Yandere!Arthur and naive!Alfred.

I have a sort of obsession with possessive Arthur, it's not everyone's cup of tea but I just love it, especially when paired with Alfred, since they're my OTP.

A twisted, obsessive Arthur, a really dumb but cute Alfred and a really scared Italian. Enjoy~

"I have little left in myself - I must have you. The world may laugh - may call me absurd, selfish, but it does not signify. My very soul demands you: it will be satisfied, or it will take deadly vengeance on its frame." - Charlotte Brontë

Arthur Kirkland stared at the back of a familiar blond haired head with a unusual amount of attention.

Arthur bit his scowling lip with annoyance watching the owner of the blond haired head, Alfred F. Jones help the stupid babbling Italian boy, Feliciano Vargas with Math homework.

Arthur could hear his beloved Alfred say some complicated math advice to the Italian who nodded despite Arthur's intuition that he didn't understand anything about what was being said to him.

"Thank you so much, Alfred! I think I kinda got it now!" Feliciano said excitedly with a happy content smile on his face that Arthur so desperately wanted to erase off violently.

Alfred smiled back, a smile so lovely and heart breaking that Arthur just wanted all to himself. He couldn't stand the fact, Feliciano, of all people got to witness it.

"It's alright, buddy! I'm glad you understand now." Alfred exclaimed patting Feliciano on the shoulder.

Arthur gripped his pencil in his hand and glared daggers at the shoulder being touched by his Alfred. No one, but himself should ever be touched by the American. Arthur didn't care if the Italian boy had a German boyfriend of three years, he just knew everyone was after his crush. Alfred was the star of the football team (American football, mind you.) the best student in their Math and Science classes and was, in Arthur's opinion and many others' the best looking in the school.

Alfred was a catch in everyone's' eyes really, despite some people being annoyed by the kid, no one could not admit that he wasn't attractive. He had shining, sandy colored blond hair that bounced with every excited move he made. Brighter than the ocean colored eyes that could just show so much expression with one glance. His tanned, fit and muscular body that just made Arthur melt into his seat every time he flexed a muscle while talking with his over dramatic hand gestures.

Everything about Alfred made Arthur want to just take him and never let anything bad happen to him. Alfred was perfect and beautiful and Arthur just didn't want anyone to hurt or damage him.

Feliciano made a 'Ve' sound and jumped out of him seat to hug the American. Alfred laughed and hugged him back.

Arthur's pencil snapped in half.

His breath hitched and his too large for his face eyebrows furrowed in resentment, if looks could kill, Feliciano would have been dead long ago.

Almost as if sensing the British man's anger, Ludwig Beilschmidt, Feliciano's boyfriend appeared next to the Italian and pulled him off of Alfred.

"That's enough, Feli." Ludwig warned looking slightly at Arthur with a hint of worry in his usually stoic voice.

Everyone in the school knew not to mess with Alfred. Because the people who did, usually something bad happened to them, from minor things such as detentions for no real reason to things such as the person not showing up to school for a few weeks. People knew whatever the reason was, was because of Arthur Kirkland, Everyone knew of the blond's love for Alfred, except for Alfred himself. The British man has been strangely obsessed with the American since childhood it seemed liked. No one dared mess with Alfred, it just was the way things worked.

Feliciano almost began whining at Ludwig for being pulled away from the friendly hug before his amber eyes seemed to realize the person behind staring at him jealously and despite his dumb personality it seemed to click. His eyes widened. "O-Oh, okay. I'll see you later, Alfred!" Feliciano cried out nervously before practically running out the classroom with his boyfriend following after him quickly.

Alfred waved goodbye not really confused by the whole thing. Stuff like this happened on a regular basis, it happened yesterday with Francis trying to grope him and the French guy almost running out of the room too. When Kiku, Alfred's best friend just was talking to him, he said something about having to leave to go get some class books, looking upset. Alfred didn't see him for the rest of the day. Even when his own brother, Matthew just touched his shoulder and said something about dinner, he looked pretty scared and made a excuse to leave.

People have always acted this way around him, Alfred blamed it on his loud personality, he just guessed people got annoyed by it after a while, recently it's been happening more though. Alfred sighed and hoped maybe people would just start to get used to his loud over the top attitude one day.

Arthur looked pleased as soon as Feliciano left running, he was glad people took note to not touch his belongings.

He got up and walked towards the blond and tapped his shoulder. Alfred looked back with those so blue colored eyes, framed with golden feathered eyelashes and a bright smile that made Arthur go weak in the knees.

"Hey, Arty! What's up?" Alfred said looking happy for some attention which Arthur would surely give him.

"Hello, Alfred. I saw you were talking with Feliciano, how did things go?" Arthur asked sounding plainly curious but secretly wanted to find out any details the Italian said to his Alfred that he might not have heard.

"Oh, he just wanted some Math help, you know? I totally helped him though, like the awesome hero I am!" Alfred exclaimed excitedly seeming proud with himself.

Arthur smiled softly at his love, loving his exuberant personality. "Yes, I'm sure you did. Alfred, since you're helping people with homework now, would you mind coming to my house to help me?" Arthur asked innocently, although he certainly didn't need any help.

Alfred's eyes widened and he seemed happy that someone wanted his 'hero' help. "Yeah, of course, dude!" he replied getting up and grabbing his back pack.

Arthur smiled. "You wouldn't mind?" he asked faking genuinity.

Alfred shook his head. "Iggy, you know, I'd do anything for you, you're my bro!" he said laughing slugging a shoulder over the British man.

Arthur's smile couldn't possibly get even wider. "Thank you, Alfred. Let's go now." he replied not wanting to give anyone any more chances to look at his adorable poppet.

Alfred nodded. "Sure!" He answered while they walked outside the classroom.

Filling their conversation with idle gossip and random facts about their day which made Arthur glow with happiness at the attention he received from Alfred. 'This is how things should always be.' Arthur thought his shoulder feeling like it was on fire with the handsome American man's arm around it, positively feeling delighted at the one on one conversation that was between Alfred and him, and only him.

Walking outside past the parking lot, Arthur noticed Feliciano talking rapidly to the angry looking German.

"Feliciano, you can't just give hugs that freely to Alfred, you know that isn't acceptable!" Ludwig scolded.

Feliciano made a whining sound. "I know! I just forgot, I won't do it agai-" Feliciano made a sound of shock seeing Arthur walk past him and Arthur could just sense his dying fear.

Arthur sent a almost feral smile towards the Italian man that sent a clear warning.

'Don't touch what is mine.'

Feliciano paled and he shakily grabbed onto Ludwig's hand.

After getting far enough past them, Alfred made a low whistle sound. "Dude, I didn't think Ludwig was that strict with Feli! He sure is possessive, he should already know me and Feli would never ever like each other like that!" He exclaimed, sure about the fact, Feli was getting scolded because Ludwig was jealous about the hug.

Arthur smiled at Alfred pleased at his naive answer.

"Alfred. Love is a terrifying thing. It can make anyone possessive."

"Well, it's still weird."

"I know, Alfred. I know." Arthur replied knowing that fact more than anyone else.

With his emerald green eyes fixed on Alfred's blue ones, he concluded that although strange, it all still made sense.

At least in his own twisted mind.

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