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"Only in the darkness, can you see the stars." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Arthur Kirkland was now pacing the hospital waiting room looking a frantic mess as he tried to be patient and not kill the receptionist who was not giving him any indication when Alfred would be getting out.

Arthur's blond hair was all over the place from pulling at it in stress and how when the door to the hospital area of the building opened and he realized it wasn't for them he'd head desk on the magazine table and groan in frustration.

He wasn't alone in his angst however, Ivan sat on the other row of chair across from him and had his face in his hands grumbling every time it seemed like his best friend was in the treatment room too long. Matthew was tapping his foot as he glanced up at the clock every few minutes to check the time, he appeared collected but Arthur could tell underneath his facade he was a bundle of nerves just like himself.

Alfred and his mother had been in the back getting his leg examined for about forty-five minutes now and Arthur didn't know how long he could wait, he was almost tempted to just sneak around and search for his poor injured love, but he had enough common sense to realize he would probably just manage in getting kicked out and then he would have to wait even longer to find out what was wrong with Alfred.

Arthur paced even faster and sighed distraught before marching up to the receptionist desk trying to appear tough but failing and just looking on the verge of tears instead.

"Ma'am, I know you told me they didn't know what was wrong with Alfred Jones yet, but I demand that someone, anyone goes in the back and finds out. I'm- I mean we-" He motioned flailing his arms behind him where Ivan and Matthew sat looking just as stressed. "-need to know now. I beg you, or I'm going to absolutely lose it." Arthur pleaded his green eyes brimming with tears.

The receptionist just sighed already being told this sob story a few times since the Jones kid had gotten here, she smiled politely and furrowed her eyebrows wondering how to get through to this upset teenager.

"Sir, I'm sorry, I'm just a receptionist, I'm not a doctor and I can't interrupt their session now, it'll just be a nuisance for your friend, Aaron-"

"His name is Alfred." Arthur interrupted loudly his eyes flaming with anger at the mistake.

"Okay, Alfred, sorry. Just please go back to waiting. Quietly." She added the last word with a fake smile before going back to the phone to answer calls.

Arthur made a sound of annoyance before stomping back to his seat and plopped down angrily. "The nerve of some people." He 'tsked' with a roll of his eyes feeling upset by the traumatic experience of just seeing his best friend and love of his life be injured like that and from the horrible service they had around here.

Matthew groaned. "Arthur, just shut up, okay? You've been talking the entire time we've been here, I get you're nervous about Alfred but you're not making this any easier." Matthew said with a glare and even though Arthur had the thought to reply he could see the matching tears they both had in their eyes and decided against it. Alfred's twin was annoying but he understood they were in the same situation now.

Arthur glanced from the corner of his eye to see Ivan and even though he didn't like the boy, like at all, even he was worried as he noticed the silver-haired teen had still not taken his face out of his hands and by the way his shoulders were moving every time he took a breath Arthur figured he was either crying or was having a panic attack.

Arthur rolled his eyes and looked away feeling a weird feeling gnaw in his stomach.

Arthur sighed in disbelief realizing it was his moral compass.

The annoyed blond looked up at the sky and whoever inhibited it mentally asking 'Why?' before getting up slowly and reluctantly trudging along to where Ivan was sitting.

Arthur coughed trying to get the Russian's attention which said Russian ignored still hiding his face in his hands.

Arthur sighed. "Braginski, you know I don't like you and I know you don't like me but sitting over here and looking this pathetic is just creating a spectacle." He said knowing that probably wasn't the mose comforting thing to say to someone in Ivan's position but he would never baby the brute, he only ever babied Alfred so Ivan wasn't getting any special treatment.

Ivan chose not to look up and kept his face hidden.

Arthur groaned. "Will you please just tell me what's wrong so I can go already? We don't want to sit next to each other any longer do we? So just out with it, lad." Arthur reasoned crossing his arms looking at the other boy with an annoyed scowl on his face.

Ivan didn't remove his hands from his face but he did reply albeit reluctantly. "Why are you trying to comfort me? We hate each other." Ivan stated firmly his voice quiet and upset.

Arthur just rolled his eyes. "I do hate you but now I can understand how you're feeling. You have some sort of feelings for Alfred, you will never love him more than I do but you are upset for Alfred's well-being so I can sympathize with you in this moment, don't expect this in the future however." Arthur replied with his own logic sounding serious.

