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Fitz and Simmons walked out the hotel room hand in hand and made their way to the lobby of the hotel, and into the restaurant. They spotted Sharon and Fred, waved, and walked towards them.

"Ok guys, keep it cool, ok? Just act normal, but see if he voluntarily gives any information." Ward said in their ears.

"Oh hello you two lovebirds!" Sharon exclaimed as Fitz and Simmons arrived at the table and sat down. "You guys have a good night?" She asked with a wink of her eye.

"Yes, very nice." Simmons said, not getting embarrassed through her comment as she normally would. It was a fantastic night. I woke in Fitz's arms. "Thank you for allowing us to stay here."

"Oh you're welcome! Anything for a lovely, young couple as yourselves."

Ward looked down towards his lap. Skye had fallen asleep a few hours ago, but he didn't have the heart to wake her. She looked so peaceful, so at ease, and he lightly brushed a hair out of her face. This girl had somehow gotten under his skin, and made him smile at the thought of her. He wasn't sure how, but Skye was slowly changing him. She stirred under his touch and opened her eyes and looked right up at him.

"Morning sleepyhead," Ward said with a smile.

"Morning Grant," she said, with her eyes half closed, relishing their closeness. "How are FitzSimmons?"

"They're in breakfast right now."

"Really?" she said, quickly getting up, "Did I miss anything?" she said, not wanting to miss any of their adorable moments.

"Nothing much," he said, laughing a bit, "Just a bit of awkwardness with that Sharon woman."

Skye put in her earpiece, not wanting to miss a thing.

Fitz and Simmons were having a regular discussion with Fred and Sharon. They hadn't yet talked about Fred's work, when Simmons turned towards Fitz, looking confused. Simmons was feeling very tired all of a sudden. She couldn't keep her eyes open. The world around her was becoming hazy, colours started to blend together and her head felt as if it were a million pounds.


"What's wrong?"

"Leo...something's wrong," she said as her head fell forward, almost into her food, but Fitz caught her and leaned her against him.

"Jemma, what's wrong? Jemma!" Fitz said, his pleas getting louder, but she was unconscious.

"Jemma!" he said as he started tapping her face, trying to wake her up.

"What's going on?" Ward shouted.

"We're getting surveillance! Hold on!" Skye yelled.

"Jemma, my sweet Jemma, what's wrong?" Fitz said, while running his hands through her hair.

"That won't work my dear."

Fitz looked up at Sharon, who looked calm and collected.

"You..." Fitz started, "You did this?"

"Why yes, well we both did it, but it was my idea." She said, narrowing her eyes at Fitz.

"We're coming in," Ward yelled in his ear.

"We know you're with SHIELD. Really think we're that stupid? Have you even been on a mission before? Your marriage is the most pitiful cover I've ever seen-"

Rage filled Fitz. He wondered if this is what Bruce Banner felt like right before he turned into the Hulk. The adrenaline rushed through his body, and made him want to scream.

Fitz slowly and clearly defined his next sentence, "What did you do to her?"

"Oh, just a simple sedative, my dear. She'll be fine, just have a bad headache when she wakes up."

"Crap. We can't get in Fitz. Hang tight, we'll blow the doors." Ward said. Upon hearing this, Fitz pulled Simmons closer, hoping to protect her from whatever was about to happen.

"What do you want from us?" Fitz asked.

"You'll find out in time."

And with that, Fitz felt a prick on his neck, touched his hand to it, where he found a tiny dart. Crap, he thought, right before passing out.

He was lying across from her, they're eyes dancing across each other's skin, their fingers intertwined. They were both silent, at peace in each other's presence. The Sun's rays filtered in through a crack in the door. Fitz had never felt more comfortable in his life. She pulled her hand from his, and lightly caressed his face, saying nothing, and yet everything at the same time. Nothing needed to be said, they were in love. She opened her mouth to say something, but the voice that came out of her mouth did not match the peaceful scene in front of him.

"Leo!" Jemma yelled frantically, while still looking at him serenely.

