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Of course Simmons noticed how cute Fitz was. I mean, how could she not? She did after all work within close proximity to him for countless hours.

She loved the way he asked for her input when he didn't know the answer to something, or the way they shared conversations that no one else on the BUS could even come close to grasping.

But it's not like she liked him or anything like that. No way... they were colleagues, meant to help further each other in research, and aid the mission for the benefit of the team. Definitely did not like him.

But boy, was he ever cute.

They were in the lab, testing a new item that had turned up on a mission. Origin unknown, but it seemed dangerous?

"How are we suppose to bloody figure out what this is?" Fitz shouted in outrage, "We've been at it for hours!" He grabbed a small screwdriver and gently pressed it to a seam in the rectangular device. "I'm just going to try this, it's harmless.."

"Fitz...maybe you shouldn't do that, you don't know what it might trigger-"

Suddenly, a powdery substance streamed out from the device, enveloping Fitzsimmons in the cloud.

The emergency sirens sounded in the lab, the laboratory doors slammed shut and locked, and Fitzsimmons coughed and sputtered running away from the table.

They were frantic, unsure what to do, trying to push away the substance that had already been inhaled by the both of them.

Simmons racked her brain and pushed aside the fear. First thing they needed to do, washing station! No doubt by now the rest of the team had been alerted of the state of the lab, and would be counting on them to take care of the situation. She could hear the blood pounding in her ears.

"Fitz-washing station! As fast as possible!" She shouted, then added, "Clothes off!"

Fitz nodded and ran towards the containment showers in the corner of the room – for emergencies only. He knew how this procedure worked. He was lucky enough to never have to use it in a real setting – only in training. He was panicked beyond belief. His brain had already started thinking of all the types of substances that could have been contained in the device, and all the diseased associated with it. He didn't have much time to think further, as he started ripping his clothes off, almost tripping over his jeans as he shrugged them off his feet. Simmons was just a few steps behind him, already with her shirt off, just starting on her jeans. Fitz was shaking so badly, that he couldn't unbutton his shirt, that he desperately called for Simmons help, but almost choked on her name when he turned to see her in only her bra and jeans.

He always thought she was a beautiful woman, and intellectually his equal, but wow. Just wow.

His thoughts were cut short by Simmons reaching towards his shirt to help him. "We have to hurry Fitz, just like training, right?" she said as she quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off him.

"Yeah...just like training," he said, watching the woman in front of him practically undressing him. Not quite the set of circumstances he was looking for, but he was enjoying it nonetheless. Hey, if he was going to die by some deadly poison, Simmons undressing him would be the best point in his life so far.

After she finished with his shirt, she quickly pulled off her shoes and jeans and looked back at Fitz who was staring at her. He was REALLY staring at her, with his mouth slightly open. She felt herself blush, then thought, this is NOT the time to be shy, we could DIE! And I don't particularly want to die today, Fitz and I haven't even kissed yet!

Crap. Well there goes the "just colleagues" theory.

Now they were both in their underwear, awkwardly staring at each other, neither one of them moving towards the shower, which had been running for some time. They're not sure how much time had went by when they heard Coulson's voice come over loud speaker, shouting, "WOULD YOU TWO GET IN THE SHOWER ALREADY?"

Little did Fitzsimmons know, the moment they were isolated in the lab and the warning siren went off, the rest of the team crowded around a surveillance television of the lab, hoping their new colleagues were alright. They watched as Simmons awkwardly undressed Fitz, and how he gaped at her half naked body, when Skye broke the silence, "Man, I wish they would just make out already. Honestly."

There was a tension in the room after her outburst.

"Oops, did I say that out loud? My bad." But they all silently agreed.

Coulson couldn't take it anymore. Fitz and Simmons were wasting precious time by oogling at each others bodies, and he was NOT going to lose two phenomenal scientists to some potentially deadly substance because of some unresolved sexual tension, so he decided to give them a wake-up call by getting on the PA system.

Fitz and Simmons jumped when they heard Coulson's voice and quickly ran into the shower together in their underwear, and closed the doors.

They frantically lathered their own bodies, using special soap, trying to rid themselves of whatever it was.

Even though she found the whole situation a tad bizarre, her stripping, then bathing herself in front of Fitz, while still partially covered by her underwear; found it quite comforting that he was right there next to her. Actually, she couldn't think of anyone else she'd rather be with in this awkwardly small shower.

"Simmons, we have to wash each other's backs. I'll do you first, quick, turn around." Fitz said as he grabbed the soap and started running his hands along Simmons' back. He couldn't help but think about how wonderful her skin felt against his. How right. Of course he noticed how gorgeous Simmons was. How could he not?"

He ran his hands up and down her back, over her bra, savouring the moment, until she turned around, grabbed the soap from his hands and said, "Ok, your turn."

Yeah, Simmons had touched Fitz loads of times, but clothed. He felt...nice.

Up from the control room, the team continued watching, but couldn't see much through the fogged up doors.

"Who else thinks there's some hanky panky going on down there?" Skye said, while laughing. Ward gave a slight nod and chuckle.

"I'm glad you guys find this amusing. They could die. Just so you're aware," Coulson said.

He was getting nervous. They had been in that shower for some time now and should've been out by now. Maybe Skye was right, maybe they were getting tied up with hanky panky, and that would be a relief. But if they didn't come out soon, he'd call again.

Simmons continued washing Fitz's back, when he turned around. "That's enough Simmons, we can't do much more," he said, linking his hands with hers. "I think we've washed ourselves and each other more than enough," he said while looking deeply into her eyes. Such beautiful eyes he thought. "Are you scared?" he asked.

"No," she said, "I have you here with me."

After Simmons comment, they subconsciously stepped closer to each another, leaning in, just inches away from one another's lips.

"This is it", they both thought.

As their lips were about to touch, the PA system cracked and Coulson's voice came through saying, "Hey, are you guys alright?"

Well. That's a mood killer.

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