Ivan almost wondered if Arthur was almost a decent human before the British teen ruined it.

"Also you look like a right mess at the moment, so you're slightly embarrassing to be seen with now." Arthur said trying to throw in at least on jab to not lose his dignity over trying to comfort his enemy.

Ivan chuckled at the dry humor before looking up revealing that he was indeed crying rather hardly at his disgruntled appearance. Arthur didn't comment on it because he knew that he most likely looked the same way.

"So what's wrong with you, why are you upset?" Arthur asked raising an eyebrow wondering if their were any other reasons than the obvious being Alfred being hurt.

Ivan sighed a few more tears dripping down his pale face. "I-I am supposed to protect, Fredka, It's my football position to keep other players away from him. I should have been able to stop that player from tackling him. The reason, A-Alfred is hurt is because of my mistake." Ivan ended with a shuddered breath guilt practically taking over his mind as he remembered the scream Alfred let out when he got hurt and how that was the first time he'd ever seen his strong friend cry that hard.

Arthur just scoffed. '"Ivan, don't be an idiot. That was not your fault, it was that bastard of player who practically tried to murder Alfred with his steroid injected body. You're being daft, stop blaming yourself. Alfred wouldn't want anyone upset because of that idiotic reason." Arthur reasoned using his own rude way of trying to make someone besides Alfred feel better.

Ivan felt more warm tears drip down his sloped nose as he looked up at the frowning blond next to him. "W-What?" He asked trying to wipe his eyes with his hands which were still dirty from the football game.

Arthur just looked away as if he was an idiot. "Alfred likes everyone, even you for some odd reason unbeknownst to me and since he matters to me if he found out you're crying because you think this whole thing is your fault then he'll start crying and I'm not going to let your dumb idea make Alfred sad so just stop blaming yourself because it isn't your fault, if it was you'd already be dead by now." Arthur said seriously that threat still lingering in the air.

Ivan looked down at the ground and sniffed his purple eyes perplexed as he thought over Arthur's words, even though they weren't the nicest things he'd ever heard, they were in an odd way slightly reassuring because Ivan knew if he was the actual reason Alfred was hurt, Arthur really would have murdered him and left him to rot somewhere already and since the grumpy teen hadn't he figured maybe he was actually right.

Ivan looked at Arthur and gave a weird smile not used to smiling at him. "I don't like you very much but thanks, you're kind of helpful, da?" Ivan replied laughing quietly as he looked back down the ground his eyes getting drier.

Arthur just nodded. "You're welcome, I do not like you either, however I am glad you're done making a scene." Arthur said feeling awkward as he talked to someone he would have gladly killed a few hours ago.

Arthur was about to walk back to his seat to get away from this strange happening when a doctor in blue scrubs came out from the elevator with a clipboard in hand. "Family and friends of Mr. Alfred Jones? Alfred Jones is ready for visitors." The woman announced loudly. Arthur, Matthew and Ivan immediately jumped up and practically trampled over the woman to get in the elevator.

As they got moving up to the higher rooms in the hospital where Alfred was, Arthur was twitching his feet in anticipation. "What's wrong with him? Is he okay?!" Arthur had demanded looking at the doctor or nurse with crazy eyes as he begged for information.

The woman just smiled. "I'm sorry, sir, I don't know, I'm not his doctor, hopefully he's doing well however." She replied as they got off and she guided them to Alfred's room.

She opened the door after knocking and Arthur basically pushed her out-of-the-way to get to Alfred.

"Alfred! Are you okay, dear?" Arthur asked sounding near hysteria as he invaded the room looking panicked.

Alfred was laying in a hospital bed with white covers laying softly on him, his leg however was fastened to a device that was keeping his injured leg raised slightly. Alfred was now out of his football gear and was wearing a light blue hospital gown, his face was still tear-stained but he appeared to be a less upset he was even smiling slightly.

Alfred laughed hoarsely. "I'm fine, Artie. Don't worry." He replied looking at his new guests in his room with a sheepish look on his face.

