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Love's Gravity

I used to think I was strong, that I knew what I was doing... especially when it came to love and Yuki.

Yuki. Yuki Eiri. The arrogant and sophisticated novelist. The man I had fallen in love with.

It's funny if you think about it, he treats me like second-hand clothing; discarding me whenever he felt like doing so only to pick through the pile to find me again.

Shuichi sat on windowsil, peering out and down at the city below, violet orbs watery and twinkling in what little sunlight that made it's way through the dense, rainy clouds. The window had been opened, Shuichi loved the smell of rain.

The rain, it was so warm against his skin. Warm and inviting... like Yuki's arms when he wasn't being such an asshole. Shuichi loved those times. He loved being held, he loved the older mans scent... a hint of sugar mixed in with all of that spice.

Sometimes I wonder why I love him so much... but then I remember the times when he wasn't afraid to show he cared -- or at least pretend he did.

But he's still such an asshole most of the time. Distant and cold. Like a rock.

No matter how far I reach out.. he's always off in the distance, lingering like a bad memory yet desired and longed after.

He's mine only in a sense, in a sense that he's too lazy to get someone else.

In a sense that I love him and I told him I'd never let him go.

He yells at me, he swears he's going to leave me. He kicks me out and insults me in many ways. But I come back.

I always come back. No matter how he treats me.

"Shuichi! Close the damn window, stupid! Now the floor's all wet! I just fucking cleaned it today. Clean it up, I will not be your maid! Do you hear me?!"

Shuichi nodded.

Because I love him.

And I'll never let him go.

Not a moment more was spent on his thoughts before he did as told, a pleased smile on his lips the entire time.


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