Souji slammed the door open to his favorite club with a huge grin. The place brought so many memories. He and Minato used to spend hours in the room, fusing personae after personae, all the while, trying to get stronger.

"I'm back!" Souji grinned as he entered the familiar Elevator.

"The heck?" Souji exclaimed as he looked around the limo, this wasn't an elevator anymore. Rather, it was a spacious limo which seemed to be in motion. This one was sick ride.

"Woowwww…." Souji whispered in awe, he liked this much better.

"Ah, Master Souji, it's a pleasure to see you again." Souji broke his eyes from the interior of the ride and fixed them on the source of the voice, his and Minato's mentor, Igor.

"IGOR!" Souji said with a smile, "MARGARET!" Souji screamed in joy, making the attendant face palm but on her face was a real, wide smile.

"Man, I missed ya guys, so much. It's been ages since I saw you. I moved around a lot because of my parents and stuff, so I didn't really find the door. But, I seriously missed you, I event dreamt of seeing your face of all things Igor, that's how much I missed you. And Margaret-nee, of course, I missed you too; your beauty has multiplied so much that's its not even funny!" Souji said that all in one breath, in contrast to his quiet behavior with the real world.

Igor chuckled with the same wide grin, "We were expecting you for a long time…."

"Same here." Margaret gave a soft smile.

"What's with this limo thing? And why were you expecting me right now?"

"Well…" Igor snapped his fingers, a familiar contract appeared on the table, "Do you recognize this?"

"Of course, responsibility for my actions right? I haven't forgotten that one bit." Souji grinned.

"Excellent. Because you're true journey is about to start. And as long as you abide by this contract, we will help you through out." Igor said as the contract disappeared.

"Yup, thanks!" Souji said as he sat beside Margaret with a grin.

"Anything else that you need to know?" Igor asked.

"Well…. I love you guys, hug, hug!" Souji exclaimed, giving a tight hug to Margaret who dropped her compendium in shock.

"Souji-sama, while I am overjoyed to see you step foot over here, let's not get too possessed by emotions." Margaret said, easily breaking out of the hug.

"Man, you're such a killjoy! I hate ya!" Souji growled, crossing his arms and looking away. Igor chuckled while Margaret sighed.

"Apologies." Margaret gave an awkward hug to Souji, making the gray haired persona user grin.

"I always knew you had a thing for me." Margaret sighed and pulled away, rubbing his temples.

"Hey." Souji spoke up, "Where's Minato-senpai and Elizabeth-san?" He asked out of the blue.

Igor was caught off guard by the question. His grin was thrown out of the window and a rather painful expression took its place.

Margaret just stared at the ground….. There it was a look of guilt and sorrow on the ever professional Margaret. The two residents of the Velvet Room were silent for what seemed an eternity, fighting back the nostalgia.

"Ummmm, guys? Where is Minato-senpai? He's still kicking ass, right?" Souji asked, almost desperately.

"….. Yes, but he hasn't visited us in a long time." Igor said finally, barely controlling his cracking voice.

Souji's heart calmed down at Igor's reply, "I knew it. I'll surely visit him."

Margaret dropped her compendium, burying her head into her palms. Souji looked at her. Things were getting tenser by the second.



"I'll be going then…." Souji said, bowing to them both, "I'll see you later, for sure."

"Yes, I hope that Master Minato will be visiting us soon, as well." Igor gave a forced smile. Souji's cheerful expression returned, he gave a nod and walked out of the limo.

After Souji was gone, Igor sighed and looked at Margaret, "It may be difficult, but please control yourself in front of our guest."

"I understand that…. I apologize." Margaret said, picking her compendium, "I can't believe its already been an year since it happened….."

Igor only gave a nod and closed his eyes in meditation.

Souji walked back into his home, dragging himself into his room, he collapsed onto the couch, sleeping the minute his head hit.

"SENPAI!" Souji ran over to the place, his heart beating painfully fast at the familiar voice screaming out for help…. It was Minato's voice, and it sounded weak, almost like he was under someone's mercy.

