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Luca Tried to share a rare smile withe her best friend Lucine, no they were sisters really. Lucine on the other hand kept her frown. she had bags under her eyes from loss of sleep, and her skin was almost white as snow.

"Luci, what is bothering you?" Luca asked, Lucine sighed letting her head fall into her hands. then she cried, she cried loud and hard. Her body quivered her face and hand damp. "Oh, Luci." Luca said wrapping her arms around her sister like friend into an awkward hug.

several loud and happy shouts and calls from parents and their children. Lucrectea Black or more commonly know as Luca considering it is a mouth full just to say her first name walked lazily next to her cousin Draco, in front was their parents chatting about their fifth year.

"Luca." she was greeted, turning her eyes fell upon Lucine who looked not so as pale but still tires with grief. Next to Lucine with his hand in her was her little brother Levi. Her mama and Papa behind them.

"Wow, Lucine you look loke bloody hell!" Draco practically shouted, earning a hard tap on the head from his mother. Lucine glared, but it didn't last long as tears threatened to spill.

"Lucine." Remus whispered taking the girl in his arms. "Mama's here. she doesn't have to go this year, Severus." he mostly 'told' his husband. Severus was about to reply but Luca did it for him.

"She's going." She said crossing her arms sending Lucine a pointed look. "She is not leaving me there alone." Her red eyes blazed at the Snape-Lupin family(Not Levi though).

"Luca, that's not very-"

"Oh, shut up you toaster!" Lucine cut her 'Mama' Remus off. The two sisterly like friends gazed at each other. The two looked similar, in fact many made the mistake of asking is they were twins, which ended with said persons having to take a trip to the hospital wing and a week detention for Luca and Lucine.

Lucine looked like her parents like most children do, she has her mama's nose and mouth, and Severus's cheek bones and black hair, though hers reaches down to her waist. Deep green eyes with swirls of amber. She is tall, around five' eleven. She is lean, with curves, normally she would walk with grace, but it seemed like she was tripping her own feet all the way to King Crossing Station today.

Lucrectea was similar but very different, she looks like her parents with Regulus's small stature and his swan neck, and nose, but she has Tom's sharp looks, his red eyes and pale completion. Her inky hair reaches straight to her mid-thigh. She is of average height around five foot five. She was thin, with wrists to small for her hand, and she had no real emotion expressed. Luca looked like an emotionless doll.

"Oh, Luca." Lucine mumbled, instantly feeling much better after scolding her sister like friend. Hey eyes turned fierce as she rounded on Draco, her god-brother. "Wow, just wow Dray! That's what you say to me, The first thing you say to me? No Hello?"

"Err, Hello?"

"NOPE, to late!" Lucine huffed crossing her arms and turning away. Draco received a pat on the shoulder in sympathy from Remus as he stood with a dumb look on his face. Luca smirked waving Lucine over as she walked into the arms of her Papa and her Daddy. Regulus(Papa) smiled down at his beautiful daughter, he couldn't stop himself from thinking about when she was a baby and how quiet she was and still is. Tom(Daddy) after Harry had agreed to assist in his raising, had spent the summer connecting with his daughter (even if it was hard considering the fact (using Lucine's words) a toaster).

"I guess we will be seeing each other in a few hours." Said Tom Planting a kiss on her forehead. Luca looked up impassively.

"I see no reason you needed to see me to the train when both you and Papa work at Hogwarts." She pointed out, Tom chuckled along with Regulus, who place a hand over his stomach. He was pregnant, only six weeks along now.

"Your father wanted to come to see you off for the first time, since he wasn't able to when you were eleven." Regulus reasoned. "Ah, Lucine it's nice to see you again."

Lucine crossed her arms. "I haven't seen you for the whole summer and I get no hug?" She said in mock hurt wagging her finger at him. Tom raised a brow as he watched Lucine throw her arms around the chuckling pregnant man, "I loves you uncle Reggie!" she exclaimed giving him a peck on the check. Regulus rolled his eyes at her antics.

Luca took ahold of Levi's hand. "Come Vivi time to go." She said glancing at the clock. Levi glance up at her then his eyes shifted down to the ground.

"Okay." He said simply before running to his Mama and Papa giving them hugs and taking Luca's hand again.

"Come, Sad-sack we don't want tobe late now do we Lucine." She said over her shoulder. "And you to you ferret!" she shouted at Draco, who glared. "Bye aunt Cissie, uncle Lucy, Papa, Daddy, uncle Remmy, uncle Sevy!"

"she's certainly seems tobe in a good mood." Said Draco towards Lucine, who watched lead Levi on to the train.

"What do you expect, she got to insult us without getting in trouble." Lucine stated her hands on her hips with a huff.

"Why are we friends again?" He asked mostly to himself.

"Because Drakikins we are exact opposites!" Then she skipped much like Luna on to the train.

Later that day at the Snape-Lupin house hold.

Remus had finished putting together lunch for the two of them before Severus returns to the castle. placing his husbands plate on the table he called"Severus, Love!" but was given no answer. Raising a brow he left the kitchen, well not of course stealing from his own plate as he went to search for his mate. As he left Severus slipped in. He quietly moved over to Remus's food and reached intro his pocket and brought out a pinkish-purple potion. Uncorking it he began to evenly pour it in.

"Severus, what are you doing?' Remus asked as he returned for his fruitless search.

"Oh, nothing my love." He said like it was completely normal to pour pinkish-purple colored potions in people's food.

"No really Severus, what are you doing?" He asked again rounding around the island counter.

"Like i said before, I'm doing nothing." Severus stated returning the empty potion vile back into his robes.

"Ok, What was that potion then?"

"Just a simple fertility potion." Remus stared at his husband.

"You could have asked Severus!"

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