Chapter 5

Unlimited Blade Works



The Law of Attraction is the name given to the belief that "like attracts like" and that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can bring about positive or negative results. This belief is based upon the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from pure energy, and the belief that like energy attracts like energy.

One example used by a proponent of the law of attraction is that if a person opened an envelope expecting to see a bill, then the law of attraction would "confirm" those thoughts and contain a bill when opened. A person who decided to instead expect a cheque might, under the same law, find a cheque instead of a bill.

Although there are some cases where positive or negative attitudes can produce corresponding results (principally the placebo and nocebo effects), there is no scientific basis to the law of attraction.

"Based on the oh so beautiful Law of Attraction, I would like to inquire to whoever runs the system of fate and karma... WHAT THE HELL DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?!"

Shiro is currently in a situation where his future can be predicted by 3 simple words: Lucky, Unlucky or Dead.

Shiro has done his very best to keep his promotion as a Ruler secret from his family., simply because of the way they'd react. While he can expect Emiya Kiritsugu to react like a man born with common sense, it's his mother over the top reaction that he dreads.

"~fu fu fu fu... ~ fu fu fu fu" Irisviel snickered like one of those villains in a low budget movie.

The tense and potentially explosive situation is like Christmas to someone as eccentric as her.

After successfully securing Joan Arc's help yesterday, Shiro went ahead and passed the papers that officially made him a Ruler.

Earlier today, Shiro went around and began giving out the Letter of Invitation to those whom he wanted to be in his Entourage. Somewhere between morning and lunch time, his mother discovered of his Ruler status and used her connections within the school to allow Shiro's group to leave the campus.

By lunch time ( about 2 hours later), a large group of beautiful girls is gathered within the Emiya livingroom. Based on what they're wearing, Shiro can tell that the girls are trying to be as attractive as possible.

Amu was wearing a black turtle neck sweater, denim blue mini skirt and brown high cut boots. With her clothes and her height, its no wonder she's often mistaken as a super model.

Akiko clads a white kimono with pink petal designs, further boosting her Yamato Nadeshiko look. For some disturbing reason, Akiko is a spiting image of a certain MEoDP user, much to Shiro's unease.

Jack sports an over sized red long sleave shirt with a white cross near the base of the neck, brown mini shorts and blue sneakers. The contrast of a lolita in a big shirt actually amplifies Jack's overall charm. On a different note, Shiro feels that Jack's shirt is one of his favorite shirts that he has lost a couple of days ago. He should know... He did have it custom made to look exactly as Tohsaka Rin's favorite shirt when she was a teenager.

"Im gonna ask her how she got that later... Assuming I live that long..."

While Shiro was planning to invite a few more people to join his Entourage, he considers these 3 as the foundation of his future harem... And thank god he hasnt invited the others yet... If there were more women present, this situation would have exploded long ago.

"I want to run away... I really do..."

As much as Shiro's desire to make like a banana and split, his mother has chained the lower half of his body into the foundations of the house, making it near impossible for the young man to escape.

Just to be clear, it wouldnt take him much effort to cut the chains, but with his parents at both of his side, escaping is unwise.

Emiya Kiritsugu (whom was also forced to be here) communicates with Shiro in the most manly way possible... Through his eyes. Just one look and all of what is needed to be said is relayed instantly.

"Shiro... You are so dead" is what Emiya Kiritsugu's eyes are relaying.

"I know father... I know" replied Shiro in kind.

As expected of a person who is known to balantly disregard the mood, Irisviel von Einsburn drops the largest bomb at the very get go.

"So... Who's your First Servant?" Irisviel asks cheerfully.

""ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND?!"" roared the 2 Emiya's in their head

Iris' words instantly took effect as the killing intent spikes to dangerous levels. Amu, Akiko and Jack focuses their eyes at Shiro, clearly demanding an answer to said question.

"ha ha ha... I am dead... I am so freaking dead"

In the original GWs, a First Servant is usually equated as the Second in Command of a Ruler's Entourage. A First Servant is often a Ruler's most trusted individual, be it a best friend, a faithful underling, a hired mercenary, etc.

As the world entered its long era of peace, a popular belief was added into the First Servant's function. It is said that if the Ruler and the First Servant are of the opposite gender, there is a 90% chance that they'll end up married. For a harem type Entourage, being the First Servant automatically results into being the head of the harem itself.

Who, When and How added this rule is anyone's guess, but it goes without saying that aspiring harem kings often gets discouraged at the very get go.

"While I do have a plan for this... It still doesnt change the fact that a womans wrath is scary as hell"

"The thing is-"

"Obviously it is I, Fujin Akiko, will be Shiro-sama's First Servant" Akiko interupts Shiro before he could save his hide. "While our bonds are still not set on matrimonial stone, our engagement has already been decided before we were even born!"

"Good point" replied the smiling Irisviel

"Technically speaking, it was Zelretch that decided on his own... We're pretty much coerced to follow through" thought Shiro in annoyance.

Once again, Shiro tries to speak out... But was interrupted as Jack, with her usual emotionless face, crushes a nearby tea table.

"I suggest you stop assuming that you have won" said the monotone loli assassin.

"~Ara ara... Do elaborate my chopping board of a friend" Akiko replied arrogantly

"I know more about Shiro than anyone else" said Jack "I can satisfy what ever needs he might have"

"With that childish body? Ha! Perish the thought!"

"I know all of Shiro's favorite foods and I can cook them as well. I know his exact BMI, height, weight and calorie intake. I know his favorite tv shows, anime, and hentai. I know that LOLI, WHITE HAIR and PETTANKO are among his favorite fetishes. I know every possible way to satisfy him. What could you possibly do for him when you've only known him for a few days?"

Jack successfully leaves Akiko speechless after driving her into a corner. Truth be told, it was an impressive display of wit and verbal harassment without actually harassing the opponent.

However... One question does come into mind...

"Hey Jack, how did you get all of those info?" asked Shiro.

"Your father gave me the key" Jack replies with a thumbs up at Kiritsugu.

Everyone turns to Kiritsugu for answers.

"I cant help it you know? What would you do if you noticed a little girl standing outside your house for an entire month?" Kiritsugu says seriously.

"Really? I never noticed" replied Irisviel

"Of course you would'nt notice. It takes an assassin to spot an assassin" said Kiritsugu. "By the way, she's been living in the attic for almost 3 years now"






"Oh... So that's why our food consumption suddenly went up" Irisviel claps her hands.