"IZANAGI!" Souji yelled, summoning his persona. The god hovered behind Souji as he looked around, "MINATO! WHERE ARE YOU!?"

"It matters not where I am…" Minato's reply came, and this time, it was calm, "Prepare yourself, the damnation is against you."

"SOUJI! RUN! YOU CAN'T WIN!" This time, Minato's voice came back, with the same dread.

"Keep your head in the game. The battlefield isn't a place for emotions and sentiments." The other voice bounced back, full of authority.

"You son of a bitch! You couldn't lace up my boots. How the hell can you do something which even I couldn't? Go kill yourself, you talentless waste of space!"

Souji gasped and backed away, his entire confidence and momentum shattered from the sheer animosity that Minato's voice was emiiting.

"Remember what I told you; never EVER forget that you're a Wild Card." Minato fired back.

"Senpai! What are you saying? Which one is Minato?" Souji cried, reaching out to the voices but slowly, they got farther and farther, until Souji finally awakened.

Souji awakened with a gasp, his shirt sticking onto his back from the sweat. His head spinning from the utter confusion. What on earth did those voices mean?

"It's morning…." Souji breathed out as he stared outside. Sunlight was most welcomed after that dark dream. Sighing, Souji grabbed his uniform and changed.

Souji caught Dojima just about to leave, "Oh good. You're up. Well, I'm off." Dojima went out, in a hurry.

"Something up?" Souji asked.

"Something happened; Dad got a call so he left." Nanako replied. Souji nodded and sat for breakfast. After he was finished, he went off towards his school.

"Did you get the details?"

"No, 3 police cars just passed by."

"What a waste…" Souji blocked out the sounds and hurried towards his school. Something had happened. And it was confirmed when Souji and the rest of the students got called into the auditorium. Souji met up with Chie and Yosuke, they all waited for the principle to arrive.

The morning assembly started at the principle dropped a bombshell onto them, "I regret to say, I have a terrible announcement for all of you." He took a deep breath, "Saki Konishi of Class 3…. Has passed away."

"Shit." Souji whispered as the students began to talk. Yosuke quietly walked away without a word.

"Yosuke!" Souji ran after him, and Chie followed him.

"Yosuke!" Souji cried, as he ran down the stairs. Yosuke stopped and turned around, an emotionless look on his face. Souji had to give him props, he controlled his emotions real well.

Chie also managed to follow them both. She panted as Yosuke literally dragged himself towards the two.

"Dude…. I'm sorry." Souji said, hanging his head.

Yosuke sighed, "Thanks…." He took a deep breath, "Something has been bothering me, did you see the TV?"

Souji held up a hand to silence Chie who was about to speak, "What about it?"

"I think the girl on the screen was Saki-senpai. She looked like she was writhing from pain."

"Her body was also found in a situation similar to that announcer… Which means…" Souji trailed off.

"Maybe, just maybe…. People who appear on the TV, die….." Yosuke informed.

Chie was silent, she just kept mulling the thought in her mind.

"Plus, remember what the bear said? That someone was throwing people in HIS world." Yosuke said, "I don't know about you, but there seems to be a connection here."

Souji smirked, "So, you want to head into the TV world again?" Chie gasped at his words.

"Yeah, and you're the only one that can help me…. Will you?" Yosuke asked.

"Sure, count on Souji Mother canucking Seta for support." Souji grinned, before turning to Chie, "Are you coming too? Chie-chan?"

Chie blushed, she stammered a response, "O-Ofcourse, we can't leave Yosuke alone."

"Cool, I'll be waiting for you at Junes…" Yosuke said with a wave, before walking off.

Souji and Chie went into Junes, right at the electronics section, where they spotted Yosuke, with a rope and golf club in his hands.

"You guys came!" Yosuke said with a slight smile.

"You should really stop, idiot!" Chie glared, "It's too dangerous."

"I've got this guy with me…" Yosuke patted Souji, "You know, the dude who kicked dozens of monsters with ease."