Alfred's mother was sitting on a hospital chair right next to his bed with a small smile on his face as she stroked her son's hair. "He is better than we thought but not entirely fine, Alfred got X-rayed and they found out his tibia bone is definitely fractured. Right now the doctors are deciding whether this requires surgery or if he can just get a cast." Mrs. Jones said looking at Alfred's friends and her other son with a gentle smile on her face as she hoped for the best.

Arthur saw the way Alfred crunched up his freckled button nose in disgust at those two options and if it wasn't for the fact Arthur just heard Alfred could be going through surgery he would have thought it was absolutely adorable.

Well, he still thought it was cute but he was more focused on the pounding of his heart at the prospect of surgery.

"Surgery?! That's completely insane, I swear that mother fuc- freaker-" Arthur changed his word last second at the wide-eyed look he got from Alfred for almost cursing in front of his mom. "-player who hurt Alfred is going to get it, I'll personally make sure of it." Arthur settled looking pissed as he paced the small room completely frazzled by these news.

Alfred laughed. "Arthur, I know you're upset but football is a contact sport, I mean I knew I'd get tackled and probably hurt when I joined the team, it's not like he purposely tried to hurt me." Alfred reasoned his blue eyes twinkling with amusement despite the pain he was in which was mildly sedated with some pain killers he was given.

Ivan and Arthur immediately shook their in unison both not agreeing with the optimistic blond.

"Fredka, you're too kind for your own good, that guy did that move on his purpose." Ivan said with a glint of anger in his eyes at the thought of the player who hurt his sunflower.

Alfred smiled. "Ivan, of course he did it on purpose, usually when you're trying to stop someone from making a score, you're thinking more about the game and less about the real consequences." Alfred replied sounding more mature than usual.

Arthur just scoffed. "Alfred, dear, that player was a complete brute, he didn't even try to help you! He just left you on the field without looking like he even apologized!" Arthur argued irritation clear on his face thinking about that wanker.

Alfred nodded. "Well, you're right, he didn't actually apologize but he might one day so that's really all that counts right? Besides, I bet he feels pretty bad about it already, you don't know, maybe he was scared to talk to me, I know I would be if I hurt someone that badly." Alfred said a tone of complete innocence taking over his voice.

Arthur just sighed at his love's naivety. "It was still rude of him to not even say anything, Alfred." He stated.

Alfred just grinned. "Well, I still forgive him either way." Alfred replied sounding genuine.

Arthur felt his irritation drip away as he felt a faint smile appear on his face. Alfred really always was a better person than he was. Arthur was someone who held grudges, their were some petty things people said to him in elementary school that pissed him off still today and Alfred had something in his body literally break, couldn't even walk and still forgave someone who never even told him a simple 'sorry'.

This was the reason Alfred was simply an amazing person and someone Arthur always wanted to have in his life.

Arthur could see a smile on Ivan's face as well as he heard the mature words of the blond and despite the fact he'd wished the damn Russian would go somewhere else and leave him be with Alfred he was a little glad Ivan was done crying. Arthur would never admit that however.

"Well you're a better person than I, Alfred." Arthur said completely genuine just as the door to the room opened up to show a man wearing scrubs and holding a clipboard and binder.

"Hello, Alfred and his friends, I presume?" The doctor greeted with a polite smile as he walked farther into the room. "I have some good news and some bad news." He started.

Arthur and Alfred at the same time spoke.

"Tell me the bad news! Is he going to be alright?" Arthur demanded right as Alfred shouted for the good news to be told first.

The doctor chuckled. "First off, yes, Alfred will be alright, however he will need surgery, his tibia bone fracture is not stable and will need to be fixed with an easy surgery, I assure you the surgery is not one with any high risk of failure, we have done it many times here at this hospital with similar cases of sports injuries. Alfred will be given a splint tonight and will be free to go home and the next day we'll prepare for surgery just so we can get every settled also because we can't perform the surgery now until he goes eight to twelve hours without eating or else he could get sick when we put him under anesthesia." The doctor explained.

Alfred nodded. "That's great, doc, but how long will it take for me to be back to being healthy again? I do a lot of sports you see, so this kinda sucks." Alfred said with a laugh that Arthur could tell was slightly worried.