"Details details! You'll go bald if you stress on every little thing Shiro" replied Irisviel, much to Shiro's annoyance.

While there is the fact that Shiro's privacy has been nonexistent for 3 years, he decides to keep his mouth shut on the matter. His gut feeling is telling him that any words will invite a lot of unreasonable counter attacks from his mother.

"Oh by the way, I already contacted her parents 3 years ago and they were fine with it." said Kiritsugu. "They said peacefully stalking a guy she likes is much better than her previous hobby."

"... I dont even want to comment on that one..."

While Shiro pondered at his very limited options in his current situation, his mother moves to the last girl on the list.

"Date Masamune, I would like to hear why you should be the First servant"

Amu keeps silent for a couple of seconds. Her normal ice cold persona suddenly gives way to a shy girl, complete with fidgeting ands stuttering.

" S-Shiro... Violated me..." said the shy Amu. "... R-responsibility..."


"...*sigh*...Being the straight man is surprisingly tiresome..."

While everyone knows about the incident between Shiro and Amu, the girl's delivery is borderline annoying.

Naturally, his mother is loving every second of this chaos.

"~Fu fu fu fu fu! What will you do now Shiro-kun?" said the stary eyed Irisviel. "You must choose your destiny and live with the consequence of your actions!"

"You're enjoying this arent you?!"

Shiro calms his mind and drops a larger bomb than his mother could ever imagine.

"Just so you know mom, I already have a First Servant" said Shiro.

""""" Eh? """""

5 pairs of eyes stares at Shiro in shock, at the same time, the temperature drops to the negative values.

"A sudden development! Who is it? What's her name and social security number?!" the overjoyed Irisviel grabs Shiro by the collar.

"And in what scale of sanity makes you think that my First Servant is female?! His name is Zayd Hassan-i-Sabah!"

Once again the room descends into silence, but this time around, it was awkward and filled with slight disgust.

"Son... D-dont tell me... You swing that way?" asked Kiritsugu.

Shiro crosses his arms, and with a serious face, declares 2 shocking facts.

"Since I have TRAPS under my fetish list, I will not deny my curiosity for the dark side... " said Shiro in an overwhelming manner. " But from a practical point of view, a First Servant should be well versed in tactics, information gathering and overall leadership skills."

"Forgive me for interrupting Shiro-sama, but based on your statements, it seems that you have no intention of forming a Harem-type Entourage... Am I correct?" asked Akiko

"I didnt join the Rulers just to make my own harem!" Shiro lied like he never lied before.

"Really?" asked the clearly downhearted Amu.

"Ofcourse! The GW is serious business and I rather have the best soldiers on my team rather than the prettiest" lied Shiro.

"But you are still planning to create a harem right?" asked Jack.

"That goes without saying!" Shiro declared. "With my entourage by my side, we will rise through the GW ranks and gain fame. Using that, I'll create my harem with women from my entourage and those who are not related to the GW!"

"I see... Now I understand what your plan is" Kiritsugu nods in admiration.

"What do you mean honey?" asked Irisviel.

"It's simple really. If you create a harem type Entourage, then your haremittes is only limited to the GW contenders." said Kiritsugu."On the other hand, by opting for a battle minded Entourage while keeping the harem separated allows him to add haremittes that are not GW combatants. If anything, those non combatants have the advantage in a normal setting, seeing how GW focused women tend to not have the basic IRL knowledge"

The 4 ladies' jaws hit the floor.

"You thought of it that far?!" Irisviel asks

"O-ofcourse... I'm serious about forming a harem you know" replied Shiro

Shiro cant tell if his father is actually believing that train of thought or he has seen through Shiro's plan and decided to thrown in his support. Either way, Emiya Kiritsugu is giving Shiro the opportunity to get through the infamous First Servant Blood Bath without getting his limbs riped out.

Using his manly manliness, Shiro communicates with his father via eye sight.

"Dad... You're Awesome!"

Kiritsugu answers back with full manliness.

"I know son... I know"





A certain class room at the 3rd floor of the Highschool Department

Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR), or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations (PSYOP), have been known by many other names or terms, including Psy Ops, Political Warfare, "Hearts and Minds", and Propaganda.

Various techniques are used, and are aimed at influencing a target audience's value system, belief system, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behavior. It is used to induce confessions or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator's objectives, and are sometimes combined with black operations or false flag tactics.

Emiya Shiro is well versed in many forms of combat but Psywar is a personal favorite of his. While it is very tricky to do and it does take a lot of time to pull off, it wields the highest impact with minimum resources.

A prime example of this is his work on Egypt. After the civil unrest (and a few assassinations from his end), the country ended up in the right track to recovery.

"Those were the days." Shiro thought as he stares at the horizon. "But then again, I'm doing the same thing to Tsukumihara... *sigh*... Bad habits die hard huh..."

For nearly 2 weeks now, the GOB has moved under Shiro's directions and planted the seeds of chaos through out the school.

The method is surprisingly simple.

First, ensure that every last student knows of the GOB's plight and the Student Council's plans to ban the Otaku culture from the school.

Normally, people dont give a damn on subjects that dont concern themselves... That is until the Second Phase of Shiro's plan, which is to subtlety imply that the Student Council may start banning specific activities if people goes against them.

Thanks to the multitude of questionable clubs in the school (occult club, tattoo club, protect the world against aliens club, etc), it didnt take too long for the vast majority to feel threatened. Unfortunately, that is still not enough for them to move their behinds off the sidelines, hence Shiro prepares the Third Phase...

At the center of the room lies about 19 students. 18 of them are from the Theater Club which, like the name states, does theatrical arts. At the very center of theme is Joan Arc, who was in the process of delivery a very convincing speech.

In Shiro's old world, there have been legends of Joan of Arc's unrealistic charisma. They said that despite being someone of low intellect, Joan's purity and stedfast conviction was enough to sway an entire nation into action.

Shiro wasnt entirely sure that this world's Joan had the same overwhelming charisma but he decided to gamble anyway... It payed off big time.

In merely 20 minutes, Joan was able to convince the Theater Club to throw their support on the Vote of No Confidence. Quite a feat if Shiro says so himself.

With a friendly wave to Joan, the Theater Club leaves with their heads held high.

Making sure that there are no more witnesses about, Joan drops to her seat like a doll without strings.

"*sigh*... Finished..." said the exhausted Joan.

"Awesome work as usual" Shiro offers Joan a can of soft drink

Joan drains the can in one go with her usual girlish otome grace.

