I do have a bad of habit of quickly acting on my newest idea. Anyway, I just had to do this. Overpowered Brotagonist! YEAH! Souji is overpowered here like my other story of Minato. Granted, he won't have the fusion spells and weapon fusion but still, he's a force to be reckoned with. Please enjoy my first p4 story.

I hate public transport. I sighed to myself as I gazed at the greenery passing by. If you haven't noticed, I'm currently in a train which is headed for Inaba. Oh where are my manners? I'm Souji Seta.

"I seriously feel like one of those gypsy people." I muttered to myself, drawing circles on the window out of boredom. "Without the tan and languages of course." Nodding at my words, I glanced at my clock and just then, the megaphone blared.

"We will be reaching Inaba shortly. Please stay patient."

"Oh real funny asshole." I scowled at the megaphone. Sighing again, I summoned a blue card into the palm of my hands. I love cards, either tarot cards, playing cards or persona cards. About the last part, I have this power to summon myths and legends from my soul. I call it persona.

Glancing at the card of Izanagi, I smiled to myself. It's been years since I'm stuck with this guy, I just can seem to let him go, even though I have a lot more personas more powerful than Izanagi.

"Mommy! This guy has a cool card in his hands! I want glowing cards too." My limbs went cold as I realized a little girl was staring at the glowing card in my hands. Shit!

"Mommy!" The little girl growled cutely, since her mom didn't listen. I quickly made the card disappeared and quickly looked towards the window.

"He has no cards." The child's mother scolded before dragging the girl away. I slightly turned my head to see the child scowling at me as she was being dragged away.

"I feel like an asshole." I muttered to myself. I laid back on my seat. How will the year go here? Removing a bit of my gray hair from my eyes…. Yes I have gray hair shaped in a bowl cut along with gray eyes. These features are kinda rare, heck, a guy even had the nerve to call me gramps once and the next second, he was bald.

Chuckling to myself, I recalled the memories of my previous school. I always had to move from place to place because of my parents. I'm heading to Inaba now to spend my year there, after that…. Who knows? Heck, dad might book a trip for outer space.

The train suddenly stopped. I cursed out loud, "Who the hell drives this thing!?" Muttering about stupid train drivers and the like, I stood up and walked out. The faster I get away from public transport, the better. I have developed a hatred of transports now.

Getting my stuff, I walked out from the train. I was supposed to be picked up by my mother's brother. I hate waiting, I might just smash the phone that I have in my hands.

"Over here!" I jerked my head towards the voice and spotted two people. Aww, what a cutie right next to a hardass I assume. I wonder what they want?

"Oh you're more handsome than in photographs." The man who seemed to be in his 30s waved at me, he had a light goatee, clad in a rather marvelous suit and ties….. I love ties.

Next to her was a little girl with brown hair and big, brown eyes. She looked like an angle. Seriously, she was cute.

The hardass continued, "Ryotaro Dojima…. I'll be taking care of you." Shit, I just called my uncle a hardass. I promise to wash my mouth with soap.

"Welcome to the Inaba District." Dojima held out his hand for a shake. I quickly snapped out of my stupor and shook his hand.

Giving out a cheerful smile, I introduced myself, "I'm Souji Seta, pleased to meet you." Dojima smiled back.

"Yeah, nice to meet you too. I used to change your diapers." Dojima laughed. So he's seen me naked? Thanks for letting me know uncle. I doubt that I'll look you in the eye after this.

"Anyway." Dojima shrugged off or didn't notice the light scowl on my face, "This is Nanako." He gestured to the little girl who hid behind Dojima. How cute!

She poked her head from behind Dojima and muttered a light, "Hi." I grinned at her.

"Hello there." I waved at her. Aww, she's blushing.

"What the matter Nanako? Are you shy?" Dojima laughed but soon winced as Nanako apparently pinched him.

"Hahaha." Dojima laughed, "Lets head home alright?" I nodded at his words.

"Do you need a hand in the luggage?" Uncle Dojima asked but I shook my head with a smile.

"No, thank you though." Switching to Thor, I easily picked the luggage up. Uncle seemed surprised.

"Wow, you must work out." He mused. Nope, I have the strength of the Norse God….. Yeah, like I'll say that.

"Sometimes." I chuckled and then walked behind him, towards the car.

We sped through the rather quiet town of Inaba. I hope I don't get bored here. All seems so quiet here unlike the last place where I lived.

"So sis and your dad are busy as usual?" Uncle asked and I nodded," Must be hard to move around frequently."

I smiled a bit, "No, I'm used to it now." He looked at me through the mirror, "Think of us as a family alright?" I couldn't help but smile.

"Please take good care of me." Dojima sighed.

"Drop the formality." I nodded and then leaned against the seat.

"Sure, after all, you've seen me naked." Dojima's head nearly met the steering wheel. Nanako quietly giggled. I grinned to myself as she giggled.

Dojima quickly recomposed himself and let out a laugh, "Right, Right." I smiled and then relaxed a bit. I hope my time won't be boring here. My life has been a utter bore since the 25th hour vanished. Speaking of which, I haven't meet her and hobbit in a while.

"I wonder what Minato-senpai is doing?" I wondered to myself…. I hope he's okay. I owe him a lot after all.

Like it? I hope you do so. Hopefully, it isn't crappy like the start of DAC. Unlike Minato, Souji is happy since he hasn't been through a harsh past so expect it to be more fun and warm than DAC. Review please! The next chapter will explain how Souji awakened to his persona.