I know I said 'Selfishly, Mine' would be a oneshot but after careful consideration and some super kind reviews asking for more, I decided to continue making this a three shot or possibly longer if I think people like it enough.

Their is some added RusAme to add some drama because I think Ivan is really the only person who wouldn't be afraid of Arthur and his crazy possessive love towards our favorite American. I also changed the rating to T because of some cursing in this chapter so just be warned!

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"When you have seen as much of life as I have, you will not underestimate the power of obsessive love." - J.K Rowling.

Arthur was sitting in his sunshine colored haired crush's house practically glowing as he looked at all the family pictures on the wall of his adorable Alfred years back when he was just a child.

Arthur has been in love with Alfred since the day he met him really, when Alfred's family moved next door he couldn't help but think that the child he was introduced to at a welcoming party was cuter than a button and wanted nothing more than to hug the living daylights out of him.

After getting to know how cheerful and positive Alfred was, Arthur slowly fell for the younger child without realizing it. Over the years, his adoration for Alfred grew to the point of no return. Arthur didn't like to admit it but he liked to keep a eye on Alfred, it wasn't stalking he assured himself, just protecting his precious pet from harm.

Arthur liked to busy himself by watching Alfred outside his window at night from his bedroom, thanking whatever and whoever was up in the sky for situating his love's room next door across from his so that he could make sure he was safe. Alfred always left his window curtains opened, something precious about loving to watch the sky so Arthur always got to watch silently, never being caught.

It wasn't creepy in his mind, he just liked to make sure nothing bad happened to Alfred during the night, if anything it was perfectly normal for Arthur to do.

That's what he thought anyways.

As Alfred came back into the room holding a glass of ice water in his hand for his guest and a bottle of Coke A Cola for himself, he plopped next to Arthur grinning handing him his drink.

Arthur smiled. "Thank you, Alfred."

Alfred grinned. "No prob, Arthur. Now let's get started on some wor-"

Arthur cut him off placing a hand on his love's shoulder.

"What about we talk about something else first? What have you been up to lately?" He asked looking up at the American innocently, though he already knew the answer, he did follow the American basically everywhere he went but he wanted to hear for himself from Alfred's own voice.

Alfred tilted his head cutely making Arthur's face flush feeling his stomach clench and butterflies dance in his stomach.

'God, he's precious.'

Alfred took a sip of his soda and answered. "Well, I've been playing lots of sports, and guess what?! I totally won the last football team for our school last week, like it was tied and I made a touch down like at the last minute! It was so awesome!" Alfred rambled looking proud of himself.

Arthur smiled softly at his crush, already knowing this, he went to every game and even practice the other was in, he never wanted to miss a special moment Alfred had in his life.

Alfred continued. "I also have been totally rocking all my classes lately, like more then usual! I'm getting straight A's in everything!"

Arthur nodded and smiled, also knowing this fact by sneaking glances at Alfred's report card every now and then without the other knowing.

Alfred smiled back and look surprised. "Oh! And I forgot, I'm going to the movies with Ivan Branginski, remember we used to be like best friends before high school started?"

Arthur felt his life flash before his eyes and his emerald green eyes darkened dangerously, he didn't know this and wondered how he could miss something as threatening as that monster trying to come in between Alfred and himself again?

Arthur calmed his harsh breathing and placed a mask of fake amusement for the boy.

"Oh, really? Ivan and you are friends again now? Why is that?" Arthur asked a intense tone taking on his voice without Alfred noticing.

Alfred's blue eyes twinkled. "Well, we're on the football team together and we just kinda reconnected, now I remember why we used to be such good friends." He answered looking happy.

Arthur loved more than anything to see Alfred happy but to see him happy because of another person besides himself made him want to violently take away whatever was distracting Alfred from his own love and attention.

Arthur took a dainty sip of his water and wished he was drinking tea to drown away his jealous anger for the time being but he knew despite his insistence on having Alfred learn, the boy would never know how to make a proper brew of good English tea, but it didn't matter the American was too cute to be mad at.

"Well, I'm happy for you, Alfred. I hope you two have a good time together." Arthur lied feeling his slender fingers grip the glass cup tightly trying to stop himself from breaking it, he placed a smile on his face looking at the boy besides him.

'Let's go ahead and get started on Math now, okay?"

Hours later, Arthur was at home sitting at his desk with his fingers gripping his hair in frustration.

Why on earth would that horrible and evil monstrosity try to take his Alfred away from him?

Alfred was his and his alone and the fact this idiot good for nothing Russian thought he could just waltz in and take his love without a fight made the British man's blood boil in extreme possessive rage.

Arthur grabbed his phone and dialed Ivan's number, finding the information after lots of research on the computer.

After several rings and waiting for the phone to be answered a simple. "Da?" could be heard from the other side.

Arthur scowled and a deadly glare found itself on his face.

"Hello, Ivan. This is Arthur Kirkland and I want to talk to you about Alf-"

He was interrupted by a silent chuckle.

"Fredka? I already know what you want and I'm not letting you have it."

Arthur felt himself pull his light blond hair harder in hatred hearing Ivan use Alfred's name in such a friendly fashion.

"Ivan, I don't know what you heard but-"

Ivan chuckled harder across the line.

"Arthur, Fredka doesn't see who you are but I do. I know where you're going with this phone call but whatever you're trying to do won't work."

"What do you think I'm trying to do?"

"You love Fredka, da? It's obvious to everyone except Fredka, himself but you don't deserve him. You'll treat him like a caged bird and keep him trapped to 'protect' him but I won't let that happen, he needs to be free to make his own choices, correct?" Ivan said happily.

Arthur practically seethed at the Russian and slammed his hands on his desk angrily.

"Look, you bloody wanker! Alfred is mine. Don't you even dare think about touching a strand of hair on his head or I'll bloody well kill you!" Arthur said in a silent scathing whisper that to everyone else who could have heard was more terrifying than any loud screaming ever could be.

Well to everyone except Ivan Braginski who just giggled.

"Oh, Arthur. You have much to learn about love." Ivan replied with a hint of amusement in his voice before ending the call.

Arthur about screamed and chucked his phone across the room at the wall making the screen crack. His breathing got faster and he felt his face get even redder with anger.

He couldn't even believe that after all these years of work protecting Alfred and making everyone know not to even dare touch him without Arthur's permission was all going down the drain because of a stupid Russian who couldn't listen to the clear set rules.

Arthur glared at the wall resentfully and pictured Ivan's face.

He wanted to tear and rip every bone and limb from his body for even thinking about inviting his lovely Alfred to the movies.

Alfred was a innocent and sweet guy, Arthur knew that Alfred couldn't possibly like Ivan and was just doing this out of politeness but even so the anger Arthur still felt radiating off of himself was enough to scare anyone into utter silence.

"Ivan will pay dearly for trying to get what is mine." Arthur whispered to himself his brows furrowing in possessive anger.

Arthur Kirkland had finally met his match.

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