"Thank you Emiya-sempai" Joan silently stares at the horizon outside window. " Beautiful is it not?"

"Call me melodramatic but times like this makes me glad I exist in this world" Shiro replies as the two silently gazes upon the horizon. "And I told you to call me Shiro."

"He he. Sorry " Joan giggled.





Suddenly, a realization hits Shiro like a knee to the nuts.

"Oh crap... Unintentional romantic setting..."

Out of the corner of his eye, Shiro can spot Joan in her bashful otome mode, clearly with every intention to make a big announcement.

After literary begging Joan for help, Shiro began gathering info on her. Based on her friends testimonies, Joan has something of a Cinderella Complex. While she is not weak by any means, her simple village girl upbringing has given her the dream of finding her prince charming.

Normally Shiro would use this info to his advantage, however he decides against it due certain circumstances that could result in Shiro being ripped apart.

"Emiy-... I mean Shiro-senpai. Can I ask you something?" said Joan with the face filled with as much determination as she could muster.

"Shoot" Shiro replied.

He has a vague idea what she wants to talk about, but decides to let her speak anyway.

"Why did you ask for my help? I'm pretty sure that there's a lot more talented people out there... So why me?"

"Hmm... I guess you could say it's a matter of faith... Does that make any sense to you?"

"...Not really"Joan answers apologetically.

"I see... How about this. A good friend of mine one said to be that even an apprentice monk can tell who has divinity when in presence Buddha himself." said Shiro which was met by a confused Joan. "Well... Simply put, I sort of sensed something special about you"

"Sp-special? Me?" said Joan in surprised.

Truth be told, all of Shiro's words were chosen in order to abuse Joan's Cinderella Complex. If he plays his cards right, he could bind Joan to himself without being dismembered by Joan's personal stalker.

"Listen carefully to me Joan because I'm not gonna repeat myself. You are someone with the potential to do great things." said Shiro while mustering every bit of BS in his being. " Greater than Vlad or Arthur or Me. In future, I believe that you will stand above all of us. "

"Then would'nt it be better if you let me join your entourage?" Joan replies loudly. " I'm just a girl from the country side and I dont know left from right! With you as my guide I-"

Shiro interrupts Joan by placing his finger on her lips.

"I want you to fly Joan, not to be chained to me like a caged bird. No matter what future you end up with, I'll always be your ally" said Shiro in a sympathetic manner. "If you end up being a singer, then I'll attend all of your concerts. If you become a politician, I'll be your most vocal supporter. If you decided to become a farmer, I'll be your regular customer. For whatever you want to be, I'll be right behind you. All I ask from you is to fly as high as you can."

"I-I ... Yes..." the red faced Joan replies incoherently.

The two stares at each other's eyes for a couple of seconds. The atmosphere is perfect for a confession... and that's the last thing Shiro wants.

"W-well then, you should head back and get some rest. I've been running you ragged this past week so you deserve a couple of days off" said Shiro

"Eh? What about you Shiro-sempai?" asked Joan

" Unfortunately, I'm one of the masterminds of this little chaos. I have a few more meetings before I can go home"

"T-then let me help you" Joan said in a forceful yet cute manner

Shiro pats her on the head, causing the blond girl to blush profusely.

"I appreciate the gesture but these dealings requires me to deal with the more evil side of our fair student populace." Shiro said with a smile. " If I can help it, I rather not expose you to the more morally questionable dealings that I have to make. Please understand"

"I see... Stay safe then" Joan replies with a sad smile.

With a respectable bow, Joan leaves the room.

"Joan Arc 70% conquered! All I need to do is find a way to get Gilles de Rias off my back and I'll be home free!" Shiro gave himself a pat in the back "I can already see the ending!"

While Shiro basks in his own awesomeness, a seductive voice snaps him back to reality.

"To perfectly manipulate the heart such an innocent maiden... I must say, I did not expect that from you Emiya Shiro." said the voice, much to Shiro's surprise.

A black mist gathers into one spot and forms 2 familiar figures.

Shiro instantly recognize one of them as Mordred thanks to his signature full body armor. Shiro also knows that Mordred is a clone of Arthur, though this fact is known to only a handful. Mind you, despite being a clone, Mordred is protected by the law and is granted similar rights as a human being. Any form of harassment (be it from others or from his creator) is punished severely by the law.

Shiro has met Mordred a few times thanks to his frequent dealings with the wrong side of the law. The guy is a bit blood thirsty but he's not so bad once you get to know him.

On the other hand, the other person can be described in 2 words... EXCALIBUR FACE

True enough, beside Mordred is a girl of slightly below average height with long bleach blond hair, violet eyes and a massive F cup rack. As usual, she ignores the school rules and dons her signature black high class Victorian dress. She is Morgan Le Fay, a rare woman that possesses unnatural beauty yet still inspires the intense disgust of nearly everyone that knows her.

It goes without saying that Shiro is currently executing the EXCALIBUR FACE, much to Morgan's confusion

"If I may inquire Emiya Shiro, what does that facial expression represent?" asked Morgan. "Arthur displays the same reaction every time we meet."

Behind her, Mordred is doing his very best to keep any form of laughter from escaping from his lips. Smart choice.

"Didnt I tell you not to visit me without prior notice?" Shiro quickly changes the subject to save himself the future headache.

With a sadistic smile, Morgan approaches Shiro and wraps her arms around one of Shiro's arms.

"If I did that, you would take the chance to run and hide." replied Morgan "Am I correct?"

"N-now that's just preposterous!... I-I would never do something like that!" said Shiro while suddenly gaining interest at a particular door nob for no good reason."Anyway, I also remembered telling you never to speak to me again."

"Fu fu fu fu. I still fail to comprehend why you are refusing my aid" said Morgan. "I have been generous enough to repeatedly offer you my aid this past week, yet you decline every single time... Why?"

"Maybe it's the fact that your help has a lot of strings attached to them... And I doubt they're the good kind of favors too..."

"Now now, do not say such negative things" said Morgan as she pressed her bombshell boobies into Shiro's arm. " If you bow before me now, I will ensure that our partnership would be most pleasurable"

The room descends into silence.

Normally Shiro would be so happy that he wouldnt mind running around the campus butt naked... However, the knowledge of Morgan Le Fay's victims has put Shiro on guard. A few of her unfortunate victims are friends from the GOB, and most of them were traumatized. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that Shiro hates her guts.

Fortunately, Mordred has his wits about.

