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"Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live." -Oscar Wilde

Arthur Kirkland eyed the used to be friendly looking movie theater, he goes to with Alfred about every week with pure disdain at how menacing it seemed now at the prospect of his poor little Alfred having to be forced to sit next to some perverted and disgusting, Russian.

He walked into the large lobby with a irritated scowl. Arthur bought himself a ticket for this obnoxious space alien movie where the spaceship crew got trapped on some weird planet or something. Arthur hated movies like this, he's much rather go to a more sophisticated movie where their was more actual acting and less stupid laser effects but if Alfred had asked him to go instead of Ivan, he would say yes in a heartbeat to appease his love.

But, he wasn't asked to go. Instead he was going to make sure Ivan didn't try anything to hurt his lovable pet.

Basically he was going to watch them the whole entire movie and kill anyone who tried to get some with Alfred. He wouldn't call it stalking though, he was just going to a public movie theater and was going to his time wisely to protect someone he loved. It was pretty chivalrous in his opinion he thought.

Arthur didn't buy any snacks or drinks because he wasn't going to let anything frivolous such as candies and calorie explosive sodas get in the way of his focus.

He walked into the theater room and was happy to see almost all the rows except the two in the back were completely full. He smirked in his luck knowing there was more of a chance for Alfred and Ivan to sit closer to him and for the fact they probably wouldn't notice him in the midst of all these people.

He did however go through some sort of disguise to make himself less of a target for suspicion. He wore dark sunglasses and almost all black clothing to make himself blend in more.

Arthur leaned his elbow against his arm rest looking bored but in reality was keenly observing the two entrances on the side, trying to spot the two people he was looking for.

When he finally saw Alfred and Ivan, his bright green eyes narrowed looking at how cheerful the Russian was. Ivan was a good head taller than Alfred, he had strange purple colored eyes that may be somewhat cute to other people but to Arthur he just thought they were ugly and creepy. He wore some big bulky scarf everywhere he went, spouting some nonsense that his older sister made it for him, but Arthur for one, thought he used it to cover the multitude of hickeys he's probably received from various hookers and other past victims like Alfred.

Arthur flared his nose dangerously and wanted to make Ivan know that Alfred for no reason would ever give him a hickey or even touch the tall teenager that way. Special treatment such as that would only be reserved for himself, one day when Alfred and him became a couple.

Arthur's eyes did soften as he looked at how adorable Alfred looked, his sunny colored hair was messy as always and even in the darkness of the room, he noticed how bright and blue his eyes were.

In truth to Arthur's own train of thought, they did sit right in front of him. Arthur knew Alfred liked to sit right in the middle and in the second row that was farthest from the screen, something about it being the best for 'ultimate movie viewing awesomeness' or something else ridiculously cute like that.

While the previews for upcoming movies started, Arthur stared directly at the lovable blond's head and the annoying silvered haired head in front of him with keen interest, trying to see if something he wouldn't permit would happen between the two.

As Arthur already knew would happen, Alfred was excitedly whispering to Ivan about each movie trailer that came on, exclaiming he would see it the day it came out. Ivan just smiled, this sick and overtly sweet grin that made Arthur's blood boil at the very sight of it being directed towards his American.

The movie started quickly and Arthur could hardly even think with the irritatingly loud sounds of machine guns and crashing spaceships that was happening in the background. He couldn't really hear what Alfred and Ivan were saying, it seemed though that Alfred was a hundred percent invested and was slowly munching on popcorn as though he was trying to process everything at once. It was actually bloody adorable, Arthur thought his face reddening at imagining the blond's big eyed parted lip expression.

At a very intense dramatic part of the movie, the crew were trying to pull themselves together after losing their captain to the evil hands of the aliens. Alfred's shoulders were hunched and Arthur could tell that his lovely poppet was upset, Alfred always favored the one in charge, the leader in the movies because he liked to imagine his own self as the hero in everything so having the captain die was probably just heartbreaking for the poor lad. Arthur furrowed his eyebrows in anger and wondered why Ivan would bring Alfred to a movie like this where he would just get upset.

Arthur clearly forgot the fact that Alfred picked out this movie to watch, and was just trying to pin point blame towards the one person in the room that he hated.

Arthur watched, his face pulling into of anger and madness as Ivan had the audacity to place his arms around his Alfred.

What was this meat head trying to do? Arthur thought trying to calm down his hands which were threatening to clench into fists. Was he trying to comfort Alfred? Or it it something more sinister like trying to seduce the poor innocent teenager?

Either way, Arthur was furious. He almost wished he'd bought himself a drink so he could have poured it on Ivan's head but then sighed knowing some of it's sugary contents would have spilled on Alfred and Arthur never wanted to hurt or embarrass the blond so it wouldn't have worked anyways.

Arthur debated what to do and how to go about this disgusting display of outright affection and how to ruin it before it got farther. He needed to find a way to go about this without revealing his identity so Alfred wouldn't be upset with him. He found himself smirking as he thought of a simple idea to change fate from happening.

He slowly and without much suspicion walked away from his seat and down towards the exit hallway of the room, no one paying attention to him because of the now loud space war going on, on the screen.

Arthur grinned looking absolutely mad with giddiness as he found what he was looking for and pulled down the lever without hesitation. A small bright red fire alarm.

Suddenly he heard loud screeching beeping and the emergency water sprinkler from the ceiling came sprinkling down on everyone in the room. Arthur could hear girls squealing in fear and guys groaning at the random interruption of their movie experience.

Arthur quickly got lost in the crowd coming towards him as everyone tried to get out of the room without getting too wet.

Movie theater employees came running towards them freaking out at the idea of fire and looking absolutely pissed off as they realized this was all just a trick being pulled and they were wasting their time and they had a whole viewing room to mop up now.