"Hundreds of them…" Souji corrected.

"Exactly, I even brought a golf club." Yosuke said, pointing to said weapon.

"Pffft, I don't need this crap!" Souji grinned, summoning a sword into his hands. He grinned as Yosuke and Chie stared in awe, until…..

"MOMMY, MOMMY! That guy has a cool sword, I want one!" A child like voice cried.

"CRAP!" Souji said, hastily making the sword disappear. Yosuke and Chie freaked out, but managed to control themselves. Souji awkwardly looked around, whistling the whole while.

On closer inspection, the girl was the same one who saw Souji playing with his cards on the train. Souji winced as her mother scolded her once again, making the girl glare at Souji before walking away.

"A-Alright, bad move…" Souji gulped, barely saving his skin, "Anyway, Chie doesn't get to come!"


"I'm worried that you will get hurt, Chie… I can't stand you getting hurt. That will surely give me countless sleepless nights, of how I could have let a noble maiden like you get hurt." Souji sighed, making Chie wobble.

"Smooth, real smooth!" Yosuke clapped mentally.

"I-I understand…." Chie said, trying to calm her heart.

"Hold this rope!" Yosuke shoved the rope into Chie's hand, "Come on Souji." The persona user nodded and shoved Yosuke into the TV before jumping himself.

"W-Wait-" Chie tried to talk but they both were already gone. Just then, the rope she was holding snapped. Chie gasped and just stared at it, before dropping to the ground, "What am I gonna do?"

Souji easily landed onto his feet while Yosuke landed on his but, "Ugh, man I might need hip surgery after this."

"GREAT!" Souji sighed as he spotted a familiar bear walking towards them.

"Y-You guys came back?" The bear said, almost disbelieving.

"SENSEI!" The bear cried as he spotted Souji.

"Sensei?" Yosuke started.

"Yes, sensei!" The bear replied.

"Who is sensei."

"He's sensei!" The bear pointed at Souji.

"Thanks, I guess…. Why am I sensei?" Souji asked.

"You totally cleaned the floor with shadows the last time. I was one impressed bear."

"HAHA!" Souji said proudly, "It was nothing."

"WHILE YOU!" The bear turned to Yosuke who was lost, "I have a feeling that you have been throwing people in this world." He growled.

"N-No, that's not it-" Souji tried to clear up his misunderstanding.

"Don't worry sensei, I'll make him submit!" The bear swore, "This is the second time you came here, someone has been throwing people here, you're the most suspicious, RAWRRR!" The bear gave out an almost cute roar.

"What the hell are you on about?" Yosuke snapped, "WAIT! Someone has been throwing people around here?" He looked at Souji, "Maybe that someone threw the announcer and senpai here too."

"I have to agree…" Souji replied, mulling it over.

"Someone has been throwing people here, to kill them? That's messed up bad." Yosuke said.

"What are you talking about?" The bear cut in, glaring at Yosuke, "Why did you come here anyways? I ain't letting you out this time."

"Whatever, I don't need… WAIT WHAT?" Yosuke said when he completely registered the words. Souji sighed, he was a spectator of the battle of the words between his best friend…. And a bear.

"I KNOW YOU'RE DOING IT!" The bear accused.

"HELL NO!" Yosuke roared back. After a while, Yosuke snapped, he charged at the bear while Souji was pre occupied with his musings.

"WAIT, Yosuke!" Souji said but it was too late. Yosuke wrestled the bear on the ground and forcefully removed his costume of sorts.

"Enough with the stupid costume, time to show us your face!" Yosuke snapped, and with a swift move, he pulled the mask off….. or maybe not.

"Fuck, this thing doesn't have a face!" Yosuke cried, looking at the headless bear, whose head was in Yosuke's hand, clearly horrified, Yosuke dropped the head and gasped when the headless bear began to search for it.

"Nothing here..." Souji mused as he picked the head up and put it back onto the body. The bear, now complete, opened his eyes and sighed.