"I suggest you stop doing that Mom" said the armored knight

"And who told you to interrupt me you- " said Morgan but was cut off by Mordred

"Look up" said Mordred

20 weapons of different shapes and sizes were hovering over Morgan's head. Each and every one of them oozed with intent to turn the bewitching blond beauty into a blob of unrecognizable meat.

Mordred recognized this and readies his sword.

On the other hand, Morgan found it amusing.

"To be at the receiving end of such pure hatred... it is rather refreshing if I say so myself" said Morgan as she further snuggles closer to Shiro." Just to inform you, this threatening gesture has backfired. This only shows that you are not like those innocent fools that will fall for a bit of girlish charms. You have the wit and the nerves to do evil when necessary. These traits only makes me want you even more... Fu fu fu"

Before Shiro could decide the level of injury he would inflict on the girl, Morgan lets and takes a seat on a nearby desk.

"Let us face facts Emiya Shiro. While your little rebellion enjoys a large base of support from the common folk, you lack the military might to assert yourself." explained Morgan. "As you may know by now, our school has a love for a certain degree of mindless violence."

True enough, a day in Tsukumihara Academy wouldnt be complete without a minimum of 5 anarchic fights breaking out. It goes without saying that GOB's rebellion against the Student Council will end up in all out warfare, much to GOB's disadvantage. Shiro has been recruiting a couple of people to tip the odds, but he's still falling short.

The point is simple. In an all out conflict with the Student Council, GOB doesnt even have a prayer.

"Here is my proposition. Just for this one time, I shall lend you my aid completely free of charge." Morgan declares, much to Shiro and Mordred's surprise. "I am acquainted with a large number of blood thirsty hooligans that would gladly fight your battles for you. I will even throw in Mordred as a bonus. Be grateful!"

Naturally, Shiro and Mordred are not convinced.

"There has to be a catch." replied the cynical Shiro. "I doubt the great Morgan Le Fay can resist the temptation to screw me over."

"Consider this as an early investment for our future together" said Morgan in a seductive manner. " Im sure our partnership will last for many years to come"

"... So there really was a catch... What a pain..." thought Shiro.

"Well then, I think the time has come for us to leave." Morgan moves closer to Mordred but stops, as if remembering something. "By the way Emiya Shiro, did you know that you have a knack of attracting incredibly dangerous women?"

"Said the girl that has practically tied a ball and chain into my leg" replied Shiro with a sigh

"fu fu fu. As flattering as your statement is, it is nothing compared to the woman that you rejected" replied Morgan, much to Shiro's confusion.

"Hold on... I never rejected anyone! If anything, Im the one that gets rejected!" said Shiro

"Hmm That is not how she said it... Either way, I suggest you exercise extreme caution around Izanami No Mikoto"

With that said, Morgan and Mordred vanishes in the same manner as they have appeared, leaving Shiro with a lot of questions, no answers and a sense of dread creeping up his spine.




A Mistake is an essential part of man as much as food, water and air.

By making mistakes, men understands their limits.

In mistakes, men learn to improvise.

In mistakes men evolve.

Everyone makes mistakes and that is a fact. Not even gods are immune to making mistakes, so no one can blame Emiya Kiritsugu for making an ever so slight lapse in judgment

At the moment, Kiritsugu is driving like a madman towards Tsukumihara Academy.

"Uhm... Honey? Where are we going?" asked an unexpected voice, much to Kiritsugu's surprise.

"Eh? Iri?! What are you doing here?" asked the confused Kiritsugu.

"Who knows" answered Irisviel in her ever so carefree manner. "While I was cleaning my car, you suddenly hoped in and drove like a race car driver. You were concentrating so much that I couldnt bring myself to disturb you"

As much as he wants to complain of Irisviel's lack of common sense, he decides against it. There is no point when they are so far from home. For now, he focuses on getting to the school even if he has to drive as recklessly as his wife.

"So, where are we going?" once again, Irisviel asks in a carefree manner

"We're going to Tsukumihara." replied Kiritsugu as he dodges the traffic like one of those car chase scenes in an action movie. "We need to get to Shiro before she does."


"I never told you about it?" asked Kiritsugu to which Irisviel replies with a No. "I see... Better listen up then because there's a lot to take in."

All of Kiritsugu's woes began when Shiro just turned 7 years old. Back then, he was in a heated battle with the Einsburn for the already pregnant Irisviel. Kiritsugu a series of legal and physical battles for 6 whole months, resulting him to leave Shiro alone for most of the time. During that time, Kiritsugu left Shiro to his genius cousin, Emiya Mikoto.

Emiya Mikoto is a powerful miko of the Shrine of Origins, one of the largest cult in the world. Despite being the same age as Kiritsugu and a possessor of princess level looks, Mikoto has no suitor nor lover. Kiritsugu cant blame anyone, seeing how Mikoto holds the title of Izanami which is only given to those who's mastery over creation and death magic is at its peak. She could even change her looks and age.

In every sense of the world, Emiya Mikoto is a monster.

While Kiritsugu foresaw no problems in leaving Shiro in Mikoto's care, this was a very big lapse in judgment. Who would have thought that Shiro's superb housewife abilities would make the love starved Mikoto go deredere?

After Kiritsugu's brush in with the Einsburn, he faced another legal battle... This time it was against Emiya Mikoto for the possession of Emiya Shiro.

When asked of Mikoto's motive, she simply replied that Shiro promised to marry her when he grows up. She was merely acting in accordance of that promise.

"Wow... Talk about desperate..." said Irisviel in a carefree manner. "To think she would even go for a 7 year old?"

"Cant really blame her tough. She's a stereotypical genius in every sense of the word." replied Kiritsugu. "She's powerful, inflexible, unsociable and selfish. No man would and could take her on... But I guess Shiro is an exemption to that."

"Right you are dear." Irisviel gives Kiritsugu a thumbs up. "By the way, what happened next?"

"The outcome was obvious... She lost the legal battle" replied Kiritsugu. "Even with all her power and influence, everyone could see that she was trying to steal a child. The court even put a TOR (Temporary Restraining Order) on her"

Temporary Restraining Orders are orders issued by a judge in an attempt to keep one person from harassing another person or group of people. The TRO usually specifies exactly how close a person can get to another person without violating the order. The person against whom it is issued may be obligated by the court to stay at least 100 feet. Interestingly enough, if someone consciously breaks the TRO ruling, the person gets a mind breaking electrical shock. Fairly harsh actually.