Arthur was expecting to see Alfred and Ivan and was hoping with giddiness that their date would be ruined for good but instead to his extreme displeasure saw Ivan handing over his jacket to the smaller slightly soaked teen who perked up looking happy at the now warm embrace he had from the large winter coat covering his body.

If Arthur could growl and not look positively crazy he would have, and he did, causing a few people near him to back away looking freaked out.

It was almost as if the crazy Russian teen could sense Arthur's unwelcoming presence because Ivan looked towards Arthur with a smile on his face.

Not a happy cheerful smile he liked to give Alfred though, it had a more deadly feeling towards it.

Everyone was given a movie pass to watch the movie again tomorrow for free and they were sent on their way, with most people grumbling in annoyance at their miserable experience.

Arthur felt bad to have ruined a day out for these innocent people but not too bad because he knew it what needed to be done to protect Alfred from being man handled by some beast who liked to share his ridiculously big jacket.

Arthur felt like the tearing off the over sized coat off of Alfred's shoulder and handing him Arthur's own black hoodie, something he bought for his disguise, he never would actually wear something like that. He preferred more gentleman like clothing.

Ivan walked Alfred towards the door with Arthur following closely a few steps away. Ivan stopped. "I'll meet you back at the car, Fredka. I left something back in the theater."

Alfred smiled widely. "Okay, dude. Don't take too long, we have to go get ice cream now since our movie date was sorta cancelled!" he exclaimed laughing.

Ivan smiled back and nodded.

As soon as Alfred was far enough away from the door, Ivan turned and stared straight at Arthur, his happy expression drained away from his face into one more dangerous.

Lavender colored eyes met Emerald, and for a few seconds there was complete silence between the two.

Ivan broke first and smiled at Arthur, not so friendly. "Hello Arthur." he said simply.

Arthur's eyes narrowed. "Hello, Ivan." he replied almost spatting out the name like it was some of Francis's awful French cooking.

Ivan raised a eyebrow his childish facade still showing on his face. "That was quite a stunt you pulled back there, da?" He asked knowing he felt someone staring behind him when they were in the screening room.

Arthur scoffed. "I have no idea what you are talking about."

Ivan just laughed.

"Don't play stupid with me, Arthur, you know what happened back there was just a way to stop Fredka and I from having a good date."

Arthur felt his face reddened at the word date and his calm expression contorted to one of hatred.

"You're not having a date, all you are doing is trying to seduce a naive and perfect boy like Alfred to being your new play thing." Arthur whispered anger dripping off his British accent heavily.

Ivan's face of calmness also broke and his expression changed to one, Arthur has never seen before.

Ivan viciously pulled at the fabric on Arthur's shirt and pulled him up slightly to look him in the face. "You know nothing about the way I feel about Fredka. You are not in love with Alfred, you just want to possess him and he is not a toy to be owned." Ivan whispered quietly not wanting to grab any attention but his now darkened eyes gave away his silent rage.

Anyone who would have been in Arthur's shoes would have been afraid but Arthur wasn't. He may have been shorter and smaller than Ivan but he was smarter than the silver haired tyrant.

Arthur smirked. "Hit me, Ivan, I dare you. What do you think Alfred is going to think when you hit his own best friend. A best friend, who mind you can pull the defenseless weakling card. He would be so bloody pissed and would never ever go out with you agai-" He was cut off as Ivan let go of his shirt and dropped him back to the ground knowing he was right.

Alfred clearly liked Ivan, a lot but if he thought that the quarterback for their school's football team basically took down and beat up a poor and helpless book worm like Arthur, Ivan would be screwed. Alfred hated bullying and wouldn't believe that someone as nice and goody goody as Arthur would pull a fire alarm and try to ruin their date.

Ivan sighed. "You are right, I will not hurt you even though I could and it would be easy." He said looking at Arthur threateningly. "but I know Fredka would not be happy and I for one am the only here who actually cares about his happiness, so you win but know that next time this happens, I won't be afraid to go through with it." Ivan stated his creepy smiley expression back on his face.

"What do you mean by that? You are most certainly not the only one who cares about Alfred's happiness! I've cared about him much longer than you ever have. Remember that next time you want to say such lies." Arthur exclaimed glaring.

Ivan shook his head. "You only care about your own happiness. You would take away anything that made him happy if it meant he would focus more of his attention on you. You love him but only as a possession. I love him as a person."

Arthur started sputtering out offensive curses sounding absolutely baffled and angry at this accusation.

Ivan just chuckled. "Remember that fact when you want to say such lies again, da?" he repeated Arthur's sentence sounding amused before walking outside the door.

Arthur looked towards the red carpeted floor that was splattered in light stains of a reminder of past soda being spilled by clumsy children and glared, tightening his hands into fists whitening the knuckles until they hurt.

Ivan was wrong, all wrong. Arthur loved Alfred more than life itself. He didn't want his precious love to get hurt that was all. He wasn't trying to own or possess Alfred, he just wanted to protect him.

"There is nothing wrong with that." Arthur whispered to himself feeling lonely without Alfred besides him in the crowd of chattering and excited people walking past him to go watch the next playing movie.

Arthur stared menacingly at the floor just wanting it to be Ivan's face so he could teach him a thing or two about true love.

Love was supposed to be selfish but only because he didn't want anyone to think they could just waltz in here and take what was his. He worked too long and hard for all his work to go to waste.

Arthur knows that he loves Alfred more, he was going through all these great lengths to make sure everyone knew that and Ivan would never do all this for Alfred's love. Arthur knew he was just meant to be with Alfred, it was fate and he was determined to make sure of that.

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