"Thanks a lot, sensei!" He grinned at Souji.

"Not a problem." Souji replied.

"I'm not the culprit, I just want to live here peacefully." The bear said, turning to Yosuke who sighed.

"I believe you." Yosuke said.

"Me too, you have to promise that you'll help me find the culprit. Or else, I won't let you guys out of here." The bear warned.

"WHY YOU!" Yosuke's rage began to form again.

"I can't bear it anymore, I don't want my home to turn into a mess!" The bear said, dropping onto the ground, sobbing. Suffice to say, it surprised both of the teens.

"Don't worry bear." Souji sighed, patting him on the back, "We'll help you find the guy!"

"REALLY?" The bear said, looking up, "T-Thank you!"

"Damn bear, you got a really effective threat." Yosuke sighed, "But you got my word, I'll help ya. Oh yeah, we might introduce ourselves. I'm Yosuke Hanamura, and this is my buddy, Souji Seta!" He pointed at Souji.

"Souji-sensei!" The bear bowed at Souji.

"Uh, what's your name?" Souji asked.

"Teddie…." The bear replied.

Yosuke groaned, "I figured. How are we supposed to find the culprit now?"

"I dunno." Teddie said, "Oh, but I know the last person who came in here!"

"You mean Saki-senpai?" Yosuke said.

"YOSUKE MOVE!" Souji said, shoving Yosuke away, getting a blade right into his forearm. Yosuke cringed as he saw the blood pouring out of Souji's forearm.

"SENSEI!" Teddie cried as Souji removed the blade from his forearm and threw it away.

"Tch, you again?" Souji spat at the hooded figure who was standing upon one of the metal railings, ready to attack.

"RUN!" Souji said, bracing himself as the figure jumped towards him. The gray haired persona user caught him in mid air, before ramming him on the ground. Souji rolled away and hastily healed his wound.

"Yosuke, Teddie! Run!" Souji commanded, summoning a sword and taking a stance.

"But, dude!" Yosuke tried to protest.

"Don't argue with me, I'm telling you to RUN!" Souji snapped, dodging a punch of the entity before snapping his arm with one swift kick. Souji gained distance again.

"Come on Teddie, I think Souji can handle himself." Yosuke said, "I hope." He whispered before he took off.

"MINATO!" Souji shouted as the entity charged towards him, hoping that it would stop like last time, but it didn't happen. Instead, the hooded figure released a hellish screech and charged at Souji, thwacking him on the face.

"TCH!" Souji fought the pain and rammed his knee right onto his gut, before flooring him with a takedown, "Bye, you unfortunate son of a bitch. The next stop is hell!" Souji yelled, summoning a dagger and drilling it straight through his skull, releasing another harsh yell, before the creature disappeared into mist.

Rubbing his forearm, Souji ran behind Yosuke and Teddie.

"Ugh, damn fog!" Souji cursed, but, a sudden idea clicked into his mind. Almost like someone was telling him to do, Souji switched to Izanagi and instantly, the fog disappeared, completely.

"HUH?" Souji stared at the now fog free surroundings. He switched to Helel again and the fog returned. Back to Izanagi, and the fog vanished again.

"Interesting." Souji smirked and he ran faster, no fog would be obscuring his vision now. Souji could barely sense Yosuke's potential, strangely enough, he couldn't feel it in the real world.

"I gotta sprint!" Souji casted a Sukukaja and bolted towards his destination. Finally, Souji got somewhere. It seemed like a dented and dark parody of the shopping district.

Souji gasped as he spotted Teddie and Yosuke, who was wearing glasses, back away from two shadows. Balls with tongues and a mask at the back were cornering the both of them, Souji gritted his teeth and yelled, "IZANAGI!"

The thunder god appeared behind him, shooting bolts of electricity that instantly reduced both of them into dust. Yosuke gasped and looked behind, finding Souji standing there, with a smirk.

"Dude, am I glad to see you again." Yosuke breathed out.

"What's up with those glasses?" Souji asked.