"But dont TOR only last 1 month max?" asked Irisviel

"Normally yes, but thanks to my connections with the Le Fay Law Firm, the duration is increased into 2 months and it can be renewed as many times as I want" said Kiritsugu. "Unfortunately, this is actually another lapse of judgment in my part"

"Eh? What do you mean?"

"*sigh* I shouldnt have trusted the Le Fay at all." replied Kiritsugu in a rare display of anger. "If my sources are correct, they struck a deal with Mikoto. For an insanely large amount of money, they'll delay the filling the renewal. This allows her to a brief period to approach Shiro and do what she will."

"Oh my... Does Shiro know this?" asked Irisviel

"No... I made damn sure that he doesnt know about this" said Kiritsugu. "I dont want him to have any negative impressions on Mikoto. She's a good girl but the loneliness of being on top was too much for her."

"Fu fu fu. As expected of my husband!" Irisviel pumps her fist with gusto. "Onward to Tsukumihara! To protect our son's chastity... WE MARCH!"

In contrast to his wife's enthusiasm, Kiritsugu descends into a deep silence.

His objective was never to stop Mikoto, it was to make sure that she doesnt come to harm. If his guess is correct, Mikoto has altered her looks to the point that is unrecognizable to Shiro. If she uses force to abduct Shiro, Kiritsugu is confident that his son will rip Mikoto apart

"I'm not like the others Shiro. I noticed that nearly insignificant change so many years ago."

Unknown to most, Kiritsugu knows the full extent of Shiro's might. Thanks to that, Kiritsugu was prepared in an event if Shiro was forced to go full throttle. An example of this is the Date Masamune incident where not even the media caught on.

"Shiro... Please hold back"





"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle." -The Art of War, Chapter 3

Emiya Shiro (and billions of others) have learned from Sun Tzu's The Art of War in one way or another... And with good reason. It teaches you the very basic concepts of confrontation yet it also gives you a glims of the more advanced strategies that comes with it.

Chapter 3 of The Art of War had always been Shiro's personal favorite since it gives big emphasis on the importance of information. While it is impossible to fully control the battlefield, it is possible to minimize loss while maximizing overall efficiency by being prepared. The best way to be prepared is to actually know what you're up against and to understand the limits of what you can or cannot do.

At the moment, the Joan and the GOB members (Shiro, Zayd, David, Gilles de Rias, Alexander and a lot of nameless members) is delivering a speech in the Cafeteria. The plan is to deliver their message in the place where the impact is greatest, hence the Cafeteria during lunch time.

"It's all going as planned... If I only had glasses, I could push them up like a certain evil glasses enchanter...That would be so cool!"

In regard to GOB's readiness, Shiro has great confidence in their odds against the Student Council. For one, they have the support of the masses thanks to the tyrannical view of the students towards the Student Council. No matter how much you slice it, the SC is trying to crush the GOB's freedom of expression.

"With Joan as our charismatic speaker plus the large sympathy vote from the public, this case is all in the bag. All hail Democracy!"

The other thing is GOB's overall military might. While the deal with Morgan may have consequences he might deeply regret, the boost in the amount of pain they can deliver is something to behold.

"Mordred Le Fay, The Cerberus Triplets, Asterion Minotaur, Lu Bu, Beo Wulf and even Grendel?!... I asked Morgan for some help, not level the school into a parking lot!"

While Morgan brought a lot more muscle, it is the ones stated above that are well known for being exceptionally violent in combat. In every sense of the word, all hell is about to break lose.

"Oh well... At least that's one problem solved... The other one is a headache though"

GOB's case is as good as done, but Shiro's personal problem is a whole different ball game

Shiro approaches Zayd.

"Hey Zayd. Did you turn up anything on Izanagi No Mikoto?" whispered Shiro.

"No... As far as my database is concerned, that girl doesnt attend our highschool" Zayd replied with a rare sigh of annoyance. "This is bad... My reputation as the all knowing pervert would be tarnished if I didnt know everything."

"True enough, even a single speck of blemish on a white wall is enough to make it dirty" said David. "This might be an omen of things to come..."

"Dont jinx it!" Shiro slaps David hard in the back. "I dont know if Morgan is just doing this to watch me squirm or if she's seriously warning me, but I'd rather be safe than sorry"

"Well, Morgan Le Fay has been known to make people dance like puppets. I wouldnt be surprised if this Izanami No Mikoto girl doesnt exist" replied David

"No. I can say bet my entire eroge collection that she exists" Shiro said with conviction.

"Ho... And how can you be sure of that?" asked Zayd

"I'm talking to a famed assassin during the time of the crusades and the mythical ruler of Israel. I have the most prominent Valkyrie as a homeroom teacher, a saint as an underclassman, a psychopath murderer as a stalker and the greatest greek hero as a horribly gender bent childhood friend! If Izanami no Mikoto doesnt exist then how in gods name are you suppose to explain your damn existence?!"

"Just call it a hunch..." replied Shiro

Any person born in the great land of the rising sun would of Izanami No Mikoto AKA Izanami No Kami. She is the very first incestuous yandere in Japanese culture and she has every right to be as such if you take into consideration how Izanagi screwed her over.

As delicious as her background story might be, Shiro cant help but wonder how could he have met one of the origin deities and not have any recollection of it.

"*sigh* this is such a dilema..." thought Shiro. "I guess I'll just deal with it when it comes to bite me in the gluteus maximus. For now I should focus on the GOB"

For 10 peaceful minutes, Joan spoke her piece about freedom and equality in a way that would make Martin Luther King proud. While it did fill the crowd with a sense of unity against a tyrannical ruler, it also filled the cafeteria with a fair bit of tension as the Student Council President and his group enters the building.

Much surprise of most of the audience , there was a particular group that they didnt expect to ally with the SC.

"The Knights of the Round Table?! What the hell are they doing here?!" said a random bypasser

With the 13 most gifted swordsman in the school on the SC's side, it's natural for most people would have their resolve shaken. It's a well known fact that The Knights of the Round Table is a collection of justice freaks. With the GOB as the source of the academy's unrest, the Knights are duty bound to uphold the peace... By force if necessary.

The GOB already expected this, thus the massive effort in recruiting as many people as possible.

"Oh how my heart aches to see you stand there Lady Joan Arc" Adonis steps for ward in an arrogant manner. And as expected of the exhibitionist, he already took of his top. "To think the GOB blackmailed you to take their side... Such villainous people! Fret not for we, the student council, shall-"

"SILENCE!" roars Joan.