"LEO!" she yelled again, and he was hit, hard, in the stomach, with a sudden jolt.

Fitz opened his eyes slowly. Everything hurt, and he could feel something digging painfully into both his wrists. His surroundings were not as peaceful as they were a second ago. He looked around, his wrists were chained awkwardly above his head, and while he was passed out, they had held all his weight. He was going to most definitely have marks there. He looked around frantically for Jemma, but she was nowhere to be found. Jemma...where are you? He thought, panicking. And who hit me? His assailant was nowhere to be found. Perhaps he hadn't actually been hit, or heard Jemma. Maybe Skye was right all along, maybe they did have a psychic link, and he heard her call through her mind to him? No, he thought. Impossible.

It felt like ages. Then again, when you're chained up, and the woman you love is nowhere to be found, time ticks by as slowly and painfully as possible. After what felt like days, two steel doors in front of him flew open, with Sharon leading three large Hulk like men, and one of them was practically dragging Simmons along behind him.


"JEMMA!" Fitz called, trying to run towards her, but was restrained by his chains.

She whipped her head towards him, and started running towards him, "LEO!" she shouted, only to have one of the men pick her up firemen style, all while she banged her fists against him, to no avail. Fitz could do nothing from where he was, and he felt even more useless than on previous missions. He struggled and struggled against his chains, even though it would do no good. The giant man dropped Simmons into a chair with a thud, and tied her hands behind her back, and to the chair. They placed her directly across from Fitz, so they had a perfect view of each other.

"Leo," she cried, looking at him, chained in front of her, "Oh Leo, what have they done to you?"

"Shh Jemma, I'm ok. It'll all be ok, don't worry," he said, putting on a reassuring smile, even though he knew things were definitely not ok. Where are Ward and the others? He desperately hoped they would burst through the doors any second, and get them out of there. He could feel that his earpiece had been taken out, most likely Jemma's had been as well. This was not good. Nothing can happen to Jemma. Nothing. He thought.

As Simmons sat, tied up in front of Fitz, it was the most heartbreaking thing she had ever seen. The man she loved, was chained, with his arms above his head, and his feet, barely touching the ground. She truly hoped he still had feeling in his wrists, and every bit of pain he felt, felt as if it were radiating through her. She wanted to kill, yes, kill, every last person in this basement, or wherever the bloody hell they were, and get poor Fitz out of those chains.

"Leo, do you still have feeling in everything?" she asked

He wiggled his fingers, and smiled inwardly, typical Jemma, always mothering him, and making sure he was ok, even when she was in just as bad a situation as him.

"Yes, all the fingers are still good," he said with a small smile.

"Good, keep moving your extremities if possible, in order to allevi-"

"Oh, would someone please SHUT THIS GIRL UP!" Sharon yelled, and one of the Hulk men walked up to Simmons and quickly stifled her by tying a cloth around her mouth.

"Don't you DARE touch her." Fitz threatened, fists clenching, anger rising even more than before.

Simmons struggled against the cloth, only muted sounds coming from her.

"There, much better." Sharon said.

Fitz stared at her, Jemma, literally bound and gagged, sitting directly across from him, her eyes wide, and full of fear.

"It'll be ok Jemma. Don't worry," he said again, even though his own fear matched hers, and he saw her eyes soften under his gaze, and she gave a small nod.

He turned and glared at Sharon. "What do you want?" he spat, the venom escaping his mouth.

"You know," Sharon said, "that marriage act last night was so completely absurd, you can stop now. We all know you're both part of SHIELD. The best and brightest scientists...FitzSimmons was it? Best friends for years. Kind of ridiculous that they sent you two in to be lovers, don't you think? I've never seen anything more ridiculous in my life!" she scoffed.

Fitz glared even harder. He wished, for this one moment, that he was Bruce Banner, and that he could rip the chains off, and save Jemma and get out of that place, and that they could just be regular people, for one moment. But he couldn't.

"I'm going to ask you again." Fitz started, "What. Do. You. Want?" he said with as much authority as he could muster.

