Livin' on the Edge

Author: Crimson Coin

Rating: PG13 for all the stuff things are rated PG13

Summery: Uhm.unexpected turns in events lead to . well . lots of crappy situations. Yeah I know, not too good. But give it a shot. Come on.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. And when I say nothing, I really mean nothing. Hell, my floppy disk was swiped from the school's computer lab. So the superstar's belong to the WWF. It's WWF FOREVER!

TimeLine: really makes no difference.

Distribution: Just ask me.

On with the story already.

She walked down the aisle.

And Jeff couldn't believe it. Lita was walking down the aisle in the most beautiful of wedding gowns. Her red hair flowed down her back like a fiery waterfall. His knees almost gave out as her eyes met his, walking towards him at the altar.

Jeff exhaled in a vain attempt to steady the beating of his heart. He never saw her more beautiful, never saw her so amazing. He nonchalantly wiped his palms on his pants. After all, he was standing on an alter, making him one of the centers of attention. He looked around and those not looking in his direction were staring at Lita. His eyes scanned the room then back to her.

She smiled a brilliant smile and he returned the gesture. He felt his stomach drop. Oh Crap. Not now. He breathed in then out. In then out. Calm down. He shook his head expelling any rising emotions that might happen to become visible.

He turned his gaze from the walking redhead to his brother in the front row. Matt smiled, his eyes gleaming with happiness. Jeff grinned then looked back to the redhead. God, how he loved her. Everything that ever meant anything to him could be seen in the woman who was now approaching. Edge laid a comforting hand on Jeff's shoulder, completely understanding why the younger man was so worked up. "You ok?" he whispered.

Jeff swallowed and nodded. "I'll be fine as soon as this thing is over."

Edge frowned slightly then patted the Hardy's back. "Just try to relax." He knew how worked up his friend could get over Lita. She was in Jeff's blood. And nothing could ever eject her from him. Edge sighed as he ran a hand through his blonde locks.

Edge looked at Chris Jericho, who was standing next to Matt. Chris's eyes met Edge's and no words were needed to be exchanged. Chris lowered his head, the complications of this situation overwhelming him. But he quickly shook the feeling from himself. This is Lita's day. And it should be. He looked back as the redhead continued up the aisle.

Jeff rolled his shoulders back, stretching out the tense muscles. This had to be the longest procession in existence to man. I mean how long was that aisle, what about fifty feet at most. Come on, if only this thing could speed up.

Christian leaned back towards the youngest Hardy. "You have the ring, right?"

Jeff slipped his hand into the pocket of his tux jacket. "Yeah. I got them both."

Christian smiled and turned back to watch his soon-to-be wife. Finally, she's his.