The doctor nodded. "Only time will truly tell but from what I can access, you were very lucky, if you let it heal properly and you don't push yourself, you can go back to playing sports in six to eight months." The doctor explain as Alfred paled considerably

"S-Six to eight months? W-What? You can't be serious, that's way too long!" Alfred replied looking sick to his stomach as Ivan who clearly understood his pain being a athlete as well rested a hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

The doctor smiled sheepishly. "I'm sorry, that's actually a great and fast wait time though! It'll take about a month of rest and then about four or five months of physical therapy and then it's just testing process to see if you're ready to go back to any sports or other high energy activities." The man replied looking too positive to Arthur as Alfred's baby blue eyes brimmed with un-shed tears.

Arthur felt his stomach twist in pity, Alfred was the football, baseball and soccer sports captain at their school, losing sports for more than half a year would kill the poor boy.

Ivan smiled softly at Alfred. "Fredka, I know it's not good but that really isn't as long as you think besides the seasons for sports are almost over already anyways." Ivan said trying to comfort his upset friend.

Alfred let a few tears fall down his face. "Y-Yeah, I know, it still sucks though." Alfred replied quietly leaning into Ivan's touch trying to find some comfort as he wondered what he was going to do.

The doctor nodded. "You suffered a few other injuries such as severe bruising of the ankle, an ankle strain that will heal naturally and just bruising around your injured leg area in general that will probably hurt later but overall, Alfred, you truly are lucky, this could have been a lot worse. Count yourself lucky. We'll prepare your splint and we'll get you going. Feel better, Alfred." The doctor said as he nodded at everyone and left outside the room.

Alfred was still upset and sniffled slightly trying to calm himself down before he started crying too hard.

His mother patted his back. "Alfred, darling, the time will go faster than you think, you've always been a lucky kid, you'll be back running and playing football in no time." She comforted sounding completely sure of herself. Mrs. Jones stood up. "I promise I'll be right back, sweetheart, I need to go sign some release forms or something I suppose so we can get out of here sooner. I love you." She said kissing both of her sons on the head and smiling at Arthur and Ivan as she left the room.

Matthew nodded. "She's right you know, this will go faster than you think, besides, mom will feel totally bad for you and buy you all the games and junk food you want, so it's not like you'll be too bored." Matthew joked with a smile knowing his twin reacted better to humor than pity.

Alfred did indeed cheer up at the notion of food and video games, he grinned weakly at his brother feeling his tears stop a little from running down his face. "Y-Yeah, you think so?" He asked wiping his eyes on his arm as he glanced at his twin.

Arthur just shook his head. "Or course she will, she babies you, you'll miss when these months are over and you're not being given everything you want. Not only will you have her wrapped around your finger, you'll have me there for you too, I'll be at your house any time you need me." Arthur replied genuinely knowing that to be true, he'd do anything and everything for the oblivious blond, he'd donate his own fucking tibia if the boy needed it but Arthur didn't think that was necessary or it was actually possible so he guessed he'd refrain from saying that.

Alfred nodded a smile playing on his lips. "You already do anything I want, Artie, you're like my personal nanny except you kinda yell at me when I poke you too much." Alfred joked around sounding a bit more like himself.

Arthur sputtered. "I don't yell at you, Alfred, I just scold you when you're being bratty." Arthur replied shaking his head with a roll of his eyes.

Alfred burst out laughing. "Just like a freakin' nanny, dude!" Alfred retorted with a snort.

Ivan and Matthew chuckled at Alfred's outburst and as Arthur's face reddened. "W-Why you little-" Arthur started but felt his own lips tugging into a small amused smile happy to see his dear happy again.

Ivan smiled slightly. "Fredka, this will be easy and fun, I'll make sure, I promise." Ivan said ruffling the smaller teen's hair as he said so.

Alfred just smiled at them all finally starting to believe it for himself.

I will go ahead and say I spent a few hours researching tibia fractures and surgery recovery time and realized first off that I never, ever want to be a doctor cause it sounds way too smart and gross for me and secondly that recovery time is really kinda a estimate and it's hard to pin-point it exactly so I'll admit I kinda just guessed the time for Alfred's healing process now he'll be able to walk soon like don't think he's going to be confined to crutches or a wheel chair for half a year or something, he just can't do high energy sports like football or soccer until he's fully healed, he still will be able to do normal every day stuff probably in like a month or so and will be right back to normal after physical therapy so please do not kill me or feel scared, haha. /shot again/

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