"Ted gave it to me…." He pointed at Teddie who was gawking at awe towards Souji who was quite uncomfortable.

"SENSEI! You're amazing!" Teddie bowed again.

"Anyways…. They make the fog magically disappear somehow." Yosuke said, "You need one?"

"Nope, I've got it covered. My persona helps me." Souji shrugged, "Anyway, one sick parody going on here."

"SENSEI! I made you some glasses." Teddie shoved them right into Souji's hand, who couldn't say no. Sighing, Souji thanked Teddie and put the glasses on.

"This will help though…" Souji said, switching to Lucifer. The fog didn't reappear.

"This shop…" Souji stared at the liquor shop. Without waiting, he walked right in. Yosuke and Teddie followed him, and then, some strange voices began to echo in the shop.

"SAKI! How many times do I have to tell you?" The voice belonged to a middle aged man.

"Was that senpai's dad?" Yosuke asked.

"You know what the neighbors say about you, right!? Aren't you ashamed of yourself? You're the eldest daughter of a family who's owned this store for generations!" The voice continued to yell.
" Is it the money? Or did you meet some guy there? Just tell me why you have to work THERE, of all places!"

"I-I can't believe this. Senpai always seemed like she had fun at work… She never said anything like this." Yosuke choked out.

Souji began to look around, spotting a photo which Yosuke noticed too.

"Is this the photo we took the other day? Why is it cut up?" Yosuke said, clutching the photo.

"I never had a chance to say it…" Yosuke dropped the photo, hearing Saki's voice in the shop.

"Senpai?" Yosuke asked.

"I always wanted to tell Hana-chan….." Saki's voice gave a pause, "that he was a real pain in the ass. I was nice to him just because he was the store manager's son, that's all… But he takes it completely the wrong way and gets all enthusiastic… What a dip."

"What?" Yosuke panted, "P-Pain in the ass?"

"Junes can go to hell. It destroyed our shop, my parents hate me and the whole neighborhood has been talking behind my back."

"I-It can't be…." Yosuke choked out, feeling a spike up his heart.

"Tch…" Souji lamented, he patted Yosuke on the pat.

"It's so sad…" A voice, very familiar to Yosuke sobbed, "I'm so sorry for myself, boo hoo." Souji's head snapped back at the voice. Another Yosuke stepped out from the shadows.

"H-Huh? Two Yosukes?" Teddie said, going back and forth, staring at the two.

"Things just got really messed up." Souji said, summoning a sword, "Alright, whatever you are. I'll drive ya right to hell."

Yosuke just stared at his shadow while Souji readied himself.

"Who are you?" Yosuke finally said.

"I'm the one whose actually a pain in everyone's ass!" The other Yosuke said, stepping out of the shadows. The only difference between him and Yosuke was the fact that he has golden eyes and a rather crazed expression.

"I don't think like that?" Yosuke snapped.

"Hahaha… Yeah, right. How long are you going to keep deluding yourself? Screw the shopping district, and Junes too! You're sick of everything, especially living out in the sticks!" The shadow sneered at Yosuke.

"The hell are you saying?" Yosuke snarled.

The shadow laughed and continued his tirade, "You put on a good show of being carefree and happy-go-lucky 'cause you're so terrified of being more the merrier, right? You've gotta be surrounded by people to block out the pain of isolation. And what's this about checking out this world for Saki-senpai's sake? Hah! I know the real reason you came snooping…"

"STOP IT!" Yosuke clutched his head.

"Why the panic? Maybe because what I'm saying is actually the truth! HAHAHA, of course it is, I'm YOU!"

"You're a real prick." Souji pointed out.

"The only reason that showed your ass is here is because a TV world sounds real exciting right? And Saki's death was a perfect excuse, ain't I right, myself?" The shadow chuckled.

Yosuke finally snapped, "Screw that, your not me, you son of a bitch!" He yelled out, and this surprisingly, made the shadow grin.

"HAHAHAH!" The shadow laughed, his body exploding into a bright light that filled the entire shop, blinding the three of them for a few seconds.