Due to her overwhelming presence, the entire cafeteria was as silent as a graveyard.

"Do not be so presumptuous to think that all agrees to what you say!" said Joan with dignity.

"Come now Lady Joan Arc. Surely you know by know that the world of Otaku is breading ground for pervasion" replied Adonis "GOB is a den for future criminals and rapists. Such a threat to society must be rooted out before they sprout"

Adonis makes a face like he has already won. How wrong he was.

"Then are you saying that the Theater Club is a breading ground for corrupt politicians and murderers simply because they performed Macbeth?!" Joan rebuttals

"That is complete different. Comparing the theatrical arts to cosplaying is like comparing a rock to a diamond."

"Do not go philosophical on me you hypocrite! Both of them requires the fan to act out a character irregardless if that character is good or evil. What you are doing is attacking a mans right to freely express themselves!" said Joan with so much force that even the members of the GOB felt overwhelmed. "This why I stand before you all to ask of you, not to save the GOB, but to remove the tyrant that is Adonis!"

The entire cafeteria shakes as the students erupts in applause.

Shiro had Joan memorize that specific response in order to make GOB look like a martyr. Sure, there is a chance that the ban on otaku products to take effect if the rule gets enough votes, but this is only temporary at best. By removing Adonis from the hot seat, the next Student Council President will be forced to acknowledge that the Anti-Otaku rule is unconstitutional and must be revoked.

"But as expected, the justice freaks are not gonna take this lying down" Shiro sighs as a familiar knights steps forward and confronts Joan

"But at the cost of disrupting the peace? I thought you were better than this Joan Arc" said Arthur.

"Freedom comes at the highest price Mr. Knight" replied Joan. "Sometimes, chaos is the only way to peace"

"I see. That is...unfortunate" Arthur and the 12 knights draws their sword, at the same time, the GW boundary field occupies a massive 2 kilometer radius area. Arthur turns to Shiro. "I ask you this as a friend. Shiro, stand down and stop this madness before it gets any worse!"

"Not very convincing when you have your sword drawn" replied Shiro in a relaxed manner.

"PLEASE SHIRO!" Arthur once again pleads.

"Peace loving justice freaks are always fun to watch" Shiro cracks a relaxed yet diabolical smile "And to think I was like that in the past... How humiliating"

Trace On

Kansho and Bakuya fades into existence. As if taking it as a signal, hundreds of students from both sides armed themselves.

"So it really has to come to this..." Arthur said as he points his sword at Shiro

"Naturally." replied Shiro. "Well then... Lets dance!"


Tsukumihara Academy's Cafeteria erupted into a whirlpool of unprecedented violence and anarchic chaos.

Ever seen a massive food fight? Add a bit of agonizing screams of pain and a lot of magical pew pews, then you'll get exactly what's happening to the cafeteria.

Amidst all of the chaos, a young shrine maiden stood upsidedown on the ceiling as if gravity had no effect on her.

"As expected of Miki's beloved Shiro." The girl chuckled as she watched Emiya Shiro cross swords with the Excalibur wielder. "As the years pass, you prove that you truly are Miki's ideal partner"

The girl is about one head shorter than Emiya Shiro (she made sure of it), sporting waist long blonde hime cut hair . Her age is that of a girl in her late teens if basing on physical appearance alone, while her real age is... debatable. The most noteworthy aspect of the shrine maiden is her blood red eyes with vertical slit pupils similar to a cat.

Just like her age, her name and personality is up for debate. Depending on her mood, she could be an 50 year old sage, a 20 year old business woman, a 30 year old care giver and so much more. As of the moment, her persona is that of a young teenage idol.

Her original name is not important. What matter is that she is now the bubbly and friendly Miki, a famous idol.

While she admired her beloved Shiro, a voice snapped her back into reality

"Are you not tired of watching this dribble, Izanani no Mikoto?... No... It's Hasegawa Miki now..." said a golden haired girl who is sitting on a floating vessel of some sort.

"Pim Pom! Correct! But don't be such a spoilsport Gilgamesh." Miki replied in an overly enthusiastic manner. "It is the way of the youth to be rambunctious and senseless. Nothing wrong with a little anarchy to jump start the day"

"*sigh*... If you say so..." replied the clearly annoyed Gilgamesh. "I hate to ruin your fun but I would like to remind you of our bargain"

"Miki will do her best to make Shiro go all out so stop worrying and relax" replied the peppy Miki.

The deal is simple. Gilgamesh pays for the Le Fay's consultation fee and in return, Miki is to use her full strength to force Shiro to use whatever tricks he has on his sleave. She knows that Gilgamesh is only using her to gauge Shiro's full power, and frankly she doesnt really care. Right now, her main objective is to restrain Shiro and bring him somewhere private... Then... Happily Ever After.

"Alright! Time for Miki to make her grand entrance!"

As if gravity finally started to function properly, Miki falls into the chaos below her where she would later realize that there are things in the world that are best left undisturbed.


Shiro hates surprises in general. While surprises in normal settings tend to be mild and slightly annoying, surprises on a grand stage has given him a fair share of headaches and loads of body pain.

"I know I should be used to it by now, but nothing is more infuriating than the sudden appearance of a blonde bishoujo"

Shiro has learned through experience that when a pretty girl suddenly appears in front of him, pain and suffering cant be too far behind. It's as if some writer is determine to make Shiro a harem king or something... Not that he's complaining or anything.

At the very moment, a blonde shrine maiden suddenly fell from the sky and crushed some faceless grunt in front of Shiro.

"Where have I seen this girl?" Though Shiro as he readies himself for a possible attack from the girl.

While he was unsure if the girl is friend or foe, it seems that Arthur wasnt expecting her either, seeing how the knight also readies himself for combat.

Without a care in the world, the girl takes out a microphone out of nowhere and makes an idol-like pose.

"Good noon everyone! This is super idol Miki entering the stage!" said the blonde shrine maiden.

The cafeteria descends into silence for a couple of seconds... Then erupts into an uproar like no other.

"Its Miki-tan?! For real?!"

"No freaking way!"

"What the hell is she doing here?"

"Maybe some sort of live gig ?"

"Miki-tan please step on me!"

Even Shiro, who doesnt really follow the idol scene that much, knows who she is.

Hasegawa Miki, an idol who skyrocketed into fame a couple of months ago. Based on what Idol Lovers of GOB said, she is peppy girl with a big rack (D cup) and an energetic smile. Her singing and dancing are also top tier, thus proves that she's more than just a pretty face.