Sharon sighed dramatically, "It's just business, business, business with you, isn't it?" She walked towards Simmons and lightly ran her finger along Simmons cheek, while she closed her eyes and tried to move away from Sharon's prying hand.

"I want you—" she started, "to build a bomb."

Fitz laughed, partially shocked, surprised even.

"A bomb? Why do you need me to build you a bomb? There are plenty of people around that can do that for you, you don't need me for that." He said matter of factly. And it was true. There were many other scientists out there that could do what she asked.

"Well. I need you to build me a special bomb."

"No," he immediately said.

"Did I look like I was asking?" Sharon said, as she turned towards Simmons, raised her arm, and slapped her with great force, the sound echoing through the steel basement.

"NO!" Leo yelled, "STOP, STOP!"

Simmons slowly turned her head back towards him, and met his eyes, tears welling, a large, red hand imprint starting to form on her cheek.

If Leo thought he had felt rage before, it was absolutely nothing compared to what he felt now. Red hot rage, deep, and full of hatred, like nothing he had felt in his life.

"Don't forget dear boy," Sharon said, "That I have leverage," she said, as she grabbed a knife from who knows where, and placed the blade on Simmons neck.


Upon hearing this, Simmons struggled, trying to break free from her bindings, yelling, but the sounds were muffled, but Fitz knew what she was saying, No Leo, don't do it!

I have no choice, he thought. You're my Jemma and I am going to save you.

"On two conditions." He said suddenly.

"Two conditions?" Sharon said, laughing, "I have you both hostage, remember?"

"Yeah, but you need me. So listen closely." He said, gaining a newfound confidence. He was going to get them out of this. "One, before I start, you let me talk to Jemma, hands free. And two, If you touch one hair on her head, I swear to you, I will kill you with my bare hands, and I will NEVER make that bomb for you." He said, with as much authority as possible, staring her down. "Do you understand me?"

Sharon studied him, and could sense that his anger was true, and that the man in front of her, was in fact, willing to do what he threatened.

"Fine." She said, turning away, "Unchain him" she said, and a Hulk came forward with a key, and unchained him.

Fitz crumbled the floor, as the chains had been keeping him up for quite some time, his legs were in shock. He picked himself up slowly, his muscles were screaming at him.

"Cut her loose," he said, as he was getting up.

Sharon motioned to a Hulk, and he cut her hands free, and took the cloth out of her mouth. She instantly ran forward, to help Fitz up.

Both their hands were on each other's faces, making sure the other was in fact there with them, and that they were alright. They gripped each other in the tightest, most bone crushing hug either of them had ever experienced, giving each other comfort and hope, even when they had none themselves. They pulled back, Fitz placed his hands on either side of her face, lightly rubbing over the spot where Sharon had slapped her so forcefully.

"Are you ok?" he said, concern and worry, flashed across his face.

"I'm fine, don't worry," she said, her hands moving up to cup his face as well, 'Are you ok?" she said.

"Don't worry about me," he said with a small smile, "It's only you that I care about."

He heart leaped in her stomach, bad timing, she knew, this was not exactly a fairytale moment, and she knew he just meant he cared about getting them out, nothing more, but she couldn't help but hope there was something more to it.

"Tick tock." Sharon said rather gruffly.

Fitz placed a firm, but sweet kiss on her forehead, "Don't worry, he said, it'll be ok," he said again.

She lost track of how many times he had said that in the past five minutes.

He enveloped her in another bone-crushing hug, each of them holding onto the other for dear life, and then he whispered in her ear.

"It'll be just like Liverpool."

It took her a second to comprehend what he meant, but when she did, she understood. When they broke apart, they shared a look that was now filled with hope. They squeezed hands, and Fitz walked towards Sharon, and the doors. Right before he walked through, he glanced back at her one more time, and gave her a small smile, which she returned, and then he was gone.

She kept smiling, because she understood.

That genius of a boy, she thought.


Leo's going to trick them.

She just didn't know how.

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