He really didn't care where he went first. He was only here until Dumbledore could reverse the potion and send him back home. Preferably reversing the potion first.

And off Snape went, this way and that, until they came to the Apothecary. Snape went in and Zoro had no choice but to follow him inside.

Snape was like a blur, moving throughout the shop grabbing ingredients and other things Zoro had never heard about. Before he knew it, his arms were carrying a cauldron, filled to the brim with ingredients, and other bits and pieces.

Snape then guestured at the counter. "Go buy it." His tone left no room for arguing.

So Zoro went up to the counter, carrying the heavy cauldron like it was a feather. He lifted it up, and dumped it on the counter. He removed the money bag from his belt, where he had hung it on the way to the Apothecary.

"You take what you need." Zoro told the shopkeeper, not bothered to learn the currency.

The shop keeper counted out the correct amount of money and then pushed the now lighter bag of money back across the counter. Zoro grabbed it and hung it back on his belt.

Until now, Zoro hadn't noticed he was still wearing his clothes from the ship, just in a smaller size.

He pulled the full cauldron back off the counter and walked out the door to where Snape was waiting.

"Books and writing equipment next." said Snape and strode off yet again. And yet again, Zoro followed. Only, in this case Zoro was carrying a heavy cauldron filled with ingredients and whatnot. Not that it bothered him; he'd lifted way heavier weights before.

And with that, they entered Flourish and Blotts. This time, Snape was less eager to help.

Zoro made trips to a few other shops after that, and managed to grab some weights. They were very fancy, and not actually that big, but Zoro could adjust them so that they were heavier.

Next up was Madam Malkins. Snape pointed the entrance out to him, and then disappeared.

Zoro wandered in, and noticed pale blond boy on a pedestal being fitted for some black robes.

He placed his heavy cauldron next to the umbrella stand so it didn't get in the way while he was being fitted for the school uniform.

A lady bustled over to Zoro. "First year at Hogwarts dearie?"

Zoro nodded.

"I'll guess you'll be wanting the uniform then?"

Zoro nodded again, hesitantly.

"Right then. Follow me." The lady turned around and lead Zoro to another pedestal, next to the pale boy. Zoro hopped up and stood there on the pedestal while the lady bustled around Zoro with a tape measure and black cloth.

The lady stopped all of a sudden. "I'm going to have to get you to take those swords off."

"No." The pale boy looked sharply at Zoro, suddenly interested in the conversation. Zoro ignored him. "I won't take my swords off."

"I can't fit you with those swords sticking out at such an awkward angle." The lady looked annoyed.

"Just work around them." Zoro was adamant. He was not going to take his swords off when he was in a place he was not entirely comfortable in.

"How about a compromise? You take your swords off a few seconds and I'll make you a place to hang them off your uniform from." The lady smiled.

Zoro looked at her. It sounds okay, he thought. "Fine." He took all three swords off his waist and laid them at his feet. the lady immediately pulled a black cloak over his head and started making adjustments.

"What are you looking at?" Zoro questioned the pale boy who was still staring at him.

"Why do you need three swords?" The pale boy sounded snobby. Urk.

"Because." said Zoro, deciding he didn't like the pale boy.

"My name's Draco, Draco Malfoy." The pale boy nodded firmly. "What's your name?"

"Zoro." Zoro answered curtly, too lazy to give his last name as well.

"Are you a pureblood?"

"A what?"

"A pureblood. You know, your family line."

"Uh? Um? Yes?" His family line was fine.

Malfoy nodded. "Good."

Zoro decided he really, really didn't like this boy.

"You can put your swords here." The lady pointed at a special spot on the side of his uniform. "They shouldn't fall off and it's in the same place as you wore them on your other clothes."

Zoro smiled. "Thank you."

"That's it then dearie." The lady pulled the now completed robe over Zoros head. She folded them and handed them to Zoro. He jumped off the pedestal without another look at Malfoy. He made his way back to the cauldron, dumped the robes on top, and grabbed the money bag.