While Shiro was still trying to grasp the situation, Miki proceeds with her sickeningly enthusiastic speech

"Miki is so happy to see so much energy from the crowd today. Miki cant help but get pumped up as well!"

"A Genki Girl huh... Great... I was never good at dealing with those types of people"

And as expected of a Genki Girl, the idol Miki keeps talking as if she was in a concert or something.

"To keep things a live and energetic, Miki will make an important announcement!" Miki spreads out her arms "Truth be told, Miki is actually Izanami No Mikoto! Isnt Miki awesome?"

The hall descends into silence for a couple of seconds... Then erupts into a loud round of applause

"""MIKI! MIKI! MIKI!""" the testosterone induced crowd chants like there is no tomorrow.

Shiro did not share their sentiments what so ever. He sharpen his senses, strengthen his his guard, assessed the situation and says...

I am the bone of my sword...

Steel is my body and fire is my blood...

I have created over a thousand blades...

Unaware of loss, Nor aware of gain...

Kansho and Bakuya fades out of existence and is replaced by Shiro: The Origin of Swords.

Shiro is not doing this as a precaution but out of instinct. To put it simply, every fiber of his being is telling him that Hasegawa Miki aka Izanami no Mikoto is incredibly dangerous and should not be taken lightly.

And just like majority of the women in Shiro's life, Miki proceeds to give him the oh so familiar pain and agony

"I know you're probably wondering why Miki is here. Miki actually wants to ask a favor from someone." Miki turns her eyes to Shiro and with the voice of innocence, she says. "Emiya Shiro... Die for Miki"

Before he could even tell what was happening, Shiro's upper body was flying 10 meters away from his lower half. He also noticed a massive 20 foot tall skeleton standing right behind his lower body. In his hand is a gigantic version of a familiar yet slightly different looking jewel encrusted nigata, something of which Shiro could easily identify.

"A black Amenonuhoko and a giant skeleton with the hiding ability of an Assassin... I guess the title Izanami is no joke."


The students of Tsukumihara Academy were shocked into silence as they watched Emiya Shiro's lifeless body fly through the air.

Who could blame them?

In this world, such scenes of blood and gore is as common as the Bigfoot and Santa Clause. While the GW field normally cancels out the lethal part of shoving a pointy stick up someone's rectum, there are those who are just so powerful that they can even surpass the anti death field.

Unlike most of the people frozen in fear, Jack launched herself like a rocket towards the possible landing spot of Shiro's corpse.

"Shiro-onisama is alright... He is invincible... He cant be beaten... He's alright" the loli assassin repeatedly chanted such words in her mind as if to convince herself.

Despite being one of the top ranking Assassin in the school, Jack was barely able to sense the presence of the massive skeleton. That alone is a testament how much stronger the girl named Miki is compared to Jack.

By the time Jack could recognize its intent, Shiro was already cleaved in half.

"Shiro-onisama is not dead. There is no way he could be."

Jack catches Shiro in mid flight and lands painfully on the floor.

"Shiro are you oka-" Jack is at a loss for words.

Shiro is stone cold as if he has been dead for weeks now. That is impossible. Shiro is invincible. He is the most powerful person she knows, yet to be done in so easily? Jack couldnt get her mind to register this fact.

"Ops... Miki did not want to end that too quickly. Oh well." said Miki in an enthusiastic tone. " Hey, white haired loli. Miki can resurrect people, so give Shiro to -"

Miki was cut off when a mist suddenly engulfs the entire cafeteria. Before the idol could even comprehend what was happening, her body explodes in pain as numerous stab wounds from unknown sources appears on her body.

The idol counters by using the massive skeleton. The skeleton swings its nigata at impossibly fast speeds, thus turning anything near Miki into minced meat. Unfortunately for them, they are already within Jack's playground. She already retreated into a safe distance before the idol could even launch an attack.

"Wow... You're good! Miki likes you miss lolita assassin!" the idol replied despite bleeding profusely

"Wait... She's bleeding within a GW boundary field?" Jack wondered.

Normally wounds dont appear within the GW. The worst thing anyone can get is a limp body part and that's it. Unless...

"Miki knows you're probably confused right now but Miki will clarify your doubts. The GW field does not affect Miki what so ever!" replied the idol, as if reading Jack's mind. " When Miki reached the point where her power is simply too great, the GW field no longer has any effect on Miki. On the other hand, Miki's attacks can be lethal if she wants it to be! Isnt Miki awesome?"

To freely break the rules and chose to kill or not to kill even within an inhumanely strong barrier? If Jack wasnt so dead set on making the idol hurt, she would admire how truly awesome she is.

Suddenly, a realization hits Jack

"Wait... If the GW field doesnt affect her, then isnt she suppose to be...?"

Once again, Miki answers in timely fashion.

"Miki suppose to be dead right? Bzzzzt! Wrong! How could you possibly kill Miki if Miki isnt even alive in the first place!" Miki replies playfully, much to Jack's horror and confusion."You're in luck miss lolita assassin. Since Miki likes you so much, no one will die today! As a bonus, Miki will show you one of her noble phantasms! Yey!"

Miki raises her hand, and at the same time, the massive skeleton opens its mouth. While still smiling happily, she recites...

" Sinful daughter of man, you who are blessed with power have exceeded your role... Now learn for yourself whose wrath you have brought down!" Miki brings down her hand. "Thousand Curses"

The skeleton lets lose a long roars in a magnitude like no other. Though it seemed like a massive shockwave of sound, Jack could tell that it contained innumerable curses to match the destructive power of Excalibur. At the face of so much destructive power, Jack can do nothing but accept her demise.

"Im sorry Shiro-onisama. I couldnt avenge you."





Surprisingly, the pain that she expected did not come. Confused by the strange turn of events, she looks in front of her and gasps in surprise. A massive 7 petal shield of light is taking the Thousand Curses head on.

One by one, the petal shatters and ends up with only 3 by the end of the Thousand Curses.

"Unbelievable... It went through Wynebgwrthucher, Svallin and 4 layers of Rho Aias? I guess being Izanami No Mikoto isnt just for show." said a familiar voice behind Jack.

She looks back and spots a familiar man made of swords.

"Shiro-onisama... You're alive?" said Jack in disbelief

"Heh. Dont go killing me off just yet Jack" replied Shiro.

He then turns to Miki and says.