When Souji opened his eyes, he was greeted by a gigantic creature. It resembled a frog, with a body on top, and two massive, yellow hands. The strange looking body on top had a red muffler of sorts wrapped around and two stars like eyes. It towered over the three of them.

"I am the shadow! The true self, I'll crush everything that bores me. Including you!" The creature promised.

"YOSUKE!" Souji tackled Yosuke out of the way, saving him from getting a massive slap from the gigantic hand.

"Stay here!" Souji commanded, dropping onto the ground and avoiding another slap. Souji jumped up and dodged another strike. He formed a fireball into his fist and hurled it towards the shadow, who tilted his body to the side, avoiding the blow.

"Hmph." Souji grabbed his sword and charged, avoiding the smaller gust of winds that the shadow threw at him. Souji bolted towards the shadow in a zigzag pattern, expertly dodging the attacks, before jumping up and driving the sword right onto the body of the shadow, making it release a scream of pain.

"Time to get squashed, kid!" Souji grinned, crushing a card of Thor who appeared instantly, his mere presence making the shadow shiver.

"Wowie!" Teddie said in awe.

"Crush the frog!" Souji commanded as Thor drove the hammer right onto the shadow, utterly crushing it, and for sure breaking bones or whatever the hell it had. The shadow screamed out in pain, before exploding into a bright light again.

Souji opened his eyes to see the shadow still standing, staring at Yosuke who was on the ground.

"Y-You're not me…." Yosuke spoke finally.

"That thing came from you, Yosuke. You have to accept it, or it will go berserk again." Teddie cried.

"Dude, everyone has dark stuff haunting their lives, but that doesn't changes that you are." Souji said to Yosuke who finally stood up.

"Myself…. Dammit, it hurts!" Yosuke said, walking over to the shadow, "I was ashamed to admit it but you're me and I'm you." Yosuke admitted, standing next to his shadow…. Who gave out a smile?

The shadow disappeared, and in its place…. Was a persona, somewhat similar to the gigantic shadow, minus the frog legs and gigantic hands.

Yosuke stared in awe as he felt power flow inside him. Souji smiled, the same one Minato gave when Souji summoned his own persona.

"This is my…. Persona?" Yosuke whispered in awe as the persona disappeared, turning into a card that Yosuke grabbed a hold of, before it disappeared.

"That my friend is a persona!" Souji clapped.

"Haha, I wouldn't have got this without you, it was an embarrassing way to find out, but thanks, Souji!" Yosuke grinned.

"Alright Souji, lets do it!" Yosuke grinned, summoning a card.

"Huh? Battle?" Souji's eyes widened.

"Yeah, I want to see how I fare against you. A true persona user, who has been kicking ass since the dawn of time." Yosuke crushed the card, summoning his persona : Jiraiya.

"Certainly…" Souji said after a while, summoning Izanagi, and discarding his glasses.

"Give me all you got!" Yosuke charged at Souji who smirked. Izanagi easily blocked Jiraiya's fist and drove his blade right onto his chest, Yosuke cringed from the pain but still kept going on.

Souji blocked the fists effortlessly and replied with one of his own, making Yosuke stagger back.

"This ain't over!" Yosuke grinned, charging ahead. Souji smirked and met the charge head on, the two launched a punch at each simultaneously, both of them connecting.

Souji no sold the pain while Yosuke cringed. A smirk crawled onto Souji's lips, "Ready?"


Souji sighed as he dragged Yosuke out, who was beaten and bruised, yet he still looked happy.

"That's youth for you." Yosuke chuckled as Souji dropped him.

"Sensei was amazing again!" Teddie said with glee.

"I still have a long way to go against you…" Yosuke held out his hand for a shake, "But I have a feeling, if I stick with you, I'll find the culprit."

Souji smiled and shook his hand, "You can count on me…." He looked at Teddie who looked ready to cry, "Don't worry, we'll keep visiting…" Souji smirked.

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