After yet another money confusion fiasco (not really), Zoro was back out on the streets, looking around for a simply not there Snape.

Meh. He'd just go get the rest of the stuff he needed himself. He was perfectly capable of finding his way around a straight street. So off he went, up and down, left and right. He went absolutely everywhere. But he couldn't find what he was looking for. Namely, the pet shop.

He kept looking. For how long, he had no clue.

Finally, he came to a stop and looked around. There was the huge guy and the kid with glasses going into Madam Malkins. Wait. Madam Malkins? Oh great, just great. Now he's come around full circle.

Zoro went to set off again when he noticed something. Or, more specifically; he noticed the pet store. Right next to Madam Malkins. Oh. Well... At least he knew where to go now. Straight ahead. And for once, Zoro did exactly that.

'Eylops Owl Emporium'. That's what the pet store was called. Zoro could see owls everywhere. But he didn't want an owl. No, he had no use for an owl. Why not a cat? Or a battle ready tiger? Or, even better, a dog. Yes, any one of those options would be nice. But somehow, he really doubted that they would sell a tiger. Sad, but the truth.

Zoro wandered through the shop, looking at toads, rat, mice, owls and cats. They could change colours, talk (one toad was singing) and send messages. Where were the normal animals? You know, the average ones that meow, hiss, hoot, squeak, bark, whine, croak, whatever. No where in sight, it seemed.

Finally, Zoro came to the back of the shop, near the counter. There, next to the counter, he found a cage. Yes, a cage. A suspiciously empty cage. Why was it empty, you ask? Because the owner of the shop had the animal out. The poor thing was upside down and an injection was in the shop owners hand.

The animal, a cat, to be exact, was yowling and squirming in fear. The needle drew nearer.

"Stop!" Zoro said quickly. "What are you doing?"

The lady owner looked at him. "The poor thing. It's just a regular cat. No-one wants it and I can't keep it. So to put it out of it's misery, I'm putting it down."

The needle started to move closer again. The cat, a fluffy black thing with a white patch around one eye, looked at Zoro with yellow eyes, begging to be saved.

Zoro bit his lip. Why did he need an animal again? It would just be a hindrance.

The needle resumed its' steady pace towards the cat.

He sighed. "I'll take the cat."

The needle stopped. "Say what now?" The shop owner had an expression of confusion on her face.

"I said: I'll take that cat." Zoro dumped the cauldron on the ground, and drew out his money bag once more. "How much?"

The owner named her price.


The owner took note of Zoros confused expression. "Here, let me." She snatched the money bag out of his hand and counted out the correct amount of money. She then shoved the bag back across, and placed the needle underneath the counter somewhere.

Zoro put the money bag back in his cauldron, and picked it back up.

"Follow." he told the cat, not wanting to carry it, or a cage, as well.

The owner sighed. "I already yold you, it's a normal cat, it can't understand you."

The cat stretched, and jumped off the counter. It looked up at Zoro, and meowed.

Zoro raised an eyebrow. "So? Cats are naturally smart animals. You should know that, you own a pet store." And with that, Zoro turned and walked towards the door.

"By the way, it's a girl." The owner called after him.

A girls name. Great. Why did he get the cat again?

"Come along..." Girls name. A girls name. Think. One girls name. Come on. Think. "... Blackie."

The cat, just dubbed Blackie, followed.

Outside, Zoro noticed Snape was impatiently waiting next to the entrance of Madam Malkins, foot tapping impatiently, back turned to Zoro. Whoops. He'd obviously come back and thought Zoro was still in Madam Malkins.

Zoro strolled over, taking his time, Blackie following obediently. "Hey." he said from behind Snape.

Snape nearly jumped out of his skin. He turned around, scowl already in place. "Finally. We'll get a p-"

"-Already got one." Zoro gestured to Blackie, who was now weaving in and out of his legs. At the sound of her name, she gave a large rumble.

Snape shrugged. If the boy had gone ahead and done that without him, fine. But why did he have to wait for so long? Unacceptable.

"To Ollivanders."

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