"I guess its time for me to get serious" said Shiro

"Yup! Miki would be very disappointed if that was the limit of your power" replied the ever enthusiastic Miki. "How about this. Why dont you power up as much as you can before fighting Miki. Dont worry, Miki will wait"

"I see... Well then..."

Withstood pain to create weapons, waiting for one's arrival...

I have no regrets. This is the only path...


Out of nowhere, a winter blizzard rages within the cafeteria, temporarily impairs Jack's vision.

The next moment she opens her eyes, both Shiro and Miki are nowhere to be seen.


In the world where nothing stays the same, the only thing constant is change.

In the very distant past, the terrain of Unlimited Blade Works would be a barren desert with countless swords anchored to the ground as if they were grave markers. On the other hand, the current terrain is almost the exact opposite of the past.

As of the moment, Shiro stands in a peaceful winter wonderland. Unlike other version of UBW, this one is filled with trees, hills, rivers and many more. The greatest difference between this UBW and the past UBWs is there are no weapons in sight.

In every sense of the word, the current Unlimited Blade Works is simply beautiful.

At the very center of it all stands Miki and her 20 foot tall skeleton guardian.

"Wow... Miki never knew that Reality Marble could be so beautiful" Miki gives Shiro a thumbs up. "Miki gives you a perfect score in creativity!"

"I'm honored" replied Shiro. "By the way, I'd like to ask you something. What defines a Heroic Spirit?"

"Hmm... Miki thinks Noble Phantasms define a Heroic Spirit" replied Miki. "After all, there is no way normal humans can perform heroic deeds without some sort of trump card."

"Good to know someone else thinks like that." said Shiro. "Heroic Spirits and Noble Phantasms is one entity"

"This coming from someone who copies noble phantasms?" asked Miki. " Doesnt that make you a fake Heroic Spirit?"

"That's because I'm not, or to be precise, I cant consider myself to be one" Shiro sighs and looks at the peaceful winter sky. "Im just a fan of sorts. I admire heroes and want to be like them, but I understand that I cant be one. "

"Thus you resorted to copying noble phantasms? If that's so, then you'll always be second rate heroic spirit." Miki replies. "No matter how good you copy them, you are not them."

"True... But when was there ever a rule that fakes cant surpass the original?" Shiro raises his hand. "If I cant become a hero, then I'll just have to make one!"

Like a leader of a firing squad, Shiro brings his hand down. Without as much as a warning, a massive beam of golden light blasts the massive skeleton from behind, destroying the right side of it's body. Annoyingly enough, it reconstructed itself in a disturbingly fast pace.

"Hmm... It took an excali-blast head on and it regenerated the damage like it was nothing" Thought Shiro. "I guess I really do have to go all out"

"Excalibur?!" Miki searches for the source and is surprised to see that there is another person within the reality marble.

The Excalibur wielder is a blond young woman with green eyes and a slender physique. She dons and blue old styled dress with some silver armor plating.

"That is not Arthur..." said Miki in confusion.

"She is the Arthur Pendragon that I knew in my previous world" replied Shiro. "But I suggest you stop trying to figure out what's happening because she's not your only dance partner."

At Shiro's word, the skeleton is ravaged by multiple heroic spirits.

Gae Bolg to the chest

Mjolnir to the back of the head.

Varja to the spine

Joyeuse to the leg

Naegling to the face

Brident to the arm

However even after all of this, the skeleton instantly reassembles itself as if nothing has happened.

"HAHAHAHAHA! It's useless Shiro! There is no way to permanently destroy Miki and her Oni" said Miki. "You cant kill what is already dead!"

"Im actually counting on that" Shiro replied confidently, much to Miki's confusion.

At that instant, whatever confidence Miki had drained right out of her face. From a distance and from all directions, countless of heroic sprits rushes towards her position.

Shiro's new Unlimited Blade Works pushes his projection to unrealistic heights. Initially, Shiro follows 7 steps to bring his projection's quality as close to the original as possible. This steps are:

First: Judging the concept of creation

Second: Hypothesizing the basic structure

Third: Duplicating the composition material

Fourth: Imitating the skill of its making

Fifth: Sympathizing with the experience of its growth

Sixth: Reproducing the accumulated years

Seventh: Excelling every manufacturing process

By taking the words Heroes and Noble Phantasms are One, the upgraded UBW pushes the 5th and 6th step beyond its limits by reproducing the experiences of the wielder itself. To put simply, Shiro can summon any heroic spirit as long as their noble phantasm exists within UBW. These heroes are perfect replicas of their real life counterparts which includes all of their strengths and weaknesses. And since his reality marble is named Unlimited Blade Works, he can summon any number of heroes without limit.

Due to the excessive power of UBW, Shiro has limited himself to summoning only 5 heroes during the last 2 times he used it.

Since Izanami can take it, then Shiro has only one course of action.

"Congratulations Izanami No Mikoto. You are going to be the first one to experience the full might of Unlimited Blade Works" said Shiro with an evil smile "Now then... How long can you survive?"


By the time Emiya Kiritsugu and Irisviel von Einsburn arrived at Tsukumihara Academy, 10 minutes have past since Izanami No Mikoto arrived in the scene. The all out conflict between the GOB and the Student Council ended prematurely thanks to Kiritsugu's cousin. At the moment, both parties have decided on a temporary truce while they rest their battered bodies.

Kiritsugu is currently talking to Jack while Irisviel tends to the wounded.

"I see... So he went all out " Kiritsugu sighs. "We cant really blame him if we take into consideration the insane power of his opponent"

Izanami No Mikoto is a monster in every sense of the word. No one has ever seen the limit of her regeneration ability. She is also the only person in history who can MULTICLASS (the ability to simultaneously possess class skills from 3 or more classes). If memory serves him right, Izanami No Mikoto possesses the capabilities of all classes except SABER.

"Forgive me papa..." Jack bows low. " I was not able to protect Shiro-onisama"

"Dont worry about it." Kiritsugu pats Jack on the head. "All men are obliged to show off their uncool side once in a while. It just so happens that this is one of those times."

"But-" Jack started to say, but was cut off by a sudden appearance of a blizzard.

Once the blizzard died down, Shiro stood on the spot where he disappeared.

"Shiro! Are you alr-" Kiritsugu gasps at what he saw.

Shiro was dragging wounded Izanami by the hair like a rag doll. The truly shocking part is the severity of the wounds. All for limbs of Izanami were violently hacked off, while everything except for her head has a weapon sticking in it.

Upon seeing Kiritsugu, Shiro throws the blond idol like a sack of potatos to him.

"I think she needs treatment"